The Official ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge

Item ImageThe Official ACBL Encyclopedia of Bridge
7th Edition
by ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) • Brent Manley
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632 pages. Hardcover.

This long-awaited edition is the most complete volume of bridge information and instruction ever compiled. With over 600 easy-to read and easy-to-search pages, it belongs in every bridge player's library. It has thousands of entries covering bridge terms, conventions, systems, rules, and top personalities. Completely redesigned format; 25% larger type; Comprehensive user-friendly index; Hundreds of photos; 85 pages on conventions; 55 pages on suit combinations; Contains a CD-ROM version of the complete Encyclopedia plus hundreds of biographies and NABC winners. "Here is the indispensable work on the greatest of all card games. Editor Manley and his stable of contributors have earned a gold star." -- Frank Stewart "My advice to you is to be the first on your block to get a copy. And if you have a gift in mind for anyone who plays this beautiful game, your problems are over. In spades." -- Eddie Kantar