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January 193248Bridge In Canada
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August 197153MSC Forum
August 19714Rate Your Own Game
August 197119You Be The Judge
September 197161MSC Forum
September 197141Challenge the Champs
September 19712Editorial
September 197147Master Solvers Club
September 197113Rate Your Own Game
September 197160Post-Mortem
October 197137Bits and Pieces
October 197139Challenge the Champs
October 19712Editorial
October 197145Master Solvers Club
October 197160MSC Forum
October 197153Rate Your Own Game
October 197164Post-Mortem
November 197131Challenge the Champs
November 19712Editorial
November 197137Master Solvers Club
November 197152MSC Forum
November 197126Puzzle Corner
November 197114Rate Your Own Game
December 197125Bits and Pieces
December 197135Challenge the Champs
December 19712Editorial
December 197143Master Solvers Club
December 197118Rate Your Own Game
December 197119You Be The Judge
December 197155MSC Forum
January 197230Bits and Pieces
January 197232Challenge the Champs
January 19722Editorial
January 197220How Would You Rule?
January 197239Master Solvers Club
January 197252MSC Forum
January 19727Rate Your Own Game
January 197254Post-Mortem
February 197230Bits and Pieces
February 197233Challenge the Champs
February 19722Editorial
February 197223How Would You Rule?
February 197240Master Solvers Club
February 197227Rate Your Own Game
March 197230Bits and Pieces
March 197233Challenge the Champs
March 19722Editorial
March 197240Master Solvers Club
April 197234Bits and Pieces
April 197236Challenge the Champs
April 19722Editorial
April 197243Master Solvers Club
April 197247Puzzle Corner
April 197216Rate Your Own Game
April 197223You Be The Judge
May 197230Bits and Pieces
May 197233Challenge the Champs
May 19722Editorial
May 197228How Would You Rule?
May 197240Master Solvers Club
May 197232Rate Your Own Game
May 197224What's New In Bridge
June 197226Challenge the Champs
June 19722Editorial
June 197240Master Solvers Club
June 19727Rate Your Own Game
June 197253MSC Forum
June 197232Post-Mortem
July 197233Bits and Pieces
July 197227Challenge the Champs
July 19722Editorial
July 197240Master Solvers Club
July 197253MSC Forum
July 197215Rate Your Own Game
July 197218What's New In Bridge
July 197256Post-Mortem
August 197235Challenge the Champs
August 19722Editorial
August 197241Master Solvers Club
August 19723Rate Your Own Game
August 197215You Be The Judge
September 197229Bits and Pieces
September 197233Challenge the Champs
September 19722Editorial
September 197239Master Solvers Club
September 197228Rate Your Own Game
October 197233Challenge the Champs
October 19722Editorial
October 197222How Would You Rule?
October 197239Master Solvers Club
October 197217Rate Your Own Game
November 197234Challenge the Champs
November 19722Editorial
November 197240Master Solvers Club
November 197225Rate Your Own Game
December 197238Bits and Pieces
December 197244Challenge the Champs
December 19722Editorial
December 197222How Would You Rule?
December 197250Master Solvers Club
December 197237Puzzle Corner
December 197236Rate Your Own Game
December 197213You Be The Judge
January 197331Challenge the Champs
January 19732Editorial
January 197337Master Solvers Club
January 197352MSC Forum
January 197320Rate Your Own Game
January 197353Post-Mortem
February 197329Bits and Pieces
February 197332Challenge the Champs
February 19732Editorial
February 197338Master Solvers Club
February 19733Rate Your Own Game
March 197332Bits and Pieces
March 197339Challenge the Champs
March 19732Editorial
March 197345Master Solvers Club
March 197360MSC Forum
March 19736Rate Your Own Game
March 197325What's New In Bridge
March 197361Post-Mortem
April 197327Bits and Pieces
April 197335Challenge the Champs
April 19732Editorial
April 197341Master Solvers Club
April 197325Puzzle Corner
April 197334Rate Your Own Game
April 197319You Be The Judge
May 197326Bits and Pieces
May 197333Challenge the Champs
May 19732Editorial
May 197339Master Solvers Club
May 197353MSC Forum
May 197322Rate Your Own Game
May 197355Post-Mortem
June 197327Bits and Pieces
June 197331Challenge the Champs
June 19732Editorial
June 197319How Would You Rule?
June 197337Master Solvers Club
June 197330Rate Your Own Game
July 197333Bits and Pieces
July 197342Challenge the Champs
July 19732Editorial
July 197348Master Solvers Club
July 197312Rate Your Own Game
July 197360Post-Mortem
August 197333Bits and Pieces
August 197337Challenge the Champs
August 19732Editorial
August 197343Master Solvers Club
August 197332Rate Your Own Game
August 197325You Be The Judge
September 197333Challenge the Champs
September 19732Editorial
September 197339Master Solvers Club
September 197329Rate Your Own Game
September 197315What's New In Bridge
September 197352Post-Mortem
October 197331Bits and Pieces
October 197332Challenge the Champs
October 19732Editorial
October 197320How Would You Rule?
October 197338Master Solvers Club
October 197328Rate Your Own Game
October 197353Post-Mortem
November 197323Bits and Pieces
November 197334Challenge the Champs
November 19732Editorial
November 197340Master Solvers Club
November 197322Puzzle Corner
November 197318Rate Your Own Game
December 197331Bits and Pieces
December 197337Challenge the Champs
December 19732Editorial
December 197343Master Solvers Club
December 197336Rate Your Own Game
December 197321You Be The Judge
January 197432Challenge the Champs
January 19742Editorial
January 197422How Would You Rule?
January 197439Master Solvers Club
January 197431Puzzle Corner
January 197428Rate Your Own Game
January 197418What's New In Bridge
January 197453Post-Mortem
February 197429Bits and Pieces
February 197434Challenge the Champs
February 19742Editorial
February 197418How Would You Rule?
February 197440Master Solvers Club
February 197428Rate Your Own Game
March 197427Bits and Pieces
March 197433Challenge the Champs
March 19742Editorial
March 197439Master Solvers Club
March 197453MSC Forum
March 197432Rate Your Own Game
March 197455Post-Mortem
April 197427Bits and Pieces
April 197433Challenge the Champs
April 19742Editorial
April 197439Master Solvers Club
April 19743Rate Your Own Game
April 197420You Be The Judge
May 197435Challenge the Champs
May 19742Editorial
May 197441Master Solvers Club
May 197432Rate Your Own Game
June 197425Bits and Pieces
June 197431Challenge the Champs
June 19742Editorial
June 197437Master Solvers Club
June 197430Rate Your Own Game
July 197430Bits and Pieces
July 197432Challenge the Champs
July 19742Editorial
July 197423How Would You Rule?
July 197438Master Solvers Club
July 197420Rate Your Own Game
August 197430Bits and Pieces
August 197434Challenge the Champs
August 19742Editorial
August 197424How Would You Rule?
August 197440Master Solvers Club
August 197452MSC Forum
August 197417Rate Your Own Game
September 197440Challenge the Champs
September 19742Editorial
September 197447Master Solvers Club
September 197439Rate Your Own Game
October 197431Challenge the Champs
October 19742Editorial
October 197439Master Solvers Club
October 197437Rate Your Own Game
October 197415You Be The Judge
November 197435Challenge the Champs
November 19742Editorial
November 197441Master Solvers Club
November 197434Rate Your Own Game
December 197435Challenge the Champs
December 19742Editorial
December 197441Master Solvers Club
December 19744Rate Your Own Game
January 197532Challenge the Champs
January 19752Editorial
January 197539Master Solvers Club
January 19754Rate Your Own Game
February 197528Bits and Pieces
February 197533Challenge the Champs
February 19752Editorial
February 197539Master Solvers Club
February 197532Rate Your Own Game
March 197527Bits and Pieces
March 197533Challenge the Champs
March 19752Editorial
March 197539Master Solvers Club
March 197531Rate Your Own Game
March 197514What's New In Bridge
April 197536Challenge the Champs
April 19752Editorial
April 197543Master Solvers Club
April 197535Rate Your Own Game
April 197528You Be The Judge
May 197532Bits and Pieces
May 197535Challenge the Champs
May 19752Editorial
May 197541Master Solvers Club
May 197534Rate Your Own Game
June 197529Bits and Pieces
June 197534Challenge the Champs
June 19752Editorial
June 197540Master Solvers Club
June 19753Rate Your Own Game
July 197532Bits and Pieces
July 197535Challenge the Champs
July 19752Editorial
July 197520How Would You Rule?
July 197541Master Solvers Club
July 197529Puzzle Corner
July 197526Rate Your Own Game
July 197512What's New In Bridge
August 197533Bits and Pieces
August 197537Challenge the Champs
August 19752Editorial
August 197515How Would You Rule?
August 197543Master Solvers Club
August 197536Rate Your Own Game
August 197553Post-Mortem
September 197532Bits and Pieces
September 197534Challenge the Champs
September 19752Editorial
September 197541Master Solvers Club
September 197516Puzzle Corner
September 19755Rate Your Own Game
October 197524Bits and Pieces
October 197534Challenge the Champs
October 19752Editorial
October 197540Master Solvers Club
October 19754Rate Your Own Game
October 197531What's New In Bridge
October 197517You Be The Judge
November 197531Bits and Pieces
November 197535Challenge the Champs
November 19752Editorial
November 197541Master Solvers Club
November 19753Rate Your Own Game
November 197518What's New In Bridge
December 197531Bits and Pieces
December 197536Challenge the Champs
December 197542Master Solvers Club
December 197535Rate Your Own Game
January 197635Challenge the Champs
January 19762Editorial
January 197641Master Solvers Club
January 197633Rate Your Own Game
February 197629Bits and Pieces
February 197633Challenge the Champs
February 19762Editorial
February 197639Master Solvers Club
February 197632Rate Your Own Game
March 197636Challenge the Champs
March 19762Editorial
March 197627How Would You Rule?
March 197642Master Solvers Club
March 197620Rate Your Own Game
March 197621What's New In Bridge
April 197632Bits and Pieces
April 197635Challenge the Champs
April 19762Editorial
April 197641Master Solvers Club
April 19764Rate Your Own Game
May 197635Challenge the Champs
May 19762Editorial
May 197642Master Solvers Club
May 197621Rate Your Own Game
May 197624You Be The Judge
June 197632Bits and Pieces
June 197635Challenge the Champs
June 19762Editorial
June 197641Master Solvers Club
June 19769Rate Your Own Game
July 197628Bits and Pieces
July 197635Challenge the Champs
July 19762Editorial
July 197641Master Solvers Club
July 197633Rate Your Own Game
August 197635Challenge the Champs
August 19762Editorial
August 197641Master Solvers Club
August 197629Rate Your Own Game
September 197630Bits and Pieces
September 197635Challenge the Champs
September 19762Editorial
September 197641Master Solvers Club
September 197634Rate Your Own Game
September 197616What's New In Bridge
October 197631Book Reviews
October 197633Challenge the Champs
October 19762Editorial
October 197639Master Solvers Club
October 197619Rate Your Own Game
October 197620You Be The Judge
November 197631Bits and Pieces
November 197633Challenge the Champs
November 19762Editorial
November 197639Master Solvers Club
November 197622Rate Your Own Game
December 197631Bits and Pieces
December 197635Challenge the Champs
December 19762Editorial
December 197641Master Solvers Club
December 197626Rate Your Own Game
January 197728Bits and Pieces
January 197732Challenge the Champs
January 19772Editorial
January 197739Master Solvers Club
January 197727Rate Your Own Game
February 197726Bits and Pieces
February 197730Book Reviews
February 197732Challenge the Champs
February 19772Editorial
February 197714How Would You Rule?
February 197738Master Solvers Club
February 197742Rate Your Own Game
March 197729Bits and Pieces
March 197734Challenge the Champs
March 19772Editorial
March 197740Master Solvers Club
March 197723Rate Your Own Game
April 197733Bits and Pieces
April 197736Challenge the Champs
April 19772Editorial
April 197742Master Solvers Club
April 19777Rate Your Own Game
April 197724What's New In Bridge
May 197729Bits and Pieces
May 197735Challenge the Champs
May 19772Editorial
May 197741Master Solvers Club
May 197718Rate Your Own Game
May 197722You Be The Judge
June 197731Bits and Pieces
June 197734Challenge the Champs
June 19772Editorial
June 197740Master Solvers Club
June 197728Puzzle Corner
June 197733Rate Your Own Game
July 197731Bits and Pieces
July 197735Challenge the Champs
July 19772Editorial
July 197723How Would You Rule?
July 197741Master Solvers Club
July 197720Rate Your Own Game
August 197725Bits and Pieces
August 197735Challenge the Champs
August 19772Editorial
August 197741Master Solvers Club
August 197718Rate Your Own Game
September 197733Book Reviews
September 197735Challenge the Champs
September 19772Editorial
September 197741Master Solvers Club
September 197734Rate Your Own Game
September 197728What's New In Bridge
October 197737Challenge the Champs
October 19772Editorial
October 197743Master Solvers Club
October 197726Rate Your Own Game
October 197731You Be The Judge
November 197732Bits and Pieces
November 197735Book Reviews
November 197735Challenge the Champs
November 19772Editorial
November 197741Master Solvers Club
November 197734Puzzle Corner
November 197713Rate Your Own Game
December 197731Bits and Pieces
December 197735Challenge the Champs
December 19772Editorial
December 197741Master Solvers Club
December 19778Rate Your Own Game
January 197818Bits and Pieces
January 197833Challenge the Champs
January 19782Editorial
January 197840Master Solvers Club
January 197811Rate Your Own Game
February 197830Bits and Pieces
February 197835Challenge the Champs
February 19782Editorial
February 197842Master Solvers Club
February 197818Rate Your Own Game
February 197823What's New In Bridge
March 197831Bits and Pieces
March 197835Challenge the Champs
March 19782Editorial
March 197822How Would You Rule?
March 197841Master Solvers Club
March 197818Rate Your Own Game
April 197833Bits and Pieces
April 197836Challenge the Champs
April 19782Editorial
April 197842Master Solvers Club
April 197835Rate Your Own Game
April 197827You Be The Judge
May 197826Bits and Pieces
May 197833Challenge the Champs
May 19782Editorial
May 197839Master Solvers Club
May 197821Puzzle Corner
May 197820Rate Your Own Game
June 197833Challenge the Champs
June 19782Editorial
June 197839Master Solvers Club
June 19787Rate Your Own Game
July 197831Book Reviews
July 197833Challenge the Champs
July 19782Editorial
July 197825How Would You Rule?
July 197841Master Solvers Club
July 197832Rate Your Own Game
August 197827Bits and Pieces
August 197835Challenge the Champs
August 19782Editorial
August 197841Master Solvers Club
August 197826Rate Your Own Game
September 197833Challenge the Champs
September 19782Editorial
September 197839Master Solvers Club
September 197826Puzzle Corner
September 197825Rate Your Own Game
October 197824Bits and Pieces
October 197826Book Reviews
October 197835Challenge the Champs
October 19782Editorial
October 197841Master Solvers Club
October 19783Rate Your Own Game
October 197818You Be The Judge
November 197831Bits and Pieces
November 197832Book Reviews
November 197833Challenge the Champs
November 19782Editorial
November 197822How Would You Rule?
November 197839Master Solvers Club
November 197816Rate Your Own Game
December 197836Challenge the Champs
December 19782Editorial
December 197842Master Solvers Club
December 197812Rate Your Own Game
January 197922Bits and Pieces
January 197935Challenge the Champs
January 19792Editorial
January 197941Master Solvers Club
January 197930Puzzle Corner
January 19795Rate Your Own Game
February 197925Bits and Pieces
February 197933Challenge the Champs
February 19792Editorial
February 197939Master Solvers Club
February 197915Puzzle Corner
February 197911Rate Your Own Game
February 197921What's New In Bridge
March 197928Bits and Pieces
March 197933Challenge the Champs
March 19792Editorial
March 197939Master Solvers Club
March 197917Puzzle Corner
March 19799Rate Your Own Game
April 197933Book Reviews
April 197934Challenge the Champs
April 19792Editorial
April 197940Master Solvers Club
April 197944Rate Your Own Game
April 197924You Be The Judge
May 197932Bits and Pieces
May 197934Challenge the Champs
May 19792Editorial
May 197924How Would You Rule?
May 197940Master Solvers Club
May 197915Puzzle Corner
May 197919Rate Your Own Game
June 197924Bits and Pieces
June 197933Challenge the Champs
June 19792Editorial
June 197939Master Solvers Club
June 197932Rate Your Own Game
June 197914Test Your Play
July 197927Bits and Pieces
July 197932Book Reviews
July 197935Challenge the Champs
July 19792Editorial
July 197941Master Solvers Club
July 197946Rate Your Own Game
July 197925Test Your Play
August 197924Bits and Pieces
August 197932Challenge the Champs
August 19792Editorial
August 197915How Would You Rule?
August 197939Master Solvers Club
August 19798Rate Your Own Game
August 197917Test Your Play
August 197910What's New In Bridge
September 197930Book Reviews
September 197931Challenge the Champs
September 19792Editorial
September 197937Master Solvers Club
September 197951MSC Forum
September 19795Rate Your Own Game
September 197928Test Your Play
September 197952Post-Mortem
October 197934Challenge the Champs
October 19792Editorial
October 197940Master Solvers Club
October 197921Rate Your Own Game
October 197924Test Your Play
November 197934Challenge the Champs
November 19792Editorial
November 197940Master Solvers Club
November 197913Rate Your Own Game
November 19795Test Your Play
November 197924You Be The Judge
December 197931Bits and Pieces
December 197935Challenge the Champs
December 19792Editorial
December 197941Master Solvers Club
December 197910Rate Your Own Game
December 197913Test Your Play
January 198033Challenge the Champs
January 19802Editorial
January 198024How Would You Rule?
January 198040Master Solvers Club
January 19806Rate Your Own Game
February 198032Bits and Pieces
February 198035Challenge the Champs
February 19802Editorial
February 198041Master Solvers Club
February 198052MSC Forum
February 19808Rate Your Own Game
March 198029Bits and Pieces
March 198034Challenge the Champs
March 19802Editorial
March 198040Master Solvers Club
March 19809Rate Your Own Game
April 198033Book Reviews
April 198035Challenge the Champs
April 19802Editorial
April 198041Master Solvers Club
April 198034Rate Your Own Game
April 198022What's New In Bridge
April 198027You Be The Judge
April 19804Potpourri
May 198031Bits and Pieces
May 198037Challenge the Champs
May 19802Editorial
May 198043Master Solvers Club
May 198013Rate Your Own Game
June 198031Book Reviews
June 198033Challenge the Champs
June 19802Editorial
June 198040Master Solvers Club
June 19807Rate Your Own Game
July 198028Challenge the Champs
July 19802Editorial
July 198020How Would You Rule?
July 198034Master Solvers Club
July 198040Rate Your Own Game
August 198030Book Reviews
August 198033Challenge the Champs
August 19802Editorial
August 198017How Would You Rule?
August 198039Master Solvers Club
August 198013Rate Your Own Game
September 198030Bits and Pieces
September 198024Book Reviews
September 198036Challenge the Champs
September 19802Editorial
September 198042Master Solvers Club
September 198048Rate Your Own Game
October 198026Book Reviews
October 198033Challenge the Champs
October 19802Editorial
October 198039Master Solvers Club
October 198053MSC Forum
October 198053Rate Your Own Game
November 198027Challenge the Champs
November 19802Editorial
November 198040Master Solvers Club
November 198018Rate Your Own Game
November 198018You Be The Judge
December 198016Bits and Pieces
December 198033Challenge the Champs
December 19802Editorial
December 198039Master Solvers Club
December 198031Rate Your Own Game
January 198128Bits and Pieces
January 198124Book Reviews
January 198136Challenge the Champs
January 19812Editorial
January 198142Master Solvers Club
January 198125Rate Your Own Game
February 198125Bits and Pieces
February 198126Book Reviews
February 198133Challenge the Champs
February 19812Editorial
February 198139Master Solvers Club
February 198112Rate Your Own Game
March 198128Bits and Pieces
March 198132Book Reviews
March 198135Challenge the Champs
March 19812Editorial
March 198110How Would You Rule?
March 198141Master Solvers Club
March 19819Rate Your Own Game
April 198119Book Reviews
April 198134Challenge the Champs
April 19812Editorial
April 198140Master Solvers Club
April 19818Rate Your Own Game
April 198121You Be The Judge
April 19819Potpourri
May 198127Bits and Pieces
May 198129Book Reviews
May 198134Challenge the Champs
May 19812Editorial
May 198130How Would You Rule?
May 198140Master Solvers Club
May 198126Rate Your Own Game
June 198130Book Reviews
June 198132Challenge the Champs
June 19812Editorial
June 198138Master Solvers Club
June 198119Rate Your Own Game
June 198125What's New In Bridge
July 198128Bits and Pieces
July 198138Book Reviews
July 198132Challenge the Champs
July 19812Editorial
July 198139Master Solvers Club
July 198153MSC Forum
July 198127Puzzle Corner
July 19815Rate Your Own Game
August 198127Bits and Pieces
August 198124Book Reviews
August 198131Challenge the Champs
August 19812Editorial
August 198137Master Solvers Club
August 198139Rate Your Own Game
September 198130Bits and Pieces
September 198132Book Reviews
September 198134Challenge the Champs
September 19812Editorial
September 198140Master Solvers Club
September 19815Rate Your Own Game
September 198114What's New In Bridge
October 198123Book Reviews
October 198132Challenge the Champs
October 19812Editorial
October 198138Master Solvers Club
October 198131Rate Your Own Game
October 198110You Be The Judge
November 198132Book Reviews
November 198135Challenge the Champs
November 19812Editorial
November 198141Master Solvers Club
November 198131Rate Your Own Game
December 198118Bits and Pieces
December 198121Book Reviews
December 198132Challenge the Champs
December 19812Editorial
December 198139Master Solvers Club
December 198117Rate Your Own Game
January 198222Bits and Pieces
January 198229Book Reviews
January 198236Challenge the Champs
January 19822Editorial
January 198243Master Solvers Club
January 198223Rate Your Own Game
February 198228Bits and Pieces
February 198231Book Reviews
February 198233Challenge the Champs
February 19822Editorial
February 198242Master Solvers Club
February 198224Rate Your Own Game
February 198245Test Your Play
February 19829What's New In Bridge
March 198222Book Reviews
March 198235Challenge the Champs
March 19822Editorial
March 198226How Would You Rule?
March 198241Master Solvers Club
March 198233Rate Your Own Game
April 198221Bits and Pieces
April 198223Book Reviews
April 198235Challenge the Champs
April 19822Editorial
April 198241Master Solvers Club
April 198232Rate Your Own Game
April 198224You Be The Judge
May 198233Book Reviews
May 198235Challenge the Champs
May 19822Editorial
May 198241Master Solvers Club
May 198246Rate Your Own Game
May 198229Potpourri
June 198232Challenge the Champs
June 19822Editorial
June 198238Master Solvers Club
June 198224Rate Your Own Game
July 198224Bits and Pieces
July 198222Book Reviews
July 198232Challenge the Champs
July 19822Editorial
July 198242Master Solvers Club
July 198253MSC Forum
July 198242Rate Your Own Game
August 198228Book Reviews
August 198232Challenge the Champs
August 19822Editorial
August 198239Master Solvers Club
August 198231Rate Your Own Game
August 198216What's New In Bridge
September 198232Book Reviews
September 198234Challenge the Champs
September 19822Editorial
September 198241Master Solvers Club
September 19823Puzzle Corner
September 19829Rate Your Own Game
October 198231Challenge the Champs
October 19822Editorial
October 198237Master Solvers Club
October 198215Rate Your Own Game
November 198219Book Reviews
November 198233Challenge the Champs
November 19822Editorial
November 198239Master Solvers Club
November 198232Rate Your Own Game
November 198221You Be The Judge
December 198220Book Reviews
December 198233Challenge the Champs
December 19822Editorial
December 198239Master Solvers Club
December 198248Rate Your Own Game
January 198323Book Reviews
January 198333Challenge the Champs
January 19832Editorial
January 198339Master Solvers Club
January 198317Rate Your Own Game
February 198330Book Reviews
February 198332Challenge the Champs
February 19832Editorial
February 198338Master Solvers Club
February 198324Rate Your Own Game
February 198316Potpourri
March 198325Bits and Pieces
March 198332Challenge the Champs
March 19832Editorial
March 198338Master Solvers Club
March 198346Rate Your Own Game
March 198321What's New In Bridge
April 198319Bits and Pieces
April 198324Book Reviews
April 198332Challenge the Champs
April 19832Editorial
April 198338Master Solvers Club
April 198345Rate Your Own Game
April 198325You Be The Judge
May 198338Book Reviews
May 198323Challenge the Champs
May 19832Editorial
May 198339Master Solvers Club
May 198337Rate Your Own Game
May 198329Potpourri
June 198322Book Reviews
June 198332Challenge the Champs
June 19832Editorial
June 198338Master Solvers Club
June 198324Rate Your Own Game
July 198325Bits and Pieces
July 198319Book Reviews
July 198330Challenge the Champs
July 19832Editorial
July 198336Master Solvers Club
July 198353MSC Forum
July 19833Rate Your Own Game
July 198310Test Your Play
August 198320Bits and Pieces
August 198329Book Reviews
August 198334Challenge the Champs
August 19832Editorial
August 198340Master Solvers Club
August 198331Rate Your Own Game
August 198345Test Your Play
August 198311Potpourri
September 198334Challenge the Champs
September 19832Editorial
September 198340Master Solvers Club
September 198321Rate Your Own Game
September 19838Test Your Play
October 198320Bits and Pieces
October 198332Book Reviews
October 198321Challenge the Champs
October 19832Editorial
October 198337Master Solvers Club
October 198353MSC Forum
October 198342Rate Your Own Game
October 198348Test Your Play
November 198333Challenge the Champs
November 19832Editorial
November 198339Master Solvers Club
November 198332Rate Your Own Game
November 198326Test Your Play
November 198320You Be The Judge
December 198333Challenge the Champs
December 19832Editorial
December 198339Master Solvers Club
December 198321Rate Your Own Game
December 198313Test Your Play
January 198438Bits and Pieces
January 198429Challenge the Champs
January 19842Editorial
January 198441Master Solvers Club
January 198424Rate Your Own Game
January 198420Test Your Play
February 198417Bits and Pieces
February 198416Book Reviews
February 198433Challenge the Champs
February 19842Editorial
February 198439Master Solvers Club
February 198442Rate Your Own Game
February 198431Test Your Play
February 198421You Be The Judge
March 198423Book Reviews
March 198434Challenge the Champs
March 19842Editorial
March 198440Master Solvers Club
March 198413Rate Your Own Game
March 198419Test Your Play
April 198431Bits and Pieces
April 198432Book Reviews
April 198434Challenge the Champs
April 19842Editorial
April 198440Master Solvers Club
April 198415Rate Your Own Game
April 19847Test Your Play
May 198434Book Reviews
May 198435Challenge the Champs
May 19842Editorial
May 198441Master Solvers Club
May 198433Rate Your Own Game
May 198445Test Your Play
June 198431Book Reviews
June 198432Challenge the Champs
June 198438Master Solvers Club
June 198412Rate Your Own Game
June 198411Test Your Play
July 198426Bits and Pieces
July 198425Book Reviews
July 198433Challenge the Champs
July 19842Editorial
July 198439Master Solvers Club
July 198431Puzzle Corner
July 198416Rate Your Own Game
July 19845Test Your Play
July 198423Potpourri
August 198426Book Reviews
August 198435Challenge the Champs
August 19842Editorial
August 198441Master Solvers Club
August 198424Rate Your Own Game
August 198425Test Your Play
August 198418You Be The Judge
September 198430Bits and Pieces
September 198434Challenge the Champs
September 19842Editorial
September 198440Master Solvers Club
September 19843Rate Your Own Game
September 19848Test Your Play
October 198417Bits and Pieces
October 198419Book Reviews
October 198431Challenge the Champs
October 19842Editorial
October 198438Master Solvers Club
October 198426Rate Your Own Game
November 198431Book Reviews
November 198432Challenge the Champs
November 19842Editorial
November 198438Master Solvers Club
November 19843Puzzle Corner
November 198442Rate Your Own Game
November 198425Test Your Play
November 198416What's New In Bridge
December 198431Book Reviews
December 19842Editorial
December 198438Master Solvers Club
December 198419Rate Your Own Game
December 198413Test Your Play
December 198410Potpourri
January 198522Bits and Pieces
January 198531Book Reviews
January 198535Challenge the Champs
January 19852Editorial
January 198541Master Solvers Club
January 198533Pro et Contra
January 198510Rate Your Own Game
January 19858Test Your Play
February 198521Book Reviews
February 198532Challenge the Champs
February 19852Editorial
February 198538Master Solvers Club
February 19855Rate Your Own Game
February 198511Test Your Play
February 198519What's New In Bridge
February 198526You Be The Judge
March 198530Book Reviews
March 198534Challenge the Champs
March 19852Editorial
March 198540Master Solvers Club
March 198523Rate Your Own Game
March 198525Test Your Play
April 198530Bits and Pieces
April 198533Challenge the Champs
April 19852Editorial
April 198539Master Solvers Club
April 198517Rate Your Own Game
April 198518Test Your Play
May 198531Bits and Pieces
May 198520Book Reviews
May 198534Challenge the Champs
May 19852Editorial
May 198540Master Solvers Club
May 198512Rate Your Own Game
May 198541Test Your Play
June 198529Bits and Pieces
June 198528Book Reviews
June 198532Challenge the Champs
June 19852Editorial
June 198538Master Solvers Club
June 198517Rate Your Own Game
June 198511Test Your Play
July 198536Bits and Pieces
July 198527Challenge the Champs
July 19852Editorial
July 198541Master Solvers Club
July 198523Rate Your Own Game
July 19859Test Your Play
August 198533Bits and Pieces
August 198530Book Reviews
August 198534Challenge the Champs
August 19852Editorial
August 198540Master Solvers Club
August 198521Rate Your Own Game
August 198513Test Your Play
August 198524You Be The Judge
September 198533Book Reviews
September 198535Challenge the Champs
September 19852Editorial
September 198541Master Solvers Club
September 198511Rate Your Own Game
September 198513Test Your Play
October 198515Book Reviews
October 198531Challenge the Champs
October 19852Editorial
October 198537Master Solvers Club
October 198541Rate Your Own Game
October 198526Test Your Play
November 198531Book Reviews
November 198534Challenge the Champs
November 19852Editorial
November 198541Master Solvers Club
November 19856Rate Your Own Game
November 19858Test Your Play
December 198532Book Reviews
December 198534Challenge the Champs
December 19852Editorial
December 198540Master Solvers Club
December 198517Rate Your Own Game
December 198531Test Your Play
January 198638Bits and Pieces
January 198624Challenge the Champs
January 19862Editorial
January 198639Master Solvers Club
January 198611Rate Your Own Game
January 19867Test Your Play
February 198623Bits and Pieces
February 198630Book Reviews
February 198632Challenge the Champs
February 19862Editorial
February 198638Master Solvers Club
February 198626Rate Your Own Game
February 19869Test Your Play
February 198625You Be The Judge
March 198634Bits and Pieces
March 198626Challenge the Champs
March 19862Editorial
March 198632For Experts Only
March 198637How Would You Rule?
March 198640Master Solvers Club
March 19865Rate Your Own Game
March 198641Test Your Play
April 198630Bits and Pieces
April 198610Book Reviews
April 198633Challenge the Champs
April 19862Editorial
April 198640Master Solvers Club
April 198628Rate Your Own Game
April 198641Test Your Play
May 198618Book Reviews
May 198634Challenge the Champs
May 19862Editorial
May 198640Master Solvers Club
May 198616Rate Your Own Game
May 198614Test Your Play
June 198630Bits and Pieces
June 198622Book Reviews
June 198631Challenge the Champs
June 19862Editorial
June 198637Master Solvers Club
June 19868Rate Your Own Game
June 198611Test Your Play
July 198619Book Reviews
July 198631Challenge the Champs
July 19862Editorial
July 198626For Experts Only
July 198637Master Solvers Club
July 19868Rate Your Own Game
July 198622Test Your Play
July 198613What's New In Bridge
July 198624Potpourri
August 198627Book Reviews
August 198632Challenge the Champs
August 19862Editorial
August 198630For Experts Only
August 198639Master Solvers Club
August 19865Rate Your Own Game
August 198643Test Your Play
August 198619You Be The Judge
September 198626Bits and Pieces
September 198610Book Reviews
September 198634Challenge the Champs
September 19862Editorial
September 198640Master Solvers Club
September 198620Rate Your Own Game
September 19867Test Your Play
October 198626Book Reviews
October 198633Challenge the Champs
October 19862Editorial
October 198632Fifty Years Ago
October 198639Master Solvers Club
October 198631Rate Your Own Game
October 198619Test Your Play
November 198624Book Reviews
November 198631Challenge the Champs
November 19862Editorial
November 19867Fifty Years Ago
November 198637Master Solvers Club
November 19869Rate Your Own Game
November 198626Test Your Play
December 198626Bits and Pieces
December 198631Book Reviews
December 198632Challenge the Champs
December 19862Editorial
December 198619Fifty Years Ago
December 198638Master Solvers Club
December 19865Rate Your Own Game
December 198646Test Your Play
January 198732Book Reviews
January 198734Challenge the Champs
January 19872Editorial
January 19877Fifty Years Ago
January 198740Master Solvers Club
January 19875Rate Your Own Game
January 198748Test Your Play
February 198717Bits and Pieces
February 198729Challenge the Champs
February 19872Editorial
February 198712Fifty Years Ago
February 198735Master Solvers Club
February 19876Rate Your Own Game
February 198728Test Your Play
February 198722You Be The Judge
March 198720Bits and Pieces
March 198712Book Reviews
March 198731Challenge the Champs
March 19872Editorial
March 198719Fifty Years Ago
March 198737Master Solvers Club
March 198727Rate Your Own Game
March 198739Test Your Play
April 198734Bits and Pieces
April 198736Book Reviews
April 198727Challenge the Champs
April 19872Editorial
April 198737Fifty Years Ago
April 198711For Experts Only
April 198738Master Solvers Club
April 198743Rate Your Own Game
April 198753Test Your Play
May 198731Bits and Pieces
May 198729Book Reviews
May 198732Challenge the Champs
May 19872Editorial
May 198718Fifty Years Ago
May 198730For Experts Only
May 198738Master Solvers Club
May 198724Rate Your Own Game
May 198722Test Your Play
June 198727Bits and Pieces
June 198725Book Reviews
June 198731Challenge the Champs
June 19872Editorial
June 198730Fifty Years Ago
June 198737Master Solvers Club
June 198722Rate Your Own Game
June 198721Test Your Play
July 198729Book Reviews
July 198733Challenge the Champs
July 19872Editorial
July 198732Fifty Years Ago
July 198739Master Solvers Club
July 198713Rate Your Own Game
July 19873Test Your Play
August 198727Bits and Pieces
August 198730Book Reviews
August 198732Challenge the Champs
August 19872Editorial
August 198726Fifty Years Ago
August 198738Master Solvers Club
August 198723Rate Your Own Game
August 19879Test Your Play
August 198715You Be The Judge
September 198720Book Reviews
September 198735Challenge the Champs
September 19872Editorial
September 198723Fifty Years Ago
September 198741Master Solvers Club
September 198733Rate Your Own Game
September 198710Test Your Play
October 198724Book Reviews
October 198731Challenge the Champs
October 19872Editorial
October 198722Fifty Years Ago
October 198713For Experts Only
October 198737Master Solvers Club
October 198715Rate Your Own Game
October 19879Test Your Play
November 198719Book Reviews
November 198732Challenge the Champs
November 19872Editorial
November 198726Fifty Years Ago
November 198738Master Solvers Club
November 198744Rate Your Own Game
November 198711Test Your Play
December 198712Bits and Pieces
December 198725Book Reviews
December 198733Challenge the Champs
December 19872Editorial
December 198718Fifty Years Ago
December 19876How Would You Rule?
December 198739Master Solvers Club
December 198710Pro et Contra
December 198720Rate Your Own Game
December 198732Test Your Play
January 19882Editorial
January 19889Fifty Years Ago
January 198842Master Solvers Club
January 198819Rate Your Own Game
January 198833Test Your Play
February 198824Bits and Pieces
February 198822Book Reviews
February 19882Editorial
February 198810Fifty Years Ago
February 198838Master Solvers Club
February 198817Rate Your Own Game
February 198819Test Your Play
February 198826You Be The Judge
March 198825Bits and Pieces
March 198828Book Reviews
March 19882Editorial
March 198830Fifty Years Ago
March 198837Master Solvers Club
March 198845Rate Your Own Game
March 198815Test Your Play
April 198824Bits and Pieces
April 198822Book Reviews
April 19882Editorial
April 198830Fifty Years Ago
April 198814For Experts Only
April 198837Master Solvers Club
April 198818Puzzle Corner
April 198825Rate Your Own Game
April 198813Test Your Play
May 19882Editorial
May 198831Fifty Years Ago
May 198840Master Solvers Club
May 198826Rate Your Own Game
May 19889Test Your Play
June 19882Editorial
June 198830Fifty Years Ago
June 198837Master Solvers Club
June 198813Rate Your Own Game
June 198817Test Your Play
July 198830Bits and Pieces
July 198827Book Reviews
July 19882Editorial
July 198832Fifty Years Ago
July 198829How Would You Rule?
