101 Important Conventions (Constructive bidding, leads & signals)

Item Image101 Important Conventions (Constructive bidding, leads & signals)
Number 27
by Marty Bergen
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24 pages. Booklet.

So much more than a reference book on conventions. Very useful reader-friendly explanations of a great many conventions. Includes Marty's recommendations and evaluation of each one. This booklet isn't aimed at experts or total beginners. I believe it will be relevant and helpful for the vast group in the middle. All of these conventions deal with constructive auctions, so these opponents will always pass. This booklet doesn't include every convention in existence. I preferred to focus on ones that are currently popular. I did add a few that I consider to be worthwhile, even though they are not 'in'. I also include a few natural bids that are technically not conventions, but are important and misunderstood.