The Times Book Of Bridge 2

Item ImageThe Times Book Of Bridge 2
by Robert Sheehan
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112 pages. Paperback.

The daily bridge column in The Times has justifiably achieved a world-wide reputation for interesting hands and accuracy of analysis. It also provides an overview of modern competitive bridge with the top players and top tournaments featuring regularly. In this bedside book, the author has selected the most interesting hands of the last few years and arranged the material by theme to provide an instructive and enjoyable read. * Here you will find the great Americans, Hamman and Wolff, Meckstroth and Rodwell and the incomparable Zia. Fascinating deals feature the top British players including Forrester and Robson, and the leading Europeans such as Gawrys, Helgemo and Chelma. * This is a follow-up title to the author's Times Book of Bridge 1 and includes completely new material with the emphasis on the last couple of years. Robert's first book was well-received by the bridge press, even those far afield.