More Points Schmoints

Item ImageMore Points Schmoints
Sequel to the 1996 Book of the Year
by Marty Bergen
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210 pages. Hardcover.

A sequel that more than measures up to original. Here, collected in one delightful volume, are more than 70 gems, guaranteed to increase your enjoyment of bridge and your ability to win. Marty Bergen shares the secrets that have led to 10 National Championships: ? How the experts think when evaluating their hand ? How to avoid bidding too much... or too little ? Bergen Raises -- distinguishing support from support ? What every player needs to know about reverses ? The key to competitive bidding -- The Law of Total Tricks ? How to create tricks out of thin air ? DONT -- what to do when the opponents open 1NT ? And a whole lot more! Listen to what Marty Sez -- it will do wonders for your bridge game!