Item ImageFlash for Signals and Leads
by Andrew Garnett
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Spiral bound.

53 Full color cards with 64 questions and answers to test your understanding of standard leads and signals. This is a companion product for Defensive Communications. . . . read more.

Item ImageMajor Suit Raises
by Andrew Garnett
List Price: $15.95  Discount Price: $13.56  You Save: 15%
107 pages. Paperback.

Major Suit Raises will teach you how to show three-card junk, invitational, and game-forcing raises as well as four-card preemptive, mixed, limit, game-forcing raises, all in or out of competition. You will also learn how to show four-card raises as the opener all while describing the strength of your hand accurately. You will learn how to count support points, Wolff Signoff, opener and responder . . . read more.

Item ImageVariable Strong 1NT and the 2 Spade Size Ask
by Andrew Garnett
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156 pages. Paperback.

This book teaches a variable Strong One No Trump system with 14-16HCP, 15-17HCP, and 15-18HCP ranges and utilizes a 2-Spade size-asking bid which increases the number of conventions and treatments that can be played so any hand you hold becomes easier to represent in the auction. You will learn all the basics like Stayman, Jacoby transfers, minor-suit transfers, RKC 3014, and Gerber, as well as B . . . read more.