Item ImageDeadly Endplay
A Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery
by Ken Allan
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216 pages. Paperback.

If Miss Marple's village had boasted a bridge club, it might have been very like the one in Pemberton, the North Ontario setting for this Canadian mystery novel. The story evokes the slow pace of life in a small rural town, and whether there even was a murder is part of the mystery. The game of bridge is closely interwoven with the lives of the people in Pemberton -- we meet the characters partly . . . read more.

Item ImageDeadly Hold-up
by Jim Priebe
List Price: $18.95  Discount Price: $16.11  You Save: 15%
152 pages. Paperback.

Art Fraser, the bridge-playing detective who made his debut in Takeout Double, has left Buffalo and moved his new family to Florida, where he is setting up as a private investigator. However, he's soon called back North to Boston, where a robbery at the ACBL Fall Nationals has left one man dead and a whole lot of money missing. The local homicide cops aren't overjoyed to have Fraser involved, but . . . read more.

Item ImageDeath In Duplicate
by Carole Coplea
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $16.96  You Save: 15%
288 pages. Paperback.

A mysterious illness...two dead bridge...players--what's going on at Kensington College? Detective Christina DiLongo's investigation leads her to a close scrutiny of the bridge club and its members. But would anyone really commit murder over a bridge game? . . . read more.

Item ImageDouble Elimination: A Bridge Mystery
by Jim Priebe
List Price: $18.95  Discount Price: $16.11  You Save: 15%
160 pages. Paperback.

Art Fraser, the bridge-playing detective who made his debut in Takeout Double, is faced with a new mystery. Bodies are coming to light in cottage country in upper New York state, and once again bridge seems to be an intrinsic part of the case. Fraser has to wrestle with problems in his personal life too, as he faces career and family decisions at the same time as he is tracking down a ruthless ki . . . read more.

Item ImageI Shot My Bridge Partner
by Matthew Granovetter
List Price: $14.95  Discount Price: $12.71  You Save: 15%
384 pages. Paperback.

This is the second title in the Bridge Mystery trilogy. Like its predecessor, Murder at the Bridge Table, it's a mystery and a bridge textbook all in one, and does both exceptionally well. The first book in the series concentrated on duplicate bridge strategy, while this one centers on rubber bridge - the form of the game played socially. . . . read more.

Item ImageShades Of Grey
A Pemberton Bridge Club Mystery
by Ken Allan
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $16.96  You Save: 15%
200 pages. Paperback.

The members of the Pemberton Bridge Club, along with the wickedly funny Jay's Nest bridge columns, were first introduced in Ken Allen's debut novel, Deadly Endplay. This sequel addresses something worse, for the bridge players, than a mysterious death - the growing suspicion that someone in their midst is systematically cheating. When retired policeman Dan Cogan begins to investigate, he finds . . . read more.

Item ImageSherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective Returns
by Frank Thomas
Price: $5.00
200 pages. Paperback.

This is a used item. Good condition. . . . read more.

Item ImageTakeout Double: A Bridge Mystery
by Jim Priebe
List Price: $17.95  Discount Price: $15.26  You Save: 15%
224 pages. Paperback.

Bob Smithers is dead, although few in the tournament bridge scene will shed any tears. Art Fraser, the ambitious police lieutenant assigned to the case, knows the bridge world well. He reckons that should give him the inside track on cracking his first homicide investigation, the one that will bring him the promotion he wants so much. But Smithers made enemies easily, both at the bridge table and . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Backwash Squeeze and Other Improbable Feats
A Newcomer's Journey into the World of Bridge
by Edward McPherson
List Price: $14.95  Discount Price: $12.71  You Save: 15%
368 pages. Paperback.

At one time the game was even bigger than baseball. Today bridge is played by more than twenty-five million people in the United States alone, with Bill Gates, a sitting Supreme Court justice, and the guys from Radiohead among its devotees. In this spirited homage, Edward McPherson recounts the colorful history of the game and his attempts to master its mysteries in time to compete at the North A . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Cardturner
by Louis Sachar
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $16.96  You Save: 15%
352 pages. Paperback.

From Louis Sachar, New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Newbery Medal for HOLES, comes the young adult novel THE CARDTURNER, an exploration of the human condition. How are we supposed to be partners? He can't see the cards and I don't know the rules! The summer after junior year of high school looks bleak for Alton Richards. His girlfriend has dumped him to hook up with his best . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Great Bridge Conspiracy
by Terry Quinn
List Price: $15.95  Discount Price: $13.56  You Save: 15%
196 pages. Paperback.

The Great Bridge Conspiracy chronicles the espionage and card playing exploits of Captain Diggery Piper -- a flamboyant expert first created by Terry Quinn for a serial in Games Magazine. Just as Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and Nabokov's The Defense are structured in accordance with the rules and logic of chess, so Quinn has patterned the action of this swift-paced, suspenseful tale on th . . . read more.