Better Balanced Bidding

Item ImageBetter Balanced Bidding
The Banzai Method Master Bridge
by David Jackson • Ron Klinger
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144 pages. Paperback.

Are you often surprised that you have stopped in 1NT or 2NT and game is easy? Are you regularly disappointed to be in 3NT or 6NT and find that the contract is very poor even though you seem to have enough points? * If so, this book provides the reasons why your results are not always as good as you want. The main cause is that for balanced hands the point count with which you are familiar is not nearly as accurate as it should be. In addition, perhaps you fail to take into account the value of Tens and 5-card suits within a balanced hand. * The authors provide an easy to use hand valuation, which is bound to improve your results for nbalanced hands. Through many examples from international tournaments you will see how even the top players flounder on these hands. By the end of the book, if you adopt the methods recommended, you will be able to bid balanced hands much better than you do at the present.