Item ImageBid To Win - Play For Pleasure
by George Rosenkranz • Phillip Alder
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428 pages. Paperback.

The Romex system has enjoyed considerable success in national championships throughout North America. This book sets out to present in the first half a simple version of the system. You will learn the basic structure with the key use of controls losers and cover cards to aid the location of accurate contracts. Given that you will use the Romex opening bids you can become familiar with them by . . . read more.

Item ImageGodfrey's Bridge Challenge
by George Rosenkranz • Phillip Alder
List Price: $9.95  Discount Price: $4.97  You Save: 50%
160 pages. Paperback.

Brings the Romex system to life through lively anecdotes instruction and quizzes. This book will improve your judgment and effectiveness, especially your slam bidding. . . . read more.

Item ImageOur Man Godfrey
Tales from the bridge table
by George Rosenkranz
List Price: $10.95  Discount Price: $5.47  You Save: 50%
228 pages. Paperback.

"Many bridge books contain good instructional material. But almost all of them present the material in a dry way, making them a labor of love to read. Yet we assimilate things much more easily if we are having fun at the same time we are learning. That is why this book is so good. There is an enjoyable storyline throughout. As in a good novel, we want to move straight onto the next chapter to fin . . . read more.

Item ImageTips For Tops
by George Rosenkranz
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224 pages. Paperback.

Dr. George Rosenkranz has long been Mexico's most successful player. He owns twelve North American championships and the rare distinction of having captured all four major team titles. He has represented Mexico in many world Olympiads and North America in the Bermuda Bowl. Since his retirement as chairman of the board of Syntex Corporation, he has had more time to devote to bridge. . . . read more.