Marty Sez: Volume 3

Item ImageMarty Sez: Volume 3
Practical Tips You Can Take To the Bank
by Marty Bergen
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192 pages. Hardcover.

The third book in this popular series is guaranteed to do wonders for your bridge game. Highlights include a smorgasbord of competitive bidding tips as well as over two dozen carefully-explained full deals, each with a valuable lesson. ? A technique every declarer must have at his fingertips. ? How you can compete with "unbiddable" hands. ? Why you can't afford to worry about sneak attacks. ? How to squeeze the most out of every hand. ? When not to redouble with 10 HCP. ? How to know who has the missing cards in a suit. ? When not to high-low with a doubleton. ? The best way to respond when partner opens with a forcing bid.