Counting at Bridge - Vol. 2 (CD)

Item ImageCounting at Bridge - Vol. 2 (CD)
by Mike Lawrence
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Compact disc.

Finally, the long-awaited sequel to Counting at Bridge. Counting at Bridge was one of the most successful and loved bridge programs to be produced. Here in Counting at Bridge Two Mike continues in the same vein giving you one hundred hands covering bidding, play, and defense. There are also 25 special bidding quizzes relating to common but perplexing problems that arise on a daily basis. As in the original Counting, the user watches Mike Lawrence as he bids, plays and defends. As the bidding and play progress, Mike will explain the thinking process behind the decisions he makes and present you with interactive quizzes to test your skills. Each deal is accompanied by a postmortem in which all four hands are shown and Mike explains the lessons to be learned from the deal. System requirements: A Windows PC using XP or Win 7 or Win 8. They will not run on Macintosh unless it has a conversion program which will run PC products. CD-Rom drive.