Item ImageCavendish 2000: Day 1 (CD)
by Kit Woolsey
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Compact disc.

Replay the 54 deals from the first day of the Cavendish Invitational Pairs tournament where the world's best bridge players battle for over 1 million dollars in prize money. Narrated in "over-my-shoulder" style, Kit Woolsey takes you through each of the deals of the first day of the tournament. At points in every deal you will be asked to make a bid or play and then you will find out if that deci . . . read more.

Item ImageMike's Advice - Vol. 1 (CD)
by Mike Lawrence
List Price: $29.95  Discount Price: $23.96  You Save: 20%
Compact disc.

333 perplexing hands to bid. Each problem comes with a choice of bids with explanations for why each bid is good or bad and why. This product is for players who frequently find themselves wondering what the right bid was on some hand that did not fit into most bidding schemes. There is nothing like this CD anywhere. Something for everyone! Mike's Advice offers 333 common but frustrating bidding p . . . read more.

Item ImagePoints Schmoints (CD)
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $29.95  Discount Price: $7.49  You Save: 75%
Compact disc.

This interactive software porduct is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Marty Bergen, a 10-time North American Champion and one of the leading bridge writers and teachers in the world today. POINTS SCHMOINTS! has it all -- great stories, humor, plenty of example hands and quizzes, and a wealth of practical advice that will have a major impact on your results at the bridge table! . . . read more.

Item ImageThe Bridge Journal (CD)
The Complete Collection
by The Bridge Journal
Price: $79.95
1485 pages. Compact disc.

This collection contains digital replicas of all 30 issues (over 1400 pages) of The Bridge Journal ever published, reproduced exactly as they originally appeared. The Bridge Journal was a magazine published from 1963 to 1966, produced by unpaid young tournament enthusiasts who were hoping to improve the game in several dimensions: technique, partnership methods, logistics, laws, forthrightness in . . . read more.