Sixpack: Adventures With Keycards And Queecards

Item ImageSixpack: Adventures With Keycards And Queecards
by Allen DeSerpa
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232 pages. Paperback.

Six keycard RKCB has come of age! As soon you identify a double fit, don't ask for keycards... just "launch" and tell. You can find out about all six keycards -- and two "queecards" -- below the game level. Part 1 of the book lays out a set of basic rules for any casual partnership to apply quickly and easily. Part 2 gets more advanced and complex, but operates along the same principles. Apply Sixpack throughout your notrump structure and expand it to a wide range of standard bidding situations. With many examples and four extensive quizzes for partners to practice the convention together, Sixpack gives the reader the experience and confidence to use the convention effectively at the table.