Item ImageAdventures In Card Play
by Geza Ottlik • Hugh Kelsey
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288 pages. Paperback.

Geza Ottlik had a remarkable talent for discovering and analyzing strange and fascinating aspects of card play in bridge. This brilliant book is the result of his collaboration with Hugh Kelsey, whose skill at high-level analysis of bridge problems was equalled only by his ability as an instructive writer. Adventures in Card Play is universally regarded as one of the all-time great classics of br . . . read more.

Item ImageBridge Odds For Practical Players
by Hugh Kelsey • Michael Glauert
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125 pages. Paperback.

Backing outsiders has ruined many a punter at the bridge table as well as the race track. Few players have any idea of how to harness the odds to solve problems that constantly recur. Which is the best line of play? Is it better to finesse or play for the drop? Will the diamonds break? Can the chances be combined? What are the exact odds? Here is the authoritative guide to these situations . . . read more.

Item ImageInstant Guide to Bridge
by Hugh Kelsey
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This is a used item. Year: 1975. Category: General. Format/Binding: Hardcover. Condition: Good. . . . read more.

Item ImageLogical Bridge Play
by Hugh Kelsey
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192 pages. Paperback.

As Hugh Kelsey says in his introduction, the brilliant card player achieves his results with a combination of logic and flair. And although many people may think flair plays a disproportionate part, the expert player, in fact, produces his sometimes unbelievable results just by the application of logic. This book teaches you just how to apply logic to your card play in making the correct inferenc . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Tricky Game
by Hugh Kelsey
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198 pages. Paperback.

Beginning with the play of an individual suit and continuing with full deals, deceptive plays are discussed in a variety of situations. An excellent collection of hands to help keep the opponents off guard. . . . read more.