GIB - Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridge Player (CD)

Item ImageGIB - Ginsberg's Intelligent Bridge Player (CD)

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Compact disc.

One of the strongest computer bridge programs in the world. The strongest computer bridge player in the world "Sensational breakthrough in bridge software" (Onno Eskes, editor of the Dutch Bridge Magazine IMP) "Revolutionary; certainly much better than any other program I have ever seen ... entirely in a class by itself" (Fred Gitelman, Canadian internationalist) "Tremble for the human race" (Zia Mahmood, world champion) "Impressed by the quality of its card play" (Jeff Meckstroth, world champion) "Ginsberg has shown that his program plays the cards much much better than any program on the market" (Jim Loy's software review) Overview of Features: Highest quality of play of any bridge program, commercial or otherwise Easy-to-use graphical interface click for screen shot Multilingual interface supporting Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Swedish Get hints or watch GIB think Compare your play with closed room experts: Replay 2500+ deals from international tournaments and compare your actions to those of the masters Variety of defensive signalling options. Not only does GIB signal, it watches your signals and defends appropriately. The only computer program ever to have been a member of the ACBL or to have won master points in play against humans ACBL and international-style convention cards Wide range of bidding systems, including Standard American, 2/1 Game Forcing, Kaplan-Sheinwold, ACOL, and traditional Goren; many individual conventions as well High-visibility card option for use on small or hard-to-read screens Sophisticated artificial intelligence search algorithms use Monte Carlo techniques for card play and Borel simulations for bidding System requirements: 133 MHz Pentium processor, 32 MB memory, 20 MB disk, SVGA (800 x 600) graphics or better, Windows95, 98 or NT, Linux executables included