July 198839Master Solvers Club
July 19889Rate Your Own Game
July 198821Test Your Play
August 198818Bits and Pieces
August 198829Book Reviews
August 19882Editorial
August 198817Fifty Years Ago
August 198838Master Solvers Club
August 198813Rate Your Own Game
August 19885Test Your Play
August 198824You Be The Judge
September 19882Editorial
September 198828Fifty Years Ago
September 198841Master Solvers Club
September 198819Rate Your Own Game
September 198833Test Your Play
October 198833Book Reviews
October 19882Editorial
October 198832Fifty Years Ago
October 198835Master Solvers Club
October 198811Rate Your Own Game
October 198811Test Your Play
November 19882Editorial
November 198818Fifty Years Ago
November 198838Master Solvers Club
November 198822Rate Your Own Game
November 198826Test Your Play
December 19882Editorial
December 198818Fifty Years Ago
December 198835Master Solvers Club
December 19887Rate Your Own Game
December 19885Test Your Play
January 198928Bits and Pieces
January 198925Book Reviews
January 19892Editorial
January 198919Fifty Years Ago
January 198939Master Solvers Club
January 198933Rate Your Own Game
January 198932Test Your Play
January 198952Post-Mortem
February 198934Book Reviews
February 19892Editorial
February 198932Fifty Years Ago
February 198937Master Solvers Club
February 198936Rate Your Own Game
February 198938Test Your Play
February 198919You Be The Judge
March 198930Book Reviews
March 19892Editorial
March 198925Fifty Years Ago
March 198939Master Solvers Club
March 198915Rate Your Own Game
March 19899Test Your Play
April 198931Bits and Pieces
April 19892Editorial
April 198928Fifty Years Ago
April 198938Master Solvers Club
April 198932Rate Your Own Game
April 198946Test Your Play
May 198921Bits and Pieces
May 19892Editorial
May 198929Fifty Years Ago
May 198940Master Solvers Club
May 19899Rate Your Own Game
May 19899Test Your Play
June 19897Bits and Pieces
June 198911Book Reviews
June 19892Editorial
June 198928Fifty Years Ago
June 198935Master Solvers Club
June 198913Rate Your Own Game
June 198927Test Your Play
July 198930Bits and Pieces
July 198931Book Reviews
July 19892Editorial
July 19897Fifty Years Ago
July 198940Master Solvers Club
July 198911Rate Your Own Game
July 198930Test Your Play
August 198937Book Reviews
August 19892Editorial
August 198921Fifty Years Ago
August 198939Master Solvers Club
August 198935Rate Your Own Game
August 19899Test Your Play
August 198918You Be The Judge
September 19892Editorial
September 198919Fifty Years Ago
September 198940Master Solvers Club
September 19897Rate Your Own Game
September 198913Test Your Play
October 19892Editorial
October 198934Fifty Years Ago
October 198935Master Solvers Club
October 198915Rate Your Own Game
October 198937Test Your Play
November 198932Bits and Pieces
November 19892Editorial
November 198925Fifty Years Ago
November 198926Rate Your Own Game
November 198913Test Your Play
December 198923Bits and Pieces
December 198920Book Reviews
December 19892Editorial
December 198924Fifty Years Ago
December 198937Master Solvers Club
December 198916Rate Your Own Game
December 198939Test Your Play
January 199031Book Reviews
January 19902Editorial
January 199024Fifty Years Ago
January 199039Master Solvers Club
January 199015Test Your Play
January 199040Rate Your Own Game
February 199026Book Reviews
February 19902Editorial
February 199028Fifty Years Ago
February 199035Master Solvers Club
February 199037Test Your Play
February 199020You Be The Judge
February 199041Rate Your Own Game
March 199036Book Reviews
March 19902Editorial
March 199037Master Solvers Club
March 199025Rate Your Own Game
March 199015Test Your Play
March 199029Potpourri
April 199025Bits and Pieces
April 19902Editorial
April 199019Fifty Years Ago
April 199037Master Solvers Club
April 199012Rate Your Own Game
April 199017Test Your Play
May 199039Book Reviews
May 19902Editorial
May 19907Fifty Years Ago
May 199040Master Solvers Club
May 199029Rate Your Own Game
May 19903Test Your Play
June 199025Book Reviews
June 19902Editorial
June 199028Fifty Years Ago
June 199036Master Solvers Club
June 19907Rate Your Own Game
June 199029Test Your Play
July 199027Bits and Pieces
July 199036Book Reviews
July 19902Editorial
July 199039Master Solvers Club
July 199015Rate Your Own Game
July 199021Test Your Play
July 199044Fifty Years Ago
August 199028Bits and Pieces
August 19902Editorial
August 199025Fifty Years Ago
August 199039Master Solvers Club
August 19907Test Your Play
August 199013You Be The Judge
August 199041Rate Your Own Game
September 199034Book Reviews
September 19902Editorial
September 199024Fifty Years Ago
September 199041Master Solvers Club
September 199016Rate Your Own Game
September 19907Test Your Play
October 199026Bits and Pieces
October 199025Book Reviews
October 19902Editorial
October 199019Fifty Years Ago
October 199037Master Solvers Club
October 199033Rate Your Own Game
October 199038Test Your Play
November 199013Book Reviews
November 19902Editorial
November 199023Fifty Years Ago
November 199039Master Solvers Club
November 199018Test Your Play
November 199043Rate Your Own Game
December 199034Bits and Pieces
December 199033Book Reviews
December 19902Editorial
December 199032Fifty Years Ago
December 199036Master Solvers Club
December 199040Test Your Play
December 199049Rate Your Own Game
January 199137Book Reviews
January 199125Challenge the Champs
January 19912Editorial
January 199124Fifty Years Ago
January 199139Master Solvers Club
January 199116Rate Your Own Game
January 199118Test Your Play
February 199129Bits and Pieces
February 199130Book Reviews
February 19912Editorial
February 199117Fifty Years Ago
February 199138Master Solvers Club
February 19917Test Your Play
February 199120You Be The Judge
February 199140Rate Your Own Game
March 199119Bits and Pieces
March 199128Book Reviews
March 19912Editorial
March 199139Fifty Years Ago
March 199137Master Solvers Club
March 199119Rate Your Own Game
March 199130Test Your Play
April 199126Book Reviews
April 19912Editorial
April 199131Fifty Years Ago
April 199138Master Solvers Club
April 19919Rate Your Own Game
April 199142Test Your Play
May 199138Bits and Pieces
May 199137Book Reviews
May 19912Editorial
May 199126Fifty Years Ago
May 199141Master Solvers Club
May 199140Rate Your Own Game
May 199123Test Your Play
June 199127Bits and Pieces
June 199129Book Reviews
June 19912Editorial
June 199131Fifty Years Ago
June 199138Master Solvers Club
June 19915Rate Your Own Game
June 199141Test Your Play
July 199127Bits and Pieces
July 19912Editorial
July 199130Fifty Years Ago
July 199139Master Solvers Club
July 19917Rate Your Own Game
July 199149Test Your Play
August 199117Bits and Pieces
August 199121Book Reviews
August 19912Editorial
August 199128Fifty Years Ago
August 199135Master Solvers Club
August 199137Test Your Play
August 199122You Be The Judge
August 199140Rate Your Own Game
September 199131Bits and Pieces
September 199132Book Reviews
September 19912Editorial
September 19915Fifty Years Ago
September 199141Master Solvers Club
September 199120Rate Your Own Game
September 19913Test Your Play
October 199134Book Reviews
October 19912Editorial
October 199132Fifty Years Ago
October 199136Master Solvers Club
October 199131Test Your Play
October 199148Rate Your Own Game
November 19912Editorial
November 199113Fifty Years Ago
November 199138Master Solvers Club
November 19915Rate Your Own Game
November 199131Test Your Play
December 199120Bits and Pieces
December 199133Book Reviews
December 19912Editorial
December 199119Fifty Years Ago
December 199136Master Solvers Club
December 199143Rate Your Own Game
December 199150Test Your Play
January 199238Bits and Pieces
January 19922Editorial
January 199222Fifty Years Ago
January 199243Test Your Play
February 19922Editorial
February 199242Fifty Years Ago
February 199213Test Your Play
February 199218You Be The Judge
March 199230Bits and Pieces
March 19922Editorial
March 199212Fifty Years Ago
March 19927Test Your Play
April 19922Editorial
April 199215Fifty Years Ago
April 199225Test Your Play
May 19922Editorial
May 199221Fifty Years Ago
May 199231Test Your Play
June 199227Bits and Pieces
June 19922Editorial
June 199222Fifty Years Ago
June 199231Test Your Play
July 19922Editorial
July 199213Fifty Years Ago
July 199218Test Your Play
August 19922Editorial
August 199224Fifty Years Ago
August 199227Test Your Play
August 199211You Be The Judge
September 19922Editorial
September 199232Fifty Years Ago
September 19927Test Your Play
October 19922Editorial
October 199232Fifty Years Ago
October 19923Test Your Play
November 199219Bits and Pieces
November 19922Editorial
November 19928Fifty Years Ago
November 19927Test Your Play
December 19922Editorial
December 199220Fifty Years Ago
December 19927Test Your Play
January 19932Editorial
January 199325Fifty Years Ago
January 199320Test Your Play
February 199311Bits and Pieces
February 19932Editorial
February 199321Fifty Years Ago
February 199351Test Your Play
February 199322You Be The Judge
March 19932Editorial
March 199323Fifty Years Ago
March 19935Test Your Play
April 199316Bits and Pieces
April 19932Editorial
April 19936Fifty Years Ago
April 199351Test Your Play
May 199323Bits and Pieces
May 19932Editorial
May 199322Fifty Years Ago
May 199312Test Your Play
June 199321Bits and Pieces
June 19932Editorial
June 19939Fifty Years Ago
June 199315Test Your Play
July 19932Editorial
July 199315Fifty Years Ago
July 199311Test Your Play
August 19932Editorial
August 199351Fifty Years Ago
August 19937Test Your Play
August 199318You Be The Judge
September 19932Editorial
September 199334Fifty Years Ago
September 199320Test Your Play
October 19932Editorial
October 19937Fifty Years Ago
October 199326Test Your Play
November 199317Bits and Pieces
November 19932Editorial
November 19935Fifty Years Ago
November 19939Test Your Play
December 19939Bits and Pieces
December 19932Editorial
December 199326Fifty Years Ago
December 199311Test Your Play
January 199421Bits and Pieces
January 19942Editorial
January 19947Fifty Years Ago
January 19949Test Your Play
February 199429Bits and Pieces
February 19942Editorial
February 19942Fifty Years Ago
February 199453Test Your Play
February 199414You Be The Judge
March 199428Bits and Pieces
March 19942Editorial
March 19944Fifty Years Ago
March 199453Test Your Play
April 19942Editorial
April 199415Fifty Years Ago
April 199415Test Your Play
May 19942Editorial
May 19942Fifty Years Ago
May 199411Test Your Play
June 199425Bits and Pieces
June 19942Editorial
June 199410Fifty Years Ago
June 19946Test Your Play
July 199415Bits and Pieces
July 19942Editorial
July 199420Fifty Years Ago
July 19945Test Your Play
August 199421Bits and Pieces
August 19942Editorial
August 199420Fifty Years Ago
August 19947Test Your Play
September 19942Editorial
September 199451Fifty Years Ago
September 19947Test Your Play
October 19942Editorial
October 199417Fifty Years Ago
October 199431Test Your Play
November 199435Bits and Pieces
November 19942Editorial
November 19943Fifty Years Ago
November 19949Test Your Play
December 19942Editorial
December 199453Fifty Years Ago
December 199434Test Your Play
January 19952Editorial
January 19956Fifty Years Ago
January 199513Test Your Play
February 19952Editorial
February 199514Fifty Years Ago
February 199525Test Your Play
February 199515You Be The Judge
March 19952Editorial
March 199523Fifty Years Ago
March 199516Test Your Play
April 19952Editorial
April 199519Fifty Years Ago
April 199523Test Your Play
May 19952Editorial
May 199521Fifty Years Ago
May 199520Test Your Play
June 19952Editorial
June 199525Fifty Years Ago
June 19957Test Your Play
July 19952Editorial
July 199513Fifty Years Ago
July 199519Test Your Play
August 199522Bits and Pieces
August 19952Editorial
August 199518Fifty Years Ago
August 199514Test Your Play
September 19952Editorial
September 199511Fifty Years Ago
September 199523Test Your Play
October 19952Editorial
October 19955Fifty Years Ago
October 19957Test Your Play
November 19952Editorial
November 199517Fifty Years Ago
November 199512Test Your Play
December 19952Editorial
December 199532Fifty Years Ago
December 199513Test Your Play
January 19962Editorial
January 199625Fifty Years Ago
January 199613Test Your Play
February 19962Editorial
February 19969Fifty Years Ago
February 19965Test Your Play
February 199614You Be The Judge
March 19962Editorial
March 199651Fifty Years Ago
March 19965Test Your Play
April 199626Bits and Pieces
April 19962Editorial
April 199617Fifty Years Ago
April 19963Test Your Play
May 19962Editorial
May 19969Fifty Years Ago
May 19965Test Your Play
June 199613Bits and Pieces
June 19962Editorial
June 199618Fifty Years Ago
June 19967Test Your Play
July 19962Editorial
July 19967Fifty Years Ago
July 199620Test Your Play
July 199615What's New in Bridge
August 199626Bits and Pieces
August 19962Editorial
August 199619Fifty Years Ago
August 19965Test Your Play
September 19962Editorial
September 199651Fifty Years Ago
September 199611Test Your Play
October 19962Editorial
October 199632Fifty Years Ago
October 19964Test Your Play
November 199615Bits and Pieces
November 19962Editorial
November 19967Fifty Years Ago
November 199651Test Your Play
December 199622Bits and Pieces
December 19962Editorial
December 19969Fifty Years Ago
December 199636Test Your Play
January 199721Bits and Pieces
January 19972Editorial
January 199720Fifty Years Ago
January 199716Test Your Play
February 199723Bits and Pieces
February 19972Editorial
February 19973Fifty Years Ago
February 199717Test Your Play
February 199712You Be The Judge
March 199718Bits and Pieces
March 19972Editorial
March 199720Fifty Years Ago
March 199723Test Your Play
April 199731Bits and Pieces
April 19972Editorial
April 199710Fifty Years Ago
April 19977Test Your Play
May 19972Editorial
May 199716Fifty Years Ago
May 19975Test Your Play
June 199729Bits and Pieces
June 19972Editorial
June 199711Fifty Years Ago
June 199731Test Your Play
July 199719Bits and Pieces
July 19972Editorial
July 199714Fifty Years Ago
July 19979Test Your Play
August 19972Editorial
August 199710Fifty Years Ago
August 19979Test Your Play
September 19972Editorial
September 199722Fifty Years Ago
September 199717Test Your Play
October 19972Editorial
October 199715Fifty Years Ago
October 19977Test Your Play
November 19972Editorial
November 199713Fifty Years Ago
November 19978Test Your Play
December 19972Editorial
December 19974Fifty Years Ago
December 199715Test Your Play
January 19982Editorial
January 199811Fifty Years Ago
January 19989Test Your Play
February 19982Editorial
February 199833Fifty Years Ago
February 199825Test Your Play
February 199826You Be The Judge
March 19982Editorial
March 199845Fifty Years Ago
March 199856Test Your Play
April 19982Editorial
April 19987Fifty Years Ago
April 199851Test Your Play
May 19982Editorial
May 199818Fifty Years Ago
May 199856Test Your Play
June 19982Editorial
June 199831Fifty Years Ago
June 19987Test Your Play
July 199819Bits and Pieces
July 19982Editorial
July 19984Fifty Years Ago
July 199856Test Your Play
August 199824Bits and Pieces
August 19982Editorial
August 199858Fifty Years Ago
August 199820Test Your Play
September 19982Editorial
September 199830Fifty Years Ago
September 19984Test Your Play
October 199830Bits and Pieces
October 19982Editorial
October 199824Fifty Years Ago
October 199815Test Your Play
November 199819Bits and Pieces
November 19982Editorial
November 19986Fifty Years Ago
November 199864Improve Your Defense
November 199863Improve Your Play
November 199811Test Your Play
December 199822Bits and Pieces
December 19982Editorial
December 199859Fifty Years Ago
December 199870Improve Your Defense
December 199869Improve Your Play
December 199830Test Your Play
January 19992Editorial
January 199960Fifty Years Ago
January 199962Improve Your Defense
January 199965Improve Your Play
January 199914Test Your Play
February 19992Editorial
February 199959Fifty Years Ago
February 199965Improve Your Defense
February 199964Improve Your Play
February 19998Test Your Play
March 199922Bits and Pieces
March 19992Editorial
March 19996Fifty Years Ago
March 199970Improve Your Defense
March 199964Improve Your Play
March 199912Test Your Play
April 19992Editorial
April 199959Fifty Years Ago
April 199968Improve Your Defense
April 199965Improve Your Play
April 19999Test Your Play
May 19992Editorial
May 199920Fifty Years Ago
May 199964Improve Your Defense
May 199967Improve Your Play
May 199911Test Your Play
June 19992Editorial
June 199929Fifty Years Ago
June 199972Improve Your Defense
June 199966Improve Your Play
June 199959Test Your Play
July 19992Editorial
July 199915Fifty Years Ago
July 199965Improve Your Defense
July 199966Improve Your Play
July 19999Test Your Play
August 19992Editorial
August 199927Fifty Years Ago
August 199965Improve Your Defense
August 199972Improve Your Play
August 199960Test Your Play
September 19992Editorial
September 19997Fifty Years Ago
September 199968Improve Your Defense
September 199972Improve Your Play
September 19993Test Your Play
October 19992Editorial
October 199960Fifty Years Ago
October 199971Improve Your Defense
October 199966Improve Your Play
October 199921Test Your Play
November 19992Editorial
November 199927Fifty Years Ago
November 199966Improve Your Defense
November 199971Improve Your Play
November 199917Test Your Play
December 19992Editorial
December 199922Fifty Years Ago
December 199969Improve Your Defense
December 199964Improve Your Play
December 19993Test Your Play
January 200063Bits and Pieces
January 20002Editorial
January 200058Fifty Years Ago
January 200073Improve Your Defense
January 200067Improve Your Play
January 200021Test Your Play
February 20002Editorial
February 200031Fifty Years Ago
February 200067Improve Your Defense
February 200070Improve Your Play
February 200019Test Your Play
March 200020Bits and Pieces
March 20002Editorial
March 200032Fifty Years Ago
March 200070Improve Your Defense
March 200065Improve Your Play
March 200060Test Your Play
April 200015Bits and Pieces
April 20002Editorial
April 200038Fifty Years Ago
April 200065Improve Your Defense
April 200066Improve Your Play
April 200023Test Your Play
May 200027Bits and Pieces
May 20002Editorial
May 20008Fifty Years Ago
May 200070Improve Your Defense
May 200066Improve Your Play
May 200060Test Your Play
June 200031Bits and Pieces
June 20002Editorial
June 20009Fifty Years Ago
June 200065Improve Your Defense
June 200067Improve Your Play
June 200039Test Your Play
July 20002Editorial
July 200060Fifty Years Ago
July 200068Improve Your Defense
July 200069Improve Your Play
July 200025Test Your Play
August 20002Editorial
August 200051Fifty Years Ago
August 200069Improve Your Defense
August 200065Improve Your Play
August 200061Test Your Play
August 200020You Be The Judge
September 200038Bits and Pieces
September 20002Editorial
September 200060Fifty Years Ago
September 200072Improve Your Defense
September 200066Improve Your Play
September 200013Test Your Play
October 200028Bits and Pieces
October 20002Editorial
October 200039Fifty Years Ago
October 200068Improve Your Defense
October 200065Improve Your Play
October 200039Test Your Play
November 20002Editorial
November 200041Fifty Years Ago
November 200077Improve Your Defense
November 200065Improve Your Play
November 200037Test Your Play
December 20002Editorial
December 20008Fifty Years Ago
December 200068Improve Your Defense
December 200067Improve Your Play
December 200019Test Your Play
January 20012Editorial
January 200114Fifty Years Ago
January 200166Improve Your Defense
January 200167Improve Your Play
January 20013Test Your Play
February 20012Editorial
February 200121Fifty Years Ago
February 200166Improve Your Defense
February 200168Improve Your Play
February 200159Test Your Play
March 20012Editorial
March 200160Fifty Years Ago
March 200166Improve Your Defense
March 200165Improve Your Play
March 20015Test Your Play
April 20012Editorial
April 200136Fifty Years Ago
April 200166Improve Your Defense
April 200168Improve Your Play
April 20015Test Your Play
May 200127Bits and Pieces
May 20012Editorial
May 200141Fifty Years Ago
May 200165Improve Your Defense
May 200164Improve Your Play
May 200128Test Your Play
June 200128Bits and Pieces
June 20012Editorial
June 200137Fifty Years Ago
June 200172Improve Your Defense
June 200165Improve Your Play
June 20015Test Your Play
July 20012Editorial
July 200159Fifty Years Ago
July 200164Improve Your Defense
July 200173Improve Your Play
July 200110Test Your Play
August 20012Editorial
August 20017Fifty Years Ago
August 200169Improve Your Defense
August 200163Improve Your Play
August 20019Test Your Play
September 200129Bits and Pieces
September 20012Editorial
September 200161Fifty Years Ago
September 200166Improve Your Defense
September 200164Improve Your Play
September 200140Test Your Play
October 200134Bits and Pieces
October 20012Editorial
October 200137Fifty Years Ago
October 200164Improve Your Defense
October 200169Improve Your Play
October 200115Test Your Play
November 20012Editorial
November 200114Fifty Years Ago
November 200164Improve Your Defense
November 200172Improve Your Play
November 200116Test Your Play
December 20012Editorial
December 200154Fifty Years Ago
December 200165Improve Your Defense
December 200170Improve Your Play
December 200115Test Your Play
January 200232Bits and Pieces
January 20022Editorial
January 200213Fifty Years Ago
January 200263Improve Your Defense
January 200273Improve Your Play
January 200218Test Your Play
February 20022Editorial
February 200259Fifty Years Ago
February 200268Improve Your Defense
February 200265Improve Your Play
February 200211Test Your Play
March 20022Editorial
March 200220Fifty Years Ago
March 200265Improve Your Defense
March 200269Improve Your Play
March 200211Test Your Play
April 200227Bits and Pieces
April 20022Editorial
April 200236Fifty Years Ago
April 200266Improve Your Defense
April 200265Improve Your Play
April 20025Test Your Play
May 20022Editorial
May 200220Fifty Years Ago
May 200269Improve Your Defense
May 200273Improve Your Play
May 200217Test Your Play
June 200227Bits and Pieces
June 20022Editorial
June 200230Fifty Years Ago
June 200265Improve Your Defense
June 200267Improve Your Play
June 200210Test Your Play
July 200238Bits and Pieces
July 20022Editorial
July 200233Fifty Years Ago
July 200267Improve Your Defense
July 200272Improve Your Play
July 200237Test Your Play
August 200230Bits and Pieces
August 20022Editorial
August 200213Fifty Years Ago
August 200270Improve Your Defense
August 200265Improve Your Play
August 200213Test Your Play
September 200216Bits and Pieces
September 20022Editorial
September 200258Fifty Years Ago
September 200266Improve Your Defense
September 200264Improve Your Play
September 200225Test Your Play
October 200228Bits and Pieces
October 20022Editorial
October 200211Fifty Years Ago
October 200265Improve Your Defense
October 200264Improve Your Play
October 200221Test Your Play
November 200224Bits and Pieces
November 20022Editorial
November 20023Fifty Years Ago
November 200268Improve Your Defense
November 200272Improve Your Play
November 200213Test Your Play
December 200225Bits and Pieces
December 20022Editorial
December 200228Fifty Years Ago
December 200266Improve Your Defense
December 200265Improve Your Play
December 200217Test Your Play
January 200331Bits and Pieces
January 20032Editorial
January 200315Fifty Years Ago
January 200373Improve Your Defense
January 200365Improve Your Play
January 200318Test Your Play
February 200332Bits and Pieces
February 20032Editorial
February 200325Fifty Years Ago
February 200368Improve Your Defense
February 200366Improve Your Play
February 20037Test Your Play
March 200320Bits and Pieces
March 20032Editorial
March 200336Fifty Years Ago
March 200370Improve Your Defense
March 200366Improve Your Play
March 200349Test Your Play
April 200311Bits and Pieces
April 20032Editorial
April 200338Fifty Years Ago
April 200366Improve Your Defense
April 200369Improve Your Play
April 200337Test Your Play
May 200328Bits and Pieces
May 20032Editorial
May 200320Fifty Years Ago
May 200368Improve Your Defense
May 200365Improve Your Play
May 200318Test Your Play
June 20032Editorial
June 200361Fifty Years Ago
June 200373Improve Your Defense
June 200367Improve Your Play
June 20037Test Your Play
July 20032Editorial
July 200336Fifty Years Ago
July 200364Improve Your Defense
July 200366Improve Your Play
July 200313Test Your Play
August 200322Bits and Pieces
August 20032Editorial
August 200336Fifty Years Ago
August 200363Improve Your Defense
August 200364Improve Your Play
August 200346Test Your Play
September 200326Bits and Pieces
September 20032Editorial
September 200314Fifty Years Ago
September 200367Improve Your Defense
September 200369Improve Your Play
September 200311Test Your Play
September 200315What's New In Bridge
October 200316Bits and Pieces
October 20032Editorial
October 200312Fifty Years Ago
October 200368Improve Your Defense
October 200364Improve Your Play
October 200321Test Your Play
October 200330What's New In Bridge
November 20032Editorial
November 200328Fifty Years Ago
November 200368Improve Your Defense
November 200365Improve Your Play
November 20037Test Your Play
December 200327Bits and Pieces
December 20032Editorial
December 200320Fifty Years Ago
December 200370Improve Your Defense
December 200365Improve Your Play
December 200311Test Your Play
January 200426Bits and Pieces
January 20042Editorial
January 200437Fifty Years Ago
January 200468Improve Your Defense
January 200466Improve Your Play
January 20047Test Your Play
February 200425Bits and Pieces
February 20042Editorial
February 200434Fifty Years Ago
February 200470Improve Your Defense
February 200463Improve Your Play
February 20047Test Your Play
March 200435Bits and Pieces
March 20042Editorial
March 200414Fifty Years Ago
March 200470Improve Your Defense
March 200465Improve Your Play
March 200411Test Your Play
April 200426Bits and Pieces
April 20042Editorial
April 200424Fifty Years Ago
April 200467Improve Your Defense
April 200465Improve Your Play
April 200413Test Your Play
May 20041Bits and Pieces
May 20042Editorial
May 200420Fifty Years Ago
May 200470Improve Your Defense
May 200465Improve Your Play
May 200414Test Your Play
June 200427Bits and Pieces
June 20042Editorial
June 200418Fifty Years Ago
June 200469Improve Your Defense
June 200467Improve Your Play
June 20049Test Your Play
July 200429Bits and Pieces
July 20042Editorial
July 200442Fifty Years Ago
July 200468Improve Your Defense
July 200467Improve Your Play
July 200411Test Your Play
August 20042Editorial
August 20043Fifty Years Ago
August 200463Improve Your Defense
August 200469Improve Your Play
August 200411Test Your Play
September 200425Bits and Pieces
September 20042Editorial
September 200419Fifty Years Ago
September 200469Improve Your Defense
September 200467Improve Your Play
September 20047Test Your Play
October 20042Editorial
October 200441Fifty Years Ago
October 200472Improve Your Defense
October 200473Improve Your Play
October 200411Test Your Play
November 20042Editorial
November 200413Fifty Years Ago
November 200469Improve Your Defense
November 200465Improve Your Play
November 200415Test Your Play
December 200428Bits and Pieces
December 20042Editorial
December 200421Fifty Years Ago
December 200470Improve Your Defense
December 200473Improve Your Play
December 200419Test Your Play
January 200530Bits and Pieces
January 20052Editorial
January 200540Fifty Years Ago
January 200563Improve Your Defense
January 200567Improve Your Play
January 20058Test Your Play
February 200518Bits and Pieces
February 20052Editorial
February 200561Fifty Years Ago
February 200563Improve Your Defense
February 200565Improve Your Play
February 200511Test Your Play
March 200549Bits and Pieces
March 20052Editorial
March 200563Fifty Years Ago
March 200556Improve Your Defense
March 200557Improve Your Play
March 20059Test Your Play
April 20052Editorial
April 20055Fifty Years Ago
April 200561Improve Your Defense
April 200558Improve Your Play
April 200544Test Your Play
May 20052Editorial
May 200513Fifty Years Ago
May 200561Improve Your Defense
May 200557Improve Your Play
May 20054Test Your Play
June 200552Bits and Pieces
June 20052Editorial
June 200574Fifty Years Ago
June 200558Improve Your Defense
June 200556Improve Your Play
June 200537Test Your Play
July 200564Bits and Pieces
July 20052Editorial
July 200555Fifty Years Ago
July 200551Improve Your Defense
July 200547Improve Your Play
July 200535Test Your Play
August 200563Bits and Pieces
August 20052Editorial
August 200544Fifty Years Ago
August 200551Improve Your Defense
August 200553Improve Your Play
August 200537Test Your Play
September 200574Bits and Pieces
September 20052Editorial
September 200513Fifty Years Ago
September 200556Improve Your Defense
September 200564Improve Your Play
September 200536Test Your Play
October 200554Bits and Pieces
October 20052Editorial
October 200545Fifty Years Ago
October 200558Improve Your Defense
October 200556Improve Your Play
October 200537Test Your Play
November 200550Bits and Pieces
November 20052Editorial
November 200573Fifty Years Ago
November 200560Improve Your Defense
November 200558Improve Your Play
November 200543Test Your Play
December 200576Bits and Pieces
December 20052Editorial
December 200542Fifty Years Ago
December 200557Improve Your Defense
December 200558Improve Your Play
December 200511Test Your Play
January 200674Bits and Pieces
January 20062Editorial
January 200612Fifty Years Ago
January 200661Improve Your Defense
January 200660Improve Your Play
January 20064Test Your Play
February 200645Bits and Pieces
February 20062Editorial
February 200643Fifty Years Ago
February 200659Improve Your Defense
February 200661Improve Your Play
February 200639Test Your Play
March 200676Bits and Pieces
March 20062Editorial
March 200649Fifty Years Ago
March 200663Improve Your Defense
March 200656Improve Your Play
March 200651Test Your Play
April 200676Bits and Pieces
April 20062Editorial
April 200674Fifty Years Ago
April 200655Improve Your Defense
April 200657Improve Your Play
April 200613Test Your Play
May 200650Bits and Pieces
May 20062Editorial
May 200654Fifty Years Ago
May 200655Improve Your Defense
May 200657Improve Your Play
May 200646Test Your Play
June 200673Bits and Pieces
June 20062Editorial
June 200643Fifty Years Ago
June 200659Improve Your Defense
June 200657Improve Your Play
June 200647Test Your Play
July 200638Bits and Pieces
July 20062Editorial
July 200673Fifty Years Ago
July 200654Improve Your Defense
July 200656Improve Your Play
July 200610Test Your Play
August 200652Bits and Pieces
August 20062Editorial
August 200650Fifty Years Ago
August 200657Improve Your Defense
August 200659Improve Your Play
August 200649Test Your Play
September 200676Bits and Pieces
September 20062Editorial
September 200640Fifty Years Ago
September 200658Improve Your Defense
September 200655Improve Your Play
September 20063Test Your Play
October 200651Bits and Pieces
October 20062Editorial
October 200643Fifty Years Ago
October 200658Improve Your Defense
October 200654Improve Your Play
October 200639Test Your Play
November 200612Bits and Pieces
November 20062Editorial
November 200651Fifty Years Ago
November 200656Improve Your Defense
November 200660Improve Your Play
November 200649Test Your Play
December 200676Bits and Pieces
December 20062Editorial
December 200652Fifty Years Ago
December 200654Improve Your Defense
December 200655Improve Your Play
December 200637Test Your Play
January 200751Bits and Pieces
January 20072Editorial
January 200776Fifty Years Ago
January 200757Improve Your Defense
January 200759Improve Your Play
January 200737Test Your Play
February 200752Bits and Pieces
February 20072Editorial
February 20074Fifty Years Ago
February 200758Improve Your Defense
February 200755Improve Your Play
February 200748Test Your Play
March 200749Bits and Pieces
March 20072Editorial
March 200745Fifty Years Ago
March 200758Improve Your Defense
March 200762Improve Your Play
March 200741Test Your Play
April 200751Bits and Pieces
April 20072Editorial
April 20073Fifty Years Ago
April 200757Improve Your Defense
April 200756Improve Your Play
April 200744Test Your Play
May 200732Bits and Pieces
May 20072Editorial
May 200715Fifty Years Ago
May 200735Improve Your Defense
May 200741Improve Your Play
May 200710Test Your Play
June 200724Bits and Pieces
June 20072Editorial
June 20075Fifty Years Ago
June 200737Improve Your Defense
June 200736Improve Your Play
June 200762Test Your Play
July 200731Bits and Pieces
July 20072Editorial
July 200726Fifty Years Ago
July 200737Improve Your Defense
July 200742Improve Your Play
July 200721Test Your Play
August 200724Bits and Pieces
August 20072Editorial
August 20077Fifty Years Ago
August 200733Improve Your Defense
August 200735Improve Your Play
August 200741Test Your Play
September 20077Bits and Pieces
September 20072Editorial
September 200775Fifty Years Ago
September 200729Improve Your Defense
September 200735Improve Your Play
September 200717Test Your Play
October 200724Bits and Pieces
October 20072Editorial
October 200776Fifty Years Ago
October 200727Improve Your Defense
October 200733Improve Your Play
October 200725Test Your Play
November 200720Bits and Pieces
November 20072Editorial
November 200741Fifty Years Ago
November 200735Improve Your Defense
November 200727Improve Your Play
November 200721Test Your Play
December 20072Editorial
December 200719Fifty Years Ago
December 200727Improve Your Defense
December 200729Improve Your Play
December 200724Test Your Play
January 200813Fifty Years Ago
January 200820Improve Your Defense
January 200821Improve Your Play
January 20089Test Your Play
February 200824Bits and Pieces
February 20082Editorial
February 200840Fifty Years Ago
February 200831Improve Your Defense
February 200827Improve Your Play
February 200825Test Your Play
March 200840Bits and Pieces
March 20082Editorial
March 200866Fifty Years Ago
March 200822Improve Your Defense
March 200821Improve Your Play
March 20089Test Your Play
April 200826Bits and Pieces
April 20082Editorial
April 200875Fifty Years Ago
April 200829Improve Your Defense
April 200828Improve Your Play
April 20089Test Your Play
May 200844Bits and Pieces
May 20082Editorial
May 200874Fifty Years Ago
May 200823Improve Your Defense
May 200825Improve Your Play
May 200815Test Your Play
June 20082Editorial
June 200873Fifty Years Ago
June 200828Improve Your Defense
June 200831Improve Your Play
June 20087Test Your Play
July 200848Bits and Pieces
July 20082Editorial
July 200875Fifty Years Ago
July 200828Improve Your Defense
July 200827Improve Your Play
July 200811Test Your Play
August 200823Bits and Pieces
August 20082Editorial
August 200841Fifty Years Ago
August 200827Improve Your Defense
August 200829Improve Your Play
August 200819Test Your Play
September 20082Editorial
September 20089Fifty Years Ago
September 200832Improve Your Defense
September 200835Improve Your Play
September 200816Test Your Play
October 200825Bits and Pieces
October 20082Editorial
October 200841Fifty Years Ago
October 200835Improve Your Defense
October 200827Improve Your Play
October 20087Test Your Play
November 200823Bits and Pieces
November 20082Editorial
November 200876Fifty Years Ago
November 200827Improve Your Defense
November 200831Improve Your Play
November 200815Test Your Play
December 200824Bits and Pieces
December 20082Editorial
December 200875Fifty Years Ago
December 200831Improve Your Defense
December 200830Improve Your Play
December 200862Test Your Play
January 200922Bits and Pieces
January 20092Editorial
January 200913Fifty Years Ago
January 200927Improve Your Defense
January 200929Improve Your Play
January 200919Test Your Play
February 200925Bits and Pieces
February 20092Editorial
February 200914Fifty Years Ago
February 200928Improve Your Defense
February 200927Improve Your Play
February 20099Test Your Play
March 200916Bits and Pieces
March 20092Editorial
March 200974Fifty Years Ago
March 200933Improve Your Defense
March 200927Improve Your Play
March 20092Test Your Play
April 20092Editorial
April 200912Fifty Years Ago
April 200931Improve Your Defense
April 200929Improve Your Play
April 20099Test Your Play
May 200923Bits and Pieces
May 20092Editorial
May 200941Fifty Years Ago
May 200931Improve Your Defense
May 200927Improve Your Play
May 20097Test Your Play
June 200924Bits and Pieces
June 20092Editorial
June 200941Fifty Years Ago
June 200933Improve Your Defense
June 200930Improve Your Play
June 20095Test Your Play
July 200923Bits and Pieces
July 20092Editorial
July 20095Fifty Years Ago
July 200927Improve Your Defense
July 200928Improve Your Play
July 200918Test Your Play
August 20092Editorial
August 200975Fifty Years Ago
August 200927Improve Your Defense
August 200927Improve Your Play
August 20095Test Your Play
September 20092Editorial
September 20098Fifty Years Ago
September 200928Improve Your Defense
September 200927Improve Your Play
September 200911Test Your Play
October 20092Editorial
October 200975Fifty Years Ago
October 200935Improve Your Defense
October 200931Improve Your Play
October 200918Test Your Play
November 200966Bits and Pieces
November 20092Editorial
November 200942Fifty Years Ago
November 200929Improve Your Defense
November 200927Improve Your Play
November 200921Test Your Play
December 200923Bits and Pieces
December 20092Editorial
December 200975Fifty Years Ago
December 200926Improve Your Defense
December 200931Improve Your Play
December 200942Test Your Play
January 20102Editorial
January 20109Fifty Years Ago
January 201028Improve Your Defense
January 201029Improve Your Play
January 201011Test Your Play
February 201044Bits and Pieces
February 20102Editorial
February 201012Fifty Years Ago
February 201027Improve Your Defense
February 201032Improve Your Play
February 20105Test Your Play
March 201023Bits and Pieces
March 20102Editorial
March 201041Fifty Years Ago
March 201035Improve Your Defense
March 201033Improve Your Play
March 201015Test Your Play
April 201023Bits and Pieces
April 20102Editorial
April 201073Fifty Years Ago
April 201031Improve Your Defense
April 201029Improve Your Play
April 20105Test Your Play
May 20102Editorial
May 201074Fifty Years Ago
May 201031Improve Your Defense
May 201031Improve Your Play
May 201011Test Your Play
June 20102Editorial
June 201025Fifty Years Ago
June 201032Improve Your Defense
June 201031Improve Your Play
June 20109Test Your Play
July 201015Bits and Pieces
July 20102Editorial
July 201075Fifty Years Ago
July 201027Improve Your Defense
July 201033Improve Your Play
July 201069Test Your Play
August 201040Bits and Pieces
August 20102Editorial
August 201076Fifty Years Ago
August 201032Improve Your Defense
August 201028Improve Your Play
August 20104Test Your Play
September 201042Bits and Pieces
September 20102Editorial
September 201073Fifty Years Ago
September 201029Improve Your Defense
September 201027Improve Your Play
September 201011Test Your Play
October 201023Bits and Pieces
October 20102Editorial
October 201074Fifty Years Ago
October 201027Improve Your Defense
October 201035Improve Your Play
October 201013Test Your Play
November 20102Editorial
November 201075Fifty Years Ago
November 201027Improve Your Defense
November 201033Improve Your Play
November 20108Test Your Play
December 20102Editorial
December 201014Fifty Years Ago
December 201027Improve Your Defense
December 201031Improve Your Play
December 20109Test Your Play
January 20112Editorial
January 20119Fifty Years Ago
January 201135Improve Your Defense
January 201133Improve Your Play
January 201117Test Your Play
February 201143Bits And Pieces
February 20112Editorial
February 201114Fifty Years Ago
February 201127Improve Your Defense
February 201129Improve Your Play
February 201117Test Your Play
March 201120Bits And Pieces
March 20112Editorial
March 201140Fifty Years Ago
March 201127Improve Your Defense
March 201134Improve Your Play
March 20113Test Your Play
April 20112Editorial
April 201175Fifty Years Ago
April 201130Improve Your Defense
April 201129Improve Your Play
April 201113Test Your Play
May 201143Bits and Pieces
May 20112Editorial
May 201175Fifty Years Ago
May 201135Improve Your Defense
May 201131Improve Your Play
May 201142Test Your Play
June 201142Bits and Pieces
June 20112Editorial
June 201112Fifty Years Ago
June 201128Improve Your Defense
June 201126Improve Your Play
June 201118Test Your Play
July 201122Bits and Pieces
July 20112Editorial
July 201174Fifty Years Ago
July 201130Improve Your Defense
July 201127Improve Your Play
July 201145Test Your Play
August 20112Editorial
August 201173Fifty Years Ago
August 201130Improve Your Defense
August 201129Improve Your Play
August 20119Test Your Play
September 201122Bits and Pieces
September 20112Editorial
September 201175Fifty Years Ago
September 201127Improve Your Defense
September 201130Improve Your Play
September 201111Test Your Play
October 20112Editorial
October 201175Fifty Years Ago
October 201135Improve Your Defense
October 201127Improve Your Play
October 201118Test Your Play
November 20112Editorial
November 201176Fifty Years Ago
November 201129Improve Your Defense
November 201127Improve Your Play
November 201120Test Your Play
December 20112Editorial
December 201117Fifty Years Ago
December 201135Improve Your Defense
December 201133Improve Your Play
December 201119Test Your Play
January 201236Bits and Pieces
January 20122Editorial
January 201276Fifty Years Ago
January 201231Improve Your Defense
January 201229Improve Your Play
January 201220Test Your Play
February 20122Editorial
February 20123Fifty Years Ago
February 201228Improve Your Defense
February 201234Improve Your Play
February 201244Test Your Play
March 20122Editorial
March 201276Fifty Years Ago
March 201229Improve Your Defense
March 201228Improve Your Play
March 201215Test Your Play
April 20122Editorial
April 201215Fifty Years Ago
April 201235Improve Your Defense
April 201233Improve Your Play
April 201241Test Your Play
May 201231Bits and Pieces
May 20122Editorial
May 201273Fifty Years Ago
May 201234Improve Your Defense
May 201235Improve Your Play
May 20125Test Your Play
June 201242Bits and Pieces
June 20122Editorial
June 201275Fifty Years Ago
June 201221Improve Your Defense
June 201232Improve Your Play
June 201241Test Your Play
July 20122Editorial
July 201275Fifty Years Ago
July 201226Improve Your Defense
July 201219Improve Your Play
July 201273Test Your Play
August 201273Bits and Pieces
August 20122Editorial
August 201228Fifty Years Ago
August 201232Improve Your Defense
August 201234Improve Your Play
August 20127Test Your Play
September 20122Editorial
September 201276Fifty Years Ago
September 201235Improve Your Defense
September 201233Improve Your Play
September 20123Test Your Play
October 201240Bits and Pieces
October 20122Editorial
October 201221Fifty Years Ago
October 201235Improve Your Defense
October 201234Improve Your Play
October 201211Test Your Play
November 20122Editorial
November 201231Fifty Years Ago
November 201233Improve Your Defense
November 201233Improve Your Play
November 20125Test Your Play
December 201231Bits and Pieces
December 20122Editorial
December 201273Fifty Years Ago
December 201235Improve Your Defense
December 201233Improve Your Play
December 20129Test Your Play
January 20132Editorial
January 201340Fifty Years Ago
January 20137Improve Your Defense
January 201337Improve Your Play
January 201324Test Your Play
February 201342Bits and Pieces
February 20132Editorial
February 201337Fifty Years Ago
February 201327Improve Your Defense
February 201311Improve Your Play
February 201339Test Your Play
March 201331Bits and Pieces
March 20132Editorial
March 201376Fifty Years Ago
March 20139Improve Your Defense
March 20133Improve Your Play
March 201322Test Your Play
April 201337Bits and Pieces
April 20132Editorial
April 201340Fifty Years Ago
April 20137Improve Your Defense
April 201362Improve Your Play
April 201343Test Your Play
May 20132Editorial
May 201366Fifty Years Ago
May 20134Improve Your Defense
May 20134Improve Your Play
May 201343Test Your Play
June 20132Editorial
June 201335Fifty Years Ago
June 201327Improve Your Defense
June 201334Improve Your Play
June 201344Test Your Play
July 201336Bits and Pieces
July 20132Editorial
July 201329Fifty Years Ago
July 20135Improve Your Defense
July 201319Improve Your Play
July 201323Test Your Play
August 201332Bits and Pieces
August 20132Editorial
August 201375Fifty Years Ago
August 20137Improve Your Defense
August 201326Improve Your Play
August 201328Test Your Play
September 201335Bits and Pieces
September 20132Editorial
September 201376Fifty Years Ago
September 20139Improve Your Defense
September 201317Improve Your Play
September 201314Test Your Play
October 20132Editorial
October 201364Fifty Years Ago
October 201323Improve Your Defense
October 201327Improve Your Play
October 201329Test Your Play
November 20132Editorial
November 201376Fifty Years Ago
November 201331Improve Your Defense
November 201334Improve Your Play
November 201327Test Your Play
December 201336Bits and Pieces
December 20132Editorial
December 201335Fifty Years Ago
December 20139Improve Your Defense
December 20137Improve Your Play
December 201334Test Your Play
January 20142Editorial
January 20145Improve Your Play
January 201426Test Your Play
January 201428Improve Your Defense
January 201433Bits and Pieces
January 201436Fifty Years Ago
February 201436Bits and Pieces
February 201443Improve Your Play
February 20142Editorial
February 20142Fifty Years Ago
February 20149Test Your Play
February 201411Improve Your Defense
March 201422Improve Your Play
March 201432Fifty Years Ago
March 201432Bits and Pieces
March 201433Test Your Play
March 201460Improve Your Defense
March 20142Editorial
April 20142Editorial
April 201415Improve Your Defense
April 201424Improve Your Play
April 201437Test Your Play
April 201443Fifty Years Ago
May 20142Editorial
May 201417Improve Your Defense
May 201435Improve Your Play
May 201474Fifty Years Ago
June 20142Editorial
June 201412Fifty Years Ago
June 201427Improve Your Play
June 201433Bits and Pieces
June 201437Test Your Play
June 201460Improve Your Defense
July 20142Editorial
July 20145Test Your Play
July 201411Improve Your Defense
July 201431Bits and Pieces
July 201436Fifty Years Ago
July 201441Improve Your Play
August 20142Editorial
August 20145Improve Your Defense
August 201415Test Your Play
August 201419Improve Your Play
August 201440Fifty Years Ago
September 20142Editorial
September 201413Test Your Play
September 201415Improve Your Defense
September 201417Improve Your Play
September 201436Fifty Years Ago
October 20142Editorial
October 201412Improve Your Defense
October 201417Fifty Years Ago
October 201421Test Your Play
October 201429Improve Your Play
October 201434Bits and Pieces
November 20142Editorial
November 201421Improve Your Play
November 201431Improve Your Defense
November 201433Test Your Play
November 201440Fifty Years Ago
December 201443Fifty Years Ago
December 201440Bits and Pieces
December 201423Improve Your Defense
December 201417Improve Your Play
December 201413Test Your Play
December 20142Editorial
January 201540Fifty Years Ago
January 201535Bits and Pieces
January 201529Test Your Play
January 201515Improve Your Play
January 201513Improve Your Defense
January 20152Editorial
February 201527Improve Your Play
February 201521Improve Your Defense
February 201511Test Your Play
February 20152Editorial
March 201540Fifty Years Ago
March 201537Bits and Pieces
March 201534Test Your Play
March 20159Improve Your Play
March 20157Improve Your Defense
March 20152Editorial
April 201574Fifty Years Ago
April 201517Test Your Play
April 201514Improve Your Defense
April 20159Improve Your Play
April 20152Editorial
May 20152Editorial
May 201520Fifty Years Ago
May 201523Test Your Play
May 201529Improve Your Defense
May 201536Bits and Pieces
May 201537Improve Your Play
June 20152Editorial
June 201513Improve Your Defense
June 201525Test Your Play
June 201531Improve Your Play
June 201535Fifty Years Ago
July 20152Editorial
July 20153Improve Your Defense
July 201533Improve Your Play
July 201542Fifty Years Ago
July 201543Test Your Play
August 20152Editorial
