Item ImageMulti-Landy
The Killer Defense vs. 1NT
Second Edition
by David Oakley
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283 pages. Paperback. Also available as an E-book.

When the opponents open one notrump, you are faced with a dilemma. Versus a strong notrump, the opponents have the power; versus a weak notrump, they force you or your partner to compete at the two-level. This second edition adds Part 5: Comparison with Other Conventions and a new section, Criteria for an Overcall. Multi-Landy comprises four components: - Multi. 2D shows a 6-card or longer major. - Landy. 2C shows both majors. - Cappelletti. 2H or 2S shows a 5-card major and a 4-card minor. -Woolsey Double. Shows either a 6-card minor or a 5-card minor with a 4-card major or a strong hand. Key advantages are: - Can be used against all opening one notrump HCP ranges. - All hand types can be shown: a long major, majors, major-minor 2-suiters with defined length, a long minor and strong hands. - Advancer has a defined set of responses. The tactics in this book evolved from analysis of thousands of computer-generated deals to determine the statistics of successful overcalls. Using these recommendations, you can effectively compete for part-scores, bid your games and occasionally slams.