Play and Defend with Eddie Kantar (CD)

Item ImagePlay and Defend with Eddie Kantar (CD)
by Eddie Kantar
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Compact disc.

Presents hands as play and defensive problems; author quizzes you on the plays you should make and then explains what your thinking should be and why. From his series, A New Approach To Play and Defense, Vol. 2, Eddie Kantar presents you with 100 problems, 50 on play and 50 on defense. Although you do not play the actual cards, he quizzes you on the plays you should make and then explains what your thinking should be and why. Each problem hand ends with a number of key pointers in summary. The 100 problems are matched in that after playing the first 25 hands, you then get to defend them. If you play the hand properly, you will always make the contract. In the replay on defense, a card or two will be switched or an error made by declarer so that you can defeat the same contract if you defend properly. The point of this is that if you remember what you had to do to make the contract, you should be able to work out what you need to do to defeat the contract. And the opposite is true, so for the next set of 25 hands, you begin on defense and then declare the matched hand. Play and defense are not that dissimilar. This software has state of the art graphics and has been designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Everything on the screen is "over-sized" to help those with vision problems (see screen shot below). The user can customize the screen colors and various aspects of how bridge hands are displayed. There is extensive online help. Eddie Kantar is one of the most popular bridge writers and teachers ever. He has a great sense of humor and can convey concepts in a precise and easily understood manner. Fred Gitelman, the program's developer, has been a member of the Canadian National Bridge Team. He has won three silver Medals in World Championship events. Fred is considered one of the top bridge programmers in the world. Thousands of bridge players from all over the world have found Fred's bridge software products to provide countless hours of effective and enjoyable learning.