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Compact disc.

With Shark Bridge, you always have an expert partner, and opponents to play and practice your Bridge skills. Shark Bridge comes with more than 1000 tournaments, played by experts in international events. By comparing your score with the actual results at the tournament table, you get immediate feedback of the quality of your play. Shark Bridge can assist you in the bidding, or declarer play. It is capable of giving you hints about how to play as declarer, not only by showing you the suggested card to play, but also providing you with the reason for playing that card - in English! It is not a trick, or working only for a number of pre-dealt hands. Any distribution can be analysed, and a declarer plan formed in clear English text. Shark Bridge participated in the Bridge Computer World Championship 2008 in Las Vegas. It finished second in the round robin, won the individual world championship, and lost narrowly in the semi-final knock out to the later champion Wbridge5 (leading after 60 boards, of the 64 boards played). Shark Bridge won the individual world championship again 2009 in Washington thereby demonstrating its superior capability of adapting to different partners.Shark Bridge is recognised by its users, as probably the strongest program in the world. Three-time world computer-bridge champion: 2008 Individual, 2009 Individual, 2011 Teams. System requirements: 700 MB Hard Drive, 2GB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/7 Features: Play more than 1500 tournament sessions; Get hints including descriptions of declarer's plan; Generate deals for particular bidding sequences.