Item ImageBridge Probability And Information
by Robert F. MacKinnon
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242 pages. Paperback.

While firmly rooted in sound mathematics, this is a book that aims to be accessible to any bridge player. It develops the ideas of probability and information theory and applies them to bridge in a way no previous author has done. Concepts such as Vacant Spaces, Restricted Choice, and how splits in one suit affect the probabilities in other suits, are discussed in depth. Readers will emerge with . . . read more.

Item ImageNever a Dull Deal: Faith, Hope and Probability in Bridge
by Robert F. MacKinnon
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199 pages. Paperback.

In Bob Mackinnon's bestseller, Bridge, Probability and Information, the author drew on his professional background in mathematics to introduce readers to the mysteries of information theory and Bayes Theorem, and their surprisingly practical applications for bridge players. In this sequel, he takes these same ideas further, exploring the application of the concepts of conditional probability to o . . . read more.

Item ImageRichelieu Plays Bridge
by Robert F. MacKinnon
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240 pages. Paperback.

From the author of Samurai Bridge, this bridge novel is set in 17th century France. Through the medium of fictional bridge games, we see the politics and intrigue of the French court play out, and follow Cardinal Richelieu's career as he becomes the queen's confidant and the real power behind the throne. The bridge is deftly woven into the everyday life of the culture we are observing, so that it . . . read more.

Item ImageSamurai Bridge: A Tale of Old Japan
by Robert F. MacKinnon
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256 pages. Paperback.

Undoubtedly the most unusual piece of bridge fiction ever published, Samurai Bridge takes the reader to a remote village in early 19th century Japan. At first, the characters may seem familiar - the heroic masterless samurai (a ronin), the evil town magistrate, the downtrodden peasants, the tea-house madam with a heart of gold, and so forth. But soon we realize that these people are different - t . . . read more.