2 Clubs: Open or Not? Plus the Best Way to Follow Up

Item Image2 Clubs: Open or Not? Plus the Best Way to Follow Up
Number 38
by Marty Bergen
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23 pages. Booklet.

Everything you need to know about an often misunderstood topic. Over 100 helpful examples of what you should bid and why you should bid it. Features a great new EASY 5-star convention for responder to ENSURE not missing a fit in a major. Exactly what do you need to open 2 Clubs? Are you aware of the VERY different standards and the mindset needed for hands with long majors as opposed to ones with long minors? After 2 Clubs is opened, what's next? The auctions that follow are critical, but often are far from obvious. However, there is a right way to proceed. - What is the REAL KEY to good 2 Club auctions? - How to bid good slams, and avoid bad ones. - Last but definitely not least, how to survive a misfit.