August 201527Test Your Play
August 201531Improve Your Play
August 201540Bits and Pieces
August 201560Improve Your Defense
August 201576Fifty Years Ago
September 20152Editorial
September 201513Fifty Years Ago
September 201526Test Your Play
September 201528Improve Your Play
September 201535Bits and Pieces
September 201560Improve Your Defense
October 20152Editorial
October 201513Test Your Play
October 201515Improve Your Play
October 201533Improve Your Defense
October 201534Bits and Pieces
October 201542Fifty Years Ago
November 20152Editorial
November 201511Test Your Play
November 201525Improve Your Defense
November 201533Improve Your Play
November 201535Bits and Pieces
November 201540Fifty Years Ago
December 20152Editorial
December 201521Bits and Pieces
December 201535Test Your Play
December 201536Fifty Years Ago
December 201537Improve Your Play
December 201572Improve Your Defense
January 20162Editorial
January 201627Fifty Years Ago
January 201629Improve Your Play
January 201632Improve Your Defense
January 201635Bits and Pieces
January 201637Test Your Play
February 20162Editorial
February 20164Fifty Years Ago
February 201633Test Your Play
February 201635Improve Your Defense
February 201640Bits and Pieces
February 201641Improve Your Play
March 20162Editorial
March 20164Test Your Play
March 201617Improve Your Defense
March 201635Bits and Pieces
March 201641Improve Your Play
March 201674Fifty Years Ago
April 20162Editorial
April 201611Test Your Play
April 201615Fifty Years Ago
April 201615Improve Your Defense
April 201627Improve Your Play
May 20162Editorial
May 20163Test Your Play
May 20167Improve Your Defense
May 201615Improve Your Play
May 201640Bits and Pieces
May 201676Fifty Years Ago
June 20162Editorial
June 20165Improve Your Defense
June 201633Test Your Play
June 201635Improve Your Play
June 201636Bits and Pieces
June 201676Fifty Years Ago
July 20162Editorial
July 201613Test Your Play
July 201619Improve Your Defense
July 201627Improve Your Play
July 201641Bits and Pieces
July 201673Fifty Years Ago
August 20162Editorial
August 20162Improve Your Play
August 20165Improve Your Defense
August 201611Test Your Play
August 201637Bits and Pieces
August 201676Fifty Years Ago
September 20162Editorial
September 20165Improve Your Defense Improve Your Defense Improv
September 20167Test Your Play
September 201640Fifty Years Ago
September 201641Improve Your Play
October 20162Editorial
October 201619Fifty Years Ago
October 201623Improve Your Defense
October 201636Bits and Pieces
October 201637Improve Your Play
October 201641Test Your Play
November 20162Editorial
November 20165Improve Your Defense
November 201613Improve Your Play
November 201617Kantar for the Defense
November 201625Test Your Play
November 201673Fifty Years Ago
December 20162Editorial
December 20167Improve Your Defense
December 20163Test Your Play
December 201619Fifty Years Ago
December 201631Improve Your Play
December 201636Bits and Pieces
January 20173Test Your Play
January 201711Improve Your Defense
January 201715Fifty Years Ago
January 201727Improve Your Play
January 201733Bits and Pieces
January 20172Editorial
February 20172Editorial
February 20173Test Your Play
February 201717Improve Your Play
February 201724Bits and Pieces
February 201735Improve Your Defense
February 201774Fifty Years Ago
March 20172Editorial
March 201719Improve Your Defense
March 201721Test Your Play
March 201727Improve Your Play
March 201775Fifty Years Ago
April 20172Editorial
April 201715Improve Your Play
April 201717Test Your Play
April 201735Improve Your Defense
April 201740Bits and Pieces
April 201742Fifty Years Ago
May 20172Editorial
May 20179Improve Your Defense
May 201721Improve Your Play
May 201727Fifty Years Ago
May 201733Test Your Play
May 201764Playing Suit Combinations
June 20172Editorial
June 20173Fifty Years Ago
June 201717Test Your Play
June 201719Improve Your Defense
June 201725Improve Your Play
June 201740Bits and Pieces
June 201736Playing Suit Combinations
July 20172Editorial
July 201713Improve Your Play
July 201715Test Your Play
July 201725Fifty Years Ago
July 201734Bits and Pieces
July 201737Improve Your Defense
August 20172Editorial
August 201737Improve Your Play
August 201742Test Your Play
August 201743Bits and Pieces
August 201764Improve Your Defense
August 201774Fifty Years Ago
September 20172Editorial
September 20173Improve Your Defense
September 201733Test Your Play
September 201736Improve Your Play
September 201740Bits and Pieces
September 201764Fifty Years Ago
October 20172Editorial
October 20177Test Your Play
October 201721Improve Your Play
October 201760Improve Your Defense
October 201764Fifty Years Ago
November 20172Editorial
November 20175Test Your Play
November 20177Improve Your Defense
November 201715Improve Your Play
November 201736Bits and Pieces
November 201764Fifty Years Ago
December 20172Editorial
December 20175Test Your Play
December 20179Improve Your Play
December 201716Improve Your Defense
December 201734Bits and Pieces
December 201740Fifty Years Ago
January 20182Editorial
January 201818Improve Your Defense
January 201831Improve Your Play
January 201832Test Your Play
January 201833Bits and Pieces
January 201875Fifty Years Ago
February 20182Editorial
February 20187Improve Your Defense
February 201831Test Your Play
February 201827Improve Your Play
February 201840Bits and Pieces
February 201864Fifty Years Ago
March 20182Editorial
March 20183Improve Your Defense
March 201813Improve Your Play
March 201817Test Your Play
March 201835Bits and Pieces
March 201840Fifty Years Ago
April 20182Editorial
April 20189Improve Your Play
April 201813Test Your Play
April 201817Improve Your Defense
April 201837Bits and Pieces
April 201864Fifty Years Ago
May 20182Editorial
May 20187Test Your Play
May 201811Improve Your Defense
May 201817Improve Your Play
May 201818Fifty Years Ago
May 201840Bits and Pieces
June 20182Editorial
June 20185Improve Your Play
June 201824Improve Your Defense
June 201830Test Your Play
June 201840Bits and Pieces
June 201864Fifty Years Ago
July 20182Editorial
July 20185Improve Your Defense
July 20189Test Your Play
July 201819Improve Your Play
July 201840Fifty Years Ago
August 20182Editorial
August 20183Improve Your Defense
August 201816Pietro?s Pearls, XI
August 201835Test Your Play
August 201840Bits and Pieces
August 201843Fifty Years Ago
August 201860Improve Your Play
September 20182Editorial
September 201811Improve Your Play
September 201825Test Your Play
September 201835Bits and Pieces
September 201860Improve Your Defense
September 201864Fifty Years Ago
October 20182Editorial
October 201815Test Your Play
October 201817Improve Your Play
October 201825Improve Your Defense
October 201840Bits and Pieces
October 201864Fifty Years Ago
November 20182Editorial
November 201813Test Your Play
November 201825Improve Your Play
November 201827Fifty Years Ago
November 201834Improve Your Defense
November 201835Bits and Pieces
December 20182Editorial
December 201810Fifty Years Ago
December 201811Test Your Play
December 201825Improve Your Play
December 201827Improve Your Defense
December 201837Bits and Pieces
January 20192Editorial
January 20195Improve Your Defense
January 201913Test Your Play
January 201925Bits and Pieces
January 201927Improve Your Play
January 201936Fifty Years Ago
February 20192Editorial
February 20197Test Your Play
February 201915Improve Your Play
February 201923Improve Your Defense
February 201940Fifty Years Ago
February 201942Bits and Pieces
September 196911Feature Article100 Honors
September 193451934 A. B. L. Champions
May 193917Feature Article1939 World Bridge Olympic
June 1939291939 World Bridge Olympic
May 194034Feature Article1940 World Bridge Olympic
June 194025Feature Article1940 World Bridge Olympic
September 1941191941 Asbury Tournament
February 200657Classic Rewind1941 Bridge Olympic
August 194110Feature Article1941 National Tournament At Richmond
January 194191941 Teachers' Conventions
June 194115Feature Article1941 World Bridge Olympic
July 194121Feature Article1941 World Bridge Olympic
May 199224Book Reviews1991 European Championships; The Play of the Hand; Fisheads by Bill Cole; Bridgebrain 4.0; Instant Guide to Bridge by Hugh Kelsey and Ron Klinger; The Lighter Side of Bridge by Phyllis M. Fein; Bridge Mini Series by Jan Janitschke and Norma Sands; The Ultimate Memory Book by Robert Sandstrom
July 199713Book Reviews1997 Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge; Introduction to the Law by Larry Cohen; The New Complete Book of Bridge by Albert Dormer; Card Play Made Easy, Book 1: Safety Play and Endplays by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites; Learn Bridge in Five Days by Terence Reese
January 20004Feature ArticleA Bit About Statistics
October 20049Feature ArticleA Bridge Crossword
January 193521A Bridge Robot
July 200039Feature ArticleA Bridge World Standard Follow-Up
November 19302FrontispieceA British Cartoon
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June 193321A Diet of Cake Without Any Steak
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February 194829Book ReviewsA Magnificent Collection Of Hands
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March 201176Feature ArticleA Matter of Linguistics
February 199612Book ReviewsA New Approach to Bidding by Jon Drabble; Tales Out of School by David Silver; Match-Point Bridge by H. W. Kelsey; Dormer on Deduction by Albert Dormer
November 19377Feature ArticleA New League Appears
April 193726Feature ArticleA New System--That's Different
April 198317Feature ArticleA Paul Lukacs Album
July 19335A Preliminary List Of Qualifiers For The Grand National Championships
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April 193735Feature ArticleA Standing "ACCEPTANCE"
May 19355A Statistical Post-Mortem On The Culbertson-Sims Match
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November 200423Feature ArticleA Tie to Die For
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November 193623A. B. L. Winter Tournament
June 193542A. W. L. Congress
February 193630Aces Drop Suit
May 19388Feature ArticleAces Win Vanderbilt Cup
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October 193532Activities Among Teachers
November 199928Book ReviewsAdvanced Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar; The 2000 Daily Bridge Calendar; The Abbot and the Sensational Squeeze by David Bird; The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridge by H. Anthony Medley
September 199515Rate Your Own GameAdvancing a Two-Suit Takeout Double
May 199515Rate Your Own GameAdvancing After Their Weak Two-Bid
October 199513Rate Your Own GameAdvancing an Overcall with Moderate Strength
June 199430Rate Your Own GameAdvancing Doubler's Cue-Bid
March 199214Rate Your Own GameAdvancing the Overcall of a Preempt
August 19933Rate Your Own GameAfter a Competitive Double Raise
October 199211Rate Your Own GameAfter a Competitive Forcing Raise
April 199228Rate Your Own GameAfter a Compettive Limit Raise
November 199711Rate Your Own GameAfter a Delayed Forcing Raise
December 199215Rate Your Own GameAfter a Double Negative
August 19967Rate Your Own GameAfter a Four-Card Compeititve Raise
May 199451Rate Your Own GameAfter a Free Two-Level Response
July 199520Rate Your Own GameAfter a Non-Reverse Third-Suit Bid
January 199411Rate Your Own GameAfter a Reverse
February 19929Rate Your Own GameAfter a Second-Suit Double
January 199713Rate Your Own GameAfter a Two-Over-One and a Two-Level Force
September 199625Rate Your Own GameAfter a Two-Suit Double
July 199225Rate Your Own GameAfter a Weak Single Raise
February 199751Rate Your Own GameAfter An Invitational Two Notrump
October 19965Rate Your Own GameAfter Forcing Support for a Rebid Minor
March 199728Rate Your Own GameAfter Four-Level Interference
May 19979Rate Your Own GameAfter Opener's Jump Rebid
October 199711Rate Your Own GameAfter Opener's Single Raise
April 199717Rate Your Own GameAfter Responding in a Short Suit
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November 192926InterviewAn Interview With W. E. Talcott
April 193828Feature ArticleAn Open Letter
September 195320Feature ArticleAn Open Letter To The State Department
May 193831Feature ArticleAnalysis Of Olympic Deals 1-8
October 200422Feature ArticleAnniversary Trivia Test
February 19404Feature ArticleAnnouncement To Subscribers
January 19435Feature ArticleAnnouncing A New System
June 193734Feature ArticleAnnual A. W. L. Congress
June 193221Annual Congress Of The American Whist League
January 193840Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
March 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
April 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
September 193846Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
October 193845Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
November 193845Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
December 193847Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
January 193947Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
July 193955Answers to "What Do You Know?"
July 194246Feature ArticleAnswers To "What Do You Know?"
April 193045Answers To February Problems
April 201635Feature ArticleAntipodean Opportunity
September 199518Book ReviewsAppeals Committee Decisions from the 1994 World Championships; Strong Club--the Scanian Way by Mats Nilsland
September 198120Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, II
December 198122Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, III
January 198231Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, IV
August 198223Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, IX
March 198217Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, V
April 198212Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VI
June 198223Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VII
July 198215Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, VIII
December 198222Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, X
January 198318Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XI
May 198319Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XII
June 198323Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XIII
August 198326Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XIV
January 19848Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XV
March 198416Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XVI
June 198415Appeals CommitteeAppeals Committee, XVII
June 193058April And May Honor Roll
April 193044April Competition
February 193214As England Saw The Match, "Goulash"
September 193943Asbury Park Results
September 193543Asbury Park Tournament
July 193622Asbury Park Tournament
July 193942Asbury Park Tournament
July 194028Feature ArticleAsbury Park Tournament
June 193828Feature ArticleAsbury Tournament Scheduled
September 19346Assault, Battery, Shouts, And Murmurs Of The American Bridge League's Fourth Annual Summer Tournament
January 19355At Last, A Culbertson-Sims Match
March 193616Atlantic Championships
March 193720Feature ArticleAtlantic National
January 19367Atlantic National Tournament
June 200559Classic RewindAustralian Pars
July 19375Feature ArticleAustria Wins At Budapest
September 193647Austrians Win At Stockholm
January 199822Feature ArticleAuthors Anonymous
October 193534Awarding City Master Points
December 19967Rate Your Own GameAwkward Situations Over a Preempt
September 199233Challenge the ChampsBaldurson-Jorgensen vs. Westra-Leufkens
March 199729Challenge the ChampsBaran-Molson vs. Klinger-Alder
August 199329Challenge the ChampsBeatty-Cheek vs. Nagy-Weinstein
October 199421Challenge the ChampsBecker-Rubin vs. Holl-Sauer
October 199333Challenge the ChampsBecker-Rubin vs. Zia-Rosenberg
July 199219Challenge the ChampsBerkowitz-Cohen vs. Zia-Rosenberg
March 199827Book ReviewsBermuda Bowl Challenge by Alan Falk
July 19693Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Quizzes
January 19887Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Teams
November 195115Feature ArticleBertrand Russell Honors Ely Culbertson
October 199121Challenge the ChampsBethe's-Mori vs. McDaniel-Crigler
September 199035Challenge the ChampsBethe-Gwozdzinsky vs. Passell-Lair
November 200716Feature ArticleBetter Bergen Bidding V Winston Munn
March 199620Book ReviewsBetter Bridge Series by Audrey Grant; Defensive Signals by Marshall Miles; Bridge Additions 96 by Matt Granovetter; Jason Splinter Bridge Convention by Marvin Jason; Kantar Lessons, III by Eddie Kantar; Bridge is a Contact Sport by Wendell Abern and Jarvis Fiedler; The Bridge Dealmaster [software]
February 197122Feature ArticleBetter Late Than Never
February 195715Feature ArticleBidding Methods of the Italian Team
September 19335Big Swings In The Anglo-American Match For The World Championship
June 199417Book ReviewsBill Root Teaches Bridge
January 200754InterviewBill Root: The Bridge World Interview
February 193630Blind In Bridge Match February 11
March 193633Blind Players Win Match
June 199030Challenge the ChampsBluhm-Bramley vs. El Ahmady-Sadek
May 199031Challenge the ChampsBluhm-Bramley vs. Shuman-McCallum
May 193810Feature ArticleBoards Test Bridge Skill
April 200753InterviewBob Hamman: The Bridge World Interview
February 200826InterviewBobby Wolff: The Bridge World Interview
March 200819InterviewBobby Wolff: The Bridge World Interview, II
October 198630Book NewsBook News For 1986
October 198830Book NewsBook News For 1988
October 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
November 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
December 198930Book NewsBook News For 1989
October 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
November 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
December 199030Book NewsBook News For 1990
October 199130Book NewsBook News For 1991
November 199130Book NewsBook News For 1991
October 199230Book NewsBook News for 1992
November 199230Book NewsBook News for 1992
December 199230Book NewsBook News for 1992
October 199330Book NewsBook News for 1993
November 199330Book NewsBook News for 1993
December 199330Book NewsBook News for 1993
October 199430Book NewsBook News for 1994
November 199430Book NewsBook News for 1994
December 199430Book NewsBook News for 1994
October 199530Book NewsBook News for 1995
November 199530Book NewsBook News for 1995
December 199530Book NewsBook News for 1995
October 199630Book NewsBook News for 1996
November 199630Book NewsBook News for 1996
December 199630Book NewsBook News for 1996
October 199730Book NewsBook News for 1997
November 199730Book NewsBook News for 1997
December 199730Book NewsBook News for 1997
November 199873Book NewsBook News for 1998
December 199875Book NewsBook News for 1998
April 19965Rate Your Own GameBorderline Opening Decisions
April 200654InterviewBoris Koytchou: The Bridge World Interview
April 193221Boston Bridget Talks
May 199310Rate Your Own GameBoth Sides Bidding
December 19938Rate Your Own GameBoth Sides Bidding, II
September 197122Tournament ReportBowl Game
January 198836Challenge the ChampsBoyd-Robinson vs. Sowter-Bethe
September 199627Challenge the ChampsBoyd-Robinson vs. Vriend-Arnolds
June 199232Challenge the ChampsBramley-Feldman vs. Berkowitz-Cohen
March 199231Challenge the ChampsBramley-Feldman vs. Gerard-Kamil
April 199232Challenge the ChampsBramley-Feldman vs. Gerard-Kamil
May 199236Challenge the ChampsBramley-Feldman vs. Zia-Ross
November 199232Challenge the ChampsBranco-Chagas vs. Washington-Fields
January 193613Bridge A La Wrestlers
July 193234Bridge Across the Atlantic
September 193259Bridge Across the Atlantic
October 193253Bridge Across the Atlantic
November 193258Bridge Across the Atlantic
March 193929Bridge by Color Charts
November 192945Bridge By Radio
December 192948Bridge By Radio
February 193032Bridge By Radio
November 193535Bridge By Radio
November 199817Book ReviewsBridge by Various Authors; Hand Evaluation in Bridge by Brian Senior; Suit Combinations in Bridge by Sally Brock
January 193629Bridge College Organized
December 199923Book ReviewsBridge Conventions, Defenses and Countermeasures by Ron Klinger; Natural Precision by Rick Brown; One-Way Transfer by Harry Stuehmer & John Staub; Play and Defense in Suit Contracts by The Beverly Card School; Bridge Beginner's Pack by Ron Klinger; Official Rules of Card Games edited by Joli Kansil; Henrietta Kingsley, Bridge Pro by Jacqui Gross; Five-Card Majors Bidding by Ron Klinger
January 193623Bridge For The Blind
May 194031Feature ArticleBridge For The Blind
August 199523Book ReviewsBridge for the Connoisseur by Hugh Kelsey; Play Cards with Tim Seres by Michael Courtney; It's All in the Small by Henk Willemsens; Card-Placing For You by Andrew Kambites; Improve Your Opening Leads by Hugh Kelsey & John Matheson; Unholy Tricks by David Bird & Terence Reese
December 193823Feature ArticleBridge For Young Folks
April 193559Bridge Goes To School
October 193257Bridge in Canada
November 193247Bridge in Canada
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November 192943Bridge In Duplicate
January 193039Bridge In Duplicate
February 193033Bridge In Duplicate
December 192939Bridge In Duplicate (including The Vanderbilt Cup Contest, The American Bridge League Tournament, And Sidelights)
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November 193151Bridge In The Daily Press
December 193151Bridge In The Daily Press
January 193243Bridge In The Daily Press
April 193250Bridge In The Daily Press
January 199725Book ReviewsBridge Master for Windows by Bridge Base; Bridge Master for Novices by Bridge Base; 1995 World Championship Book; Bridge with a Feminine Touch by David Bird & Simon Cocheme; Bridge in the Fourth Dimension by Victor Mollo
February 197015Bridge MovieBridge Movie
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July 197052Bridge MovieBridge Movie
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January 197160Bridge MovieBridge Movie
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May 193033Bridge On Ships
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June 19365Bridge Vindicated
March 19385Feature ArticleBridge With Five Suits
August 199726Book ReviewsBridge with the Blue Team by Pietro Forquet; Club Series for Personal Computers by Audrey Grant
October 196742Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge WorId Standard Poll 2-B
October 192930Bridge World Events
July 193313Bridge World Players Win Both Major Contract Events At American Whist League Congress
April 19674Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
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January 197238Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
February 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 197242Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
May 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 197239Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197240Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197338Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 197342Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 197338Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197340Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197438Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 197440Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197446Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197538Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 197540Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
May 197542Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 197553Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
September 197540Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
February 197640Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 197642Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 197738Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 197742Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
February 197841Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 197839Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
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February 197940Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
August 197938Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 198039Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198018Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 198113Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
November 198120Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198221Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
July 198231Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
January 198332Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198424Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
December 198512Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
March 198728Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
April 199821Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard
June 198429Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Follow-Up Poll, I
July 198428Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Follow-Up Poll, II
September 198333Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Poll, V
September 198428Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984 Summary
April 198419Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, I
May 198423Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, II
June 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, III
July 198417Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, IV
December 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, IX
July 198316Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll III
August 198332Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll IV
November 198317Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll VI
December 198325Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll VII
February 198432Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll X
March 198432Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll XI
April 198429Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll XII
June 198331Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Poll, II
January 198427Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, Polls VIII and IX
August 198413Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, V
September 198423Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VI
October 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VII
November 198420Bridge World Standard 1984Bridge World Standard 1984, VIII
June 199323Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994
July 199314Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994, II
August 199314Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994, III
September 199324Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994, IV
November 199319Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994, V
December 199317Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994, VI
August 199326Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994: Follow-up Poll
September 199328Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994: Follow-up Poll, II
February 199313Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994: Poll 1
March 199318Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994: Poll 2
April 199326Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard 1994: Poll 3
August 200120Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001, I
September 200112Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001, II
October 200121Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001, III
November 200124Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001, IV
December 200126Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001, V
August 199920Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 1
January 200029Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 1 Results
October 200019Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 10
April 200119Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 10, 11 & 12 Results
November 200019Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 11
December 200010Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 12A
January 200112Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 12B
April 200134Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 13 & 14
May 200129Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 15
June 200116Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 16
July 200135Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 17
September 199929Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 2
February 20009Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 2 Results
October 199923Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 3
March 200022Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 3 Results
November 199918Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 4
April 200017Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 4 Results
December 199911Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 5
May 200018Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 5 Results
June 200017Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 6
February 200111Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 6 & 7 Results
July 200014Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 7
August 200016Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 8
March 200128Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 8 & 9 Results
September 200026Bridge World Standard 2001Bridge World Standard 2001: Poll 9
March 201618Bridge World Standard 2017Bridge World Standard 2017
April 201625Bridge World Standard 2017Bridge World Standard 2017, II
July 201631Bridge World Standard 2017Bridge World Standard 2017, III
August 201640Bridge World Standard 2017Bridge World Standard 2017, IV
September 201615Bridge World Standard 2017Bridge World Standard 2017, V
August 198416Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard Follow-Up Poll, III
February 199313Bridge World Standard 1994Bridge World Standard Poll 1
July 196727Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 1-D
September 196739Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 2-A
November 196842Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Poll 3-A
July 197136Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard Summary
August 199916Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard Summary
August 200014Bridge World StandardBridge World Standard Summary
May 196716Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, II
June 196728Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, III
July 196723Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, IV
December 196730Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, IX
August 196729Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, V
September 196735Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VI
October 196738Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VII
November 196727Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, VIII
January 196828Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, X
February 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XI
March 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XII
April 196838Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIII: Responding to Weak Two-Bids
May 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIV
August 196933Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XIX
July 196818Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XV
September 196829Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVI
February 196932Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVII
June 196926Bridge World Standard 1968Bridge World Standard, XVIII
September 199937Book ReviewsBridge, Zia and Me by Michael Rosenberg; Modern Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar; 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know by Barbara Seagram and Marc Smith
December 199433Book ReviewsBridgeBrain for Windows by George Bodnar
November 193152Bridgiana
December 193152Bridgiana
April 193266Bridgiana
July 19329British Players Determined to Best U.S. Contract Experts
June 199416Book ReviewsBuilding Bridge by Bo Schambelan, Arnold Fisher & Richard Lederer; A Dictionary of Card Games by David Parlett; A History of Card Games by David Parlett; Bid Your Way to Winning Bridge--Made Easy by Clarence R. White & Richie D. Williams White; The Lowden Cue-Bid by Reed Lowden; Contract Bridge for the Social Player by David P. Habib & Brent Manley; Micro Bridge Companion by Great Game Products
August 196025Tournament ReportBulletin: Los Angeles Wins Inter-City Match
October 193322Burnstine Places First And Miss Murdoch Second In Individual Masters' Event
June 195510Feature ArticleCalypso
July 193924Canadian-American Championships
June 193813Feature ArticleCanadian-American Tournament
April 194130Feature ArticleCard-Playing Survey
June 19863Feature ArticleCave-In At The Cavendish Quiz
August 193830Feature ArticleCavendish Cub Cavils At Canine
July 19795Tournament ReportCavendish Quiz
April 199328Challenge the ChampsCayne-Burger vs. Schneider-Michlmayr
April 194047Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1939
March 194142Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1940
March 194235Feature ArticleCertificate Winners For 1941
April 193638Chain Gang Gets Card Trickster
February 199132Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade
November 199033Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Bill & Rozanne Pollack vs. Bergen-Cohen
June 199132Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Cintra-Branco vs. Martel-Stansby
July 199132Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Pollack-Pollack vs. Cintra-Branco
August 199129Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Pollack-Pollack vs. Cintra-Branco
October 199011Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Woolsey-Manfield vs. Mitchell-Granovetter
May 199115Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Woolsey-Manfield vs. Pollack-Pollack
December 196614Feature ArticleChallenge the Champs, A New Feature
November 196830Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest
December 196830Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest
March 196928Feature ArticleChance of a "Lifetime" Contest Results
June 199431Challenge the ChampsCheek-Beatty vs. Picus-Osberg
June 193816Feature ArticleChildren's Bridge Party
November 19439Feature ArticleClose Figuring
January 194416Feature ArticleClose Figuring
February 194445Feature ArticleClose Figuring
June 193047Club News And Duplicate Events
July 193052Club News And Duplicate Events
August 193048Club News And Duplicate Events
November 193032Club News And Duplicate Events
December 193041Club News And Duplicate Events
January 193138Club News And Duplicate Events
February 193121Club News And Duplicate Events
March 19324FrontispieceColonel Beasley Arranges Anglo-American Matches
June 19392Coming Master Point Events
December 193928Feature ArticleComing Master Point Events
August 193843Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
October 193844Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
August 193954Feature ArticleComing Master Point Tournaments
November 193953Coming Master Point Tournaments
April 193819Feature ArticleComing Master-Point Tournaments
June 194142Feature ArticleComing Tournaments
November 193013Comment From The British Press
July 19816Tournament ReportCompeting in the Vanderbilt
February 19999What's New In BridgeCompetitive Dualities
October 198918Book ReviewsComputer Products
November 198922Book ReviewsComputer Products, II
January 194141Conditions of 1941 Contest
August 193313Conneaut Lake Tournament
June 199223Book ReviewsContested Auctions by Mike Lawrence; The Montreal Relay Plus System by Al Rosenthal; Stronger Competitive Bidding by Marshall Miles
May 193622Contract Bridge Conventions
February 194123Contract Bridge--A Phase of Adult Education
October 193733Feature ArticleContract Calendar
November 192941Contract vs. Auction Bridge "No Bid"
August 19309Contract's Triumphant Team-Of-Four
February 201434Bridge MovieControlling Interest
November 193020Conventions
March 193622Conventions On Pacific Coast
November 199617Rate Your Own GameCoping with a Penalty Pass
October 193741Feature ArticleCrockford's Clamps Down
December 19324FrontispieceCrockford's Club
November 193536Crockford's Of Chicago Opens
December 193215Crockford's Team Wins Bermuda Bridge Contest
February 193742Feature ArticleCrockford's: A National Club
June 19528Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 2nd Installment
July 195221Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 3rd Installment
August 195227Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 4th Installment
September 195223Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 5th Installment
October 195224Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 6th Installment
November 195221Feature ArticleCulberton Point-count Method 7th Installment
February 193834Feature ArticleCulbertson "WINS"
July 193523Culbertson Contract Bridge Convention
September 193831Feature ArticleCulbertson Lecture Tour
November 193837Feature ArticleCulbertson Lecture Tour
November 19498InterviewCulbertson On Canasta
April 193827Feature ArticleCulbertson System Of Five-Suit Bridge
September 193139News and EventsCulbertson System Voted Standard
December 19375Feature ArticleCulbertson System: 1938
September 193841Feature ArticleCulbertson Teachers' Conventions
November 193116Culbertson Teachers' Fall Conventions
March 19359Culbertson Vs. Sims
February 19324FrontispieceCulbertson Wins Long Bridge Match With Lenz
April 19355Culbertson-Sims Hands
July 193127Culbertson-Work Teachers' Conference Highly Successful
October 193718Feature ArticleCulbertsons Back In America
May 19333Culbertsons Leave This Month to Arrange International Match
January 193558Current Events
March 193930Current Events
June 193938Current Events
July 193953Current Events
November 193952Current Events
April 193812Feature ArticleDamages: $1,000,000
November 199521Challenge the ChampsDavies-Smith vs. Michlmayr-Schneider
January 199528Challenge the ChampsDe Boer-Muller vs. Hamman-Wolff
July 193530Death Of Carl T. Robertson
August 193745Feature ArticleDeath Of Commander Liggett
October 193543Death Of Gratz Scott
December 19788Feature ArticleDebate with Ron Klinger and Jeff Rubens
February 193268December Honor Roll
June 199723Book ReviewsDeception in Defence by Barry Rigal; Four Student Texts by Shirley Silverman; Practical Bridge Endings by Chien-Hwa Wang; Death by Contract by Shirley Presberg; Bridge Quiz Book by Bernard Magee; TrumpIt from Ogdir Research
December 19956Rate Your Own GameDefending Against Modern Weaponry
June 19955Rate Your Own GameDefending Against Natural and Other Preempts
October 199433Book ReviewsDefensive Tips by Eddie Kantar; Official Encyclopedia of Bridge (fifth edition); Practical Odds at Bridge by Hugh Kelsey and Michael Glauert; Hand Pattern System by A. V. Delmain; The History of Australian Bridge by Cathy Chua
March 199810Feature ArticleDemystification
October 194013Feature ArticleDepartment Of Vital Statistics
July 197728Feature ArticleDetective Division
August 193314Detroiters Win World's Fair Championship
July 199331Challenge the ChampsDeutsch-Lall vs. Beatty-Cheek
November 200926InterviewDick Freeman: The Bridge World Interview
August 199614Book ReviewsDictionary of Suit Combinations by Jean-Marc Roudinesco; Cut for Partners by S. J. Simon; 1994 World Bridge Championship; Cardinal Sins by David Bird & Terence Reese
July 193064Directory of Lecturers And Teachers
August 19959Rate Your Own GameDistributional Strength Against an Opening
January 19320Divisionals Covering All Phases Of Culbertson-Lenz Match
August 193514Do Four Aces Admit Failure?
March 198933Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Cayne-Burger
April 198932Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Deas-Palmer
May 198934Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Deas-Palmer
July 198934Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Eisenberg-Rotman
February 198926Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gordon-Gordon
December 198821Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gu-Zhang
January 198933Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Gu-Zhang
June 198929Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Rebattu-Kreyns
August 198926Challenge the ChampsDodd-Habegger vs. Woolsey-Manfield
November 194615Feature ArticleDouble Dummy Problem
February 194848Puzzle CornerDouble Dummy Problem
May 194820Puzzle CornerDouble Dummy Problem
November 19578Feature ArticleDouble-Dummy Challenge
July 199925Feature ArticleDoublecross
April 193034Duplicate Bridge Events
March 193231Duplicate Contract At Yale
May 193038Duplicate Events
June 193745Feature ArticleDuplicate Laws Committee Meets
March 200223Feature ArticleEarly Miss
February 199927Book ReviewsEasier Done Than Said by Prakash K. Paranjape; Defense in Depth by Martin Hoffman; More Bedside Bridge edited by Elena Jeronimidis; Learn from the Stars by Mark Horton and Tony Sowter; The Roman Two-Diamond Opening and Variations
March 193034Eastern Championship Events
March 193630Eastern Championships
February 193813Feature ArticleEastern Championships For February
April 19335Eastern Tournament Sets Records
May 19389Feature ArticleEcker Wins Masters Individual
June 201231InterviewEddie Kantar: The Bridge World Interview
August 200654InterviewEdgar Kaplan: The Bridge World Interview
January 193538Editorials
June 199526Challenge the ChampsEisenberg-Garozzo vs. Soloway-Goldman
August 199033Challenge the ChampsEl Ahmady-Sadek vs. Bethe-Gwozdzinsky
July 199021Challenge the ChampsEl Ahmady-Sadek vs. Lazard-La Noue
January 193439Ely and Buller Exchange Withering Words
October 19397Feature ArticleEly Culbertson Looks Back
November 193833Feature ArticleEly Culbertson On A World Tour
July 193928Ely Culbertson Says
September 193930Ely Culbertson Says
February 194619Feature ArticleEnd Of An Era
July 19333English And American Champions To Battle For Schwab Trophy July 17th
November 192947English Bridge World
January 193041English Bridge World
September 195622Feature ArticleEnjoying Bridge With Sam Fry, Jr.
September 19933Rate Your Own GameEntering Over a Single Raise
January 193562Entre Nous
February 20007Bits and PiecesEntry Shortage
January 201226InterviewEric Rodwell: The Bridge World Interview
January 19689Tournament ReportEuropean Championship Quiz
March 199716Book ReviewsEvery Hand an Adventure by Eric Landau & Randall Baron; Borel by John Lowenthal; Godfrey's Bridge Challenge by George Rosenkranz & Phillip Alder; Director's Quick Reference Companion by Larry Harris; Preempts from A to Z by Ron Andersen & Sabine Zenkel
November 193025Every Man On His Honor Contest
November 193734Feature ArticleExamining A Nation
July 199831Book ReviewsExpert Defense by Raymond Brock; Light Up Your Understanding of Bidding by William August
September 193054Experts (Poets Not Players) At Their Best And Worst
January 19307Experts at Their Best and Worst
July 19305Experts at Their Best and Worst
November 193265Experts at Their Best and Worst
January 193451Experts at Their Best and Worst
May 19305Experts At Their Worst
October 193247Experts at Their Worst
October 19307Experts At Their Worst, Some Hands From The English Match
September 199620Bits and PiecesEye of the Beholder
August 201321Feature ArticleEye of the Beholder
March 19992Book ReviewsFair Play or Foul? by Cathy Chua
September 193532Fall Contract Bridge Conventions
January 197330Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
February 197419Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
January 197522Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
February 197616Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
January 197710Tournament ResultsFall Nationals Major Results
March 199017Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Bluhm-Bramley
April 199031Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Bluhm-Bramley
February 199029Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Lindkvist vs. Otstavel-Sula
December 199610Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Nilsland vs. Levin-Weichsel
July 199623Book ReviewsFamous Bidding Decisions by Terence Reese and David Bird; Cards at Play by Freddie North; DONT by Mike Lawrence; Tournament Acol by David Bird and Tim Bourke; Short Tall Bridge Tales by Stanley Burkoff
September 199811Book ReviewsFamous Leads and Defenses by David Bird; The Misunderstood Takeout Double by A. V. Delmain; Jason 2-Way Notrumps by Marvin Jason
December 199632Book ReviewsFarewell, My Dummy by Phillip & Robert King; How the Experts Win at Bridge by Burt Hall & Lynn Rose-Hall; Two Over One Game Force Simplified by Kara Jarman; Play Bridge at Home (series) by Tony Sowter
April 193048Honor RollFebruary Honor Roll
February 201576Fifty Years AgoFifty Years Ago
September 196229Feature ArticleFight of the Month
June 196458Tournament ReportFinal Standings of the Teams
January 193812Feature ArticleFirst A. C. B. L. Tournament
August 19339First Franco-American Plafond Match
February 196332Feature ArticleFirst Industrial Par Tournament
August 193534First Masters' Diplomas Issued
November 193113First New Jersey Championship
March 19642Feature ArticleFirst Three Members Elected to Bridge Hall of Fame
November 195811Tournament ReportFishbein Team Wins Playoff
April 193810Feature ArticleFive-Suit Auction
April 19385Feature ArticleFive-Suit Bridge Is Here
September 19949Rate Your Own GameFollow-Up by Doubler
October 198221Feature ArticleFour C's
December 197421Book ReviewsFour New Books
May 199233Rate Your Own GameFour-Card Overcall?
December 199420Rate Your Own GameFourth Hand with Fourth Suit
May 19602Tournament ReportFrance Wins the Olympiad
November 201526InterviewFred Gitelman: The Bridge World Interview
December 201531InterviewFred Gitelman: The Bridge World Interview, II
July 193117From The War Front
December 193919Feature ArticleFundamentals Of Play: A Book Review
August 193711Feature ArticleFuture World Tournaments
July 193228Gentlemen of Bridge
July 19386Feature ArticleGentlemen Of Bridge: Nate B. Spingold
December 199421Challenge the ChampsGerard-Steiner vs. De Boer-Muller
July 199727Challenge the ChampsGitelman-Mittelman vs. Terraneo-Erhart
May 199933Book ReviewsGodfrey's Stairway to the Stars by Phillip Alder & George Rosenkranz; London's Bridge Humor; Roman Kay-Card Blackwood by Eddie Kantar; It's Bridge, Baby by Jeff Bayone; Bid Better, Play Better by Dorothy Hayden Truscott; Private Bridge Lessons, Volume 2 by Mike Lawrence; The ABC of Contract Bridge, Basic Acol, and All About Acol by Ben Cohen & Rhoda Lederer; Contrast by Michael Beyrouti
May 199628Challenge the ChampsGoldman-Soloway vs. Meckstroth-Rodwell
September 195913Feature ArticleGoren's TV Series
February 193413Grand National Hands
April 19377Feature ArticleGrand National This Month!
April 19368Grand National Under Way
March 193615Grand National, March 30
June 199331Challenge the ChampsGranovetter-Granovetter vs. Deutsch-Lall
January 19376Feature ArticleGreat Lakes National
February 19377Feature ArticleGreat Lakes Tournament
March 199529Challenge the ChampsGroetheim-Aa vs. Nickell-Freeman
March 199630Challenge the ChampsGroetheim-Aa vs. Szymanowski-Lesniewski
February 199530Challenge the ChampsHamman-Wolff vs. Groetheim-Aa
April 193928Feature ArticleHand Library--Teacher's Greatest Aid
May 19358Hands And Bon Mots Of The Culbertson-Sims Match
December 193746Feature ArticleHands From Australia
August 19377Feature ArticleHands From Budapest
October 193920Feature ArticleHappy Birthday To Us!
January 193916Feature ArticleHave A Heart--Take A Hand
January 194020Feature ArticleHave A Heart--Take A Hand!
