Conventions (CD)

Item ImageConventions (CD)
by Mike Lawrence
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Compact disc.

Conventions is the long awaited software which shows you how to use 90% of the conventions that can be found on the ACBL convention card. The software gives you a brief description of a convention and then lets you bid dozens of hands interactively with the computer. At each junction in the auction, you are given a choice of bids. One is right and the rest are wrong to some degree. Each choice is explained to show you what is good and what is not good about a bid. Each auction will offer some pertinent point to show how the convention can be used. In many cases, there will follow a number of hands showing how the convention works in competition. Finally, for some of these conventions, there are hands to show you how to bid when your opponents use the convention. You will find in here some conventions that have not been written about elsewhere. An improved form of Drury. Using Jacoby 2NT response to a major when your opponents get into the bidding. For example: W N E S 1S P 2NT 3H ? East's two notrump bid shows a balanced game-forcing hand with four or more spades. What should West bid with these hands? AJ873 43 AQJ83 2 AJ873 K3 Q873 K4 AJ873 8 KQ87 QJ4 AJ873 543 8 AKQ10 There is a ton of information in this disc including the answers to these hands. In addition to the things described above, there are a number of hands to play along the lines of Counting at Bridge, Private Bridge Lessons, Volumes One and Two, and Defense. And, to keep everything in perspective there are some stories about bridge that have not seen print elsewhere. Easley Blackwood told me a story about when he and Charles Goren wrote competing bridge columns. You will find it here and only in here. There is nothing like this product in the world. Continuing his interactive series of bridge books on disk (Counting At Bridge, Private Bridge Lessons, Vol. 1, and Vol. 2, and Defense), Mike Lawrence turns his attention to bidding and judgment. Taking advantage of the latest graphics and tools, Mike takes you on a tour of a number of popular bidding conventions, giving you the outline of the convention, his opinion of its worth, and a number of hands to test your ability to deal with the convention properly. Mike examines a convention from many aspects: When do you invoke it, how do you respond to it, how do you make inferences from whether or not partner chose to use it, how do you defend against it, and how do you judge the best contract given the information learned during the bidding sequence. Although not every convention is here, this CD-ROM contains an enormous amount of material and is certain to improve your judgment in today's world of bidding. Mike Lawrence is one of the most popular and prolific bridge writers of all time. His unique writing style and sense of humor are evident in this program. Mike Lawrence was one of the original Dallas Aces. He has been one of the best bridge players in the world for over 20 years. Mike has won 3 World Championships, over a dozen North American Championships, and over 20,000 masterpoints. Fred Gitelman has been a member of the Canadian National Bridge Team. He has won three Silver Medals in World Championship events. Fred is considered one of the top bridge programmers in the world. Thousands of bridge players from all over the world have found Fred's bridge software products to provide countless hours of effective and enjoyable learning. System requirements: PC (Windows 95 or better), 3 MB free hard disk space, CD ROM drive.