Improve Your Opening Leads

Item ImageImprove Your Opening Leads
by Ron Klinger
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96 pages. Paperback.

More games are lost by making the incorrect opening lead than by any other play--this essential guide to better bridge will help any player improve their game and their results. The opening lead is one of the toughest areas of bridge. By following the guidelines in this book not only will you find the winning lead more often, but you will also be able to avoid the futile or dangerous leads which make declarer's task easier. By giving less away with the opening lead, your scores are bound to improve. This book is about the logic and methods for finding the best lead time and time again. The first section deals with the approach you should adopt before you even consider plucking a card from your hand. It provides a series of steps to enable you to come up with the best start. This is followed by a section of practical problems that arose in major competitions where the very best players did not always find the right answer. Most importantly, the solutions to each problem include the logic behind the right choice and the clues that should point you in the right direction. After completing this book, perhaps you will not find the killing lead every time, but you will find it more often.