February 193217Headlines Exposes Hoax
January 199223Challenge the ChampsHerbst-Herbst vs. Thompson-Fruewirth
August 193136Here And There Among Clubs
September 193143Here And There Among Clubs
October 193151Here And There Among Clubs
December 193143Here And There Among Clubs
June 199216Rate Your Own GameHigh-Level Advancing
March 200467Classic RewindHigh-Level Encounter
October 200941Feature ArticleHighest-Level Bridge
November 193936Hold Hands at Pittsburgh
November 199421Challenge the ChampsHoll-Sauer vs. Gerard-Steiner
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July 195430Honor RollHonor Roll for April
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October 194136Honor RollHonor Roll For August
October 194244Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 194941Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 195039Honor RollHonor Roll For August
November 195137Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195344Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for August
November 195537Honor RollHonor Roll for August
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March 195340Honor RollHonor Roll for December
March 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for December
March 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for December
April 194237Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 194742Honor RollHonor Roll For February
May 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For February
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May 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for February
April 194741Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 194844Honor RollHonor Roll For January
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April 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For January
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April 195238Honor RollHonor Roll For January
April 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for January
April 195447Honor RollHonor Roll for January
April 195537Honor RollHonor Roll for January
September 194040Honor RollHonor Roll For July
September 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For July
October 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For July
October 194843Honor RollHonor Roll For July
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September 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For July
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October 195140Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195339Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for July
October 195533Honor RollHonor Roll for July
August 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 194844Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For June
September 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195345Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195447Honor RollHonor Roll for June
September 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for June
May 194233Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194741Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 194942Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 195039Honor RollHonor Roll For March
June 195140Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195246Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195343Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for March
June 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for March
July 196843Honor RollHonor Roll for March
August 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 194943Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 195042Honor RollHonor Roll For May
August 195139Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195244Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for May
August 195531Honor RollHonor Roll for May
January 194334Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 194746Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 194847Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 194941Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 195041Honor RollHonor Roll For November
February 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195241Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195341Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195445Honor RollHonor Roll for November
February 195548Honor RollHonor Roll for November
December 194027Honor RollHonor Roll For October
December 194140Honor RollHonor Roll For October
December 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 194943Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 195044Honor RollHonor Roll For October
January 195145Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195242Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195337Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for October
January 195538Honor RollHonor Roll for October
November 194246Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 194747Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 194842Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 194940Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 195044Honor RollHonor Roll For September
December 195141Honor RollHonor Roll for September
December 195241Honor RollHonor Roll for September
December 195348Honor RollHonor Roll for September
December 195448Honor RollHonor Roll for September
July 193061Honor RollHonor Roll-June and Balance Of May
May 193136Honor RollHonor Rolls
September 193511Honors Remain In Duplicate
July 193113Hot Shots From The Front
February 193227How A Southern Editor Views The Match
April 193729Feature ArticleHow Aces Are Shown--And Shown Up
February 193724Feature ArticleHow Good Are You?
March 193233How Many Different Hands Can Be Dealt?
May 19714Tournament ReportHow Would You Have Fared at the Mayfair?
April 193432How You Should Have Bid And Played The World Olympic Hands
February 19612Feature ArticleHow's Your Visualization?
October 19565Feature ArticleHow's Your Visualization? A New Type Of Quiz
March 193265Huge Entry List For World Bridge Olympic
September 198716Feature ArticleHungarian Goulash
February 193833Feature ArticleI. B. L. News
February 200172Classic RewindIn Again, Out Again, . . .
October 193916Feature ArticleIn Memoriam
July 19318In Memoriam, Wilbur C. Whitehead
December 193735Feature ArticleIn Praise Of Problems
March 194223Feature ArticleIn The Supreme Court Of Contract Bridge
November 192962In The World Of Problems
January 193055In The World Of Problems
February 193038In The World Of Problems
March 193040In The World Of Problems
April 193043In The World Of Problems
September 193132News and EventsIndividual Play For Karn Gold Cup
July 19368Inevitable Standardization
February 200931Classic RewindInferential History
July 19982Book ReviewsInside the Bermuda Bowl by John Swanson
December 19857Feature ArticleInsight Quiz
June 194010Feature ArticleIntercollegiate Bridge Tournament
February 194710Feature ArticleInternational Bridge
June 193233International Bridge Code In Sight
August 193828Feature ArticleInternational Bridge League
November 19368International Control
February 193311International Match Set for June
August 199429Book ReviewsInternational Pairs in London
October 196332Tournament ReportInternational Team Trials
May 193732Feature ArticleInternational Tournament
June 193724Feature ArticleInternational Tournament At Budapest
August 193953Feature ArticleInternational World Bridge Olympic Winners
February 199216Book ReviewsInvitation to Annihilation by Mike Lipkin; Bread and Butter Bidding by Brian Senior; Reese on Play by Terence Reese;
July 201732Feature ArticleIrregulars in Action
February 200231Feature ArticleIt's Not Cricket! Or Is It?
November 19734Tournament ReportItaly Wins '73 European
August 195613Tournament ReportItaly Wins European Title
October 200653InterviewJacqui & Vic Mitchell: The Bridge World Interview
March 193268Honor RollJanuary Honor Roll
July 201026InterviewJeff Meckstroth: The Bridge World Interview
February 19959Book ReviewsJenny Mae the Bridge Pro by Martin Hoffman & Matthew Granovetter; Bachelor Bridge by David Bird & Simon Cocheme; Partnership Bidding by Mary Paul; Our Man Godfrey by Dr. George Rosenkranz; Easy Guide to Bridge by Alan & Maureen Hiron; Social Contract Bridge Made Easy by R. F. Jacka
February 201617InterviewJill Meyers: The Bridge World Interview
March 193740Feature ArticleJo-Jotte Official Scoring
October 199724Challenge the ChampsJorgensen-Thorvaldsson vs. Klinger-Alder
April 19563Feature ArticleJosephine Culbertson: 1898-1956
August 19548Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #2
September 195425Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #3
December 195436Puzzle CornerJudge Problem #4
September 193149Honor RollJuly Honor Roll
September 193264Honor RollJuly Honor Roll
August 193344Honor RollJune Honor Roll
October 198921Challenge the ChampsKarlaftis-Kannavos vs. Woolsey-Manfield
December 199311Challenge the ChampsKearse-Mitchell vs.Woolsey-Manfield
February 201126InterviewKit Woolsey: The Bridge World Interview
November 199721Challenge the ChampsKlinger-Alder vs. Miles-Bartusek
April 199711Challenge the ChampsKlinger-Alder vs. Munson-Michlmayr
December 194339Knock Rummy
November 199621Challenge the ChampsKokish-Silver vs. Fallenius-Nilsland
August 199226Book ReviewsKosher Bridge by David Bird and Ron Klinger; Tactical Bidding by Harold Feldheim; Three early books on Precision
August 199428Book ReviewsKosher Bridge, 2 by David Bird and Ron Klinger; Charting the Game by Ken Whitcomb; The Polish Club by Greg Matula
January 199327Challenge the ChampsKraft-Habert vs. Lev-Russell
February 199430Challenge the ChampsKraft-Habert vs. Martel-Stansby
September 193133News and EventsLady Rhodes' Contract Bridge School
September 201529InterviewLarry Cohen: The Bridge World Interview
January 19694Feature ArticleLast Chance Quiz
February 196910Feature ArticleLast Chance Quiz
July 193116Last Minute Bulletin
June 19333Last Steps Taken to Assure Real International Bridge Competition
December 193936Feature ArticleLeads: A Book Review
March 193736Feature ArticleLectures At Crockford's
October 197619Feature ArticleLetter from an Editor
December 19943Feature ArticleLetter from the Editor, II
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August 19452Letters From Readers
February 199329Challenge the ChampsLev-Russell vs. Sukoneck-Ekeblad
January 199729Challenge the ChampsLevin-Weichsel vs. Miles-Bartusek
September 198934Challenge the ChampsLorer-Deleva vs. Karlaftis-Kannavos
December 20094Tournament ReportLosers' Leads
January 20107Tournament ReportLosers' Leads, II
March 19365Louis H. Watson Dies In New York
February 198933Tournament ResultsMajor Fall National Results
June 193123Major Lambert's Club
January 199517Rate Your Own GameMajor Length Opposite One Notrump
September 19746Tournament ReportMajor ResuIts of Summer Nationals
February 19713Tournament ResultsMajor Results Fall Nationals
February 19724Tournament ResultsMajor Results Fall Nationals
November 19849Tournament ResultsMajor Results of the Summer Nationals
May 196814Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
June 19716Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 19723Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 197328Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
May 197411Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
June 19758Tournament ResultsMajor Results Spring Nationals
February 19689Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
February 19697Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
February 19706Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Fall Nationals
June 197015Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Spring Nationals
September 197318Tournament ResultsMajor Results, Summer Nationals
February 196710Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Fall Nationals
May 19678Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Spring Nationals
May 19698Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Spring Nationals
October 196813Tournament ResultsMajor Results--Summer Nationals
June 198314Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 19854Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 19879Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
July 198915Tournament ResultsMajor Spring National Results
October 19857Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
September 198630Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
September 198721Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
January 198930Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
December 19897Tournament ResultsMajor Summer National Results
June 19996Feature ArticleMake Your Own Luck Quiz
July 19994Feature ArticleMake Your Own Luck Quiz, II
May 199430Challenge the ChampsMansell-Cope vs. Cheek-Beatty
January 193322Many New Developments Analyzed at Convention
May 193047Honor RollMarch Honor Roll
September 20027What's New In BridgeMarionettes Galore
October 200726InterviewMarshall Miles: The Bridge World Interview
November 200726InterviewMarshall Miles: The Bridge World Interview, II
September 199529Challenge the ChampsMartel-Gates vs. Tredinnick-Tredinnick
March 199131Challenge the ChampsMartel-Stansby vs. Habegger-Dodd
March 199431Challenge the ChampsMartel-Stansby vs. Schneider-Michlmayr
April 198831Challenge the ChampsMartel-Truscott vs. Westra-Leufkens
May 193730Feature ArticleMaster Players And Master Points
December 193537Master Teachers
January 193236CartoonMaster's Bridge Is Falling Down (a Cartoon)
March 19475Tournament ReportMasters Individual Tournament
January 193043MAX M. COHEN
July 193342Honor RollMay Honor Roll
November 199132Challenge the ChampsMcDaniel-Crigler vs. Shivdasani-Ghose
March 198831Challenge the ChampsMeckstroth-Rodwell vs. Martel-Truscott
June 199627Challenge the ChampsMeckstroth-Rodwell vs. Passell-Lair
June 198831Challenge the ChampsMeyer-Le Royer vs. Schoenborn-Edgar
December 199521Challenge the ChampsMichlmayr-Schneider vs. Sanborn-Sanborn
February 199727Challenge the ChampsMiles-Bartusek vs. Baran-Molson
December 199724Challenge the ChampsMiles-Bartusek vs. Fallenius-Nilsland
June 193116Million Player World's Championship Tournament Planned
July 193125Million Player Worlds' Championship Arouses Interest
October 194341Feature ArticleMiniatures
November 194348Feature ArticleMiniatures
December 194356Miniatures
January 194448Feature ArticleMiniatures
February 194448Feature ArticleMiniatures
August 194537Miscllany--Culling the Columns
December 199747Rate Your Own GameMisfitting Minors in Competition
February 20159Puzzle CornerMoney Puzzle
June 193513More Culbertson-Sims Hands
June 193721Feature ArticleMore Olympic Hands Analyzed
January 193112Mr. Avery Versus Mr. Husks
July 193143Mr. Culbertson Was Right
June 193118Mr. Culbertson's Lecture Tour
May 193127Mr. Culbertson's Lectures
February 19317Mr. George Reith At His Level Best
November 19315Mr. Lenz Accepts Challenge
March 193013Mr. Whitehead Lectures In Paris
October 19329Mr. Work Wins Jersey Coast Title
September 193841Feature ArticleMrs. Culbertson's Book A Triumph
August 193830Feature ArticleMrs. Farrelly Withdraws Suit
May 199730Challenge the ChampsMunson-Michlmayr vs. Simson-Johnson
July 200734Bridge MovieMurder Being Done Once
August 193912Feature ArticleMurder On The 7:55
September 199431Challenge the ChampsMurthy-Moss vs. Becker-Rubin
May 19949Bits and PiecesMystery Feature
October 192946Mystery Problem - Find The Missing Hand
September 199336Challenge the ChampsNagy-Weinstein vs.Becker-Rubin
August 193020National Bridge Association Officially Launched
November 193729Feature ArticleNational Championships At Washington
June 193948National Master List
July 193950National Olympic Winners
November 194112Feature ArticleNational Tournament At Richmond
November 193830Feature ArticleNational Tournament Returns To Cleveland
October 193922Feature ArticleNational Winter Championships
September 194115New Aid for Directors
January 193555New Books On Bridge
November 195721Feature ArticleNew Bridge Association Proposed
August 193313New Champions of Southern New England
November 194034Feature ArticleNew Directors Of Culbertson National Studios
February 19339New Duplicate Code Agreed upon
July 193846Feature ArticleNew Events Scheduled At Asbury Tournament
March 193529New Laws And Scoring
November 193720Feature ArticleNew League Holds Tournaments
October 199620You Be The JudgeNew Problems
October 19973You Be The JudgeNew Problems
April 199926You Be The JudgeNew Problems
April 200039You Be The JudgeNew Problems
April 200126You Be The JudgeNew Problems
April 200237You Be The JudgeNew Problems
April 20033You Be The JudgeNew Problems
June 199351Rate Your Own GameNew-Suit Advance After Passing
March 193252Newmarket Team Defeats Sims
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August 193227News And Notes Of Bridge Clubs
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January 193044News Of Clubs
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April 193351News-Events
April 199529Challenge the ChampsNickell-Freeman vs. Stewart-Weinstein
November 198832Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Dodd-Habegger
October 198821Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Sundelin-Flodqvist
September 198835Challenge the ChampsNisar-Munir vs. Turner-Carroll
June 200213Feature ArticleNobody Does It Better
May 199616Rate Your Own GameNonstandard Hands After a Negative Double
July 19337Norwegians Tie With Americans For First Place In Bridge Olympic
August 199714Rate Your Own GameNotrump Responder Shows a Suit
April 19714Feature ArticleNumber Quiz
March 196532Feature ArticleObservations by Players, Team Captains and Committeemen after the Match
December 193165Honor RollOctober Honor Roll
August 19685Tournament ResultsOlympiad Results
June 193833Feature ArticleOlympic Deals 9-16
December 200413Feature ArticleOlympic Dumping
June 193217Olympic Game In Munich
May 193726Feature ArticleOlympic Hands Analyzed
June 194028Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
August 194044Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
July 194125Feature ArticleOlympic Winners
July 193711Feature ArticleOlympic Winners Decided
July 193844Feature ArticleOlympic World Champions
March 193113On Various Bridge War Fronts
July 200940Feature ArticleOnce Each Way
February 200936Classic RewindOnce Upon a Time
October 198216Feature ArticleOne Imp
September 199616Book ReviewsOpening Leads by Mike Lawrence; Bridge Director's Companion by Larry Harris; Competitive Bidding with Two-Suited Hands by Max Hardy; Winning Decisions in Competitive Bidding by Paul Marston; Contract Bridge by Alan Truscott
May 199811Book ReviewsOpening Leads for Acol Players by Mike Lawrence and Ron Klinger; Bridge by J. R. Bailey
November 193115Opening Of Deschapelles Club, An Event
March 199822Feature ArticleOpinion, with Edgar Kaplan
January 193339Origin of Playing Cards
December 195711Feature ArticleOur Double-Dummy Challenge
November 193015Our Editor Of Pro Et Contra Through British Eyes
February 195813Feature ArticleOur New Secret Weapon (GMS)
October 193260Our Problem Contest
November 193275Our Problem Contest
July 193057Our Problems
July 193241Our Problems
September 193262Our Readers' Post-Mortems
October 195818Feature ArticleOur Thirtieth Year
November 200226Feature ArticleOut of the Pack
August 199229Rate Your Own GameOver a Flannery Two-Heart Response
September 199212Rate Your Own GameOver a Flannery Two-Spade Response
February 199317Rate Your Own GameOver a Fourth-Hand One Notrump
August 199419Rate Your Own GameOver a Fourth-Position One Spade
April 193627Pacific Coast Conventions
January 193455Paragraphs
January 193543Paragraphs
December 199840Book ReviewsParity Leads in Defense by David J. Weiss; 1997 World Bridge Championships; Trump Management by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites; The 1999 Daily Bridge Calendar; Calendar for 1999 Bridge
November 199432Book ReviewsPartnership Bidding at Bridge: The Contested Auction by Andrew Robson and Oliver Segal; Following the Law by Larry Cohen
September 199135Challenge the ChampsPassell-Lair vs. Bethe's-Mori
April 199132Challenge the ChampsPassell-Lair vs. Michlmayr-Beers
December 199021Challenge the ChampsPassell-Lair vs. Nippgen-Rohowsky
July 199629Challenge the ChampsPassell-Lair vs. Simson-Johnson
August 199430Challenge the ChampsPavlicek-Pavlicek vs. Murthy-Moss
January 19394Feature ArticlePhotos From The National Tournament
February 193825Feature ArticlePictures
July 199432Challenge the ChampsPicus-Osberg vs. Pavlicek-Pavlicek
October 201772Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls
November 201741Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, II
December 201723Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, III
January 201821Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, IV
June 201821Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, IX
February 201819Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, V
March 201821Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, VI
April 201811Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, VII
May 201821Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, VIII
July 201813Feature ArticlePietro's Pearls, X
March 200472Classic RewindPlan Your Play, 1930's Style
December 197832Feature ArticlePlay On Words
May 196817Feature ArticlePlay with an Expert Quiz
January 19349Players Quit In Protest Agains Conduct Of Winter Tournament
December 19695Tournament ReportPlayoff Quiz
April 193551Police News
October 194513Feature ArticlePost-Mortem Reports On The National Tournament
September 199725Book ReviewsPractical Slam Bidding by Ron Klinger
November 199731Book ReviewsPrecision in the Nineties by Barry Rigal; The 1998 Daily Bridge Calendar; Bread and Butter Bidding by Brian Senior
April 199723Book ReviewsPrinciples of Logical Bidding by Allan DeSerpa; The Secrets of Winning Bridge by Jeff Rubens; Visual Deal by Doug Bennion; The Yang's Jump Shifts by Cliff Yang; Psychic Bidding by Bernard L. Trippett et al.
November 193273Pro et Cetera
September 193056Problems
October 193041Problems
December 192956Problems And Their Answers
August 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
September 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
October 193726Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen
July 193724Feature ArticleProblems Of The Queen--Series I
February 193814Feature ArticleProgress Of The A.C.B.L
July 193419Proposed Changes In Scoring
June 193417Proposed Changes In The Laws
January 193233Psychics And Psychocidals
February 197432Feature ArticlePuzzle Corner Solution
May 200827Classic RewindPuzzle for Historians
December 193326Qualifiers And Near-Qualifiers For The U. S. B. A. National Championships
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April 201033Classic RewindRate Your Own 1950 Game
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June 19522Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
April 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
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November 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Game
January 200931Classic RewindRate Your Own Game
January 197123Tournament ReportRate Your Own Kibitzing
August 19542Feature ArticleRate Your Own Play
June 193845Feature ArticleRead Or Play?
March 19392Readers' Forum
September 19392Readers' Forum
November 19392Readers' Forum
May 193340Reading, Ruffing and Arithmetic
March 199325Rate Your Own GameRebid by Fourth Position Doubler
November 199513Rate Your Own GameRebid by Overcaller
October 199415Rate Your Own GameRebid by Passed-Hand Responder
April 199320Rate Your Own GameRebid by Preemptor
February 19957Rate Your Own GameRebid Over Fourth-Position Overcall
July 199614Rate Your Own GameRebid with Strength and Length
February 19966Rate Your Own GameRebid with Weak Length in Overcaller's Suit
January 199317Rate Your Own GameRebidding a Weak Minor Raise
July 19977Rate Your Own GameRebidding a Weak Misfit
January 199213Rate Your Own GameRebidding an Inverted Raise
November 199414Rate Your Own GameRebidding in Support-Double Position
July 199411Rate Your Own GameRebidding when Short in Responder's Suit
April 199827Book ReviewsReisinger Challenge by Marshall Miles; Focus on Defense by Danny Roth; Basic Defense by Freddie North
October 193327Reith Replaces Sims As Champion Of Jersey
February 19947Rate Your Own GameReopening a Fourth-Position Overcall
November 19926Rate Your Own GameReopening a Third-Suit Bid
September 199721Rate Your Own GameReopening with Weak Length in Opener's Suit
September 196025Feature ArticleRepeat Performance
July 199328Rate Your Own GameResponder Improved by a New-Suit Bid
April 19945Rate Your Own GameResponding in BWS94
March 199413Rate Your Own GameResponding to a Game-Level Preempt
October 19933Rate Your Own GameResponding with Underranking Length
August 200132You Be The JudgeResults
August 200210You Be The JudgeResults
August 200323You Be The JudgeResults
June 193713Feature ArticleResults And Hands From Grand National
July 19743Tournament ResultsResults of the World's Championships
June 193738Feature ArticleReviews Of New Books
March 19902Feature ArticleRidiculous Conclusion
November 19893Feature ArticleRidiculous Continuation
June 19892Feature ArticleRidiculous Report
March 19912EditorialRidiculously Yours
June 199512Book ReviewsRight Through the Pack by Robert Darvas et al; Cook and Deal by Dorothy Jane Cook; Sherlock Holmes, Bridge Detective by Frank Thomas; Two Over One Game Force Simplified by Kara J. Jarman; The Tricky Game by Hugh Kelsey; Team Tactics at Bridge by Willie Jago
February 199627Challenge the ChampsRobson-Forrester vs. Groetheim-Aa
January 196736Challenge the ChampsRoth-Root vs. Schenken-Leventritt
March 193621Rulings On The Duplicate Code
January 199626Challenge the ChampsSanborn-Sanborn vs. Robson-Forrester
February 196738Challenge the ChampsSchenken-Leventfitt vs. Jordan-Robinson
March 196730Challenge the ChampsSchenken-Leventritt vs. Flint-Pender
May 199333Challenge the ChampsSchneider-Michlmayr vs. Granovetter-Granovetter
April 199432Challenge the ChampsSchneider-Michlmayr vs. Mansell-Cope
July 198833Challenge the ChampsSchoenborn-Edgar vs. Travis-Lusk
January 200562Feature ArticleScience Marches On
January 19653Feature ArticleScientists vs. Traditionalists As Bridge Columnists See It
January 197027Feature ArticleScoring and Strategy
June 199618Rate Your Own GameSecond Action After a Fourth-Position Overcall
January 19335Second World Bridge Olympic Scheduled to be Held On April 1st
September 19348Selected Hands Of The A B L Tournament
October 19706Tournament ReportSeven Spingold Slams
December 199121Challenge the ChampsShivdasani-Ghose vs. Herbst-Herbst
January 197219Feature ArticleShuffling Quiz
July 193123Sidelights Of The Great Bridge War
July 201126InterviewSidney Lazard: The Bridge World Interview
July 19332FrontispieceSigning The International Contract
August 199629Challenge the ChampsSimson-Johnson vs. Boyd-Robinson
June 199732Challenge the ChampsSimson-Johnson vs. Gitelman-Mittelman
November 194217Feature ArticleSingle Raise Vs. Light Takeout
July 19882Tournament ReportSix the Hard Way
December 19325Sixth American Bridge League Tournament
February 193360Slams and Bouquets
March 193359Slams And Bouquets
April 193360Slams And Bouquets
January 200068Classic RewindSnapshot from the 1934 Olympic
July 197212Feature ArticleSolomon's Judgment
July 199530Challenge the ChampsSoloway-Goldman vs. Vriend-Arnolds
November 192958Solution Of The Mystery Problem
March 197939Feature ArticleSolution To "Moysian Delight"
January 197931Feature ArticleSolution To Play On Words
May 193045Solutions To April Problems
May 193042Solutions To March Problems
September 19378Feature ArticleSolutions--First Series (Problems Of The Queen)
October 193721Feature ArticleSolutions--Second Series (Problems Of The Queen)
November 193730Feature ArticleSolutions--Third Series, Problems Of The Queen
April 19324FrontispieceSome College Bridge Stars
January 193237Some Interesting Hands In Play By A. H. Peron
January 193119Some Of The Winners At Cleveland
November 196437Feature ArticleSome Things Never Change
May 198335Feature ArticleSon Of Bridge World Standard
November 196833Feature ArticleSophisticated Sequence
July 19408Feature ArticleSouthern New England Tournament
February 198832Challenge the ChampsSowter-Bethe vs. Meckstroth-Rodwell
July 20164Tournament ReportSpingold 2015, V by Kit Woolsey
December 199712Feature ArticleSpingold Quiz
October 200318Feature ArticleSportsmanlike Dumping by Both Sides
May 197626Tournament ResultsSpring Nationals Major Results
June 197711Tournament ResultsSpring Nationals Major Results
May 199530Challenge the ChampsStewart-Weinstein vs. Eisenberg-Garozzo
December 193924Feature ArticleStrange Lives: An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
January 194030Feature ArticleStrange Lives: An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
December 201417Feature ArticleStrategy-Two Endings, II by Stefan Ralescu & Barry Rigal
March 199521Rate Your Own GameStrong Advances of an Overcall
March 199330Challenge the ChampsSukoneck-Ekeblad vs.Cayne-Burger
October 19679Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197017Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197163Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 197214Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
September 197533Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
October 19765Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
September 197747Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
August 198213Tournament ResultsSummer Nationals Major Results
September 199727Challenge the ChampsSun-Wang vs. Jorgensen-Thorvaldsson
May 199429Bits and PiecesSuperior Analysis
June 200272Classic RewindSure Tricks
January 199335Book ReviewsSwiss Match Challenge by Jeff Rubens; Take Your Tricks by Edwin B. Kantar; Test You Card Play, Books 5 and 6 by Hugh Kelsey; Five-Card Majors by Ron Klinger; Root Teaches Bridge, 4 with Bill Root; Bridge Buff by Doug Bennion
July 19834Swiss MatchSwiss Match I
September 19836Swiss MatchSwiss Match II
January 19847Swiss MatchSwiss Match III
May 19844Swiss MatchSwiss Match IV
January 19863Swiss MatchSwiss Match IX
May 20009Swiss MatchSwiss Match L
September 200015Swiss MatchSwiss Match LI
September 200116Swiss MatchSwiss Match LII
January 200214Swiss MatchSwiss Match LIII
May 200216Swiss MatchSwiss Match LIV
May 200423Swiss MatchSwiss Match LIX
September 200223Swiss MatchSwiss Match LV
January 200313Swiss MatchSwiss Match LVI
May 200314Swiss MatchSwiss Match LVII
September 20034Swiss MatchSwiss Match LVIII
January 200513Swiss MatchSwiss Match LX
May 200532Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXI
September 200535Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXII
May 200636Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXIII
February 200741Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXIV
February 200913Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXIX
May 200717Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXV
September 200716Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXVI
January 200834Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXVII
May 200816Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXVIII
May 200914Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXX
September 200915Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXI
February 201012Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXII
May 201013Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXIII
December 201015Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXIV
August 201310Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXIX
February 201113Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXV
June 201116Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXVI
February 201216Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXVII
July 201215Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXVIII
February 201419Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXX
May 201418Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXXI
October 20143Swiss MatchSwiss Match LXXXII
September 19844Swiss MatchSwiss Match V
January 19855Swiss MatchSwiss Match VI
May 19855Swiss MatchSwiss Match VII
September 19853Swiss MatchSwiss Match VIII
May 19863Swiss MatchSwiss Match X
September 198611Swiss MatchSwiss Match XI
May 198715Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIII
September 198724Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIV
May 19894Swiss MatchSwiss Match XIX
May 199616Swiss MatchSwiss Match XL
September 19952Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLI
January 199713Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLII
May 199717Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLIII
September 199710Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLIV
January 200017Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLIX
May 199824Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLV
September 199825Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLVI
January 199911Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLVII
May 199917Swiss MatchSwiss Match XLVIII
January 198822Swiss MatchSwiss Match XV
May 198821Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVI
September 198821Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVII
January 198914Swiss MatchSwiss Match XVIII
September 19898Swiss MatchSwiss Match XX
January 199014Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXI
May 199020Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXII
September 199014Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXIII
January 199115Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXIV
September 199215Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXIX
May 19913Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXV
September 199117Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXVI
January 199213Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXVII
May 19924Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXVIII
January 19934Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXX
May 19934Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXI
September 199315Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXII
January 199422Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXIII
May 19943Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXIV
March 19963Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXIX
September 199415Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXV
January 19953Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXVI
May 19953Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXVII
September 19954Swiss MatchSwiss Match XXXVIII
November 201516Swiss MatchSwiss Match, LXXXIII
January 201614Swiss MatchSwiss Match, LXXXIV
January 201815Swiss MatchSwiss Match, LXXXV
August 201815Swiss MatchSwiss Match, LXXXVI
December 193129Systems Played At The Vanderbilt Tournament
April 199629Challenge the ChampsSzymanowski-Lesniewski vs. Goldman-Soloway
November 193941Table Teacher for Contract Bridge
May 193821Feature ArticleTeachers Study Five-Suit
February 196735Feature ArticleTeachers Talk featuring Charles Solomon and William Root
February 196710Feature ArticleTeachers Talk Quiz
December 193031Teachers' Convention In December
August 193929Feature ArticleTeen-Age Tournament
April 193627Tenth Eastern Championships
December 199732Book ReviewsTenth World Bridge Team Olympiad at Rhodes; Opening Leads by Bob Ewen; Roman Key-Card Blackwood by Eddie Kantar; (addendum to) The Dictionary of Suit Combinations by Jean-Marc Roudinesco; Forgive Me, Partner! by Pamela & Matt Granovetter; Secrets of Success by Tony Forrester; Understanding Acol by Eric Crowhurst & Andrew Kambites
August 199727Challenge the ChampsTerraneo-Erhart vs. Sun-Wang
March 199430Book ReviewsTest Your Bridge Judgment by Barry Rigal
July 199320Book ReviewsTest Your Card Play by Hugh Kelsey; Blocking, Unblocking and Safety Plays by Terence Reese and Roger Trezel; Dear Billy by Billy Miller; Bridgebrain 5.0 by George Bodnar
April 19708Feature ArticleTest Your Slam Judgment
April 199511Book ReviewsThat Elusive Extra Trick by Terence Reese & David Bird; Over Your Shoulder by Tony Forrester & Brian Senior; One Trick Short by P. S. N. Sarma; The Bridge Player Who Laughed by Ron Klinger
March 195929Feature ArticleThe "New Idea" Contest
July 193733Feature ArticleThe "Well-Known Southerner" Replies
September 19756Tournament ReportThe '75 European Championship
July 197514Tournament ReportThe '75 Sunday Times Pairs:
April 199967Classic RewindThe 1932 World Olympic
November 199968Classic RewindThe 1932 World Olympic, II
August 193315The 1933 American Bridge Olympic
February 200069Classic RewindThe 1933 World Olympic, I
March 200071Classic RewindThe 1933 World Olympic, II
December 193423The 1934 Vanderbilt
December 193338The 1934 World Bridge Olympic
November 200071Classic RewindThe 1934 World Olympic
March 200168Classic RewindThe 1935 Olympic, II
January 200166Classic RewindThe 1935 World Olympic
April 193623The 1936 Olympic Hands
April 193621The 1936 Olympic Winners
December 200167Classic RewindThe 1936 World Olympiad, III
October 200170Classic RewindThe 1936 World Olympic
November 200169Classic RewindThe 1936 World Olympic, II
March 200265Classic RewindThe 1937 Olympic
April 200268Classic RewindThe 1937 Olympic, II
July 200370Classic RewindThe 1938 World Olympic
November 200467Classic RewindThe 1939 World Bridge Olympic
February 200568Classic RewindThe 1939 World Bridge Olympic, II
August 200552Classic RewindThe 1940 World Bridge Olympiad
December 19415Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
January 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
February 194238Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
March 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
April 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
May 194239Feature ArticleThe 1941 Bridge Examination
November 194233Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
December 194232Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
January 194335Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
February 194333Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
March 194331Feature ArticleThe 1942 Bridge Examination
February 19473Tournament ReportThe 1946 Winter National Tournament
September 19473Tournament ReportThe 1947 Summer National Tournament
January 19483Tournament ReportThe 1947 Winter National Tournament
December 194721Feature ArticleThe 1948 Culbertson Teachers Convention
January 196811Tournament ReportThe 1967 European Championship
June 196911Tournament ReportThe 1969 Vanderbilt, II
January 197126Tournament ReportThe 1970 European Championship
February 197118Tournament ReportThe 1970 World Bidding Contest
October 199521Book ReviewsThe 1996 Daily Bridge Calendar; The American Forcing Minor System by Joe Lutz and Jerry Fink; The Bridge Player's Supper Book by Nicola Cox
August 19986Tournament ReportThe 1998 Cavendish Pairs
March 201724Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Final, VI
January 19345The A. B. L. Winter Tournament
March 199919Book ReviewsThe ABC's of Bridge by William S. Root; You Have to See This by Andrew Diosy & Linda Lee; The American Bridge Series by Chris Hasney & Jerry Pottier; The Bridge Player's Bedside Book edited by Tony Forrester; Enjoying Tiger Bridge by Jeanne & Rich Dinkel; Acol Bridge Made Easy by Ron Klinger
January 193526The ABL Tournament
October 194335Feature ArticleThe Advantage Of Being President
August 193417The American Bridge League Summer Tournament
January 199967Classic RewindThe American Olympic
February 195333Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
March 195348Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
September 195327Tournament ReportThe Anglo-American Bidding Match
September 19339The Anglo-American Match As Seen By The British Press
May 193717Feature ArticleThe Annual Joke
August 198121Feature ArticleThe Appeals Committee
August 193834Feature ArticleThe Appendix Movement
September 193611The Asbury Tournament
September 19405Feature ArticleThe Asbury Tournament
October 193521The Backstage Production Of The World Bridge Olympic
October 199615Book ReviewsThe Bidding Dictionary by Alan Truscott; Counting at Bridge by Mike Lawrence [software]; Planning the Defense by Raymond Brock; Duplicate Bridge Direction by George Groner; Preempt with Safety? by G. R. Desai et al; The Financial Times Book of Bridge by E. P. C. Cotter
July 194530MiscellanyThe Blackwood Coup
January 193937Feature ArticleThe Blind Play Duplicate
May 194629Feature ArticleThe Bodholdt Convention
January 19969Book ReviewsThe Books of 1995: Bridge in the Menagerie by Victor Mollo; Contract Killers by Phillip & Robert King; Power Acol by Ron Klinger; Divine Intervention by Terence Reese & David Bird; Points, Schmoints! by Marty Bergen; The Bridge Adventures of Robin Hood by David Bird; Raising Partner by Brian Seior; First Principles of Card Play by Paul Marston; The 42nd European Champiopnships: PAGE 1995 by B. Senior & M. Horton
April 193121The Bridge Players' Providence Intervenes
December 199235Book ReviewsThe Bridge Team Murders by Matthew Granovetter; Bridge Toolkit by James O. Jacoby and Alan Falk
April 198717Feature ArticleThe Bridge Whirl
October 192947The Bridge World Problems
May 193132The Bridge World Sponsors New Duplicate Board
January 19310The Bridge World Supplement
October 199828Book ReviewsThe Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club by The Bridge World and Bridge Base (reviewed by Jim Loy)
July 19658Feature ArticleThe Case Against Reese and Schapiro
May 200224Detective DivisionThe Case of the Disappearing Aces
January 193634The Chicago Tournament
October 196813Tournament ReportThe Circus' American Tour
February 193510The Colossi Gird For Battle
October 199731Book ReviewsThe Complete Book of BOLS Bridge Tips edited by Sally Brock; Famous Play Decisions by Terence Reese and David Bird; Bridge Below the Belt by Larry Cohen & Liz Davis
June 199319Book ReviewsThe Complete Book of Tournament Bridge by Norman Kay, Sidney Silodor and Fred Karpin; Conventions at a Glance by Pamela and Matthew Granovetter; Raising Your Bridge by Jim Kaplan; Negative, Responsive and Other Competitive Doubles by Harold Feldheim; The Power System by Ron Klinger; Commentary on the Laws by Grattan Endicott and Bent Keith Hansen; The Bridge Wheel by Randall Baron; Tally-Ho by Bob Rasmussen
November 193312The Contract Bridge Blue Book Of 1934
May 193126The Culbertson National Studios
December 195331Feature ArticleThe Debate On The Roth-Stone System
January 19765Feature ArticleThe Deep Six
September 19356The Deuce You Say! By Alfred P. Sheinwold
August 19698Feature ArticleThe Dirty Dozen
October 193131The Dubbells At The Breakfast Table
February 193443The Eastern Championships
April 194434Feature ArticleThe Eastern Championships
April 193437The Eastern Tournament
March 193516The Eastern Tournament
April 193532The Eastern Tournament
April 193837Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
October 194019Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
April 194118Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
March 19437Feature ArticleThe Eastern Tournament
January 193312The Eastern Tournament will begin February 27th
October 192935The English Bridge World
July 199430Book ReviewsThe Extra Edge in Play by Terence Reese and Julian Pottage
September 193844Feature ArticleThe Feud Ends--We Hope
March 193634The Fifth World Bridge Olympic
January 193411The First Grand National
April 19387Feature ArticleThe First Question In Five-Suit Bridge
December 193328The First U. S. B. A. Regional Tournament
January 193415The Forth-Four Regional Championships
January 19674Feature ArticleThe Foster-Bourne Report
July 198011Tournament ReportThe Fresno Five
August 193127The Game That Girdles The Globe
May 193613The Grand National
April 19353The Grand Opening
July 193646The Great Libel Case Ends
July 193435The Great Revenge
October 19297The Hand Of The Month
November 199632Book ReviewsThe Hidden Side of Bridge by David Bird & Terence Reese; Washington Standard by Steve Robinson; Play These Hands with Brian Senior by Brian Seior; The 1997 Daily Bridg Calendar; Step by Step Deceptive Declarer's Play by Barry Rigal
June 194336Feature ArticleThe Horse Sense System, Brief Review B G. M. C.
November 196127Tournament ReportThe Houston Trials
November 193736Feature ArticleThe Hustlers Make News
October 193211The Individual Championship
April 19319The Joint Conventions
May 193126The Joint Conventions
March 195426Puzzle CornerThe Judge Problems
July 195713Feature ArticleThe Kaplan-Sheinwold System, A Preview of a New Book
August 194435Feature ArticleThe Kibitzer
March 199512Book ReviewsThe Kings' Tales by Phillip & Robert King; Bridge Conventions for You by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites; Conventional Bidding Explained by Freddie North; Step-by-Step Constructive Bidding by Tony Sowter; Step-by-Step Signalling by Mark Horton; Signals and Discards for You by Andrew Kambites; Step-by-Step Card Play in Suits by Brian Senior; The Bidder's Bible by Frank Stewart
June 200019Detective DivisionThe Lady Was Early
September 193261The Last Word
October 193264The Last Word
October 194734Book ReviewsThe Last Word In Odds
July 193636The Latest Crockford's Club
April 199314Book ReviewsThe Laws of Contract Bridge, 1993; Naturals vs. Scientists: The Great Match by Terence Reese and David Bird; Bridge Basics by Ron Klinger; Bidding on Target by Dr. George Rosenkranz and Alan Truscott; Topics on Bridge (books 16 through 30) by Michael Lawrence; Bridge Mini Series (books 6 through 10) by Norma Sands and Jan Janitschke; Why, When and How to Overcall by Bill August
June 193051The Laws Of Progressive Contract
June 193114The Lecture Tour And The Press
December 192946The Makeup Of The Winning Team
March 19485Tournament ReportThe Masters Individual Tournament
October 19309The Match Through The English Press
February 193419The Miami Biltmore, Tournament
October 19694Feature ArticleThe Moot Question
May 193127The National Bridge Association
January 19407Feature ArticleThe National Championships
November 194032Feature ArticleThe National Championships
January 194418Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
June 194420Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
September 194420Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
June 194519Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
September 19455Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
February 19468Feature ArticleThe National Tournament
November 194337Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson Book
May 195431Book ReviewsThe New Culbertson Book
November 19385Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson Three-Bid
December 19379Feature ArticleThe New League
November 195828Feature ArticleThe New Roth-Stone Book
May 193325The Newest in Bridge Works
November 193019The Old And New Almack's Club
April 193524The Olympic Champions
August 19687Feature ArticleThe Olympic Champions
April 193737Feature ArticleThe Olympic Is On April 7
April 19379Feature ArticleThe Perfect Player
February 200137Detective DivisionThe Problem of the Problem
June 199920Book ReviewsThe Problems With Major-Suit Raises and How To Fix Them by Max Hardy; Jason Mix Two-Way Majors by Marvin Jason
June 199818Book ReviewsThe Rabbi's Magic Trick by David Bird & Ron Klinger; A Study in Silver by David Silver; Private Bridge Lessons, Volume 1 by Mike Lawrence; Guide to Better Acol Bridge by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites
June 19336The Record of the American Team
October 200128Detective DivisionThe Rocket Mystery
April 195211Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
June 195214Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
July 195210Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
August 195224Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
September 19526Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
October 195218Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
December 195220Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest
May 195214Puzzle CornerThe Russell Roosen Problem Contest Hand 2
November 19343The Schwab Trophy Match
January 193911Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
February 19398Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
March 193916The Second Annual Bridge Examination
April 193924Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
May 193938Feature ArticleThe Second Annual Bridge Examination
June 193920The Second Annual Bridge Examination
July 193931The Second Annual ridge Examination
December 19643Tournament ReportThe Second Bridge Battle of the Century, "Scientists" vs. "Traditionalists"
April 19334FrontispieceThe Spirit Of The World Bridge Olympic
August 201245Feature ArticleThe Squeezes of the Year
May 194028Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man
June 194022Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man
July 194018Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
August 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
September 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
October 194025Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
November 194023Feature ArticleThe Strange Lives Of One Man, An Excerpt From Ely Culbertson's Autobiography
August 19437Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals
September 194610Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals
September 19552Tournament ReportThe Summer Nationals
October 194418Feature ArticleThe Summer Nationals - A Worm's-Eye View
September 194219Feature ArticleThe Summer Tournament
February 194115The Teachers' Convention
December 193353The Teaching Profession
January 193453The Teaching Profession
February 193469The Teaching Profession
March 193469The Teaching Profession
April 193446The Teaching Profession
May 193437The Teaching Profession
June 193440The Teaching Profession
November 19405Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
December 194029Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
January 194123The Third Annual Bridge Examination
February 194130The Third Annual Bridge Examination
March 194131Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
April 194143Feature ArticleThe Third Annual Bridge Examination
January 199831Book ReviewsThe Times Book of Bridge by Robert Sheehan; Preempts by Alan Mould; Know Your Suit Combinations by Ron Klingert & Andrew Kambites; Step-By-Step Competitive Bidding by Tony Sowter
September 193643The Triangular Match
February 193512The U.S.B.A. Grand National
March 193513The U.S.B.A. Grand National
November 193310The Vanderbilt Cup Tournament
December 193310The Vanderbilt Cup Tournament
December 193612The Vanderbilt Tournament
May 19397Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
May 19407Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
June 194615Feature ArticleThe Vanderbilt Tournament
April 19473Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Tournament
March 193836Feature ArticleThe Viennese System
February 199718Book ReviewsThe Vital Principles by Freddie North; More Winning Bridge Tips by Ron Klinger; Card Play in Notrumps by Robert Berthe & Norbert Lebely; Movie Guide for Bridge Players
May 193617The Wages Of Sin
June 19767Feature ArticleThe Well-Rounded Game
August 193414The Whist League Congress
March 19684Feature ArticleThe Win-A-Partner Contest
September 195830Feature ArticleThe World Bridge Federation
November 193052The World Of Games
March 193523The World Olympic Hands
April 193528The World Olympic Hands
January 193628The Year In Contract Bridge
July 19957Book ReviewsThere Must Be a Way by Andrew Diosy; How to Defend a Bridge Hand by Bill Root (original in May 1994); Step by Step Overcalls by Sally Brock; Step-by-Step Slam Bidding by Alan Mould; Simple Squeezes by Hugh Kelsey (original in October 1985); All You Need to Know About Play by Terence Reese and David Bird
October 192922They Say The Unofficial Observer
April 193714Feature ArticleThirteen-Card Suits Lose Value
April 193821Feature ArticleThirteen-Our Friend!
