Item ImageBetter Bridge With a Better Memory
How Mnemonics Will Improve Your Game
by Ron Klinger
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96 pages. Paperback.

This book will help you strengthen your memory in relation to the conventions you use and strategies you employ in bidding and play. A book to strengthen your memory in relation to the conventions you use and the strategies you employ in bidding and play. Better Bridge with a Better Memory 'goes beyond ... wide-ranging advice ... and investigates one specific technique in detail. The method demon . . . read more.

Item ImageHow to Remember Every Card in the Deck
by Bob Hampton
List Price: $14.95  Discount Price: $11.96  You Save: 20%
81 pages. Paperback.

Have you ever wondered how many hearts are left or what happened to the Jack of Spades? This book will teach you how to remember which cards have been played and in what order. Bob Hampton is one of the country's most successful memory teachers. He applied his memory techniques to his own card play with amazing results. If you play Bridge, Canasta, Gin Rummy, Spades, Blackjack or other card ga . . . read more.

Item ImageImprove Your Bridge Memory
by Ron Klinger
List Price: $14.95  Discount Price: $11.96  You Save: 20%
96 pages. Paperback.

Many bridge errors arise from a poor memory, and those who learn to improve their memories will automatically improve their games. This book covers beginner, intermediate, and advanced players; rather than just a course of memory lessons, it helps one learn and remember what is important to bridge players. . . . read more.

Item ImageMemory-Aids and Useful Rules Flipper
by Ron Klinger
List Price: $8.95  Discount Price: $7.16  You Save: 20%
32 pages. Booklet.

This new Fast Fact Finder provides memory-aids for use in bidding and play. It also gives the key numerical rules, which guide players in specific bidding and play situations. . . . read more.

Item ImagePrivate Sessions: A Bridge Education
by Augie Boehm
List Price: $21.95  Discount Price: $17.56  You Save: 20%
230 pages. Hardcover.

The best way to enjoy bridge, and win more often, is to learn how to think. This is the essence of Augie Boehm's Private Sessions. In its pages, Augie reveals: -How to improve your bridge memory. - The benefits of visualization. -The fine points of hand evaluation. -Passing--how it is the secret weapon. -What a singleton honor is really worth. -The importance of the fourth trump. -The value of ti . . . read more.