Bridge Master 2000 - Audrey Grant Better Bridge Edition (CD)

Item ImageBridge Master 2000 - Audrey Grant Better Bridge Edition (CD)
by Audrey Grant
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Compact disc.

Bridge Master 2000 is an educational computer program that is certain to improve your declarer play technique. In this edition, Audrey Grant, North America's foremost bridge teacher, has designed 117 deals specifically for novices -- plus there are 60 more advanced deals. For PC. There are 3 Editions of Bridge Master 2000. The Standard Edition of Bridge Master 2000 contains deals from novice to expert. The Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Edition of Bridge Master 2000 is intended for players new to the game. The Sands/Janitschke Edition of Bridge Master 2000 is intended for intermediate to advanced players. Bridge Master is an educational program for improving your declarer play skills. The program presents you with a series of instructional deals to play. You are always declarer. The deals that you play are not randomly dealt. They are carefully constructed excercises designed to illustrate an important declarer play technique. If you take the correct line of play you will always make your contract. If you make any mistake as declarer, the program will defend perfectly and defeat your contract. Each deal is accompanied by an animated bridge movie that will explain the correct line of play as well as the thinking process that leads to the solution. That fact that you can only make your contract by playing correctly makes Bridge Master a fabulous learning medium. In real bridge (and with other computer bridge programs), a declarer's mistakes are often forgiven by imperfect defense or a lucky lie of the cards. With Bridge Master your mistakes will always be punished. You are "forced" to figure out the correct play if you want to make your contract. In turn, you learn something about bridge in the process. If you play a Bridge Master deal incorrectly, it is best to keep trying again until you get it right. If you give up, however, the bridge movie will make the answer clear. As you read through the bridge movie, images on your screen will reflect the bridge content in the text. For example, if the text reads, "if trumps break 4-1...", a large hand diagram will display the 4-1 break. There is no need to cross out cards or write down end positions. The bridge movie always displays whatever bridge illustration you need in order to understand the explanation. Bridge Master's instructional deals are organized into 5 levels of difficulty.* Skill Level 1 is suitable for new bridge players. Deals on Skill Level 5 are extremely challenging, even for world class players. The deals on Skill Levels 2, 3, and 4 are suitable for most club and tournament players as well as experienced social bridge players. *The Sands/Janitschke Edition has only 4 skill levels, 1-4 which move from intermediate to advanced). The user interface of Bridge Master has been designed to make using the program as simple and pleasant as possible. Everything is "over-sized" to accomodate those with vision problems. The user has a wide range of color choices. In addition there are several options customizing how Bridge Master will display bridge deals.