February 199230Challenge the ChampsThompson-Fruewirth vs. Feldman-Bramley
April 193818Feature ArticleThree Big Tournaments On The Bill For April
November 196840Book ReviewsThree New Books
June 200661Classic RewindThree Quickies
May 19827Feature ArticleThree Times Three
March 199218Book ReviewsTiger Bridge Revisited by Jeremy Flint and Freddie North; More Tips for Tops by George Rosenkranz; Washington Standard by Steve Robinson; Challenge the Experts; Base III
January 201331InterviewTim Seres: The Bridge World Interview
October 199232Book ReviewsTo Bid or Nor to Bid by Larry Cohen; My Bridge and Yours by Frank Stewart
June 19704Tournament ReportTo Bid or Not to Bid
July 200652Feature ArticleTo The Rescue!
March 193843Feature ArticleTournament Calendar
September 194010Feature ArticleTournament Sidelights
January 193052Tragedies and Farces in the Wake of the Bridge Craze
December 19764What's New In BridgeTransfers, the Next Frontier
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February 19804Feature ArticleTriads
January 196725Tournament ReportTrials Quiz
February 196717Tournament ReportTrials Quiz
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August 19919Tournament ResultsTrials Winners
April 193639Triangular International Match
August 200559Feature ArticleTrivial Trivia
January 19708Feature ArticleTrump An Ace
October 19806Tournament ReportTrying For 500
May 19694Feature ArticleTwenty Questions
February 196423Feature ArticleTwenty Years Ago and Now
September 193142News and EventsTwo Early Fall Conventions
March 193123Two Joint Conventions For Teachers And Advanced Players
December 199310Book ReviewsTwo Over One Game Force: An Introduction by Steve Bruno and Max Hardy
April 193110Two-Fisted Bridge Player Is Freed As Reporter Takes Role Of Lawyer
October 199219Book ReviewsTwo-Minute Bridge Tips by Frank Stewart
November 199350Rate Your Own GameTwo-Suiter in Defensive Position
August 193522U. S. B. A. Announces Master Points Plan
November 193331U. S. B. A. City Champions
October 193330U. S. B. A. Contests Under Way In Forty States
September 193315U. S. B. A. Matches To Be Held In October
June 193612U. S. B. A. Summer Tournament
January 193645U. S. Team Wins Radio Match
January 196010Feature ArticleU.S. Teams in the First Bridge Olympiad
February 193513U.S.B.A. Regional Champions
April 193410Unaccustomed As Am
March 19705Tournament ReportUnder the Bright Lights
April 201515Puzzle CornerUnique Winner Challenge
December 193827Feature ArticleUnknown Champions
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April 194043Feature ArticleVanderbilt Cup Tournament
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December 199411Feature ArticleVanderbilt Quiz
November 193733Feature ArticleVanderbilt Tournament, November 16-20
January 193120Vanderbilt Trophy Story
May 199038What's New In BridgeVariable Leads
January 199016Feature ArticleVariations on a Theme
February 193921Feature ArticleVariety For Players
January 19887Tournament ReportVenice Cup Teams
January 199926Book ReviewsVintage Forrester by Tony Forrester; Better Bridge with a Better Memory by Ron Klinger; Plan the Play by Dave Huggett and Stephen Cashmore
March 193630Void-Showing Bid Eliminated
October 199621Challenge the ChampsVriend-Arnolds vs. Kokish-Silver
August 199526Challenge the ChampsVriend-Arnolds vs. Martel-Gates
January 194630Feature ArticleW. J. Huske Dies
December 199221Challenge the ChampsWashington-Fields vs. Kraft-Habert
February 193924Feature ArticleWatch Your Watch
April 199224Book ReviewsWeak Two Bids by Brian Senior; Modern Bridge Conventions by William S. Root and Richard Pavlicek
January 199617Rate Your Own GameWeird Cases After One Heart--One Spade
March 193630Western National Tournament
October 199221Challenge the ChampsWestra-Leufkens vs. Branco-Chagas
May 198834Challenge the ChampsWestra-Leufkens vs. Meyer-Le Royer
December 194316What Do You Know?
October 200367Classic RewindWhat Do You Know?
June 200470Classic RewindWhat Do You Know?
April 193730Feature ArticleWhat Makes A Bridge Club Go?
July 194134Feature ArticleWhat Our Readers Say About The New System
July 193119What The Advisory Council Failed To State
February 194437Feature ArticleWhat The Critics Say
May 19334What the U.S.B.A. Is Doing
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October 194332Feature ArticleWhat's New
November 194324Feature ArticleWhat's New
January 194440Feature ArticleWhat's New
February 194423Feature ArticleWhat's New
February 193219When 5,000,000 Kibitzers Tuned In
April 200545Feature ArticleWhen Anything Went
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June 193648Whist League Tournament
February 195434Feature ArticleWho Cooked This Mess?
August 193316Who Won What at the Whist League Congress
November 194222Feature ArticleWho's Crazy?
May 199414Book ReviewsWhy You Lose at Bridge by S. J. Simon; How to Defend a Bridge Hand by Bill Root; Two Over One Game Force Quiz Book by Max Hardy; Bridge Buff 2.0 by Doug Bennion
January 19684Feature ArticleWin-A-Partner Contest
June 193831Feature ArticleWinners Of The 1938 Olympic
September 193148Winning Problem Solvers
February 193260Winning Problem Solvers
October 193836Feature ArticleWinter National Plans Under Way
July 193038With Our Lecturers And Teachers
November 192953With Readers And Writers
November 192956With Teachurs And Writers
July 193032With The Wits and Nitwits of the Press
March 193036With Writers And Teachers
January 199033Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Fallenius-Lindkvist
January 199432Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Kraft-Habert
November 198933Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Lewis-Arledge
December 198931Challenge the ChampsWoolsey-Manfield vs. Terraneo-Fucik
March 193410Work Adds Two 1934 Championships To His Record
September 193026Work-Wyman-Richards System Of Contract Bidding, Official Report
May 196928Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
August 196925Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
September 196929Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest
June 196919Tournament ReportWorld Bidding Contest, II
December 199432Book ReviewsWorld Bridge Championships: Santiago, 1993; At the Table: My Life and Times by Bob Hamman with Brent Manley; Bridge: The Basic Elements of Play and Defense by G. C. H. Fox; The Complete Guide to Defensive Play by Frank Stewart; Get Smarter at Bridge by Phillip Alder
July 199217Book ReviewsWorld Bridge Championships: Yokohama 1991; Bridge My Way by Zia Mahmood; Team Trial by Alan Falk
February 193823Feature ArticleWorld Bridge Olympic April 20
February 193313World Bridge Olympic Date Set
November 19319World Bridge Olympic To Be Played On April 1st
October 199331Book ReviewsWorld Bridge Team Olympiad: Salsomaggiore 1992; For Experts Only edited by Pamela and Matt Granovetter; Preempts from A to Z by Ron Andersen and Sabine Zenkel; Bridge Literature by Nick Smith; Winning Swiss Team Tactics by Harold Feldheim; The Squeeze at Bridgeby Chien-Hwa Wang
April 19673Tournament ReportWorld Championship Quiz
August 193054World Of Cards
June 193355World Olympic Hands
July 193333World Olympic Hands-9-16
March 193933World Olympic--World's Fair
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August 193053Writers, Lecturers And Teachers
September 193040Writers, Lecturers And Teachers
November 193030Writers, Teachers And Lecturers
September 193239Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
October 193236Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
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January 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
February 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
March 19332Ye Official Kibitzer's Bridge Almanac
February 201217Feature ArticleYellow Polka-Dot Bikini
February 199818Book ReviewsYour Deal, Mr. Bond by Phillip and Robert King; Bridge for Dummies by Eddie Kantar; Robin Hood's Bridge Memoirs by David Bird; Focus on Declarer Play by Danny Roth; Secrets of Expert Card Play by Tony Forrester
August 199230Challenge the ChampsZia-Rosenberg vs. Baldurson-Jorgensen
November 199331Challenge the ChampsZia-Rosenberg vs. Kearse-Mitchell
April 201026InterviewZia: The Bridge World Interview
November 196931Feature ArticleVisual Problems of Playing Bridge Gregg, O.D., James R.
October 192913Mr. Work And Mr. WhiteheadA Bewildered Reader
October 193218Bridge in an Institute of CorrectionA Former Inmate
May 19312FrontispieceA Group of Boston Bridge Leaders
August 193024Important Changes In The Work-Wyman-Richards SystemA Staff Writer
January 200524Feature ArticleCountering a Bath CoupA. Nonymous
October 195623Feature ArticleReparteeA. Nonymous
July 194331Feature ArticleBridge In WartimeAbbot, Jane
December 194219Feature ArticleMilady's ManualAbbot, Jane
January 194327Feature ArticleThe Female Of The SpeciesAbbot, Jane
December 199528Feature ArticleNever Say DieAbdou, Wafik
October 200710Feature ArticleTo Unblock or Not to UnblockAbdou, Wafik
September 193615Interlocking HowellsAch, Jacques L.
January 193512Testing Pair SchedulesAch, Jacques L.
August 193742Feature ArticleJo-Jotte In DuplicateAch, Jacques L. and Kennedy, Charles T.
August 193615Better Team MovementsAch, Jacques S.
June 193326Painless Bridge DentistryAckerman, Lloyd S.
February 199015Feature ArticleTwo-Way Raises of OvercallsAdamczyk, Wesley
June 196215Feature ArticleWatch Your Overcalls in PhoenixAdler, Tony
September 200549Feature ArticleCharley's LegacyAffholter, Dennis
June 196628Feature ArticleThat Tragic DayAgranoff, Michael H.
November 200421Feature ArticleSemi-Artificial RaisesAhmann, Thomas
March 199623Tournament ReportThe 1995 Cavendish PairsAker, Jeff
August 199323Feature ArticleTOOTAker, Jeff
August 198014Feature ArticleUltimate IndignityAker, Jeff Aker and Parker, Josh
November 200574Book Reviews12th World Bridge Olympiad Istanbul 2004; Ron Klinger's Master Class by Ron Klinger; For Love or Money: The Life of a Bridge Journalist by Mark Horton & Brian Senior; Spot the Bridge Writer's Blunder by Danny Roth; The Jack Who Would Be King by Jim KaplanAlder, Phillip
June 200428Book Reviews2001 World Bridge Championships; 2002 World Bridge ChampionshipsAlder, Phillip
February 200925Book Reviews2007 World Championships at Shanghai. Bridge Master vs. Bridge Amateur by Mark Horton; Duplicate Bridge at Home; Barbara Seagram's Beginning Bridge by Barbara Seagram & Linda Lee; The Power of Shape by Ron KlingerAlder, Phillip
December 200426Book Reviews25 More Bridge Conventions You Should Know by David Bird & Barbara SeagramAlder, Phillip
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December 200018Book ReviewsBid Better, Much Better by Ron Klinger; The Golden Rules of Defence by Julian Pottage & Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
December 200326Book ReviewsBidding Challenge by Larry Cohen; Inspired Card Play by David Bird & Martin Hoffman; The Two-Over-One System by Michael LawrenceAlder, Phillip
December 199832Challenge the ChampsBlakset-Christiansen vs. Roche-GreenAlder, Phillip
March 199933Challenge the ChampsBlanchard-Krekorian vs. Hamman-SolowayAlder, Phillip
May 199833Challenge the ChampsBlanchard-Krekorian vs. King-LewisAlder, Phillip
September 200924Book ReviewsBridge Behind Bars by Julian Pottage & Nick Smith. A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play by Julian Laderman; Simplicity Bridge by Chris HasneyAlder, Phillip
May 200235Book ReviewsBridge Browser by Stephen Pickett; The Golden Rules of Defence by Julian Pottage & Marc Smith; The Golden Rules of Declarer Play by Julian Pottage & Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
November 200222Book ReviewsBridge for Money by David Bird & Martin Hoffman; Will-Bridge Magazine; Bridge in the Fifth Dimension by Victor Mollo (edited by Phillip & Robert King); (Nine booklets) by David Bird & Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
September 200437Book ReviewsBridge Master: The Best of Edgar KaplanAlder, Phillip
February 200013Book ReviewsBridge Quiz for Improving Players by Tim Bourke and High Kelsey; Duplicate Bridge Flipper by Ron Klinger; Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper by Ron Klinger; Opening Leads Flipper by Mike Lawrence & Ron Klinger; The New Complete Book of Bridge by Albert Dormer & Ron Klinger; Alder, Phillip
April 199831Challenge the ChampsBrogeland-Saur vs. Blanchard-KrekorianAlder, Phillip
September 198711Tournament ReportCannes-ing the FrenchAlder, Phillip
August 199935Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Becker-Rubin vs. Fallenius-NilslandAlder, Phillip
November 199930Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Cheek-Beatty vs. Fallenius-NilslandAlder, Phillip
December 199930Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Cheek-Beatty vs. Fallenius-NilslandAlder, Phillip
June 199933Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Cheek-Beatty vs. Simson-JohnsonAlder, Phillip
September 199938Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Grotheim-Aa vs. Cheek-BeattyAlder, Phillip
October 199932Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Passell-Lair vs. Fallenius-NilslandAlder, Phillip
July 199933Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Passell-Lair vs. Feldman-BramleyAlder, Phillip
May 199936Challenge the ChampsChallenge of the Decade: Schneider-Michlmayr vs. Grotheim-AaAlder, Phillip
May 200538Book ReviewsClassic and Modern Conventions, Volumes 3 and 4Alder, Phillip
September 200035Book ReviewsClassic Kantar by Eddie Kantar; Challenge Your Declarer Play by Danny Roth; The Bermuda Bowl by Henry Francis & Brian SeniorAlder, Phillip
January 200117Book ReviewsCompetitive Bidding in the 21st Century by Marshall Miles; The Nova Affair by Thomas BloomAlder, Phillip
June 200239Book ReviewsConventions by Mike Lawrence; Planning in Defense, Reading the Cards, and Tricks with Finesses by David Bird & Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
September 200232Book ReviewsConventions Today by Brian SeniorAlder, Phillip
April 200422Book ReviewsCount Coded Leads by Jerry Fink & Joe Lutz; Bridge Squeezes for Everyone by David Bird; Understanding the Contested Auction by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites; Classic and Modern Conventions edited by Magnus Lindkvist (Volumes 1 and 2)Alder, Phillip
March 200016Book ReviewsCountdown to Winning Bridge by Tim Bourke and Marc Smith; Play It Again, Slam by Phillip and Robert King; Defense by Mike LawrenceAlder, Phillip
August 200139Book ReviewsDealmaster Pro by Edward C. MarzoAlder, Phillip
January 200027Book ReviewsDeep Finesse by William Bailey (reviewed by the staff)Alder, Phillip
July 200574Book ReviewsDemon Defense and Demon Doubling by Augie Boehm; Bridge is Fun by Ron Klinger; I Fought the Law of Total Tricks by Mike Lawrence and Anders Wirgren; Mary's 11 Invitations by Murray S. Bast; Positive Defense; Positive Declarer Play by Terence Reese and Julian PottageAlder, Phillip
July 199833Challenge the ChampsDhondy-McGowan vs. Truscott-TruscottAlder, Phillip
December 19729Tournament ReportEuropean Junior ChampionshipAlder, Phillip
November 200975Book ReviewsExpert Bridge Simplified: Arithmetic Shortcuts for Declarer by Jeff RubensAlder, Phillip
January 199833Challenge the ChampsFallenius-Nilsland vs. Lars & Morten Lund MadsenAlder, Phillip
May 200022Book ReviewsFamous Bridge Disasters by David Bird; Improve Your Game: 50 Bridge Puzzles by Paul Lamford; Improve Your Bidding and Play by Ron Klinger & Derek Rimington; Groundwork in Play and Defense by Danny RothAlder, Phillip
January 200335Book ReviewsFamous Bridge Records by David Bird & Nikos Sarantakos; Bridge Over Troubled Waters by David BirdAlder, Phillip
December 199713Feature ArticleFour or Five?Alder, Phillip
September 199836Challenge the ChampsFraser-Hanna vs. Hackett-HackettAlder, Phillip
April 200335Book ReviewsGodfrey's Angels by George Rosenkranz & Phillip Alder; The Millennium Club by Lyle Poe; The Viking Club by Glenn GroetheimAlder, Phillip
October 199832Challenge the ChampsHackett-Hackett vs. Moss-ReichAlder, Phillip
April 199935Challenge the ChampsHamman-Soloway vs. Wexler-GwodzdzinskyAlder, Phillip
June 20018Book ReviewsHelgemo's World of Bridge by Geo Tislevoll; Having Nun, Partner? by David Bird; Your First 20 Deals by Tony Sowter; Competitive Bidding by Brian Senior; Simple Conventions by Mark HortonAlder, Phillip
September 200323Book ReviewsHocus Pocus by Erwin Brecher; More Hocus Pocus by Erwin Brecher and Julian PottageAlder, Phillip
December 200548Book ReviewsInferences at Bridge by Marshall Miles; Avoidance Play, Defending Suit Contracts, Endplays and Coups, Entry Management, Planning Notrump Contracts, and Safety Plays by David Bird & Tim Bourke; Four-Suit Transfers, Jacoby Transfers, and Stayman Auctions by Linda Lee & Barbara SeagramAlder, Phillip
December 19858Feature ArticleInsight On ZiaAlder, Phillip
March 200429Book ReviewsJackAlder, Phillip
July 200424Book ReviewsKantar on Kontract by Eddie Kantar; Marty Sez and Marty Sez, II by Marty Bergen; Moscito--2000, Revision II by Nigel DuttonAlder, Phillip
June 199832Challenge the ChampsKing-Lewis vs. Dhondy-McGowanAlder, Phillip
February 199834Challenge the ChampsLars & Morten Lund Madsen vs. Shivdasani-GhoseAlder, Phillip
March 200944Book ReviewsLearn and Practice Bidding Conventions Volume Two (Basic Conventions) and Volume Three (More Basic Conventions) from Great Game Products; Wielding the Axe by August Boehm; Take Your Tricks by Edwin B. Kantar; A Computer's Twist: Play Problems for You with Bridge Baron Analysis from Great Game Products; Three Notrump in Depth by Augie Boehm; Boehm's Basic Bridge Book by Augie BoehmAlder, Phillip
May 200440Book ReviewsMaastricht Challenge by Tim Bourke; The Abbot's Great Sacrifice by David Bird; Test Your Play by Jeff RubensAlder, Phillip
June 200576Book ReviewsMan vs. Machine by Marc Smith; No-Trump Contracts by David BirdAlder, Phillip
August 200228Book ReviewsMasterpieces of Declarer Play by Julian Pottage; Probabilities and Alternatives in Bridge by Antonio Vivaldi & Gianni BarrachoAlder, Phillip
May 200331Book ReviewsMasterpieces of Defense by Julian PottageAlder, Phillip
August 200576Book ReviewsModern American Bidding by Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft; Play or Defend? by Julian Pottage; Bridge in Three Weeks by Alan TruscottAlder, Phillip
November 199830Challenge the ChampsMoss-Reich vs. Blakset-ChristiansenAlder, Phillip
October 200576Book ReviewsMy Favorite 52 by Larry Cohen; 52 Great Tips on Declarer Play by David Bird; Elimination Plays, Planning in Suit Contracts, The Simple Squeeze by David Bird and Tim Bourke; Better Bridge Magazine (Audrey Grant, editor)Alder, Phillip
January 200527Book ReviewsNatural Therapy for Defense Disorders by Lajos Linczmayer; Matchpoint Tricks by B. Axelsen & Villy Dam; The Bridge Bum by Alan Sontag; The Fun Way to Better Bridge Play by Harry LampertAlder, Phillip
November 200133Book ReviewsNegative Doubles by Marty Bergen; Playing with the Bridge Legends by Barnet ShenkinAlder, Phillip
February 200520Book ReviewsOmar Sharif Talks Bridge; Bridge Hands to Make You Laugh and Cry by David Bird & Nikos Sarantakos; Northern Lights edited by Linda & Ray LeeAlder, Phillip
December 200129Book ReviewsOver Hoffman's Shoulder by Martin Hoffman & Marc Smith; Saints and Sinners by David Bird & Tim BourkeAlder, Phillip
April 200013Book ReviewsPlay Bridge with Larry Cohen--1999 Life Master Pairs Day One; Card Play Made Easy #4: Timing and Communications by Ron Klinger & Andrew Kambites; More Points Schmoints by Marty Bergen; Playing to Win at Bridge by Ron Klinger; Trix with Trumps by Bobby WolffAlder, Phillip
March 200125Book ReviewsPlay the Vanderbilt by Kit Woolsey; Bridge with Imagination by David Bird & Geir Helgemo; Modern Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar; Advanced Bridge Defense by Eddie Kantar; Bridge Card Play--Attack and Defence by Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
August 198723Feature ArticlePower PreemptsAlder, Phillip
January 200430Book ReviewsPrivate Sessions--A Bridge Education by August W. Boehm; Bridge Today Digest; The Magic of Bridge by David Bird & Tim BourkeAlder, Phillip
January 199935Challenge the ChampsRoche-Green vs. Stack-MageeAlder, Phillip
July 200920Book ReviewsRoman Keyard Blackwood: The Final Word by Edwin B. Kantar. North of the Master Solvers' Club by Frank Vine; Right Through the Pack Again by Ron Klinger; Laws of Duplicate Bridge Through the Eyues of the Player by Larry Harris; Improve Your Bidding Judgment by Neil Kimelman; The Bridge Adventures of Mr. Badhir (The Numb) by Anant BhagwatAlder, Phillip
March 199831Challenge the ChampsShivdasani-Ghose vs. Brogeland-SaurAlder, Phillip
August 200942Book ReviewsSomehow We Landed in Six Notrump by David Bird; Team Tactics in Bridge by Steve Bruno; Gary Brown's Learn to Play Bridge; Deadly Endplay by Ken Allan; The Revision Club System by John Montgomery; Opening Leads Flipper by Mike Lawrence & Ron Klinger; Modern Losing Trick Count Flipper by Ron KlingerAlder, Phillip
February 199934Challenge the ChampsStack-Magee vs. Blanchard-KrekorianAlder, Phillip
March 200538Book ReviewsStory of an Accusation by Terence Reese; The Great Bridge Scandal by Alan TruscottAlder, Phillip
April 200225Book ReviewsTen Ways to Improve Your Bridge by David Bird; Beaten by the Masters by David Bird; Spotlight on Card Play by Robert Darvas & Paul Lukacs; Bridge with the Blue Team by Pietro Forquet; Sharpen Your Bridge Technique by Hugh KelseyAlder, Phillip
July 198721Tournament ReportThe 12-Board PlayoffAlder, Phillip
November 198720Tournament ReportThe 35th European ChampionshipsAlder, Phillip
October 200030Book ReviewsThe Big Game by Robert Sheehan; Bridge the Silver Way by Tim Bourke & David Silver; The Best of Gray by M. Harrison-Gray (edited by Raymond Brock)Alder, Phillip
December 198722Tournament ReportThe Cavendish Invitational PairsAlder, Phillip
November 19882Tournament ReportThe European CarouselAlder, Phillip
January 200230Book ReviewsThe Joy of Bridge edited by Elena Jeronimidis; Bridge Problems for a New Millennium by Julian Pottage; Play Bridge with Rookie by E. BaltAlder, Phillip
October 200226Book ReviewsThe New Kings' Tales by Phillip & Robert King; The Golder Rules of Defence by Julian Pottage & Marc Smith; The Golder Rules of Declarer Play by Julian Pottage & Marc SmithAlder, Phillip
June 200327Book ReviewsThe New York Times Bridge Book by Alan & Dorothy TruscottAlder, Phillip
August 200424Book ReviewsThe Notrump Zone by Danny Kleinman; Doubles by Audrey GrantAlder, Phillip
September 200546Book ReviewsThe Principle of Restricted Talent by Danny Kleinman & Nick Straugzzi; The Power of Shape by Ron Klinger; Card Games for Dummies by Barry Rigal; Takeout Double by Jim Priebe; Win the Big Match by Julian Pottage; The New Complete Book of Bridge by Albert Dormer with Ron Klinger; Easy Guide to Five-Card Majors by Sally Brock; The Bridge Magicians by Mark Horton & Radoslaw Kielbasinsku; The Bridge Philosopher by James S. KauderAlder, Phillip
June 200922Book ReviewsThe Setting Trick by Ian McCanceAlder, Phillip
June 198910Feature ArticleThree Times the ValueAlder, Phillip
August 199831Challenge the ChampsTruscott-Truscott vs. Fraser-HannaAlder, Phillip
February 19877Feature ArticleWater, Wenches and WarblesAlder, Phillip
December 201330Feature ArticleUnsqueezing With a Bold QueenAlder, Phillip and Zeckhauser, Richard
June 194438Feature ArticleGood Grief!Alderman, Virginia Allen
December 19384Feature ArticleBridge!Allard, Samuel J.
July 196329Feature ArticleThe Case of Aspro Vs. AstroAllinger, Paul, Stern, Roger and Rosler, Lawrence
August 201519Feature ArticleAdjunct to Meckstroth's AdjunctAltshuler, Bruce
September 20188Feature ArticleTwenty-First Century Bridge: Brogeland vs. FredinAmann, Ross
October 19302FrontispieceAmerican and English Teams
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May 193618The Swami ReturnsAmoyse, Swami
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June 193726Feature ArticleDebate-Should Bridge Be Abolished? "No, Never!"Anderson, C. P.
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March 195030Feature ArticleAngus And The King Of DiamondsArmstrong, A. E.
April 194627Feature ArticleAngus Butches The BiddingArmstrong, A. E.
February 194810Feature ArticleAngus Carries The BallArmstrong, A. E.
April 194419Feature ArticleAngus Gets An AssistArmstrong, A. E.
March 194533Feature ArticleAngus Gives It The AxArmstrong, A. E.
September 194434Feature ArticleAngus Makes A Vienna CoupArmstrong, A. E.
May 194514Feature ArticleAngus Pulls A Fast OneArmstrong, A. E.
November 194515Feature ArticleAngus Saves The DayArmstrong, A. E.
November 194227Feature ArticleAngus Takes The RapArmstrong, A. E.
September 194718Feature ArticleAngus To The RescueArmstrong, A. E.
June 194815Feature ArticleAngus Wins His SpursArmstrong, A. E.
June 194020Feature ArticleIntroducing Angus McSlivelyArmstrong, A. E.
December 194126Feature ArticleMcSlively Asks For QueensArmstrong, A. E.
January 194433Feature ArticleMcSlively Calls A PenaltyArmstrong, A. E.
June 194626Feature ArticleMcSlively Calls His ShotsArmstrong, A. E.
February 194125McSlively DefendsArmstrong, A. E.
January 194317Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets A SurpriseArmstrong, A. E.
October 194127Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets His RevengeArmstrong, A. E.
July 194516Feature ArticleMcSlively Gets The WorksArmstrong, A. E.
January 194525Feature ArticleMcSlively Has A ChopperArmstrong, A. E.
November 194127Feature ArticleMcSlively Has An AlibiArmstrong, A. E.
June 194325Feature ArticleMcSlively Hits A TripleArmstrong, A. E.
August 194317Feature ArticleMcSlively Makes An End-PlayArmstrong, A. E.
April 194324Feature ArticleMcSlively Outsmarts HimselfArmstrong, A. E.
September 194541Feature ArticleMcSlively Pitches A ShutoutArmstrong, A. E.
September 194623Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays A HunchArmstrong, A. E.
October 194020Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays A SystemArmstrong, A. E.
August 194020Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays For TopsArmstrong, A. E.
August 194133Feature ArticleMcSlively Plays In HasteArmstrong, A. E.
February 194218Feature ArticleMcSlively Proves His ArtfulnessArmstrong, A. E.
July 194416Feature ArticleMcSlively PsychsArmstrong, A. E.
January 194926Feature ArticleMcSlively Scores A KnockoutArmstrong, A. E.
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May 193114The Psychic Double ReverseArndt, Stanley
April 198930Feature ArticleCash and SwitchAronson, Richard
November 200323Feature ArticleHigh-Tech CheatingAronson, Richard
July 194623Feature ArticleDon't Blame Your PartnerAronson, Sidney
August 194718Feature ArticlePlay 'Em To The HiltAronson, Sidney
August 19864Tournament ReportCanadian Team ChampionshipAshton, Glen
September 199333Feature ArticleFour SuitsAshton, Glen
February 198820Feature ArticleThe Last ThreeAshton, Glen
March 199126Feature ArticleTwo New Bidding IdeasAshton, Glen
January 196417Feature ArticleThe Light-Light Opening BidsAtchlev, Les
October 196524Feature ArticleCanape: Panacea For Bidding IllsAtchley, Les
February 196516Feature ArticleLessons from the ExpertsAtchley, Les
December 196116Feature ArticleHow We Outbid the ItaliansAtchley, Major L. C.
May 196319Feature ArticleThe New Wonder BidsAtchley, Major L. C.
February 193021A Reply To Mr. PattersonAvery, T. H.
February 193115In The Interest Of ScienceAvery, T. H.
July 193433Painless HandicappingAylesworth, V.
February 193232The Joys Of Teaching Contract--A TragedyAylesworth, V.
March 200831Feature ArticleLong Live BridgeBackas, Kaj G.
December 199925Feature ArticlePortable Bridge NotationBackas, Kaj G.
November 193712Feature ArticleLet The Trumps WaitBader, Samuel
April 200269Classic RewindLet the Trumps WaitBader, Samuel
April 193219Raritan Club Wins Rutgers TournamentBagley, Henry W.
January 193028The Art of False-cardingBailet, Xavier
July 193046The Art of False-cardingBailet, Xavier
March 193029Three To One Chance Of RubberBailet, Xavier
April 19338The Winning Of A ChampionshipBailey, Franklin E.
December 193732Feature ArticleContract Bridge As An Instrument For Early Social AdjustmentBaker, Helen Berry
January 193024Bridge and the DiehardsBalderston, John L.
November 199312Feature ArticleHawk vs. SmithBaldursson, Gylfi and Ingason, Haukur
September 193214The Conneut Lake TournamentBaldwin, Russel J.
February 193514Addenda On Howell LuckBaldwin, Russell J.
August 19325American Whist League TourneyBaldwin, Russell J.
November 193321How Laws Are MadeBaldwin, Russell J.
January 193224Inter-City Bridge In National CompetitionBaldwin, Russell J.
January 193330The New Duplicate Laws Undergo Their First TestBaldwin, Russell J.
June 193223The New Ohio State ChampionsBaldwin, Russell J.
January 194016Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge ScoringBallou, R. P.
January 193121A Successful Pre-EmptBanfield, Elizabeth B.
August 198628Feature ArticleSupercrashBannion, W. D.
August 19794Feature ArticleSmall TalkBaranowski, Ryszard
August 193033The Elementary SqueezeBarber, E. H.
December 193020The Melting PotBarber, E. H. and Slack, Jr., S. I.
May 194332Culling the ColumnsBarclay, Shepard
August 194330Culling the ColumnsBarclay, Shepard
September 200660Classic RewindBarclay on BridgeBarclay, Shepard
November 193234Raising the Standard of EthicsBarclay, Shepard
January 193125The Match Through The PressBarclay, Shepard
December 193013Title Holders Score Impressive VictoryBarclay, Shepard
August 193026The Asbury Park TournamentBarclay, Shepard, Reith, George, Smith, Victor R., Whitehead, Wilbur C. and Officious Observer
September 193323Earmarks Of The Double SqueezeBarco, Captain E. T.
June 193319Mechanics of the Simple SqueezeBarco, Captain E. T.
October 193319Plotting The Double SqueezeBarco, Captain E. T.
August 193321Slightly Complex Simple SqueezesBarco, Captain E. T.
January 193826Feature ArticlePost-Graduate SqueezesBarco, E. T.
December 193518That Triple PlayBarco, Major E. T.
August 193119Charts Clarify Bidding SituationsBardach, Milton
September 195324Feature ArticleThe Ace vs. the KingBarker, Capt. Wayne G.
May 193418Fixed By PalookasBarnes, A. Mitchell
January 19359Ruff-Discard DiagnosisBarnes, A. Mitchell
May 200169Classic RewindRuff-Discard DiagnosisBarnes, A. Mitchell
July 199030Feature ArticleFive Tricks To GoBarnes, Fred
May 193530Getting The JumpBarnes, Mitchell
February 200752Feature ArticleTransfer Competitive ResponsesBarnes, Sandy
December 195721Feature ArticleDavid in the Lions' DenBarrett, D. P.
June 196638Feature ArticleBaltimore ChicagoBarrett, David P.
February 195920Feature ArticleL.O.L. vs. the MastersBartholomew, Edna
January 194626Feature ArticleBidding Four-Card MajorsBarton, Joseph M.
March 20093Feature ArticleRuff or SluffBaseggio, Franco
February 194225Feature ArticleAre You A Good Partner?Baxter, George
December 194133Feature ArticleCo-Operation By The DefenseBaxter, George
September 201022Feature ArticleBoth Sides NowBeall, Ron
July 19869Feature ArticleBridge in the Small TimeBeall, Will
June 198826Feature ArticleDexter Plays DefenseBeall, Will
September 198933Feature ArticleHess Cue-BidsBeall, William C.
March 193241London-Vienna Players Meet At DuplicateBeasley, Colonel H. M.
May 200647Feature ArticleFive FiguresBeasley, John
September 200613Feature ArticleGame in Every DirectionBeasley, John
December 199817Feature ArticleA Magnetic OpponentBeatty, Steve
October 198932Feature ArticleMajor-Suit Raise StructuresBeatty, Steve
December 19848Feature ArticleConfession Is Good for the SoulBecker, B. Jay
July 19643Feature ArticleDefense in the OlympiadBecker, B. Jay
August 194713Feature ArticleLast Nail In The CoffinBecker, B. Jay
October 19532Feature ArticleThe Stone-Roth ControversyBecker, B. Jay
June 201726Feature ArticleWinning from the BenchBecker, Michael
September 20043Feature ArticleNever Say DieBecker, Mike and Cohen, Larry
December 196519Feature ArticleCue-Bidding Below the Notrump Game LevelBecket, William R.
February 195030Book ReviewsCulbertson On CanastaBeesley, Jesse C.
August 201625Feature ArticleT-XYZBeijdorff, Leeuw
November 19299Contract Bridge HarmonyBeinecke, Walter
January 200651Feature ArticlePreparedness and the Rose DoubleBell, Alan
February 199214Feature ArticleSweet 16Bell, Alan
September 199428Feature ArticleThe Bell ConventionBell, Alan
April 200745Feature ArticleTruly False PreferencesBell, Alan
October 199322Feature ArticleUnusual vs. Two-SuitersBell, Alan
April 19559Feature ArticleThe Central States RegionalsBell, Alan and Millard, James A.
May 19572Feature ArticleReopening the BiddingBell, Alan C.
June 200835Classic RewindNever DespairBell, Bruce
July 194526Culling the ColumnsBell, Bruce C.
July 194714Feature ArticleEntry Promotion De LuxeBell, Bruce C.
May 193818Feature ArticleA Unique Bridge LessonBell, Winston
July 196024Feature ArticleThe Fundamentals of the Roman Club SystemBelladonna, Georgio
April 196010Feature ArticleThe Impact of Distributional StrengthBelladonna, Georgio
December 196810Tournament ReportThe Omar Sharif Bridge Circus Tour 68Belladonna, Giorgio
May 19379Feature ArticleFinessesBellanger, Pierre
September 193113The French "Bridge"-PlafondBellanger, Pierre
December 193056In The World Of GamesBellanger, Pierre and Boyden, Elizabeth Clark
October 19522Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipsBelsey, Margery
June 198720Feature ArticleSaharaBenedict, Gene
October 192912ReputationsBenham, Ph.D., F. C.
October 199022Feature ArticleWhite Snow and the Dwarf SevensBenjamin, Albert
May 200234Feature ArticleA Two-Suiter DoubleBennion, Doug
June 200545Feature ArticleJammerBennion, Doug
June 201431Feature ArticleMore Transfer DoublesBennion, Doug
August 201421Feature ArticleReclaimBennion, Doug
September 201020Feature ArticleTransfer DoublesBennion, Doug
June 193727Feature ArticleDebate-Should Bridge Be Abolished? "Yessir,"Bent, Silas
July 19609Feature ArticleAgony in ItalyBerah, D. A.
September 197522Tournament ReportCaribbean ChampionshipBerah, D. A.
October 196029Feature ArticleLetter from South AmericaBerah, D. A.
February 196731Feature ArticleOh, That LeadBerah, D. A.
February 196629Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in South AmericaBerah, D. A.
January 196223Tournament ReportSouth American ChampionshipsBerah, D. A.
November 196321Tournament ReportVenezuela Wins South American ChampionshipBerah, D. A.
January 19796Feature ArticleBy A NoseBerah, David
August 196612Feature ArticleNorth American Slam Bidding in St. VincentBerah, David A.
September 201325Feature ArticleDon't Give UpBergen, Marty
October 201340Bridge MovieQueen HuntBergen, Marty
July 200910Feature ArticleRedoubled TroubleBergen, Marty
July 200747Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 200846Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 200849Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 200945Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 200944Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201045Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201045Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201144Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201146Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201245Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201244Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201347Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201344Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201441Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201443Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201542Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201544Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201643Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201642Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201743Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
July 201743Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201844Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
January 201942Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David
May 20144Tournament ReportInternational NationalBerkowitz, David
June 201416Tournament ReportInternational National, IIBerkowitz, David
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July 199422Feature ArticleUnhelpful TipBerkowitz, David
January 199438Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
May 199436Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
September 199437Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
January 199534Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
May 199536Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
September 199535Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
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July 200514Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
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July 200614Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
January 200714Master Solvers ClubBerkowitz, David and Cohen, Larry
March 194220Feature ArticleEqualizationBernat, Isabel
December 200426Feature ArticleTATA Drury-FitBernstein, Gary
October 193829Feature ArticleBridge HandicapsBernstein, Philip
September 196429Feature ArticleAfterthoughts on the OlympiadBesse, Jean
May 19755Feature ArticleAnother StoryBesse, Jean
August 197713Feature ArticleBeat the Swiss!Besse, Jean
August 196628Feature ArticleThat "Idle" Fifth CardBesse, Jean
June 197233Feature ArticleThe Three QuestionsBesse, Jean
June 196445Feature ArticleThe Olympiad As Seen by Other Players and Observers Besse, Jean, Vanden Borre, Josef, Konstam, Kenneth, Colbert, F. Warren and Heitner, Paul
January 199830Feature ArticleA Jacobean ProposalBethe, Henry
October 198725Feature ArticleA Single-Dummy ExerciseBethe, Henry
July 19924Feature ArticleFive-Two Swiss MatchBethe, Henry
January 200416Swiss MatchNo-Win SwissBethe, Henry
March 193313P. S. He Didn't Get That CertificateBewildered Student
July 193540I See By The PapersBeynon, George
August 193546I See By The PapersBeynon, George
September 193547I See By The PapersBeynon, George W.
October 193545I See By The PapersBeynon, George W.
November 193548I See By The PapersBeynon, George W.
March 193722Feature ArticleA Number From One To TenBeynon, George W.
January 193742Feature ArticleAtlantic NationalBeynon, George W.
October 193731Feature ArticleBurning IssuesBeynon, George W.
August 193821Feature ArticleBush League BridgeBeynon, George W.
March 193925Covering the HinterlandBeynon, George W.
December 193711Feature ArticleFarewell To WarfareBeynon, George W.
September 193527First Masters Of BridgeBeynon, George W.
February 193737Feature ArticleJimmy Makes The GradeBeynon, George W.
May 193731Feature ArticleLet's Look At The RecordBeynon, George W.
August 193631Next Year's BridgeBeynon, George W.
July 193730Feature ArticleNo More Entry FeesBeynon, George W.
January 193630Nothing But FirstsBeynon, George W.
September 193732Feature ArticlePair ProcedureBeynon, George W.
April 193519InterviewRichard L. Frey: Bridge ChampionBeynon, George W.
October 193635Season's Plan Under WayBeynon, George W.
August 193733Feature ArticleSuccess StoryBeynon, George W.
November 193526The Bridge Vox PopuliBeynon, George W.
December 193530The National Drive For Master PointsBeynon, George W.
July 193644The Point Of Master PointsBeynon, George W.
November 193630The Proof Of The PuddingBeynon, George W.
September 193640Tournament DirectionBeynon, George W.
January 193824Feature ArticleTwin MitchellsBeynon, George W.
June 193638U. S. B. A. Plans Big YearBeynon, George W.
December 193627U.S.B.A. State ChampionshipsBeynon, George W.
August 19837Feature ArticleBalloon BidsBhavnani, Krishin H.
February 194516MiscellanyA Remarkable SqueezeBibb, John
February 193242A Lesson From Duplicate, The Master TeacherBibb, John D.
October 193115Don't Give Up The Ship!Bibb, John D.
May 193111Finding The Game-Going TrickBibb, John D.
April 193239Making Assurance Doubly SureBibb, John D.
October 193234Never Finesse Against PartnerBibb, John D.
September 193119Pre-Emptive Bids At ContractBibb, John D.
July 194618Feature ArticleMr. Pipp Goes Into A TranceBidwell, L. M.
