Improve Your Declarer Play at No-Trumps

Item ImageImprove Your Declarer Play at No-Trumps
by Ron Klinger
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96 pages. Paperback.

Ron Klinger brings his huge knowledge and skills as a leading teacher to bear on the difficult situations declarer faces when playing in no-trumps. Many players feel trepidation when faced with playing a notrumps contract. This invaluable bridge guide to better declarer play teaches players how to approach such contracts without fear. The correct lines and logical thinking are explained clearly and you will not only make your contracts, but also score overtricks as well. The first section covers the approach you should adopt before you even play a card from dummy; followed by practical examples, problems to solve, and deals that arose in major competitions where the very best players did not always find the right answer. Most importantly, the solutions include the logic behind the right play, the clues to locate the missing cards, and ideas on how to induce opposition error when you have no legitimate chance for success. Where you might have felt reluctance when playing no trumps, you will emerge from this handbook with a new sense of confidence.