Counting at Bridge - Vol. 1 (CD)

Item ImageCounting at Bridge - Vol. 1 (CD)
by Mike Lawrence
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Compact disc.

For Windows. Counting at Bridge is an educational product that is primarily designed to teach the user various techniques and applications of counting a bridge hand. If you ask any bridge expert which single bridge technique is most important, counting would be a near universal response. By mastering the skills that are taught in this program you will find a dramatic improvement in your results at the table. Counting the hand can turn a blind guess into a certainty. This product also presents many useful tips and suggestions relating to other aspects of bridge: Introduction to several bidding conventions Hand evaluation and The Law of Total Tricks Counting the hand on defense Discussion of the correct play of several card combinations Introduction of more advanced play techniques including squeezes and endplays Counting at Bridge presents you with 100 bridge deals, many with multiple variations. The user does not play these deals. Instead, the user watches Mike Lawrence as he bids, plays and defends. As the bidding and play progress, Mike will explain the thinking process behind the decisions he makes and present you with interactive quizzes to test your skills. Mike will occasionally "steer you down the wrong path" in order to better illustrate a point. Each deal is accompanied by a postmortem in which all four hands are shown and Mike explains the lessons to be learned from the deal. Counting at Bridge has been designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Everything on the screen is "over-sized" to help those with vision problems. The user can customize the screen colors and various aspects of how bridge hands are displayed. Counting at Bridge comes with a thorough manual and extensive online help. The program is so easy to use, however, that the documentation is almost unnecessary. Mike Lawrence is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers of all time. His unique writing style and sense of humor are evident in this program. Mike Lawrence was one of the original Dallas Aces. He has been one of the best bridge players in the world for over 20 years. Mike has won 3 World Championships, over a dozen North American Championships, and over 20,000 masterpoints. Fred Gitelman is a member of the Canadian National Bridge Team. He has won two Silver Medals in World Championship events. Fred is considered one of the top bridge programmers in the world. Thousands of bridge players from all over the world have found Fred's bridge software products to provide countless hours of effective and enjoyable learning. If you are ready to take the next step in your development as a bridge player, Counting at Bridge is for you. System requirements: A Windows PC using XP or Win 7 or Win 8. They will not run on Macintosh unless it has a conversion program which will run PC products. CD-Rom drive.