August 194731Feature ArticleA Promise Is A PromiseBierman, Harry
October 193713Feature ArticleIn AmericaBiermann, Dr. Fritz
November 193721Feature ArticleVengeanceBiermann, Dr. Fritz
March 194817Feature ArticleA Debt Of HonorBigelow, S. Tupper
October 19497Feature ArticleBridge And The LawBigelow, S. Tupper
June 194911Tournament ReportCanadian National TournamentBigelow, S. Tupper
October 194023Feature ArticleDon't You Believe It!Bigelow, S. Tupper
March 195114Feature ArticleSharon And Mr. MoreheadBigelow, S. Tupper
December 195425Feature ArticleSharon vs. the SharksBigelow, S. Tupper
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April 194031Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money Making Bridge, Chapters V & VIBigelow, S. Tupper
November 193913The Dub's Complete Guide to Money-Making BridgeBigelow, S. Tupper
July 194029Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making BridgeBigelow, S. Tupper
August 194035Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making BridgeBigelow, S. Tupper
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February 194030Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter IVBigelow, S. Tupper
May 194038Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter VIBigelow, S. Tupper
June 194035Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapter VIIBigelow, S. Tupper
January 194025Feature ArticleThe Dub's Complete Guide To Money-Making Bridge, Chapters II & IIIBigelow, S. Tupper
October 194821Feature ArticleThe Linden FishBigelow, S. Tupper
October 194237Feature ArticleMore About Slam MethodsBigelow, Thomas
April 194217Feature ArticleMore About The Culwood ConventionBigelow, Thomas
September 194214Feature ArticleSlam MethodsBigelow, Thomas
February 19425Feature ArticleThe Culwood ConventionBigelow, Thomas
June 19415Feature ArticleUp With The Ace!Bigelow, Thomas
February 198523Feature ArticleBrother Aelred's Mysterious AssignmentBird, David
October 198223Feature ArticleBrother Aelred's Winning LineBird, David
December 200130Feature ArticleBrother Cameron's OversightBird, David
May 197917Feature ArticleBrother Luke's ParrotBird, David
July 198533Feature ArticleBrother Paulo's Biltcliffe CoupBird, David
December 199527Feature ArticleMagic Down UnderBird, David
November 198520Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Good NewsBird, David
June 198716Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Good ViewBird, David
October 198622Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Kind ThoughtBird, David
December 199619Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Long First RoundBird, David
April 198314Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Match-Winning BoardBird, David
November 199922Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Multiple UnblockBird, David
January 198630Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Rescue MissionBird, David
June 198624Feature ArticleThe Abbot's RiposteBird, David
March 198820Feature ArticleThe Abbot's Warm WelcomeBird, David
May 198226Feature ArticleThe Chancellor's CupBird, David
December 200013Feature ArticleThe Distinguished PassengerBird, David
December 19843Feature ArticleThe Instruction of Brother JamesBird, David
March 198722Feature ArticleThe Salvation of Abbot HugoBird, David
March 201324Feature ArticleCircumstances Alter CasesBird, David and Bourke, Tim
December 201514Feature ArticlePicking the LockBird, David and Bourke, Tim
February 201820Feature ArticleSine Qua NonBird, David and Bourke, Tim
February 201540Feature ArticleSurplus to RequirementsBird, David and Bourke, Tim
July 199621Feature ArticleThe Bourke RelayBird, David and Bourke, Tim
September 201040Feature ArticleThe Long-Trump BluesBird, David and Bourke, Tim
October 201632Feature ArticleThrow Away the KeyBird, David and Bourke, Tim
July 201318Feature ArticleTricky Dental WorkBird, David and Bourke, Tim
May 199816Feature ArticleBattle with the ArabsBird, David and Klinger, Ron
December 199112Feature ArticleJust Another WednesdayBird, David and Klinger, Ron
July 199120Feature ArticleMr. Weinberg's Sharp DefenseBird, David and Klinger, Ron
January 199415Feature ArticleThe Important Dinner PartyBird, David and Klinger, Ron
May 193014Two HandsBlack, Paul W.
June 19405Feature ArticleClarifying The BlackwoodBlackwood, Easley
February 194314Feature ArticleSlam ConventionsBlackwood, Easley
March 194326Feature ArticleSlam Conventions, Part IIBlackwood, Easley
April 194336Feature ArticleSlam Conventions, Part IIIBlackwood, Easley
September 19385Feature ArticleThe Blackwood ConventionBlackwood, Easley
October 194225Feature ArticleThe Blackwood Slam ConventionBlackwood, Easley
May 195215Feature ArticleThe Blackwood Theory Of DistributionBlackwood, Easley
January 19552Feature ArticleDynamic Responses to OvercallsBlackwood, Easley and McComass, Stanley
April 19749Feature ArticleA Simple Suit CombinationBlair, Charles
February 19934Feature ArticleA Penny Earned?Blau, Ronald M.
March 199122Feature ArticleLitmus TestBlau, Ronald M.
January 197214Feature ArticleSeptember MournBlau, Ronald M.
October 198413Feature ArticleThe Money GameBlau, Ronald M.
November 19367Bridge-WorkBlock, Samuel
July 193710Feature ArticleContract Troubles--DoubledBlock, Samuel
July 201118Feature ArticleExtra ChancesBloom, Steve
December 201040Feature ArticleIn Their HeadsBloom, Steve
December 201140Feature ArticleThe Second FitBloom, Steve and Colchamiro, Mel
June 199420Bridge MovieA 3-D MovieBloom, Steven
January 198633Feature ArticleGrand DealsBloom, Steven
September 199819Feature ArticleOddball Suit-Combination PlaysBloom, Steven
April 19788Tournament ReportThe Blue Ribbon FinalsBloom, Steven
February 20004Feature ArticleThe Careful DeclarerBloom, Steven
May 194925Feature ArticleA Helluva A GameBlum, Robert N.
November 195617Feature ArticleHow To Play Bridge With Your WifeBlum, Robert N.
February 195924Feature ArticleThe Convention Is Out Of OrderBlum, Robert N.
August 200613Feature ArticleAll-Purpose Passed-Hand Major-Suit RaisesBluthman, Alvin P.
June 200645Feature ArticleSpiral Scans RevisitedBluthman, Alvin P.
May 200552Feature ArticleGazzilliBobbio, Giovanni
February 197324Feature ArticleNine-X False CardsBoeder, John
March 196916Feature ArticleCollege Bridge in the Crystal BallBoehm, August
March 198229Feature ArticleLaunch TimeBoehm, August
May 198029Feature ArticlePreemptive StrategyBoehm, August
May 200363Feature ArticleA Session at the ClubBoehm, August W.
December 200063Feature ArticleAccommodating PartnerBoehm, August W.
October 200555InterviewAn Interview with Dorothy & Alan TruscottBoehm, August W.
November 200554InterviewAn Interview with Dorothy & Alan Truscott, IIBoehm, August W.
February 200563Feature ArticleBreaking ThroughBoehm, August W.
March 201740Feature ArticleClient BridgeBoehm, August W.
December 200555Feature ArticleCollectiblesBoehm, August W.
June 200163Feature ArticleEarning a LivingBoehm, August W.
January 201222Feature ArticleGrand OperaBoehm, August W.
August 201243Feature ArticleGuys and DollsBoehm, August W.
February 201226Feature ArticleHippocratic DefenseBoehm, August W.
July 200463Feature ArticleHitting the Right NotesBoehm, August W.
October 201822Feature ArticleHow to Lose 13 ImpsBoehm, August W.
May 200840Feature ArticleImpossibleBoehm, August W.
December 200726Feature ArticleImprove Your ImprovBoehm, August W.
November 201026Feature ArticleIn the TrenchesBoehm, August W.
April 201126Feature ArticleKeep the Spotlight ShiningBoehm, August W.
November 200263Feature ArticleLesson DealsBoehm, August W.
April 201533Feature ArticleLong Day?s Journey Into LightBoehm, August W.
June 200731Feature ArticleLuck Be a LadyBoehm, August W.
December 201426Bridge MovieMajor Mysteries Boehm, August W.
March 201334Feature ArticleMaster ClassBoehm, August W.
June 201026Feature ArticleMuddle DoublesBoehm, August W.
July 200826Feature ArticleNotrump Without StoppersBoehm, August W.
February 201825Feature ArticleOut of the BushesBoehm, August W.
July 201225Feature ArticleProfessionalismBoehm, August W.
August 201231Feature ArticleProfessionalism, IIBoehm, August W.
September 201231Feature ArticleProfessionalism, IIIBoehm, August W.
November 201330Feature ArticleReunionBoehm, August W.
September 200926Feature ArticleReversing CourseBoehm, August W.
February 201630Feature ArticleRiskBoehm, August W.
May 200654Feature ArticleRote vs. LogicBoehm, August W.
June 200554Feature ArticleScience at the Freak ShowBoehm, August W.
April 200463Feature ArticleSelf-AlertBoehm, August W.
September 201635Feature ArticleSwing TimeBoehm, August W.
April 200926Feature ArticleTalking ShopBoehm, August W.
November 200363Feature ArticleTeacher's PetsBoehm, August W.
May 201534Feature ArticleThe LinksBoehm, August W.
December 200827Feature ArticleThe Post-MortemBoehm, August W.
April 200064Feature ArticleThe Serious StudentBoehm, August W.
May 200263Feature ArticleThe Wisdom of the SagesBoehm, August W.
December 200653Feature ArticleThinking on Your SeatBoehm, August W.
February 201026Feature ArticleTo Each His OwnBoehm, August W.
September 201334Feature ArticleTrunk SongsBoehm, August W.
May 201835Feature ArticleTrunk Songs, IIBoehm, August W.
August 200561Feature ArticleUnder a CloudBoehm, August W.
May 201224Feature ArticleWind in the WillowsBoehm, August W.
March 197313Feature ArticleBig Time BridgeBoehm, George A. W.
November 197014Feature ArticlelebensohlBoehm, George A. W.
December 197027Feature Articlelebensohl, IIBoehm, George A. W.
March 196227Feature ArticleLet's Keep the Bidding SimpleBoehm, George A. W.
October 20098Feature ArticleLet's Keep the Bidding SimpleBoehm, George A. W.
April 19769Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the EditorBoehm, George A. W.
July 197716Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the EditorBoehm, George A. W.
January 197919Feature ArticlePlagiarizing the Editor, IIIBoehm, George A. W.
November 196721Feature ArticleAn International QuizBoender, Peter
September 201126Feature ArticleStrategic DoublesBohem, August W.
June 195515Feature ArticleThe Canadian ChampionshipBoland, Corti
February 193022The Combination System In ContractBoland, V. F.
March 193235The Forcing TakeoutBond, A. W.
March 201325Feature ArticleMy Favorite FewBooth, Geoff
December 200640Feature ArticleThe Story FactorBooth, Geoff
May 199036Feature ArticleTwo For OneBooth, Geoff
September 194833Feature ArticleIndicitive ConversationBoseray, Robert
July 193434Suggestions For A Standard SystemBourget, Frank E.
April 199725Feature ArticleDeclarer's DilemmaBourke, Tim
April 20028Feature ArticleOne for the MoneyBourke, Tim
July 201020Feature ArticleOriginsBourke, Tim
August 201423Feature ArticleSaving the Best for LastBourke, Tim and Bird, David
December 193620A Coffee-House To End All Coffee-HousesBowers, Stewart W.
April 195410Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump OpeningBowers, Stewart W.
May 195425Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump Opening Part IIBowers, Stewart W.
June 195430Feature ArticleA New System of Conventional Bids After a One-notrump Opening Part IIIBowers, Stewart W.
June 195620Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, ConclusionBowers, Stewart W.
April 195621Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, Part IBowers, Stewart W.
May 195617Feature ArticleContract's Stepchild: The Passed Hand, Part IIBowers, Stewart W.
February 193710Feature ArticleScaramoucheBowers, Stewart W.
November 195924Feature ArticleSimplified Version of the Roman Responses to BlackwoodBowers, Stewart W.
May 194913Feature ArticleThanks You, Mr. GorenBowers, Stewart W.
February 19498Feature ArticleThe BowersBowers, Stewart W.
September 193039In The World Of GamesBoyden, Elizabeth Clark
February 19318ReminiscencesBoyden, Elizabeth Clark
June 193117The Miracle Of StandardizationBoyden, Elizabeth Clark
February 194826Tournament ReportThe Eucom Contract Bridge ChampionshipBoyer, Robert S.
April 194917Feature ArticleThe Second Eucom ChampionshipsBoyer, Robert S.
April 199313Feature ArticleDouble Duty DruryBradley, Allan and Poissant, Lee
July 201116Feature ArticleAdvancing Wide-Range MichaelsBragin, Barry
February 201929Feature ArticleCompeting Over Two SpadesBragin, Barry
November 200824Feature ArticleTransfer Advances of One Club DoubledBragin, Barry
February 200040Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 200514Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 200514Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 200614Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 200614Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 200746Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 200743Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 200845Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 200844Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 200942Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 200943Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201042Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201045Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201144Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201144Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201243Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201245Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201346Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201340Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201443Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201443Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201541Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201543Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201644Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201643Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201744Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201742Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
May 201844Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
November 201842Master Solvers ClubBramley, Bart
January 20155Tournament ReportA Passage to IndiaBramley, Bart
February 20155Tournament ReportA Passage to India, IIBramley, Bart
March 201516Tournament ReportA Passage to India, IIIBramley, Bart
April 20154Tournament ReportA Passage to India, IVBramley, Bart
May 20154Tournament ReportA Passage to India, VBramley, Bart
February 20065Feature ArticleAt the HopBramley, Bart
March 200634Feature ArticleAt the Hop, IIBramley, Bart
August 20084Feature ArticleAt the Polish ClubBramley, Bart
September 20086Feature ArticleAt the Polish Club, IIBramley, Bart
June 20144Tournament ReportBali HighBramley, Bart
July 20145Tournament ReportBali High, IIBramley, Bart
August 20144Tournament ReportBali High, IIIBramley, Bart
September 20148Tournament ReportBali High, IVBramley, Bart
March 20008Feature ArticleBoston Team PartyBramley, Bart
October 20153Tournament ReportBourbon Street VanderbiltBramley, Bart
November 20155Tournament ReportBourbon Street Vanderbilt, IIBramley, Bart
December 20156Tournament ReportBourbon Street Vanderbilt, IIIBramley, Bart
January 20163Tournament ReportBourbon Street Vanderbilt, IVBramley, Bart
February 20165Tournament ReportBourbon Street Vanderbilt, VBramley, Bart
May 20103Tournament ReportBrazilian Bermuda BowlBramley, Bart
June 20103Tournament ReportBrazilian Bermuda Bowl, IIBramley, Bart
July 20106Tournament ReportBrazilian Bermuda Bowl, IIIBramley, Bart
August 20105Tournament ReportBrazilian Bermuda Bowl, IVBramley, Bart
January 200328Feature ArticleChoice CutsBramley, Bart
October 20033Feature ArticleFifty-Two-Card MonteBramley, Bart
November 20038Feature ArticleFifty-Two-Card Monte, IIBramley, Bart
December 20033Feature ArticleFifty-Two-Card Monte, IIIBramley, Bart
January 20114Tournament ReportGoing DutchBramley, Bart
February 20115Tournament ReportGoing Dutch, IIBramley, Bart
March 20113Tournament ReportGoing Dutch, IIIBramley, Bart
April 20117Tournament ReportGoing Dutch, IVBramley, Bart
August 200316Feature ArticleGrand IllusionsBramley, Bart
July 20024Tournament ReportHouston VanderbiltBramley, Bart
August 20024Tournament ReportHouston Vanderbilt, IIBramley, Bart
February 20134Tournament ReportIn Fine Form in PhillyBramley, Bart
March 20134Tournament ReportIn Fine Form in Philly, IIBramley, Bart
April 20136Tournament ReportIn Fine Form in Philly, IIIBramley, Bart
December 20174Feature ArticleLet's Play Two!Bramley, Bart
January 20183Feature ArticleLet's Play Two!, IIBramley, Bart
February 20184Feature ArticleLet's Play Two!, IIIBramley, Bart
March 20184Feature ArticleLet's Play Two!, IVBramley, Bart
April 20183Feature ArticleLet's Play Two!, VBramley, Bart
October 20184Tournament ReportPhilly FreezeoutBramley, Bart
November 20186Tournament ReportPhilly Freezeout, IIBramley, Bart
December 20184Tournament ReportPhilly Freezeout, IIIBramley, Bart
July 20013Tournament ReportPolishing the Vanderbilt TrophyBramley, Bart
August 20013Tournament ReportPolishing the Vanderbilt Trophy, IIBramley, Bart
September 20113Tournament ReportRun for the RosesBramley, Bart
October 20116Tournament ReportRun for the Roses, IIBramley, Bart
November 20115Tournament ReportRun for the Roses, IIIBramley, Bart
December 201115Tournament ReportRun for the Roses, IVBramley, Bart
October 199017Feature ArticleSeven ClubsBramley, Bart
September 19994Tournament ReportThe 1999 Cavendish InvitationalBramley, Bart
April 20173Feature ArticleThe National ZooBramley, Bart
May 201728Feature ArticleThe National Zoo, IIBramley, Bart
November 20073Tournament ReportTicket to ShanghaiBramley, Bart
December 20073Tournament ReportTicket to Shanghai, IIBramley, Bart
January 20082Tournament ReportTicket to Shanghai, IIIBramley, Bart
May 20053Tournament ReportTurkish DelightBramley, Bart
June 20055Tournament ReportTurkish Delight, IIBramley, Bart
July 20053Tournament ReportTurkish Delight, IIIBramley, Bart
August 200534Tournament ReportTurkish Delight, IVBramley, Bart
September 20053Tournament ReportTurkish Delight, VBramley, Bart
October 20064Tournament ReportWorld ClassBramley, Bart
November 200635Tournament ReportWorld Class, IIBramley, Bart
April 200821Feature ArticleCustomsBranco, Marcelo
April 19528Feature ArticleSome Vanderbilt Post-MortemsBrandt, Hanry
February 19483Feature ArticleDuplicate GripesBrandt, Henry
July 194720Feature ArticleHow To Lose TricksBrandt, Henry
June 200833Classic RewindHow to Lose TricksBrandt, Henry
March 200823Classic RewindIntercollegiate BridgeBrandt, Henry
December 194817Feature ArticleSecond Round ControlsBrandt, Henry
May 195022Feature ArticleSome Vanderbilt HighlightsBrandt, Henry
April 19483Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt TournamentBrandt, Henry
July 19486Feature ArticleUp With The Queen?Brandt, Henry
May 195412Tournament ReportVanderbilt High SpotsBrandt, Henry
November 194616Feature ArticleIntercollegiate BridgeBrandt, Pvt. Henry
August 193117Bridge PestsBrannon, Robert M.
September 193826Feature ArticleBridge, Bidding, And The BookBrannon, Robert M.
September 193514CatherineBrannon, Robert M.
April 19397Feature ArticleCockeyed Cards And Cuckoo DealsBrannon, Robert M.
June 193024In The Seats Of The MightyBrannon, Robert M.
May 193515My Days With CulbertsonBrannon, Robert M.
October 19387Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The ProfessorBrannon, Robert M.
December 193828Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The ProfessorBrannon, Robert M.
November 193826Feature ArticleReminiscences Of The Professor - Part IIBrannon, Robert M.
May 193019The Culbertson Simplified System Of Card ValuationBrannon, Robert M.
January 193420The Culbertson System of 1776Brannon, Robert M.
June 193036The Professor Does His StuffBrannon, Robert M.
September 193036The Professor Does His StuffBrannon, Robert M.
July 193022The Professor Does His Stuff (Again)Brannon, Robert M.
March 194114Feature ArticleThe Professor Lends A HandBrannon, Robert M.
August 193013The Strange InturludeBrannon, Robert M.
October 193310The Vanderbilt Club ConventionBrannon, Robert M.
March 193428The Vanderbilt Club ConventionBrannon, Robert M.
April 193028Thu Culbertson (Forcing) System ExplainedBrannon, Robert M.
May 200024Feature ArticleHold That Middle!Braucher, Bill
November 200548Feature ArticleSide GameBraucher, Bill
March 199121Feature ArticleWould You Really?Braucher, Bill
May 201022Feature ArticleRock-Paper-ScissorsBrenner, Charles
August 196733Feature ArticleWe Don't Use BlackwoodBrett, Carl
December 193819Feature ArticleContract Bridge Is A DiseaseBrink, Ellen Betty
December 196433Feature ArticleA Bermuda HolidayBrooks, Dorsey W.
February 198017Feature ArticleConfessions Of A McKenney WidowBrooks, Susan
June 19473Feature ArticleDown Went McgintyBrown, Arthur T.
January 198215Feature ArticleClap HandsBrown, David
October 200925Feature ArticleClap HandsBrown, David
January 198435Feature ArticleDid Einstein Play Bridge?Brown, David
September 197816Feature ArticleParadise LostBrown, David
August 197722Feature ArticlePoint TakenBrown, David
November 194917Feature ArticleLead ValuesBrown, John
August 200835Classic RewindLead ValuesBrown, John
May 200931Classic RewindThe GambitBrown, John
December 195121Feature ArticleThe Gambit In BridgeBrown, John
July 19509Feature ArticleTown And Country CousinBrown, John
July 201030Classic RewindTown and Country CousinsBrown, John
January 201624Feature ArticleFalsecarding: An ArtBrown, Ray
August 193046A National Bridge TourBruelheide, F. E.
June 193113A Ten Thousand Mile Bridge TourBruelheide, F. E.
June 193054Another QuestionnaireBruelheide, F. E.
September 194027Feature ArticleBridge Merry-Go-RoundBruelheide, F. E.
May 194018Feature ArticleThe Bridge Merry-Go-RoundBruelheide, F. E.
March 193020A Significant QuestionnaireBruelheide, Frank E.
July 194317Feature ArticleAustrian And American BridgeBrunner, Robert K.
February 194329Feature ArticleBridge SuperstitionsBrunner, Robert K.
August 193221Honor Trick Requirement FormulasBryan, C. K.
May 193913Feature ArticleBridge EpisodeBryan, Maurie C.
January 198924Feature ArticleThe Back RelayBuchignani, Mark
April 19879Feature ArticleThe Balancing Negative DoubleBuchignani, Mark
March 195728Feature ArticleDrop Dead, Mr. PercentageBungay, III, Henry R.
July 195924Feature ArticleThe Devil to PlayBungay, III, Henry R.
August 200166Classic RewindHow To Tell a Bath Coup from a BathtubBurchard, John Ely and Wyman, Walter F.
February 200163Classic RewindHow to Tell a Deschapelles from a DishpailBurchard, John Ely and Wyman, Walter F.
December 199232Feature ArticleOne Notrump BurgayBurgay, Leandro
January 199318Feature ArticleOne Notrump Burgay, IIBurgay, Leandro
April 194022Feature ArticleBirth And Death Of A Quick-Trick SystemBurger, Robert S.
February 19938Feature ArticleFour Leads and a ShrinkBurka, Paul
February 194629Feature ArticleBlue MartiniBurleigh, L. A.
October 194428Feature ArticleMusic Hath CharmsBurleigh, L. A.
September 194524Feature ArticleThe Mountain And The TitmouseBurleigh, L. A.
June 194635Feature ArticleTitmouse TriumphantBurleigh, L. A.
January 193049Believe It Or NotBurnstine, David
November 193324Four Types Of Three-BidBurnstine, David
December 192918The Two Club SystemBurnstine, David
April 19816Feature ArticleA Mole's-Eye ViewBurrows, Peter
August 19834Feature ArticleHead MoleBurrows, Peter
October 200552Feature ArticleA Tasty SacrificeBurton, Chuck
March 200647Feature ArticleClients, LOL's, and OthersBurton, Chuck
October 194610Feature ArticleDouble TroubleBurton, T. A.
February 196632Tournament ReportThe 1965 Far East ChampionshipsButcher, Thomas D.
August 193213A System And Its ApplicationC., G. M.
January 193118An Unparalleled Winning RecordC., G. M.
September 193316And They Call It A System!C., G. M.
May 193116Author's Highest RewardC., G. M.
August 193114Debunking BridgeC., G. M.
November 19317Eli Baba And The Forty ThievesC., G. M.
January 193335Money ContractC., G. M.
June 193317Rank Ranking of the RankersC., G. M.
March 194439Feature ArticleStandardized Bidding?C., G. M.
February 193215The Official Goat Of The "Official" SystemC., G. M.
September 193015What Price OfficialC., G. M.
April 193415When Is A New System?C., G. M.
June 198025Feature ArticleWhat's Old In BridgeCabral, Pedro C.
September 193123Temporary DenialsCalhoun, Mrs. F. H.
September 193051England Versus AmericaCaliban
April 193122England Vs. AmericaCaliban
July 19607Feature ArticleTriumph at TurinCamara, Helene
October 194524Feature ArticleDouble-Dummy DefenseCameron, Robert A.
May 194510Feature ArticleLeading Partner's SuitCameron, Robert A.
September 194519Feature ArticleLeading Partner's Suit IICameron, Robert A.
March 194613Feature ArticleStar (Un)BlockerCameron, Robert A.
February 194614Feature ArticleThe Queen Of SpadesCameron, Robert A.
November 200732Classic RewindThe Queen of SpadesCameron, Robert A.
July 194533Feature ArticleTwo Ways To Play ItCameron, Robert A.
March 194518Feature ArticleWatch Your DeucesCameron, Robert A.
February 200517Feature ArticleThe Escape HatchCamilleis, Ken
December 200940Feature ArticleThree-Card-Major ResponsesCamp, Michael
July 196226Feature ArticleCommon Sense Bidding Over Takeout DoubleCamp, Sue
September 200710Feature ArticleA Golden NuggetCampanile, Migry Zur
April 201140Feature ArticleAdjusting the OddsCampbell, L. Andrew
September 199821Feature ArticleBailey Two-BidsCampbell, L. Andrew
September 195313Puzzle CornerInferential ProblemCampbell, Roy E.
July 196531Feature ArticleThis Is Bridge?Canaday, R. Fred
July 193719Feature ArticleA Hoax PlayCantor, M.D., Jacob A.
October 193219Overcall in Opponents' Bid SuitCantor, M.D., Jacob A.
January 198730PotpourriAn All-Around DealCantrall, William R.
January 193311The Cuban ChampionshipCapablanca, Jose Raul
May 200647Feature ArticleCapp ExtensionsCappelletti, Mike
September 198333Feature ArticleCapp/1MXCappelletti, Mike
January 201211Feature ArticleCombining GadgetsCappelletti, Mike
March 200317Feature ArticleExtended FlanneryCappelletti, Mike
October 198814Feature ArticleFollow-UpCappelletti, Mike
December 200325Feature ArticleJoe's JacobyCappelletti, Mike
December 200542Feature ArticlelhosnebelCappelletti, Mike
July 198825Feature ArticleLiberalized Leaping MichaelsCappelletti, Mike
December 201236Feature ArticlePicture Transfer ResponsesCappelletti, Mike
April 198753Feature ArticleThe Captain's HatCappelletti, Mike
July 200844Feature ArticleUpdatesCappelletti, Mike
July 200730Feature ArticleCappLiftCappelletti, Mike and Lifton, Virginia
December 201632Feature ArticleBOSCOCaprera, Dave
December 198917Feature ArticleBridge Arguments ClassifiedCaprera, Dave
February 201936Feature ArticleConfessions of a PolleeCaprera, Dave
April 201240Feature ArticleCriss-Crossing Doubled StaymanCaprera, Dave
June 201240Feature ArticleHow to Be a Bridge ProCaprera, Dave
September 201432Feature ArticleNever Bid Spades!Caprera, Dave
April 199022Feature ArticleRe-Q-'Em for the MassesCaprera, Dave
August 201236Feature ArticleSikkohCaprera, Dave
June 199021Feature ArticleSimulation: A Critical LookCaprera, Dave
October 201433Feature ArticlePuppet with Slam-TriesCarciu, Valentin
April 201023Feature ArticleBack and ForthCardell, N. Scott
January 201022Feature ArticleKind HeartsCardell, N. Scott
August 196011Feature ArticleThe Asking Cue-BidCarpenter, Frederic I.
October 195718Feature ArticleFreaks: Their Care and NurtureCarpenter, Frederic Ives
February 199610Feature ArticleComprehensive Major-Suit RaisesCarruthers, John
November 201328Feature ArticleNemesisCarruthers, John
March 200832Feature ArticleThe SCBPA Annual AwardsCarruthers, John
March 199913Feature ArticleThe X-DealsCarruthers, John
October 193217Double Is Key to Slam BidCarver, Jr., W. O.
April 193325Thrills That Abound In ContractCarver, Jr., W. O.
December 193314Reminiscences Of A Bridge RegicideCary, W. L.
January 194818Feature ArticleAmong My SouvenirsCary, Whitner
December 197622Feature ArticleThe Limits of ArtificialityCasey, Frank B.
July 193131An Unbiddable SuitCash, Ralph A.
January 193222Inferential Forcing BidsCash, Ralph A.
October 193122Later Procedure Of Takeout DoublerCash, Ralph A.
May 193112The Art Of Underleading AcesCash, Ralph A.
November 195510Feature ArticleWhy and How To Play the Weak NotrumpCash, Ralph A.
January 193731Feature ArticleBeware The GreeksCassel, Michael F.
August 193619Super SafetyCassel, Michael F.
October 193516The Counter-SqueezeCassel, Michael F.
August 200269Classic RewindSuper SafetyCassell, Michael F.
February 201529Feature ArticleAnother Four-Five Two-BidCasselton, Ian
January 201723Feature ArticleCLORCasselton, Ian
November 201541Feature ArticleDONKCasselton, Ian
October 201311Feature ArticleKickboCasselton, Ian
January 193223Bridge In MexicoCeballos, Carlos Diaz
December 200638Feature ArticleA Responding CatalogCem, Ercan
August 200875Feature ArticleAfter a Pseudo-NotrumpCem, Ercan
October 200319Feature ArticleAvoiding AutopilotCem, Ercan
February 200418Feature ArticleAvoiding Lazy DefensesCem, Ercan
December 200840Feature ArticleConcessionCem, Ercan
September 200217Feature ArticleCoup Out of the BlueCem, Ercan
February 201076Feature ArticleDiscovery and ConcealmentCem, Ercan
January 200748Feature ArticleExperts vs. Expert's ExpertsCem, Ercan
May 200841Feature ArticleGoing a Step FurtherCem, Ercan
November 200427Feature ArticleInto Declarer's ShoesCem, Ercan
February 201125Feature ArticleKnothole StaymanCem, Ercan
April 200843Feature ArticleMultiple-Meaning TransfersCem, Ercan
October 200549Feature ArticleNew-Millennium DONTCem, Ercan
March 200325Feature ArticleOverlooking the ObviousCem, Ercan
November 201740Feature ArticlePushing New LimitsCem, Ercan
October 201141Feature ArticlePushing the LimitsCem, Ercan
July 200323Feature ArticleReady for AnythingCem, Ercan
April 200552Feature ArticleShowing a Secondary ColorCem, Ercan
July 200538Feature ArticleSleeping PillsCem, Ercan
August 201122Feature ArticleSo Many Suits, So Little SpaceCem, Ercan
October 201732Feature ArticleSo Many Suits, So Little Space, IICem, Ercan
July 200428Feature ArticleSolo or Duet?Cem, Ercan
January 200920Feature ArticleStar WarsCem, Ercan
June 200725Feature ArticleTaking a Second LookCem, Ercan
April 201713Feature ArticleThe Common RoadCem, Ercan
May 201722Feature ArticleThe Common Road, IICem, Ercan
June 201728Feature ArticleThe Common Road, IIICem, Ercan
July 201726Feature ArticleThe Common Road, IVCem, Ercan
August 201718Feature ArticleThe Common Road, VCem, Ercan
September 201718Feature ArticleThe Common Road, VICem, Ercan
May 200329Feature ArticleVisualizing the UnseenCem, Ercan
March 197226Feature ArticleI'm in Great Form, PartnerChagas, Gabriel
February 19734Tournament ReportPrecision in South AmericaChagas, Gabriel
October 19734Feature ArticlePrecision Meets PrecisionChagas, Gabriel
March 197116Tournament ReportThe South American ChampionshipsChagas, Gabriel
May 201739Feature ArticlePreemptive Flannery CheckbackCheetham, Lawrence
January 201425Feature ArticleControlwoodChidiac, Pierre
May 200775Feature ArticleHorns of a DilemmaChidiac, Pierre
August 201443Feature ArticleOne Diamond - Two Clubs RevisitedChidiac, Pierre
July 201629Feature ArticleSmolen ExpandedChorush, Ira
April 19465Feature ArticleIs It Really Necessary?Churchill, S. Garton
April 200641Feature ArticleSANDCiborowski, Konrad
December 193730Feature ArticleA Question Of EthicsClaptrap, Jeremy
April 193929Feature ArticleHoogli At DuplicateClaptrap, Jeremy
November 193931Hoogli on Bridge EtiquetteClaptrap, Jeremy
December 193822Feature ArticleHoogli On PsychicsClaptrap, Jeremy
September 193723Feature ArticleThe Boston Bridge PartyClaptrap, Jeremy
August 193844Feature ArticleThe Hoogli SystemClaptrap, Jeremy
April 198218Feature ArticleWhat Do You Lead?Clark, Morris E.
October 193223Don't Give Up the ShipClarke, Jr., F. W.
April 193244Strip PlaysClarke, Jr., F. W.
January 200745Feature ArticleJujitsu by DeclarerClayton, Phil
January 201935Feature ArticleScientific SuperacceptancesClayton, Phil
November 198523Feature ArticleCliff Over One ClubCliff, Dave
June 193112More About The Jump OvercallClifton, Robert K.
April 193116The Distributional Two-Bid And The Rule-Of-FiveClifton, Robert K.
May 196637Feature ArticlePartner vs. KandlerCline, Jerene
June 198222Feature ArticleImmaterial SqueezeClinite, Richard
August 199513Feature ArticleA Suggested ImprovementClyburn, T. Mil
June 195434Feature ArticleThe Automatic Three-way SneerCoan, Robert A.
November 193625A Fine PointCoffin, George
December 195219Feature ArticleA Surety ProblemCoffin, George
September 201031Classic RewindA Surety ProblemCoffin, George
February 193712Feature ArticleAn End RunCoffin, George
September 193613Charity BridgeCoffin, George
November 19389Feature ArticleDopey Does His StuffCoffin, George
December 193616Easy AcesCoffin, George
June 195615Feature ArticleElks' MiseryCoffin, George
April 193723Feature ArticleFinesse ObligeCoffin, George
June 19387Feature ArticleFools Rush InCoffin, George
July 200373Classic RewindFools Rush InCoffin, George
January 194931Feature ArticleHer MajestyCoffin, George
July 193720Feature ArticleJetsamCoffin, George
August 200269Classic RewindKing's GambitCoffin, George
July 194022Feature ArticleLittle Red Hen Takes The CakeCoffin, George
July 193824Feature ArticleMake 'Em SweatCoffin, George
June 200370Classic RewindMake 'em SweatCoffin, George
August 193730Feature ArticleNullo ContendereCoffin, George
June 19375Feature ArticlePitt's GambitCoffin, George
November 200270Classic RewindPitt's GambitCoffin, George
September 193814Feature ArticleSnow White And The Seven FinessesCoffin, George
October 194117Feature ArticleSure TricksCoffin, George
August 194514Sure TricksCoffin, George
April 194631Feature ArticleSure TricksCoffin, George
October 194630Feature ArticleSure TricksCoffin, George
October 200730Classic RewindSure TricksCoffin, George
November 200731Classic RewindSure TricksCoffin, George
December 193729Feature ArticleThe Four Little BunniesCoffin, George
January 193822Feature ArticleThe Killjoy CoupCoffin, George
May 193814Feature ArticleThe King's GambitCoffin, George
January 19389Feature ArticleThe Laconia CoupCoffin, George
April 200370Classic RewindThe Laconia CoupCoffin, George
March 200929Classic RewindThe Lurking KingsCoffin, George
March 19388Feature ArticleThe Wolfboro CoupCoffin, George
October 19368You're Fooling Me!Coffin, George
June 194524Feature ArticleChinese BridgeCoffin, George S.
March 193114Coups At Bridge ExplainedCoffin, George S.
January 194512Feature ArticleGuinea GoldCoffin, George S.
December 193329Heart-Failure Hands From The New Hampshire TournamentCoffin, George S.
November 200835Classic RewindHer MajestyCoffin, George S.
January 193531Hex, OC and R. T. C.Coffin, George S.
May 194921Feature ArticleMystery Of The Lurking KingsCoffin, George S.
March 193618Some New End-PlaysCoffin, George S.
November 193127Squeezes At Bridge ExplainedCoffin, George Sturgis
September 193122The Three-Headed Bridge MonsterCoffin, George Sturgis
January 193124Bridge In BostonCogswell, W. Cleveland
April 193225The Boston Chess ClubCogswell, W. Cleveland
November 196910Feature ArticleClubs and DiamondsCohen, Jess B.
February 197819Feature ArticleDirty HarryCohen, Jess B.
January 197210Feature ArticleTop SecretCohen, Jess B.
May 198922Feature Article24 In the Time Of 16Cohen, Larry
April 20074Tournament ReportA Blue Ribbon PairCohen, Larry
December 20064Feature ArticleAnother RerunCohen, Larry
January 200732Feature ArticleAnother Rerun, IICohen, Larry
October 20084Tournament ReportBattle for BeijingCohen, Larry
November 20085Tournament ReportBattle for Beijing, IICohen, Larry
December 20086Tournament ReportBattle for Beijing, IIICohen, Larry
October 20015Tournament ReportBattling for BaliCohen, Larry
November 20014Tournament ReportBattling for Bali, IICohen, Larry
December 20018Tournament ReportBattling for Bali, IIICohen, Larry
January 20024Tournament ReportBattling for Bali, IVCohen, Larry
February 200223Tournament ReportBattling for Bali, VCohen, Larry
September 20022Feature ArticleCavendish PuzzlesCohen, Larry
January 200840Feature ArticleChain GangCohen, Larry
April 20045Feature ArticleCheap TricksCohen, Larry
November 19985Tournament ReportChicago SpingoldCohen, Larry
December 19988Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IICohen, Larry
November 199222Feature ArticleCouped at the CavendishCohen, Larry
October 200064Feature ArticleDavid vs. GoliathCohen, Larry
September 200263Feature ArticleDummy Means DummyCohen, Larry
December 20054Tournament ReportHeartbreak HotelCohen, Larry
January 200634Tournament ReportHeartbreak Hotel, IICohen, Larry
February 200634Tournament ReportHeartbreak Hotel, IIICohen, Larry
March 20063Tournament ReportHeartbreak Hotel, IVCohen, Larry
April 20064Tournament ReportHeartbreak Hotel, VCohen, Larry
April 200163Feature ArticleHow to Prepare a DuckCohen, Larry
June 200826Feature ArticleHow to Read Your Bridge World Cohen, Larry
July 200363Feature ArticleHow to Scramble an EggCohen, Larry
July 20035Tournament ReportKeystone KnockoutCohen, Larry
July 20074Tournament ReportLadies' DayCohen, Larry
August 20074Tournament ReportLadies' Day, IICohen, Larry
January 20094Tournament ReportLas WagesCohen, Larry
February 20094Tournament ReportLas Wages, IICohen, Larry
December 20094Tournament ReportLoser's TreatCohen, Larry
January 20108Tournament ReportLoser's Treat, IICohen, Larry
January 19997Tournament ReportLosing at LilleCohen, Larry
February 199920Tournament ReportLosing at Lille, IICohen, Larry
March 199926Tournament ReportLosing at Lille, IIICohen, Larry
April 199928Tournament ReportLosing at Lille, IVCohen, Larry
May 19995Tournament ReportLosing at Lille, VCohen, Larry
April 200064Feature ArticleManaging Your TeamCohen, Larry
June 200324Tournament ReportMassacred at MontrealCohen, Larry
January 20014Tournament ReportMedals at MaastrichtCohen, Larry
February 20012Tournament ReportMedals at Maastricht, IICohen, Larry
March 20014Tournament ReportMedals at Maastricht, IIICohen, Larry
April 20017Tournament ReportMedals at Maastricht, IVCohen, Larry
October 199964Feature ArticleMy Three Top TacticsCohen, Larry
June 19983Tournament ReportNevada KnockoutCohen, Larry
July 19983Tournament ReportNevada Knockout, IICohen, Larry
May 20115Tournament ReportNew Orleans SpingoldCohen, Larry
June 20114Tournament ReportNew Orleans Spingold, IICohen, Larry
September 200654Feature ArticlePartnership and MarriageCohen, Larry
December 199863Feature ArticlePartnership StyleCohen, Larry
May 20063Tournament ReportRerunCohen, Larry
June 20065Tournament ReportRerun, IICohen, Larry
July 20064Tournament ReportRerun, IIICohen, Larry
August 20065Tournament ReportRerun, IVCohen, Larry
December 20043Tournament ReportRoad to NowhereCohen, Larry
January 20054Tournament ReportRoad to Nowhere, IICohen, Larry
February 200522Tournament ReportRoad to Nowhere, IIICohen, Larry
February 199224Feature ArticleSeeing 20/27 in IndyCohen, Larry
January 200563Feature ArticleSleeping with a Clear ConscienceCohen, Larry
October 20024Tournament ReportSouthern SlamsCohen, Larry
November 20023Tournament ReportSouthern Slams, IICohen, Larry
December 20025Tournament ReportSouthern Slams, IIICohen, Larry
November 19997Tournament ReportSpingold '99Cohen, Larry
December 19994Tournament ReportSpingold '99, IICohen, Larry
April 201218Tournament ReportSweet SixteenCohen, Larry
May 20124Tournament ReportSweet Sixteen, IICohen, Larry
December 199720Feature ArticleThat Idle SixthCohen, Larry
December 19925Tournament ReportThe 1992 SpingoldCohen, Larry
January 199321Tournament ReportThe 1992 Spingold, IICohen, Larry
April 20027Feature ArticleThe Case of the Delayed EqualizationCohen, Larry
May 20025Feature ArticleThe Case of the Microscopic FlawCohen, Larry
March 20027Feature ArticleThe Case of the Substitute AceCohen, Larry
October 198717Feature ArticleThe Seventy-Percent SolutionCohen, Larry
September 200555Feature ArticleThe Uncluttered MindCohen, Larry
May 201026Feature ArticleThree-Fifths of a LoafCohen, Larry
September 19923Tournament ReportTrials Semifinal, IICohen, Larry
August 201126Feature ArticleTricks of Declarer's TradeCohen, Larry
June 19953Tournament ReportWeek of the UnderdogsCohen, Larry
July 199521Tournament ReportWeek of the Underdogs, IICohen, Larry
June 199964Feature ArticleWhat Shall We Play?Cohen, Larry
November 200163Feature ArticleWin It on Another BoardCohen, Larry
October 201217Tournament ReportWindy City BlowoutsCohen, Larry
November 201224Tournament ReportWindy City Blowouts, IICohen, Larry
December 201214Tournament ReportWindy City Blowouts, IIICohen, Larry
January 201318Tournament ReportWindy City Blowouts, IVCohen, Larry
June 19998Tournament ReportWinning at The HagueCohen, Larry
July 19996Tournament ReportWinning at The Hague, IICohen, Larry
July 19864Feature ArticleBidding Over Preempts--Your OwnColchamiro, Mel
November 198524Feature ArticleOld Church, New PewColchamiro, Mel
December 198324Feature ArticleThe Man Who Knew Too MuchColchamiro, Mel
February 198935Feature ArticleThe Manchester CandidateColchamiro, Mel
July 198026Feature ArticleComputer-Assisted BiddingCole, Jim
June 199120Feature ArticleFishheads: The New GenerationCole, William
November 199315Feature ArticleTen CountCole, William
April 199114Feature ArticleThe Fishhead CoupCole, William
March 199112Feature ArticleThe Tradition ContinuesCole, William
May 199112Feature ArticleThe Wisdom of the AncientsCole, William
August 198319Feature ArticleUsing the RulesCole, William D.
October 193537The Jump Overcall Vs. The Takeout DoubleColeman, Reese
March 19997Tournament ReportThe 1998 Pacific-Asia ChampionshipsColker, Richard and Kokish, Eric O.
May 19387Feature ArticleWhy Not SimplicityCollett, Gene
May 194724Feature ArticleBridge For BeginnersCollins, Anne
September 194332Feature ArticleCrazy EightsConnors, Walter N.
December 194022Feature ArticleForcing Bids SimplifiedConnors, Walter N.
September 194437Feature ArticleThe Ways Of LogicConnors, Walter N.
July 196413Feature ArticleCutting the CommunicationsConot, Robert
December 196522Feature ArticleDefense Against NotrumpConot, Robert
January 196642Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IIConot, Robert
February 196639Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IIIConot, Robert
March 196636Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump, IVConot, Robert
April 196632Feature ArticleDefense Against Notrump: VConot, Robert
July 196525Feature ArticleTest Your DefenseConot, Robert
September 196516Feature ArticleThe Bixby CupConot, Robert
October 19647Feature ArticleThe Devil and Daniel WebsterConot, Robert
May 19638Feature ArticleThe World Championships: An Analysis, Part IConot, Robert
June 196325Feature ArticleThe World Championships: An Analysis, Part IIConot, Robert
May 196517Feature ArticleTurning PointsConot, Robert
August 19647Feature ArticleWhat's the Point?Conot, Robert
June 193243The Famous FoursomeCook, Clinton S.
October 192928The Farce Of Championship TournamentsCook, Col. Frank A.
July 194337Culling the ColumnsCooley, Mrs. E. B.
December 198426Feature ArticleShort and PerfectCoon, Charles
August 198532Feature ArticleSecond-Round Count SignalsCooper, Moshe
March 200875Feature ArticleAdding Three-SuitersCooper, Stephen
June 200920Feature ArticleAdventures on the RangeCooper, Stephen
February 201828Feature ArticleAssumptionsCooper, Stephen
September 201340Feature ArticleBig DoublesCooper, Stephen
December 200822Feature ArticleBissell's TheoriesCooper, Stephen
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May 201336Feature ArticleCoopellettiCooper, Stephen
October 200875Feature ArticleCut and PasteCooper, Stephen
April 201122Feature ArticleDomination and SubmissionCooper, Stephen
April 201420Feature ArticleHold 'Em BridgeCooper, Stephen
December 201326Feature ArticleMilli-GazzilliCooper, Stephen
January 201115Feature ArticleNeutral Game-TriesCooper, Stephen
January 201023Feature ArticlePut Not Ye Faith . . .Cooper, Stephen
December 200718Feature ArticleReversing Low-Level Lead DirectionCooper, Stephen
August 200742Feature ArticleShow That Singleton!Cooper, Stephen
July 200840Feature ArticleSlim and NoneCooper, Stephen
June 201674Feature ArticleSpace: The Final FrontierCooper, Stephen
November 201724Tournament ReportThe 2016 Canadian Open PairsCooper, Stephen
October 20127Feature ArticleUntransfersCooper, Stephen
January 201923Feature ArticleWorkout Work OutCooper, Stephen
March 198521Feature ArticleCrazy EightsCooper, Stephen E.
September 200714Feature ArticleGame-Forcing TransfersCooper, Stephen E.
February 198620Feature ArticleTriple DummyCooper, Stephen E.
September 193225How Bridge Cards Are MadeCopeland, Lewis
September 194116Teaching--A Sham or a Science?Courtenay, Dudley
June 193625Par ContractCourtenay, F. Dudley
September 193217The EvidenceCourtenay, F. Dudley
September 19324FrontispieceFrontispieceCourtenay, Mr. F. Dudley
November 201115Feature ArticleCoups of HopeCourtney, Michael
June 200822Feature ArticleThe First MillionaireCourtney, Michael
August 201240Feature ArticleWhat the Computer Can't Tell YouCourtney, Michael
October 200127Feature Article"That Helgemo Guy"Coutanche, Guy
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July 201240Feature ArticleThat Belladonna GuyCoutanche, Guy
June 201134Feature ArticleThat Bocchi BoyCoutanche, Guy
March 201732Feature ArticleThat Lucky DogCoutanche, Guy
December 198817Feature ArticleTwo-Way CheckbackCowan, Philip M.
July 193915Plan Your Play, Part IXCowperthwait, A. N.
March 193922Plan Your Play, Part VCowperthwait, A. N.
April 193922Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part VICowperthwait, A. N.
May 193925Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part VIICowperthwait, A. N.
June 193925Plan Your Play, Part VIIICowperthwait, A. N.
August 193919Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part XCowperthwait, A. N.
September 193922Plan Your Play, Part XICowperthwait, A. N.
October 193923Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part XIICowperthwait, A. N.
February 194025Feature ArticlePlan Your Play-Second SeriesCowperthwait, A. N.
August 193111A Bit Of Defensive StrategyCowperthwait, Arthur N.
July 193826Feature ArticleHow Do You Count 13?Cowperthwait, Arthur N.
January 193728Feature ArticleIf Bids Could TalkCowperthwait, Arthur N.
September 193721Feature ArticleIf Bids Could TalkCowperthwait, Arthur N.
January 193819Feature ArticleModern Notrump BiddingCowperthwait, Arthur N.
September 193614Modern Suit BiddingCowperthwait, Arthur N.
April 193324Otro ToroCowperthwait, Arthur N.
November 193816Feature ArticlePlan Your PlayCowperthwait, Arthur N.
December 193824Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IICowperthwait, Arthur N.
January 193928Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IIICowperthwait, Arthur N.
February 193918Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Part IVCowperthwait, Arthur N.
April 194034Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
May 194024Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
June 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
July 194032Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
August 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
September 194030Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
October 194031Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
November 194019Feature ArticlePlan Your Play, Second SeriesCowperthwait, Arthur N.
May 193115That Singleton In Declarer's HandCowperthwait, Arthur N.
October 193623The Plan's The ThingCowperthwait, Arthur N.
May 193011The "Finesse Or Drop" ProblemCox, James E.
June 19319The Eleven RuleCox, James E.
April 193235The Value Of A GameCox, James E.
April 193711Feature ArticleCruelty To Bridge HandsCoyne, M. P.
February 194113Mr. Dub's Summary of Contract Bridge for 1940Coz, James
June 194136Feature ArticleThe Cutest People Don't!Cragin, Lucy R.
March 193412The Common Sense SystemCrane, Joshua
June 193442The Twelve Best Players In EnglandCrane, Joshua
February 198225Feature ArticleA Smooth Duck in New YorkCrawford, Richard
June 19324FrontispieceCrockford's No. 1 Team
October 193030Two Famous Bridge ProblemsCromwell, Jr., J. W.
July 197120Feature ArticleThe Immediate Jump ShiftCronemiller, Jr., Carl F.
July 197512Feature ArticleIdak and Wonder BidsCrossley, Robert
July 199235Tournament ReportThe 1991 Frank Vine AwardsCrowe, Ian
April 199222Feature ArticleThe Lieutenant-Governor's PlayCrowe, Ian
December 196429Feature ArticleFools Rush InCrowhurst, Eric
January 196536Feature ArticleFools Rush In: IICrowhurst, Eric
February 193239A Few Cheering AnecdotesCrowninshield, Frank
July 19379What Do You Know?Culbertson National Studios
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October 194126What Do You Know?Culbertson Studios
January 19303Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
February 19303Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
March 19303Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
April 19303Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
May 19304Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
June 19304Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
July 19304Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
August 19306Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
September 19304Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
November 19304Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
December 19306Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
February 193128Views and ReviewsCulbertson, Ely
April 193338Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
October 193343Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
December 193345Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
March 193454Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
April 193439Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
July 193445Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
August 193444Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
September 193432Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
November 193422Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
December 193425Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
February 193536Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
March 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
May 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
June 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
August 193527Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
September 193522Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
October 193523Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
November 193523Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
December 193526Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
February 193633Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
July 193833Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
August 193838Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
September 193835Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
October 193832Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
November 193834Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
December 193834Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
January 193944Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
February 193925Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
March 193940Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
April 193932Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
June 193940Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
August 193945Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
September 193950Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
October 193951Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
November 193939Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
December 193953Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
January 194050Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
February 194053Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
April 194041Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
May 194053Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
June 194046Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
July 194042Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
August 19402Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
September 19402Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
October 194039Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
November 194035Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
December 194041Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
January 194145Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
February 194146Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
March 194147Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
April 194141Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
May 194143Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
June 19412Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
July 19412Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
August 19412Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
September 19414Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
November 194138Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
December 19412Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
January 19422Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
February 194232Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
March 19422Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
May 19422Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
June 19422Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
July 194236Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
August 19428Laws and EthicsCulbertson, Ely
February 19437Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
April 194319Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
May 194327Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
July 194334Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
August 194331Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
September 194327Culling the ColumnsCulbertson, Ely
December 194221Feature ArticleA Battle RoyalCulbertson, Ely
November 19345A Bridge Book In EmbryoCulbertson, Ely
April 193718Feature ArticleA Couple Of Jo-Jotte HandsCulbertson, Ely
July 193314A Fatal DiscardCulbertson, Ely
February 19532Feature ArticleA Limit Forcing 2-BidCulbertson, Ely
August 195327Feature ArticleA Tragedy To The World ChampionsCulbertson, Ely
May 193012Abstract Mathematics And The ShuffleCulbertson, Ely
December 200564Classic RewindAccording to CulbertsonCulbertson, Ely
December 193317Afterthoughts Of A Vanderbilt Axe-VictimCulbertson, Ely
October 19305American Team Wins International TitleCulbertson, Ely
August 193113Approach-Not DriveCulbertson, Ely
February 19365Asking BidsCulbertson, Ely
April 19365Asking Bids In The Opponents' SuitCulbertson, Ely
October 19343Attacking Trump EntriesCulbertson, Ely
March 200068Classic RewindAttacking Trump EntriesCulbertson, Ely
November 193616Bridge Aboard The ArkCulbertson, Ely
January 19373Feature ArticleBridge And The CrowdCulbertson, Ely
October 193617Bridge's ArkCulbertson, Ely
November 19447Feature ArticleChoice Of BidsCulbertson, Ely
December 19447Feature ArticleChoice Of ContractsCulbertson, Ely
June 19419Feature ArticleConnubial BridgeCulbertson, Ely
June 19317Culbertson LeadsCulbertson, Ely
March 19309Differences Between Auction And Contract BridgeCulbertson, Ely
September 19309Distribution And Higher StrategyCulbertson, Ely
October 193013Distribution And Higher StrategyCulbertson, Ely
October 19445Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge BiddingCulbertson, Ely
November 200661Classic RewindExpert FlexibilityCulbertson, Ely
May 193332Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
January 193540Experts at Their Best and WorstCulbertson, Ely
June 193423Exploiting The Enemy's FearCulbertson, Ely
March 19389Feature ArticleFinding The Trump SuitCulbertson, Ely
January 193111Five Do's And Don't's Of ContractCulbertson, Ely
December 193418High Lights Of The Schwab Trophy MatchCulbertson, Ely
March 19345How Bids And Plays Are BornCulbertson, Ely
May 193414How Bids And Plays Are BornCulbertson, Ely
January 193315How Experts Improve Upon the Mathematical CountCulbertson, Ely
April 19339How Hollywood Taught Me BridgeCulbertson, Ely
February 193423How To Apply Time Valuation In The Choice Of The Opening LeadCulbertson, Ely
August 19333How We Beat the BritishCulbertson, Ely
April 199970Classic RewindInferiority Complex in BridgeCulbertson, Ely
February 19375Feature ArticleJo-JotteCulbertson, Ely
March 193741Feature ArticleJo-JotteCulbertson, Ely
May 193720Feature ArticleJo-JotteCulbertson, Ely
April 193717Feature ArticleJo-Jotte BiddingCulbertson, Ely
March 19367Jump Asking BidsCulbertson, Ely
October 19483Feature ArticleJump Bids In Minor SuitsCulbertson, Ely
November 192919Man Valuation Vs. Hand ValuationCulbertson, Ely
November 193122Mr. Burnstine Introduces A New SystemCulbertson, Ely
October 193347My Bridge DiaryCulbertson, Ely
May 199968Classic RewindPlastic ValuationCulbertson, Ely
June 199970Classic RewindPlastic Valuation, IICulbertson, Ely
December 192913Premium Vs. Penalties In ContractCulbertson, Ely
April 19457Feature ArticleRecognizing A Cue-BidCulbertson, Ely
February 19455Feature ArticleRecognizing The Slam ZoneCulbertson, Ely
June 193052Reith-Schenken Team Defeats The CulbertsonsCulbertson, Ely
January 19410Review of Six Years in Contract BridgeCulbertson, Ely
January 193329Sign Off BidsCulbertson, Ely
March 19455Feature ArticleSome Cue-Bidding SafeguardsCulbertson, Ely
September 19396Special AnnouncementCulbertson, Ely
September 19485Feature ArticleSuit Responses To One NotrumpCulbertson, Ely
February 193225Technique Of Honor-TricksCulbertson, Ely
July 193220The Culbertson System of 1933Culbertson, Ely
July 193012The Defending HandCulbertson, Ely
March 19355The Distributional NotrumpCulbertson, Ely
September 193412The Economy Of HonorsCulbertson, Ely
April 19314The Editor's DeskCulbertson, Ely
November 193327The Fallacy Of The Portland Club's DecisionCulbertson, Ely
April 193010The Forcing System Under Acid TestCulbertson, Ely
April 19497Feature ArticleThe Great HalCulbertson, Ely
December 193225The Greatest Fallacy In Bridge HistoryCulbertson, Ely
January 19385Feature ArticleThe Intermediate ZoneCulbertson, Ely
April 19317The Lessons From The Bennett Murder TrialCulbertson, Ely
August 19532Feature ArticleThe New Asking BidCulbertson, Ely
October 195325Feature ArticleThe New Asking Bid IICulbertson, Ely
December 195320Feature ArticleThe New Asking Bid IIICulbertson, Ely
February 19355The New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
February 19415The New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
March 19415Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
April 194121Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
May 194130Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
June 194130Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
July 194129Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
August 194135Feature ArticleThe New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
September 194129The New Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
November 193215The New Laws and Their EffectCulbertson, Ely
April 19358The New Two-Bid RuleCulbertson, Ely
December 19337The Opening HandCulbertson, Ely
July 193130The Panicky FeelingCulbertson, Ely
November 19483Feature ArticleThe Passed HandCulbertson, Ely
December 193133The Philosophy Of CardsCulbertson, Ely
July 19345The Principle Of PreparednessCulbertson, Ely
August 193421The Principle Of PreparednessCulbertson, Ely
December 19318The Proposed New "C" Penalty Scoring For ContractCulbertson, Ely
October 19333The Science Of The Safety PlayCulbertson, Ely
May 193016The Theory Of And Responses To A Forcing Two-BidCulbertson, Ely
July 193221The Time Factor in BridgeCulbertson, Ely
May 19365The Two-Way Three-BidCulbertson, Ely
October 19299The Vanderbilt SystemCulbertson, Ely
November 19337Time ValuationCulbertson, Ely
July 19455Feature ArticleTotal-Point StrategyCulbertson, Ely
December 19483Feature ArticleTwo Important Changes In The Culbertson SystemCulbertson, Ely
May 19337When I Forgot the Blue BookCulbertson, Ely
February 19385Feature ArticleWhere To Bid GameCulbertson, Ely
June 19355Why Force?Culbertson, Ely
August 193211Why I Dropped The Forcing "One Over One)"Culbertson, Ely
July 193120Why We Did Not JoinCulbertson, Ely
November 192936World Of CardsCulbertson, Ely
March 193046World Of CardsCulbertson, Ely
January 19302FrontispieceFrontispieceCulbertson, Ely A.
November 192948Bridge In BooksCulbertson, Ely, Culbertson, Josephine, Vance, Louis Joseph
November 19297The Hand Of The MonthCulbertson, Ely, Wester, Nils M. and others
October 192924Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
November 192932Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
December 192932Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
January 193032Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
February 193024Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
March 193024Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
April 193024Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
June 193030Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
July 193028Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
August 193034Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
October 193024Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
November 193028Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
December 193032Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
February 193124Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
March 193124Pro et ContraCulbertson, Josephine
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December 19405Feature ArticleHow To Drive Your Partner CrazyFairwood, Saxon
May 193626Raymond Serves TeaFairwood, Saxon
December 200070Classic RewindRaymond Serves TeaFairwood, Saxon
March 193613Ring In The NewFairwood, Saxon
January 193715Feature ArticleShould You Bid It?Fairwood, Saxon
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June 193825Feature ArticleStrong Defensive BidsFairwood, Saxon
July 193828Feature ArticleThat Jump To GameFairwood, Saxon
January 19365The Opponents' SuitFairwood, Saxon
November 19365The Sign-OffFairwood, Saxon
October 193612The Tiger's TailFairwood, Saxon
October 19377Feature ArticleTwo-And-A-Half SpadesFairwood, Saxon
June 194619Feature ArticleUnblocks And CountermeasuresFairwood, Saxon
May 200828Classic RewindUnblocks and CountermeasuresFairwood, Saxon
September 193112Pivot TournamentsFaith, Edward W.
November 197918Feature ArticleRequiem For a Bridge WriterFalk, Allan
June 198018Feature ArticleThe Falworth MicrofilmFalk, Allan
May 198113Feature ArticleThe Falworth PapersFalk, Allan
May 193718Feature ArticleThe Odd-Even SignalFalk, Harry W.
April 193323Feminine LogicFall, Elpay
September 193419Ladylike ContractFall, Elpay
June 201574Puzzle CornerBarometer PuzzleFarber, Jon Matthew
August 201530Feature ArticleCalling Doctor HowardFarber, Jon Matthew
August 20135Feature ArticleDoctor of PhilosophyFarber, Jon Matthew
November 201726Feature ArticleDoctor of ThinkologyFarber, Jon Matthew
November 201240Feature ArticleDoctor: StrangeFarber, Jon Matthew
June 201020Feature ArticleThe Doctor Conducts a Post-MortemFarber, Jon Matthew
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June 201220Feature ArticleThe Doctor Takes a PartnerFarber, Jon Matthew
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October 201832Bridge MovieThe Script DoctorFarber, Jon Matthew
July 200611Feature ArticleDoctor Who?Farber, M.D., Jon Matthew
October 201413Feature ArticleDoctor's OrdersFarber, M.D., Jon Matthew
December 200546Feature ArticleDoctor, NoFarber, M.D., Jon Matthew
March 200752Feature ArticleHow Much I Love YouFarina, Paolo
July 193610Better Luck In PlayFaris, Melvin G.
August 193620Better Luck In PlayFaris, Melvin G.
February 200169Classic RewindBetter Luck in PlayFaris, Melvin G.
November 192911Why I Prefer The Vandurbilt SystemFarrelly, Mrs. T. Charles
October 199319Feature ArticleDiary of a NobodyFatka, Jim
December 193162The Early Stages of BridgeFaus, U.S.N., Commander W. C.
October 193157Fundamental Principles Of BiddingFaus, U.S.N., Commander W. C.
September 193152Thf Early Stages Of BridgeFaus, U.S.N., Commander W. C.
April 201528Feature ArticlePhoenix MenagerieFay, Kevin
February 193261The Early Stages of BridgeFazes, U.S.N., Commander W. C.
March 193261The Early Stages of BridgeFazes, U.S.N., Commander W. C.
March 201014Feature ArticleDoes Showing Shortness Pay?Feetham, Terry S.
August 200641Feature ArticleLosing-Trick-Count InvestigationsFeetham, Terry S.
August 19587Feature ArticleIn Defense of Pseudo-NaturalismFeldman, Herman L.
June 201624The 2015 Trial Semifinals, IIIFeldman, Mark
October 20163Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial FinalFeldman, Mark
November 201626Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Final, IIFeldman, Mark
December 201626Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Final, IIIFeldman, Mark
January 201724Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Final, IVFeldman, Mark
February 201740Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Final, VFeldman, Mark
April 20163Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial SemifinalsFeldman, Mark
May 20164Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Semifinals, IIFeldman, Mark
July 201622Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Semifinals, IVFeldman, Mark
August 201626Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Semifinals, VFeldman, Mark
September 201619Tournament ReportThe 2015 Trial Semifinals, VIFeldman, Mark
August 20184Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda BowlFeldman, Mark
September 201816Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, IIFeldman, Mark
October 201823Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, IIIFeldman, Mark
November 201828Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, IVFeldman, Mark
December 201816Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, VFeldman, Mark
January 201926Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, VIFeldman, Mark
February 201918Tournament ReportThe 2017 Bermuda Bowl, VIIFeldman, Mark
December 193110Sims Team Wins Vanderbilt CupFentress, W. W.
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November 193329How To Run A Handicap TournamentFerres, A. J.
February 195110Feature ArticleDoctor Down One, Bridge PsychiatristFeuer, Otto
June 197629Feature ArticleDr. Downone, Bridge PsychiatristFeuer, Otto
December 19532Feature ArticleHow to Play Against the Roth-Stone System, IField, Myron
January 19542Feature ArticleHow to Play Against the Roth-Stone System, IIField, Myron
April 19536Feature ArticleThe Opening 2-BidField, Myron
February 19536Feature ArticleA New Takeout DoubleFielding-Reid, Dr. F.
September 200933Classic RewindThose Ruffing EntriesFielding-Reid, Dr. F.
May 19519Feature ArticleThose Roughing EntriesFielding-Reid, F.
November 195420Feature ArticleWhy Not Teach Them To Think?Fielding-Reid, F.
November 193241Psychic Bidding With a PurposeFiggins, A. G.
September 193329The Professor Looks At LyingFiggins, A. G.
July 19632Feature ArticleA Neutral View of the 1963 World ChampionshipFilarski, Herman
February 196439Feature ArticleConventions and SystemsFilarski, Herman
September 196322Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipFilarski, Herman
September 195719Feature ArticleThe Weakness of the Weak NotrumpFilarski, Herman W.
September 194112False-CardingFillis, H. F.
January 200472Classic RewindFalsecardingFillis, H. F.
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December 198521Feature ArticleHigh Tech DoublesFink, Jerold A.
June 198713Feature ArticleParking Lot RedoublesFink, Jerold A.
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January 199030Feature ArticleArtificial Intelligence: Grosvenor RevisitedFirke, Charles
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December 193610Cut-Throat ContractFishburne, S. B.
May 193715Feature ArticleMore Cut-ThroatFishburne, S. B.
June 194426Feature ArticleThe Real All-AmericanFisher, Irwin H. and Shapiro, Charles
February 193330Contract Aids Trained NursesFitch, Mrs. Florence H.
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September 193126One Of The Thirty-Five BillionFitzhenry, Newman Lee
June 194334Culling the ColumnsFlattery, Phil
August 194321Feature ArticleThe Rogues' GalleryFlattery, Phil
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March 195925Feature ArticleDown with the Fourth-HighestFleishman, Myron
September 19426Feature ArticleResponding To A Two-BidFleming, Thomas M.
June 200550Feature ArticleRetrogression in a Minor KeyFlesher, James L.
July 193913Action for the FractionFloyd, C. E.
January 193832Feature ArticleThe Perfect SystemFloyd, C. E.
December 196626Feature ArticleThe Roman Club SystemFloyd, Jason H.
November 19684Feature ArticleGrazie, JuliusForquet, Pietro
July 196811Tournament ReportThe 1968 Italian ChampionshipForquet, Pietro
March 19688Tournament ReportThe Far Eastern ChampionshipForquet, Pietro
May 194318Feature ArticleThe Wrong 'UnForrester, M. A.
April 193219Michigan Campus Goes Bridge MadForsythe, Carl
September 193224Bridge Invades the Summer CampusForsythe, Carl S.
December 19934Feature ArticleThe BluhmerFoster, Jim
April 194422Feature ArticleAdvantage PlayingFoster, R. F.
July 193423An Era Of Peace And RedoublesFoster, R. F.
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July 194435Feature ArticleCard MemoryFoster, R. F.
June 193011Concerning Bridge ProblemsFoster, R. F.
November 193821Feature ArticleDeuces Wild At ContractFoster, R. F.
March 193818Feature ArticleDummy UpFoster, R. F.
July 19387Feature ArticleLuck And Skill At BridgeFoster, R. F.
December 193027Relative Bidding ValuesFoster, R. F.
September 193441The Discovery Of DistributionFoster, R. F.
July 193144The Eleven RuleFoster, R. F.
May 193422The Etymology Of Partnership LanguageFoster, R. F.
April 193419The Genealogy Of BridgeFoster, R. F.
June 19312FrontispieceFoster, Robert Frederick
June 195611Feature ArticleShuffling--the Key To More Interesting HandsFox, W. Walter
March 201833Feature ArticleImperfectFradkoff, Serge
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December 193513Bridge TournamentFrance, W. B.
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November 200015Feature ArticleMake No Mistake: Computers vs. Suit CombinationsFrank, Ian and Basin, David
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September 195510Feature ArticleDay by Day Report of the European Championship IIFranklin, Harold
October 196528Tournament ReportDeauville: The Tournament of ChampionsFranklin, Harold
March 195612Feature ArticleMasters At PlayFranklin, Harold
August 19499Feature ArticleThe Americans In EnglandFranklin, Harold
March 196536Tournament ReportThe British Selection TrialsFranklin, Harold
December 196514Tournament ReportThe European Bridge ChampionshipsFranklin, Harold
January 196526Tournament ReportThe London Times Invitation ChampionshipFranklin, Harold
April 19678Tournament ReportThe Sunday Times Invitation PairsFranklin, Harold
October 196732Tournament ReportThe Tournament of ChampionsFranklin, Harold
September 196434Tournament ReportTournament of Champions at DeauvilleFranklin, Harold
March 193425The Footnote SystemFreeland, E. L.
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April 199624Feature ArticleBeating the ExpertsFrench, Marvin L.
January 199232Feature ArticleSplinter Responses to a MinorFrench, Marvin L.
November 19696Tournament ReportItaly Again!Frendo, Paolo and Ledeen, Mike
November 193519Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
December 193520Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
January 193621Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
February 193620Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
April 193631Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
May 193629Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
June 193635Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
July 193633Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
August 193628Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
September 193627Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
October 193628Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
November 193633Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
December 193631Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
January 193733Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
February 193729Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
March 193726Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
May 193735Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
July 193739Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
August 193739Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
September 193741Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
October 193736Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
November 193737Tops and BottomsFrey, Dick
April 19419Feature Article"If This Be Treason . . . "Frey, Dick
March 193517All Sides VulnerableFrey, Dick
September 193819Feature ArticleAsbury Park TournamentFrey, Dick
February 200272Classic RewindBirdsFrey, Dick
January 200272Classic RewindBirth of a NotionFrey, Dick
August 193914Feature ArticleBridge In The SuburbsFrey, Dick
May 200173Classic RewindConsolidating an AdvantageFrey, Dick
July 194113Feature ArticleElementary, My Dear WatsonFrey, Dick
July 200273Classic RewindFalsecarding to Deceive PartnerFrey, Dick
June 200073Classic RewindForesightFrey, Dick
September 200072Classic RewindGiving the Opponents RopeFrey, Dick
May 19419Feature ArticleHints For Distribution DetectivesFrey, Dick
December 193813Feature ArticleIsn't That Ducky?Frey, Dick
August 200372Classic RewindIsn't that Ducky?Frey, Dick
January 194021Feature ArticleMore Bridge In The SuburbsFrey, Dick
June 194121Feature ArticleMore Hints For Distribution DetectivesFrey, Dick
September 19415Overhaul Your OvercallFrey, Dick
February 200369Classic RewindPost-MortificationFrey, Dick
May 193517Rabbits And DogsFrey, Dick
March 200372Classic RewindSingleton SlamsFrey, Dick
August 194111Feature ArticleSpeaking Of OvercallsFrey, Dick
August 193818Feature ArticleSuicide SqueezeFrey, Dick
June 193519Tall TalesFrey, Dick
July 193519Tall TalesFrey, Dick
August 193524Tall TalesFrey, Dick
September 193537Tall TalesFrey, Dick
October 193530Tall Tales Contest EndsFrey, Dick
March 19425Feature ArticleThe Big Ones Get AwayFrey, Dick
October 193823Feature ArticleThe Case Of The Coroner's VerdictFrey, Dick
August 19356Thinking Out The PlayFrey, Dick
May 193811Feature ArticleWhat Happened?Frey, Dick
September 196428Feature ArticleWhat's It Like To Be Married to A Bridge Expert?Frey, Mabel
May 193624Keeping Peace In The FamilyFrey, Mabel and Richard L.
July 195212Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard
March 193628Tops and BottomsFrey, Richard L.
June 193740Tops and BottomsFrey, Richard L.
February 194313Culling the ColumnsFrey, Richard L.
June 194332Culling the ColumnsFrey, Richard L.
November 19572Rate Your Own PlayFrey, Richard L.
November 19349A "Natural" Brain-TicklerFrey, Richard L.
June 19572Feature ArticleA Few Minor WhalesFrey, Richard L.
October 194326Feature ArticleA Good GadgetFrey, Richard L.
December 193241A Lesson In PsychicsFrey, Richard L.
June 19556Feature ArticleA Little Book Larnin'Frey, Richard L.
June 194211Feature ArticleA Little Of This And ThatFrey, Richard L.
September 193415Advanced False-CardingFrey, Richard L.
January 197024Feature ArticleBermuda ShortsFrey, Richard L.
February 194211Feature ArticleBetter Than A PeekFrey, Richard L.
November 19493Feature ArticleBlocks And Stumbling BlocksFrey, Richard L.
June 19445Feature ArticleBustsFrey, Richard L.
October 19347Cooperative DoublingFrey, Richard L.
April 200761Classic RewindDealing with BridgeFrey, Richard L.
January 195340Feature ArticleIf This Be ManiaFrey, Richard L.
September 194313Feature ArticleJohnny Get Your GunFrey, Richard L.
October 200564Classic RewindJohnny Get Your GunFrey, Richard L.
December 194317Losing FitnessFrey, Richard L.
July 19429Feature ArticleOne WithoutFrey, Richard L.
November 19423Feature ArticlePray Do,Frey, Richard L.
July 19562Feature ArticleRadar, Sonar and SimilarFrey, Richard L.
July 196512Feature ArticleRandom Deals from Buenos AiresFrey, Richard L.
August 201131Classic RewindRate Your Own PlayFrey, Richard L.
December 196133Feature ArticleSimply AmazingFrey, Richard L.
October 193216Splendid Inferential BiddingFrey, Richard L.
January 200763Classic RewindThe Accidental ExpertFrey, Richard L.
August 19423Feature ArticleThe Bug In Double RaisesFrey, Richard L.
June 19549Feature ArticleThe Costliest Bid in BridgeFrey, Richard L.
July 195426Feature ArticleThe Costliest Bid in Bridge, IIFrey, Richard L.
November 194411Feature ArticleThe Customers Never WriteFrey, Richard L.
April 19425Feature ArticleThe Eastern TournamentFrey, Richard L.
November 19629Feature ArticleThe Four-Grand EveningFrey, Richard L.
May 194223Feature ArticleThe Masters' IndividualFrey, Richard L.
January 195215Feature ArticleTheir Favoirte HandsFrey, Richard L.
July 195323Feature ArticleTheir Favoirte HandsFrey, Richard L.
February 195221Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
March 195219Feature ArticleTheir Favorite Hands Frey, Richard L.
April 19522Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
May 195226Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
June 195218Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
October 195213Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
December 19526Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
January 195311Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
February 195324Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
March 195324Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
May 195328Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
June 195325Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
January 195422Feature ArticleTheir Favorite HandsFrey, Richard L.
March 194813Feature ArticleThird Hand Not So HighFrey, Richard L.
July 200834Classic RewindThird Hand Not So HighFrey, Richard L.
April 195124Feature ArticleThree In OneFrey, Richard L.
December 19565Feature ArticleTreys? Bien!Frey, Richard L.
June 197021Feature ArticleWeekend PlayersFrey, Richard L.
October 19512Feature ArticleWere You In The Right Section?Frey, Richard L.
January 19572Feature ArticleWhat's New?Frey, Richard L.
October 19428Feature ArticleWhen In Doubt . . . Don'tFrey, Richard L.
February 195622Feature ArticleWhen the Devil DrivesFrey, Richard L.
March 195014Tournament ReportLife Masters Individual TournamentFrey, Vick
June 201019Feature ArticleHard to FindFrick, Robert
February 199017Feature ArticleHeroFriedman, Dan and Linda
June 196329Feature ArticleThe New FrontierFriedman, Lawrence
February 194425Feature ArticleBlackwood And CulbertsonFry and Hazen
September 19653Feature ArticleA Jam SessionFry, Jr., Sam
April 196013Feature ArticlePerspectiveFry, Jr., Sam
May 19577Feature ArticleReopening the BiddingFry, Jr., Sam
February 19632Feature ArticleResponding to One NotrumpFry, Jr., Sam
June 195814Feature ArticleSuit-Preference SignalsFry, Jr., Sam
September 194125The Seamy Side of BridgeFry, Jr., Sam
February 193361Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193361Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193361Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193341Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193349Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193339Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193326Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193352Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193365Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193363Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193346Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193460Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193452Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193460Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193454Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193446Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193433Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193447Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193446Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193443Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193439Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193433Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193437Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193546Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193527Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193535Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193536Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193541Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193536Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193532Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193536Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193540Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193539Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193539Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193544Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193641Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193637Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193638Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193635Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193635Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193643Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193637Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193639Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193636Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193639Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193640Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193641Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193737Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193733Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193728Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193742Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193740Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193746Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193742Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193737Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193742Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193743Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193742Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193836Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193842Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193839Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193843Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193844Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193839Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193835Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193839Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193836Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193833Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193831Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193831Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193932Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 193935Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193934Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193936Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193943Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193942Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193937Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193947Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193944Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193938Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193942Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193949Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194045Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194044Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194044Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194042Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194040Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194044Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194040Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194037Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194035Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194029Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194024Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194137Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194138Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194139Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194134Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194139Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194143Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194140Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194139Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194135Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194133Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194134Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194137Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194233Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194229Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194231Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194234Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194230Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194241Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194237Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194243Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194243Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194241Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194244Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194243Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194330Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194341Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194337Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194340Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194334Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194340Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194344Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194341Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194334Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194342Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194341Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194350Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194441Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194445Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194442Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194444Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194542Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194544Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194543Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194544Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194543Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194543Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 19450Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194545Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194544Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194543Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194641Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194642Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194644Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194644Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194643Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194643Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194642Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194641Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194637Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194638Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194639Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194639Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194737Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194738Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194736Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194737Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194736Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
July 194735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194737Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
September 194735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
October 194735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194733Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194735Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
January 194835Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
February 194835Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194836Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194837Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
May 194837Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
June 194836Master Solvers ClubFry, Jr., Samuel
December 194521Feature ArticleA DiatribeFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194325Feature ArticleA Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous ThingFry, Jr., Samuel
August 19549Feature ArticleBidding Over a Takeout DoubleFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193319Bidding With A Part-ScoreFry, Jr., Samuel
July 193222Count! Count! Count!Fry, Jr., Samuel
December 19437Cue-Bid VariationsFry, Jr., Samuel
August 193223Good Defense An Art, Writer AssertsFry, Jr., Samuel
November 193511Highway RobberyFry, Jr., Samuel
December 199968Classic RewindHighway RobberyFry, Jr., Samuel
June 193241Howell Match Point PlayFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193417Leading Against A SlamFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194424Feature ArticleLooking Behind The PercentagesFry, Jr., Samuel
July 19567Feature ArticleMay I Get Into the Act?Fry, Jr., Samuel
December 193263Our Problem ContestFry, Jr., Samuel
January 193373Our Problem Contest for 1933Fry, Jr., Samuel
September 193255Our ProblemsFry, Jr., Samuel
August 19369PsychologyFry, Jr., Samuel
November 194518Feature ArticleSome Forcing (?) SituationsFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193455Some Little Known Manifestations Of Contract ParanoiaFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193213Southern New England ChampionshipFry, Jr., Samuel
April 193321Strength-Showing BidsFry, Jr., Samuel
June 19389Feature ArticleSuperstition, Slang, And SlamsFry, Jr., Samuel
November 195523Feature ArticleThe Great FixationFry, Jr., Samuel
August 194619Feature ArticleThe Kid Fights BackFry, Jr., Samuel
December 193430The Meaning Of A ReverseFry, Jr., Samuel
March 194422Feature ArticleThe Smother PlayFry, Jr., Samuel
May 193413There Ain't No Sitch BiddingFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193325Those Inferential ForcesFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193229Two Major CatastrophesFry, Jr., Samuel
September 193417Use And Abuse Of The 4-5 NotrumpFry, Jr., Samuel
March 193317What Makes The Dub?Fry, Jr., Samuel
May 193524When Not To Hold UpFry, Jr., Samuel
April 200068Classic RewindWhen Not to Hold UpFry, Jr., Samuel
October 193215Where the Expert Has an AdvantageFry, Jr., Samuel
April 194327Feature ArticleSusan Learns DuplicateFrye, John R.
July 198727Feature ArticleA Choice of SqueezesFuller, H. E.
June 198723Feature ArticleMaximum PainFuller, H. E.
January 200332Feature ArticleSatisfactionFuller, H. E.
September 195213Feature ArticleSomething New In BiddingFulwiler, C. H.
March 193310A Meeting Of GiantsG. M. C., Jr.
January 193433The Duple-licate GameG. M. C., Jr.
July 193147Here And There Among ClubsG., A. L.
November 196421Feature ArticleWho Stole the Seat of Our Pants?Gabrilovitch, Andrew
March 193120Replay Duplicate BridgeGaler, Paul B.
November 196611Feature ArticleA Westerner Picks the TrialsGarber, Ron
January 197512Feature ArticleBusy Bidder: Barry CraneGarber, Ron
September 196623Feature ArticleExtracuricular Activities of Los Angeles Bridge WeekGarber, Ron
April 196612Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the TrialsGarber, Ron
March 19677Feature ArticleSlam Bidding in the TrialsGarber, Ron
September 199426Tournament ReportThe 1994 Mike Smolen Memorial Grosvenor GambitGarber, Ron
May 196628Tournament ReportThe Westwood SectionalGarber, Ron
June 193733Feature ArticleThe Capture Of QuebecGargoyle, A.
July 193715Feature ArticleThe MayflowerGargoyle, A.
May 194322Feature ArticleShakespeare And BridgeGarland, Phil
May 19787Tournament ReportThe '76 Olympiad--PairGates, Georgiana
May 193712Feature ArticleTo New TeachersGeissler, Mrs. Charles
February 201118Feature ArticleA Dog that Didn't BarkGenty, Paul-Henri
June 196634Feature ArticleOddities from the NationalsGenud, Maury
May 196710Feature ArticleSpring FanciesGenud, Maury
April 196617Feature ArticleTales of the RivieraGenud, Maury
February 196617Tournament ReportThe International Team TrialsGenud, Maury
March 198422Feature ArticleA Foul-Weather QuizGerard, Ron
August 199918Feature ArticleA New AwardGerard, Ron
November 19975Feature ArticleA Remembrance of Edgar KaplanGerard, Ron
July 197721Feature ArticleA Salt Lake SolutionGerard, Ron
October 199926Feature ArticleAnother New AwardGerard, Ron
April 198520Bridge MovieBridge Movie #21Gerard, Ron
January 20033Tournament ReportD. C. SpingoldGerard, Ron
February 200326Tournament ReportD. C. Spingold, IIGerard, Ron
April 200320Tournament ReportD. C. Spingold, IIIGerard, Ron
May 198123Feature ArticleExclusion BlackwoodGerard, Ron
March 200228Tournament ReportNew Century Spingold, IIGerard, Ron
February 20023Tournament ReportNew-Century SpingoldGerard, Ron
April 198815Feature ArticleNot Merely For ExpertsGerard, Ron
July 199032Feature ArticleNot Merely For ExpertsGerard, Ron
January 199132Bridge MovieShowdown at the Last Chance SaloonGerard, Ron
October 199117Feature ArticleSwing for the FencesGerard, Ron
November 197819Feature ArticleTest Your Partner's Dummy-PuttingGerard, Ron
December 198112Feature ArticleThe Hand That Never WasGerard, Ron
December 199411Feature ArticleTo Bid or Not to BidGerard, Ron
September 198722Bridge MovieWhere Credit Is DueGerard, Ron
November 200648Feature ArticleBetter MousetrapsGerstman, Dan
December 193138Ambrosia Or Ham And EggsGharrity, W. H.
May 193615EstheticsGharrity, W. H.
April 19306Wanted-A Common DenominatorGharrity, W. H.
April 193112Why Not Another Treaty Of New York?Gharrity, W. H.
June 199811Feature ArticleCheap More TellGhose, Santanu
May 199234Feature ArticleKing's Indian DefenseGhose, Santanu
April 199311Feature ArticleThe Lost SuitGhose, Santanu
December 192922Subconscious Vs. Formalistic ValuationGibson, Theodore W.
October 194235Feature ArticlePlay Ginsberg For KeepsGinsberg, Angus MacGregor
June 19963Feature ArticleHow Computers Will Play BridgeGinsberg, Matt
November 19969Feature ArticleOn the Law of Total TricksGinsberg, Matt
February 197724Feature ArticleStill, Small VoiceGinsberg, Matt
February 197913Feature ArticleReward ReapedGinsburg, Matt
July 197921Feature ArticleWhich Way Is It?Ginsburg, Matt
July 201742Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
August 201760Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
September 20175Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
October 201713Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
November 201713Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
December 20177Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
January 201811Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
February 201815Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
March 201828Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
April 20183Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
May 20189Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
June 201833Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
July 201825Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
August 201819Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
September 201840Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
October 20183Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
November 20187Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
December 201821Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
January 201931Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
February 201911Playing Suit CombinationsGitelman, Fred
May 198817Feature ArticleCommon ThemeGitelman, Fred
November 195227Feature ArticleI'm Through with Bridge BooksGlaser, Robert L.
June 19566Feature ArticleAnother NotrumpGlatt, Arthur
February 195225Feature ArticleChallenge AcceptedGlatt, Arthur
May 19517Feature ArticleStrange Results I Have SeenGlatt, Arthur
September 200215Feature ArticleA One-Notrump Opening MarionetteGlick, Paul
January 200342Feature ArticleInstant Canape ResponsesGlick, Paul
April 200313Feature ArticleSpace SaverGlick, Paul
October 199419Feature ArticleThe Three-Level MultiGlick, Paul
March 200542Feature ArticleOpportunity of a LifetimeGlickstein, Earl
March 198223Feature ArticleB. Jay and the BearGlubok, Brian
December 197218Feature ArticlePolish PrecisionGobert, Carole and Jim
July 199214Feature ArticleThe Brighton PairsGobert, Jim
January 196636Feature ArticleThe Court of Uncommon PlaysGoetz, M. Bernard
October 196414Feature ArticleThe Mysteries of ProbabilitiesGoetz, M. Bernard
October 19493Feature ArticleTricks On TimeGold, Sam
June 200935Classic RewindTricks on TimeGold, Sam
October 201215Feature ArticleA Necessary AssumptionGoldrich, Howard
April 201243Feature ArticleFeagustGoldrich, Howard
January 201143Feature ArticleThe Relevant DistributionGoldrich, Howard
June 200730Feature ArticleBetter Coding of Two-SuitersGoldsmith, Jeff
July 200636Feature ArticleTransfers Over MichaelsGoldsmith, Jeff
December 194914Feature ArticleA Case In PointsGoldstein, Mortimer D.
February 195114Feature ArticleAll The Tricks But TwoGoldstein, Mortimer D.
May 195612Feature ArticleDrop the Other Shoe, Mr. S.Goldstein, Mortimer D.
June 193621Prelude And SlamGoode, Lee Margot
June 193324We, the PeopleGoode, Lee Margot
July 195617Feature ArticleSweet CharityGoodman, Manuel W.
January 195419Feature ArticleThe King of Hearts Has No MustacheGoodman, Manuel W.
May 19449Feature ArticleMatch-Point GlimmeringsGoosmann, Jr., Charles
September 194321Feature ArticleTechniqueGoosmann, Jr., Charles
July 19439Feature ArticleThe Perfect HandGoosmann, Jr., Charles
February 194420Feature ArticleTwo-By-Four BridgeGordon, Harold
October 193214Defensive Jump OvercallsGordon, Jr., Beirne
October 197318Feature ArticleCaptain-CrewGordy, Laura Jane and Ed
March 194319Culling the ColumnsGoren, Charles H.
May 194328Culling the ColumnsGoren, Charles H.
September 194326Culling the ColumnsGoren, Charles H.
June 195624Pro et ContraGoren, Charles H.
July 195625Pro et ContraGoren, Charles H.
August 195631Pro et ContraGoren, Charles H.
September 195623Pro et ContraGoren, Charles H.
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November 196637Pro et ContraGoren, Charles H.
December 195030Feature ArticleA Gulfstream IdyllGoren, Charles H.
January 195412Tournament ReportA Quartet of Hands from the Winter NationalsGoren, Charles H.
April 19445Feature ArticleExceptions That Prove The RuleGoren, Charles H.
September 19445Feature ArticleGetting To GameGoren, Charles H.
March 195111Feature ArticleOne Touch Of ChicagoGoren, Charles H.
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December 193134Some New Contract ConventionsGould, Paul
September 197517Feature ArticleWithout a FlickerGould, Peter
November 201611Feature ArticleTransfers by IntervenorGrabiner, David and McCann, Art
December 193516Teaching BeginnersGrace, Mrs. A. J.
October 193339Bridge Partners I Have MetGracy, Leonard R.
July 193514Elective ContractGracy, Leonard R.
September 193233Testing Dealing SystemsGracy, Leonard R.
March 193411The Bath (Bawth) Coup (Kugh)Gracy, Leonard R.
August 193116Why A Contract SystemGracy, Leonard R.
February 194227Feature ArticleTroubles Of The InexpertGraetz, L.
July 200641Feature ArticleNiblensohlGraham, Mike
August 19855Feature ArticlePaulaGranovetter, Matthew
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December 198621Feature ArticleThe Pleasure FactorGranovetter, Matthew
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November 199612Feature ArticleStep Game RaisesGraulund, Nis
February 193244Why Strong Requirements For Defensive Takeout Doubles?Graves, C. E.
January 198326Feature ArticleGray's ElegyGray, Charles
December 194123Feature ArticleA New Strip VariationGray, R.
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November 19419Feature ArticleAfter DinnerGray, R.
June 195424Feature ArticleDefensive Suit-playsGray, R.
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March 19433Feature ArticleGibraltar Mystery, Part IGray, R.
April 194330Feature ArticleGibraltar Mystery, Part IIGray, R.
September 195127Feature ArticleHigh From DummyGray, R.
June 194119Feature ArticleSmith Solves A Bridge ProblemGray, R.
September 19427Feature ArticleThe Boner BookGray, R.
November 195122Feature ArticleThe Defenders Don't KnowGray, R.
February 194528Feature ArticleThe Non-Bridge AffairGray, R.
March 19419Feature ArticleTwo End-PlaysGray, R.
March 200761Classic RewindA Problemist at the TableGray, Robert
July 197313Feature ArticleA Slam to RememberGray, Robert
November 197416Feature ArticleAce, King, Queen, JackGray, Robert
May 197714Feature ArticleAdjustmentsGray, Robert
January 201640Classic RewindDefensive Suit PlaysGray, Robert
June 197521Feature ArticleFire!Gray, Robert
February 200759Classic RewindNew Strip VariationsGray, Robert
January 197523Feature ArticleQueensGray, Robert
February 197624Feature ArticleSpecial PrizeGray, Robert
December 197318Feature ArticleThe Ace of Spades WomanGray, Robert
December 200934Classic RewindThe Defenders Don't KnowGray, Robert
October 197413Feature ArticleThe Two Red AcesGray, Robert
March 19737Feature ArticleThose CoupsGray, Robert
June 193915Bridge HomeworkGreen, Janice
January 197820Feature ArticleA Level Too HighGreenwood, David
August 197622Feature ArticleHauntedGregory, Steve
May 196135Master Solvers ClubGrieve, William
January 19602Feature ArticleHands from the Fall NationalGrieve, William
September 195910Feature ArticleSome Swing Hands from the NationalsGrieve, William
November 200718Feature ArticleThe Final in the Kingdom of the DeadGronlund, Jan
April 200921Feature ArticleThe Final of the Cup of the Golden SoulGronlund, Jan
November 20164Feature ArticleThe President's CupGronlund, Jan
September 193022Duplicate Team MatchesGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
April 193117Progressive Contract BridgeGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
March 193035Scoring The Eastern ChampionshipGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
December 192943Scoring The Vanderbilt TournamentGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
October 193129The Individual Schedule Used At DealGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
December 193218The New Laws Of Duplicate Contract BridgeGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
October 193332Vanderbilt Championship Attracts Strong ArrayGruenther, Lieut. A. M.
January 19337The New Laws Governing Duplicate Contract BridgeGruenther, Lieut. Alfred M.
November 193928A Squeeze ArtistGrunewald, Bruno
March 200473Classic RewindChess Players Turn to BridgeGrunewald, Bruno
October 19399Feature ArticleThe Grunewald CoupGrunewald, Bruno
December 193911Feature ArticleThe Super Unblocking CoupGrunewald, Bruno
October 19383Feature ArticleTwo Chess Players Turn To BridgeGrunewald, Bruno
December 19389Feature ArticleWould You Take The Queen?Grunewald, Bruno
March 196918Tournament ReportThe Ladies' Far East ChampionshipGuardia, Carmen Tuason La
August 196831Feature ArticleThe Five-Card FitGuerin, Don
June 193267The Ladies And Contract Bridge (a Poem)Guest, Edgar A.
January 19324FrontispieceGuests at Match
August 195430Feature ArticleHow Do you Speak to a Life Master?Guilder, Martin
January 196316Feature ArticleA Guided Tour through FantasylandGuiver, Harold B.
March 196312Feature ArticleThe Unfinished MatchGuiver, Harold B.
February 200820Feature ArticleThe American Revolution: The True StoryGunnell, Brian
June 199014Feature ArticleAnother ClashGuo-Zhu, Yang
April 193217300 Tables Of Contract At University Of UtahGuss, Harry L.
September 193618Sitting BirdsGuthrie, Cecile
February 193521Unsung Squeeze PlaysGuthrie, Cecile
August 20099Feature ArticleAnacondaGuthrie, Nigel
March 20097Feature ArticleFour-Leafed CloverGuthrie, Nigel
January 201131Feature ArticleMoysian ExtravaganceGuthrie, Nigel
May 200916Feature ArticleNine Fathom DeepGuthrie, Nigel
September 200121Puzzle CornerOdd IndeedGuthrie, Nigel
January 200924Feature ArticleSee-Saw ClashGuthrie, Nigel
September 200736Feature ArticleThe Big JettisonGuthrie, Nigel
May 201119Feature ArticleWinter of Our DiscontentGuthrie, Nigel
December 199616Feature ArticleThe Dreaded UnderleadHabert, Rhoda and Silver, Joseph
November 199121Feature ArticleAnatomy of a MatchHahn, Albert
August 199416Feature ArticleFeatures from the TopHall, W. F.
July 199813Feature ArticleOver the TopHall, W. F.
December 197625Puzzle CornerHalle, Jeffrey C.
February 198925Feature ArticleA Maximization ProblemHalstad, Ron
May 196415Tournament ReportThe Oregon TrailHamman, Robert
April 201125Feature ArticleFibonacci ValuationHancock, Cliff
February 200875Feature ArticleBi-Level Defense to Strong ClubHancock, John
July 201043Feature ArticleEffective Game-PreemptsHancock, John
January 201342Feature ArticleRemembering KyleHancock, John
July 201328Feature ArticleThe Control-Bid TransferHancock, John
January 201427Feature ArticleThe Immediate Slam SignalHancock, John
November 193316An Open Letter To Ely CulbertsonHanes, Tom
August 195820Feature ArticleA Long Day's JourneyHanna, William
August 195614Feature ArticleAlong the MississippiHanna, William
December 195526Tournament ReportCoronado: 1955Hanna, William
January 19588Tournament ReportHighlights in Los AngelesHanna, William
March 19597Tournament ReportItaly vs. the Western All-StarsHanna, William
September 195417Feature ArticleJ'AccuseHanna, William
July 19559Feature ArticleJust Call SidHanna, William
July 19522Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William
July 19549Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William
October 19556Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William
July 195612Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William
July 19572Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William
August 195426Bits and PiecesOn to the NationalsHanna, William
January 195624Feature ArticleOver At Gene's HouseHanna, William
November 195216Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekHanna, William
October 195422Tournament ReportSan Francisco Bridge WeekHanna, William
September 195713Feature ArticleSome Also-Rans at the NationalsHanna, William
November 195614Feature ArticleThe John Smith InvasionHanna, William
August 195611Feature ArticleTwo Interesting HandsHanna, William
July 195310Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekHanna, William and Miles, Marshall
September 195822Tournament ReportMiami HighlightsHanna, William and Miles, Marshall
November 195417Feature ArticleModern Bidding and the Bulldog SystemHanna, William and Steen, Douglas
August 196621Feature ArticleInteresting Hands from Bridge WeekHardy, Max
May 196632Tournament ReportThe Riviera MastersHardy, Max
October 193314The Humble Origin Of WhistHargrave, Catharine P.
March 193420The Post-Hoyle EraHargrave, Catharine P.
February 193420The Reign Of HoyleHargrave, Catharine P.
November 201042Feature ArticleEight Ever, Nine OftenHarrington, Paul
December 201518Feature ArticleBack in the Trenches AgainHarris, George
March 201418Feature ArticleIn the Speedball TrenchesHarris, George
April 201830Feature ArticleSpeeding to the HorizonHarris, George
October 197531Feature ArticleConstructive Two-BidsHarris, Lynn
February 19334FrontispieceFrontispieceHarris, Mrs. George U.
December 196824Feature ArticleMystery and ImaginationHarrison-Gray, M.
May 19669Feature ArticleThe World's Worst BiddersHarrison-Gray, M.
May 19522Feature ArticleTrans-Atlantic Bridge Chat Part 1Harrison-Gray, M. and Moyse, Jr., A.
June 195228Feature ArticleTrans-Atlantic Bridge Chat Part 2Harrison-Gray, M. and Moyse, Jr., A.
August 196015Feature ArticleDuplicate Bridge Is Easy!Hart, Della Lynn
October 200662Classic RewindSafety PlayHart, Frits
March 19617Feature ArticleSomething New from BritainHart, Normart De V.
February 195017Feature ArticleDuelHasselriis, Norman B.
March 201135Classic RewindTo Err is HumanHathorn, John
July 19569Feature ArticleThe Prepared ResponseHathorn, John B.
December 195516Feature ArticleTo Err Is HumanHathorn, John B.
March 193030Winning Goulash PassesHattersley, Leila
August 19318Mr. Whitehead Buried In France: There Was A ManHattersley, Lelia
May 19319The Miracle Of StandardizationHattersley, Lelia
December 192924The Science Of The Honor Point SystemHattersley, Lelia
May 193031The Ten Thousand Dollar Auction HandHattersley, Lelia
March 19302FrontispieceHattersley, Mrs. Leila
November 193133The Rule Of Eight In Actual PlayHattersley, Mrs. Lelia
June 199224Feature ArticleSuit-Under SplintersHawthorne, J. W.
November 197122Feature ArticleAround the World with PrecisionHayden, Dorothy
December 196621Feature ArticleDo You Really Think?Hayden, Dorothy
March 196422Feature ArticleMrs. Ample's SneezeHayden, Dorothy
December 196414Feature ArticlePart-Score BiddingHayden, Dorothy
February 196923Feature ArticleThe Computer and IHayden, Dorothy
April 196410Tournament ReportThe Vanderbilt Cup TournamentHayden, Dorothy
September 19684Tournament ReportThe Women's OlympiadHayden, Dorothy
April 196629Feature ArticleTips for Experts OnlyHayden, Dorothy
April 196918Feature ArticleTo Chase a DreamHayden, Dorothy
October 192919Two Call Conventional Minor-Suit BidHayman, Edgar D.
January 193536The Doctor Looks At ContractHays, Dr. Harold
February 193548The Doctor Looks At ContractHays, Dr. Harold
June 196434Feature ArticleA Spectator's View of the OlympiadHazen, Lee
July 194716Feature ArticleCue BidsHazen, Lee
December 194321Get Yourself a PartnerHazen, Lee
May 194115Feature ArticleMasters Individual TournamentHazen, Lee
March 194513Feature ArticleReopening The BiddingHazen, Lee
December 194210Feature ArticleThe Distributional Two-BidHazen, Lee
December 196624Feature ArticleThe Red Herring QueenHazen, Lee
April 194438Feature ArticleThe Unconscious DuckHazen, Lee
October 19433Feature ArticleWarning ResponsesHazen, Lee
October 19575Feature ArticleThe Third ForceHead, Cecil
February 195315Feature ArticleAnalysis Of The Hand Of The YearHead, Cecil L.
March 196120Feature ArticleChinese DefenseHead, Cecil L.
January 195415Feature ArticleFurther toughts on preference biddingHead, Cecil L.
October 195619Feature ArticleThe Too-Ubiquitous One-Over-OneHead, Cecil L.
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June 194322Feature ArticleIn Defense Of The "SUIT-OVER-SUIT" SystemHead, Sgt. Cecil L.
May 194428Feature ArticleThe Inept Mechanics Of DuplicateHeaton, D. R. Perry
February 194924Feature ArticleWhat Do You ThinkHebert, Chris
June 196537Feature ArticleLosers' Report from ClevelandHeitner, Paul and Lowenthal, John
February 201123Feature ArticleClarifying After Opener's Jump-ShiftHeitzman, Bob
June 201137Feature ArticleSuperstrong Raises by OpenerHeitzman, Bob
February 200676Feature ArticleA Three's LamentHelfgott, Leonard
April 200224Feature ArticleInviting TroubleHeller, Jon
February 193026World Of Cards, Aspects Of PiquetHellman, George S.
August 195816Feature ArticleAcross the StreetHelman, Leonard A.
March 196445Feature ArticleDear Bridge ColumnistHelman, Leonard A.
May 20099Feature ArticlePuppet SwitchesHemphill, Craig
October 198318Feature ArticleBridging the GapHemphill, Linda
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June 195718Feature ArticleThe Weak Two NotrumpHemrick, Harold S.
June 199126Feature ArticleThe Abandoned FinesseHeron, Doug
July 193017Are There No X-Rays?Herrmann, Dr. Paul
February 201736Feature ArticleA Modern CatchallHerrmann, Rainier
September 201527Feature ArticleAfter a Same-Suit Minor RebidHerstein, Ed
March 201541Feature ArticleClarifying Via GazzilliHerstein, Ed
December 201429Feature ArticleExtended Puppet Stayman Herstein, Ed
June 200825Feature ArticleHandling Wide RangesHerstein, Ed
September 200512Feature ArticleLet 'em DoubleHerstein, Ed
March 201476Feature ArticleLeverageHerstein, Ed
June 200776Feature ArticleRelay SuperacceptancesHerstein, Ed
March 200836Feature ArticleThird and Fourth TogetherHerstein, Ed
May 201431Feature ArticleTransfer Rebids by ResponderHerstein, Ed
February 201336Feature ArticleTwo-Notrump TweaksHerstein, Ed
February 201274Feature ArticleCombination ShotHerweijer, Joost
July 201234Feature ArticleJuRJoHerweijer, Joost
February 201931Feature ArticleTwo-Way Two-Over-OneHerweijer, Joost
September 198126Feature ArticleCzechoslovakia's Unluckiest PlayerHill, Russell
October 193020Four-Card Versus Three-Card Normal SupportHinman, L. D.
September 193335Penalty Doubles And "Flag-Flying"Hinman, L. D.
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August 196431Feature ArticleIsrael's Olympiad DebutHirsch, Tannah
November 196519Feature ArticleOstend 1965--the Lighter SideHirsch, Tannah
January 19755Tournament ReportThe European ChampionshipHirsch, Tannah
October 196616Tournament ReportThe Spingold FinalsHirsch, Tannah
September 196521Tournament ReportTrials for EuropeHirsch, Tannah
February 19684Tournament ReportWay Down South in the Land of CottonHirsch, Tannah
August 19663Tournament ReportWorld Pairs at AmsterdamHirsch, Tannah
December 19365Partners Two-SuiterHodges, Turner
July 193716Feature ArticleShut Your EyesHodges, Turner
December 19355Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
January 193618Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
February 193626Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
April 193618Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
June 193629Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
July 193623Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
August 193624Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
September 193623Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
October 193625Stepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
February 193722Feature ArticleStepping Stones To SkillHodges, Turner
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February 19465Feature ArticleTheory Of Partnership BiddingHodges, Turner
April 200834Classic RewindTheory of Partnership BiddingHodges, Turner
February 193826Feature ArticleWhat Are Ethics?Hodges, Turner
September 193710Feature ArticleWhere Do We Go From Here?Hodges, Turner
August 193712Feature ArticleYou Are On A SpotHodges, Turner
May 198519Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
June 198527Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
July 198539Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
September 19859Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
November 198523Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
February 198621Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
March 198633Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
August 198629Feature ArticleDefense In DepthHoffman, Martin
January 198122Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
February 198124Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
March 198126Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
June 198123Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
July 198126Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
August 198120Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
September 198129Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
January 198218Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
February 198230Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
March 198214Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
April 198220Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
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July 198221Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
August 198215Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
September 198222Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
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August 198322Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
October 198336Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
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December 198332Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
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May 198431Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
June 198428Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
July 198422Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
September 198432Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
October 198412Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
January 198525Feature ArticleTales Of HoffmanHoffman, Martin
January 194714Feature ArticleFour Remarkable HandsHoldine, W. S.
January 200933Classic RewindThree Remarkable DealsHoldine, W. S.
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July 193613Are You An Owl?Hoover, Hubbard
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April 199524Tournament ReportThe 1994 World Pairs, IIHorton, Mark
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February 201234Classic RewindKey PlayHorwitz, Don
October 193147Knotty Law Points DecidedHosack, George M.
April 193021Notes On LawsHosack, George M.
March 198319Feature ArticleThe Computers Are ComingHossard, Daniel
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June 196322Feature ArticleThe Columnist Plays It SafeHowe, Daniel R.
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December 195110Feature ArticleThe Night Before ChristmasHowe, Daniel R.
June 194431Feature ArticleThe Hoyt Four-Club ConventionHoyt, Hamilton Taylor
March 198316Feature ArticleA Much Needed WestHudecek, Carl
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December 196615PotpourriHughes, Brooks
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March 196625Feature ArticleEducated GuessesHughes, Brooks
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March 19329Playing Bridge With Mrs. CulbertsonHuske, William J.
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September 193018A Plea For The Low Penalty DoubleIves, III, Sidney
April 193119P-sour PsychicsIves, III, Sidney
December 19302Rarely A Slam Without A ForceIves, III, Sidney
December 193135Contract Bridge Versus HomeworkJackson, William Wolf
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August 199822Bridge MovieEast or West?Jacobs, Bill
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November 193139Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
December 193153Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
August 193229Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
December 193246Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
March 193356Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
April 193347Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
July 193329Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
September 193358Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
October 193369Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
November 193357Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
December 193361Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
February 193459Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
March 193470Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
April 193451Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
May 193459Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
June 193449Bridge In CanadaJacobson, John W.
July 193237Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
September 193251Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
January 193357Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
February 193356Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
May 193333Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
June 193344Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
August 193333Bridge in CanadaJacobson, John W.
January 196743Pro et ContraJacoby, Oswald
February 196744Pro et ContraJacoby, Oswald
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December 199927Feature ArticleThrow Winners, Keep LosersJourdain, Patrick
January 197617Feature ArticleAdjustments in Journalist LeadsJournalist
October 196628Feature ArticleJournalist LeadsJournalist
March 19765Feature ArticleLater Leads Against NotrumpJournalist
April 197628Feature ArticleLater Leads Against NotrumpJournalist
May 197617Feature ArticleLater Leads Against Suit ContractsJournalist
June 197620Feature ArticleLater Leads Against SuitsJournalist
April 19875Feature ArticleMatters of RuffingJournalist
April 200974Feature ArticleMixed LeadsJournalist
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August 197027Feature ArticleUpside-Down SignalsJournalist
September 193121Honor Table Rhymed (A Poem)Joyce, Mary C.
October 19290Cover DesignKachinsky, Alexander
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December 193124How We Organized The Great TournamentsKaiser, Millard P.
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April 19588Rate Your Own PlayKantar, Edwin B.
April 195910Test Your PlayKantar, Edwin B.
November 19592Test Your PlayKantar, Edwin B.
January 19606Rate Your Own PlayKantar, Edwin B.
March 19612Test Your PlayKantar, Edwin B.
May 196216Test Your PlayKantar, Edwin B.
November 19622Rate Your Own GameKantar, Edwin B.
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February 197315Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197325Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197317Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197335Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197329Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197325Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197321Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197335Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197427Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197427Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197451Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197433Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197429Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197419Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197453Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197433Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197437Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197433Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197521Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197519Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197531Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197527Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197533Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197527Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197525Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197535Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197525Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197533Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197525Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197633Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197627Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197619Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197627Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197631Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197627Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197633Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 19763Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197633Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197723Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197729Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197715Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197731Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197721Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197727Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197733Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197733Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197713Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197725Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197731Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197733Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197817Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197833Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197817Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197819Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197821Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 197933Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 197931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 197931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 197931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 197923Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 197931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 197915Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 197929Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 197927Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 197923Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 197923Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 197925Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198033Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198033Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198023Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198023Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 19809Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198027Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198013Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198025Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198135Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198133Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198133Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198117Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198113Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 19815Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198113Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198223Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198223Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198233Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198233Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198223Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198231Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198215Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198231Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198231Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198317Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198321Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198329Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198329Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198329Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198319Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198433Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198433Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 19849Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 19849Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 19859Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198531Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198533Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198523Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 19857Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198531Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198513Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198531Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198531Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198535Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198533Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198533Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 19865Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198631Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198615Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198619Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198619Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198623Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198629Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 19867Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198631Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198611Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198733Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198711Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198719Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198735Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198727Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198721Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198731Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198721Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198727Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198723Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198731Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198731Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198829Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198829Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198829Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198833Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 198931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 198933Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 198931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 198929Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 198933Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 198927Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 198933Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 198925Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 198921Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 198931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 198931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 198925Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199025Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199027Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199036Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199021Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199017Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199029Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199011Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199015Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 19917Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199125Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199127Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199133Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199115Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199131Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199239Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199215Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199213Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199219Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199223Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199211Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 19925Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199223Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199227Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199233Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199217Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199216Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199321Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199319Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 19937Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199317Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199321Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199325Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199331Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199423Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199429Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 19947Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199429Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199423Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199427Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199414Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199419Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199431Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 19957Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199513Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199519Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199511Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199519Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199513Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199517Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199517Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 19959Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199623Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199618Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199619Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 19969Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199615Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199611Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199627Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199621Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199615Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 19967Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199611Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199635Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199717Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199717Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199715Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 19979Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199723Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199727Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199715Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199725Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199714Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199718Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 19978Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199719Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199813Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199831Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199815Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199819Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 19983Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199810Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199818Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199815Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199813Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199813Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 199919Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 199919Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 199917Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 199933Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 199915Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 199927Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 199913Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199931Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 199912Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 199915Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 199929Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 199936Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200011Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200031Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200011Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200029Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200021Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 200011Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200038Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200019Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200019Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 20009Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 20009Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200010Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200128Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200120Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200117Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200117Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20018Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 200115Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200135Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200137Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200118Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200115Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200159Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20023Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200213Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200211Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200222Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20028Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200211Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200225Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200224Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200227Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200229Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200320Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200316Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 20039Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200315Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20035Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200321Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 20037Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200338Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200335Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200319Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200317Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20049Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200425Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 200413Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20045Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200413Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200419Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 20044Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200421Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200421Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20055Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200516Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 20056Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200539Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200532Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20059Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200537Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200545Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200544Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200544Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200541Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200543Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200635Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200641Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200611Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200637Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200646Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 200657Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200613Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200649Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 20067Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200643Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200649Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200650Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200736Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200749Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 20079Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200744Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20075Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20077Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200725Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200741Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200716Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200773Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200742Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200720Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200872Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200811Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200811Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200874Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 200862Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 200825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200861Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200821Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200823Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 200823Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200825Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 200925Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 200912Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 200943Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 200910Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 200966Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20097Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20097Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 200973Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 200940Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 200924Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 20097Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 200922Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20106Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201013Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 20105Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 20109Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 201015Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201015Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20107Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 20109Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201011Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201017Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 20109Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201018Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201125Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201113Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201111Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201111Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20117Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201120Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 201172Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201115Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201162Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201175Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201119Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 20115Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20129Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201274Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 20123Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201217Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20125Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201244Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 201213Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201225Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201273Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201216Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201217Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201217Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201334Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201335Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201311Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201327Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 201337Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201333Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 201313Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201341Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201311Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 20132Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201319Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201329Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201427Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201441Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201441Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20147Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201415Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20144Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201411Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201419Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201426Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201437Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 20145Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201517Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 20155Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201525Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 201517Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 20153Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 201513Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201537Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201517Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201515Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201560Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201626Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201611Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201671Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201613Kantar For The DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 20169Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201637Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20167Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201615Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201640Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201643Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201625Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 20179Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 201711Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 20173Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201760Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 201711Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201734Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 20179Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201711Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201717Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 201720Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201717Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 20173Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201813Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 20183Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
March 201827Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
April 201815Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 201815Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
June 201819Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
July 201823Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 201814Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
September 201823Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
October 20185Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
November 201824Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
December 201819Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 201929Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
February 20195Kantar for the DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
May 196018Feature ArticleA Defensive QuizKantar, Edwin B.
March 195513Feature ArticleA Few Random MasterpiecesKantar, Edwin B.
June 196311Feature ArticleA New Cue-BidKantar, Edwin B.
July 201132Classic RewindA Pair by KantarKantar, Edwin B.
August 201133Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, IIKantar, Edwin B.
September 201135Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, IIIKantar, Edwin B.
January 201232Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, IVKantar, Edwin B.
March 201231Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, VKantar, Edwin B.
January 201431Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, VIKantar, Edwin B.
January 201527Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, VIIKantar, Edwin B.
February 201933Classic RewindA Pair by Kantar, VIIIKantar, Edwin B.
March 197016Feature ArticleA Record, I ThinkKantar, Edwin B.
January 198727Feature ArticleA Simple SequenceKantar, Edwin B.
November 19653Feature ArticleA Therapeutic QuizKantar, Edwin B.
October 19643Feature ArticleAsk Me, Partner!Kantar, Edwin B.
August 197819Feature ArticleAsking and Trump-Asking BidsKantar, Edwin B.
August 19653Feature ArticleBridge Week A Go-GoKantar, Edwin B.
October 196313Feature ArticleCard CombinationsKantar, Edwin B.
March 199023Feature ArticleCard CombinationsKantar, Edwin B.
April 199014Feature ArticleCard Combinations, IIKantar, Edwin B.
May 19659Feature ArticleCleveland Close-upsKantar, Edwin B.
September 200875Feature ArticleEfficient AskingKantar, Edwin B.
August 200438Feature ArticleEqual Rights for MinorsKantar, Edwin B.
August 201721Feature ArticleExcluding ConfusionKantar, Edwin B.
October 201511Feature ArticleExcluding Partner?s SuitKantar, Edwin B.
March 19714Feature ArticleFilling a GapKantar, Edwin B.
April 197119Feature ArticleFilling a Gap, IIKantar, Edwin B.
March 19645Feature ArticleFour Spade-Five Heart DilemmaKantar, Edwin B.
January 196630Feature ArticleIdeas, Ideas!Kantar, Edwin B.
August 196116Feature ArticleIgnorance SystemalizedKantar, Edwin B.
April 19555Feature ArticleInferential ProblemKantar, Edwin B.
May 19663Feature ArticleIs This Game for Real?Kantar, Edwin B.
December 196017Feature ArticleJottings from the Winter NationalsKantar, Edwin B.
June 199029Feature ArticleKantar for the DenseKantar, Edwin B.
August 199115Feature ArticleLong-Suit SignalsKantar, Edwin B.
July 195925Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekKantar, Edwin B.
July 196021Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekKantar, Edwin B.
July 19619Tournament ReportLos Angeles Bridge WeekKantar, Edwin B.
September 19637Feature ArticleLos Angeles LulusKantar, Edwin B.
April 200124Feature ArticleMe and The NationalsKantar, Edwin B.
October 196218Feature ArticleMinneapolis MisfortunesKantar, Edwin B.
September 196511Feature ArticleMy Father's Son, The Bridge TeacherKantar, Edwin B.
October 200915Feature ArticleMy Father's Son, The Bridge TeacherKantar, Edwin B.
January 196312Feature ArticleMy Phoenix FavoritesKantar, Edwin B.
May 19568Feature ArticleOdds and EndsKantar, Edwin B.
December 201522Classic RewindOdds and EndsKantar, Edwin B.
August 199519Feature ArticlePanel TimeKantar, Edwin B.
March 196711Feature ArticlePittsburgh ProblemsKantar, Edwin B.
August 200941Feature ArticlePlay the Eight, Before It's Too LateKantar, Edwin B.
April 201040Feature ArticlePlaying a Suit for No TricksKantar, Edwin B.
February 201620Classic RewindRate Your Miami GameKantar, Edwin B.
November 201232Classic RewindRate Your Own 1955 GameKantar, Edwin B.
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January 195611Feature ArticleRate Your Own DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
January 19622Feature ArticleRate Your Own DefenseKantar, Edwin B.
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April 201135Classic RewindRate Your Own PlayKantar, Edwin B.
July 19804Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood (RKC)Kantar, Edwin B.
August 198025Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IIKantar, Edwin B.
September 198016Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IIIKantar, Edwin B.
October 198016Feature ArticleRoman Key-Card Blackwood, IVKantar, Edwin B.
April 196217Feature ArticleSaved From SiberiaKantar, Edwin B.
May 197417Feature ArticleShort, AnywayKantar, Edwin B.
December 201328Feature ArticleShow Your ShapeKantar, Edwin B.
June 197218Feature ArticleSomething to Think AboutKantar, Edwin B.
November 196912Feature ArticleTen ImpsKantar, Edwin B.
September 201129Classic RewindTest Your Declarer PlayKantar, Edwin B.
October 197027Tournament ReportThe 1970 World Pairs, IIKantar, Edwin B.
September 19708Tournament ReportThe 70 World Pairs ChampionshipKantar, Edwin B.
February 19657Tournament ReportThe Blue Ribbon PairsKantar, Edwin B.
December 19645Feature ArticleThe Difference, A New Kind Of QuizKantar, Edwin B.
April 196430Feature ArticleThe First BoardKantar, Edwin B.
July 197917Feature ArticleThe Four-Four DilemmaKantar, Edwin B.
January 197326Tournament ReportThe ReisingerKantar, Edwin B.
July 196425Feature ArticleThe Shorts Fight BackKantar, Edwin B.
September 19612Tournament ReportThe Spingold Round-RobinKantar, Edwin B.
April 19612Tournament ReportThe Spring NationalsKantar, Edwin B.
September 196013Tournament ReportThe Summer NationalsKantar, Edwin B.
July 196228Feature ArticleThe System In ActionKantar, Edwin B.
January 197121Feature ArticleThe Threepenny OperaKantar, Edwin B.
October 200923Feature ArticleThe Threepenny OperaKantar, Edwin B.
June 196722Tournament ReportThe West Coast Invitational TrialsKantar, Edwin B.
November 19886Feature ArticleThird-and-Lowest, Or Fourth?Kantar, Edwin B.
November 197413Feature ArticleThree Notrump?Kantar, Edwin B.
August 19582Feature ArticleTo Be or Not To Be End-PlayedKantar, Edwin B.
January 200712Feature ArticleTouch All The BasesKantar, Edwin B.
April 196314Feature ArticleTwo Hands, As OrderedKantar, Edwin B.
November 196627Feature ArticleVive la France!Kantar, Edwin B.
May 199931Feature ArticleYes or No, IIKantar, Edwin B.
December 195416Feature ArticleYes or No?Kantar, Edwin B.
October 201020Feature ArticleKantdu for the Defense: Two Eggnogs Too ManyKantdu, Erwin I.
April 19744Feature ArticleR*A*T*SKaplan, Betty
April 196730Feature ArticleSnowboundKaplan, Betty
June 196839Tournament ReportThe Women's TrialsKaplan, Betty
March 196451Master Solvers ClubKaplan, Edgar
May 198621Tournament Report16 Years LaterKaplan, Edgar
June 198614Tournament Report16 Years Later, IIKaplan, Edgar
June 19724Tournament Report72 Vanderbilt--the FinalKaplan, Edgar
November 19806Tournament Report80 SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
June 198110Tournament Report81 Model VanderbiltKaplan, Edgar
July 19817Tournament Report81 Model Vanderbilt, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19904Tournament Report90 SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
January 19914Tournament Report90 SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
December 19904Tournament Report90 Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
September 198920Tournament ReportA Berth For PerthKaplan, Edgar
October 19894Tournament ReportA Berth for Perth, IIKaplan, Edgar
June 19592Feature ArticleA New Approach to Slam BiddingKaplan, Edgar
August 19715Tournament ReportAces UpKaplan, Edgar
September 197124Tournament ReportAces Up, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19665Feature ArticleAcol, Anyone?Kaplan, Edgar
January 199819Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World ChampionshipKaplan, Edgar
January 195919Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, ConclusionKaplan, Edgar
September 19582Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part 1Kaplan, Edgar
October 195820Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IIKaplan, Edgar
November 195820Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IIIKaplan, Edgar
December 195818Tournament ReportAnalysis of the 1958 World Championship, Part IVKaplan, Edgar
April 19904Tournament ReportAntipodean BowlKaplan, Edgar
May 19904Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IIKaplan, Edgar
June 199015Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IIIKaplan, Edgar
July 199016Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, IVKaplan, Edgar
August 19908Tournament ReportAntipodean Bowl, VKaplan, Edgar
March 196930Feature ArticleBalancing in Fourth SeatKaplan, Edgar
October 19873Tournament ReportBaltimore SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
November 19874Tournament ReportBaltimore Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
September 198417Tournament ReportBattle For SeattleKaplan, Edgar
October 19844Tournament ReportBattle For Seattle, IIKaplan, Edgar
August 197624Tournament ReportBermuda BowlKaplan, Edgar
September 197620Tournament ReportBermuda BowlKaplan, Edgar
July 19744Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl FinalKaplan, Edgar
August 19749Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Final, IIKaplan, Edgar
September 197423Tournament ReportBermuda Bowl Final, IIIKaplan, Edgar
November 19898Tournament ReportBerth for Perth, IIIKaplan, Edgar
February 19796Tournament ReportBlue Ribbon BattleKaplan, Edgar
March 197922Tournament ReportBlue Ribbon Battle, IIKaplan, Edgar
June 19914Tournament ReportBoardwalk VanderbiltKaplan, Edgar
July 19914Tournament ReportBoardwalk Vanderbilt, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19814Tournament ReportBoston SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
December 19813Tournament ReportBoston Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
March 19943Tournament ReportBowls of ChileKaplan, Edgar
April 19943Tournament ReportBowls of Chile, IIKaplan, Edgar
May 199417Tournament ReportBowls of Chile, IIIKaplan, Edgar
June 19947Tournament ReportBowls of Chile, IVKaplan, Edgar
July 199425Tournament ReportBowls of Chile, VKaplan, Edgar
January 19825Tournament ReportBowls Of RyeKaplan, Edgar
February 198212Tournament ReportBowls Of Rye, IIKaplan, Edgar
March 19824Tournament ReportBowls Of Rye, IIIKaplan, Edgar
November 19785Tournament ReportCanadian SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
November 19744Tournament ReportCapital PlayoffKaplan, Edgar
December 19745Tournament ReportCapital Playoff, IIKaplan, Edgar
February 19863Tournament ReportChampionships in BrazilKaplan, Edgar
March 19864Tournament ReportChampionships in Brazil, IIKaplan, Edgar
April 198612Tournament ReportChampionships In Brazil, IIIKaplan, Edgar
January 19882Tournament ReportChampionships In JamaicaKaplan, Edgar
February 19883Tournament ReportChampionships In Jamaica, IIKaplan, Edgar
March 19884Tournament ReportChampionships in Jamaica, IIIKaplan, Edgar
October 19774Tournament ReportChicago SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
November 19775Tournament ReportChicago SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
January 19905Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
February 199010Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IIIKaplan, Edgar
March 19908Tournament ReportChicago Spingold, IVKaplan, Edgar
January 19962Tournament ReportChina BowlsKaplan, Edgar
February 19963Tournament ReportChina Bowls, IIKaplan, Edgar
March 199616Tournament ReportChina Bowls, IIIKaplan, Edgar
January 19814Tournament ReportComing Through For RyeKaplan, Edgar
February 19814Tournament ReportComing Through For Rye, IIKaplan, Edgar
April 196833Feature ArticleContinuous PerformanceKaplan, Edgar
June 199720Feature ArticleCrazy Eights at DallasKaplan, Edgar
July 19697Tournament ReportDisaster in RioKaplan, Edgar
August 196910Tournament ReportDisaster in Rio, IIKaplan, Edgar
September 196912Tournament ReportDisaster in Rio, IIIKaplan, Edgar
May 19562Feature ArticleDouble Raises In the MinorsKaplan, Edgar
September 198310Tournament ReportEast and WestKaplan, Edgar
January 19649Feature ArticleEthics, Huddles and ProtestsKaplan, Edgar
March 199817Feature ArticleEthics, Huddles and ProtestsKaplan, Edgar
August 19913Tournament ReportFive Days In MayKaplan, Edgar
September 19914Tournament ReportFive Days In May, IIKaplan, Edgar
October 19914Tournament ReportFive Days in May, IIIKaplan, Edgar
November 19914Tournament ReportFive Days in May, IVKaplan, Edgar
September 197525Feature ArticleFluctuating OddsKaplan, Edgar
May 19774Tournament ReportFreeway To ManilaKaplan, Edgar
February 19705Tournament ReportFrom Miami to StockholmKaplan, Edgar
June 19567Feature ArticleFurther Thoughts on the Weak NotrumpKaplan, Edgar
September 19873Tournament ReportGrand National TeamsKaplan, Edgar
September 19863Tournament ReportGrand National Teams 86Kaplan, Edgar
February 19763Tournament ReportHeavyweight Title--15 RoundsKaplan, Edgar
November 19846Tournament ReportHooks and Crooks--The '84 SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
July 19786Tournament ReportHouston Vanderbilt, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19632Feature ArticleImp Tactics for Match-Point PlayersKaplan, Edgar
December 196330Feature ArticleImp Tactics for Match-Point Players: IIKaplan, Edgar
December 19697Tournament ReportInternational PlayoffKaplan, Edgar
January 19716Tournament ReportInternational Playoff FinalKaplan, Edgar
January 197010Tournament ReportInternational Playoff, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19705Tournament ReportInternational Team PlayoffKaplan, Edgar
December 197013Tournament ReportInternational Team Playoff, IIKaplan, Edgar
July 19936Tournament ReportK. C. Vanderbilt, IIKaplan, Edgar
August 19933Tournament ReportK. C. Vanderbilt, IIIKaplan, Edgar
May 19764Tournament ReportKansas City VanderbiltKaplan, Edgar
June 19768Tournament ReportKansas City VanderbiltKaplan, Edgar
March 19952Tournament ReportKnockout in New MexicoKaplan, Edgar
April 19954Tournament ReportKnockout in New Mexico, IIKaplan, Edgar
May 199522Tournament ReportKnockout in New Mexico, IIIKaplan, Edgar
June 199522Tournament ReportKnockout in New Mexico, IVKaplan, Edgar
July 19959Tournament ReportKnockout in New Mexico, VKaplan, Edgar
February 19854Tournament ReportKnockout in SeattleKaplan, Edgar
March 19853Tournament ReportKnockout in Seattle, IIKaplan, Edgar
April 19853Tournament ReportKnockout in Seattle, IIIKaplan, Edgar
March 19725Tournament ReportLas Vegas BluesKaplan, Edgar
April 197210Tournament ReportLas Vegas Blues, IIKaplan, Edgar
October 197925Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
October 19854Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
December 19915Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
January 19924Tournament ReportLas Vegas SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
November 19794Tournament ReportLas Vegas Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
November 19858Tournament ReportLas Vegas Spingold, IIKaplan, Edgar
June 19855Tournament ReportLe VanderbiltKaplan, Edgar
July 19855Tournament ReportLe Vanderbilt, IIKaplan, Edgar
March 19572Tournament ReportLife Masters IndividualKaplan, Edgar
January 199817Feature ArticleLife Masters IndividualKaplan, Edgar
October 19755Tournament ReportMiami SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
August 19724Tournament ReportMiami SummitKaplan, Edgar
September 19725Tournament ReportMiami Summit, IIKaplan, Edgar
October 19725Tournament ReportMile-High SpingoldKaplan, Edgar
October 1980