The Language of Bidding: Two Over One Game Force

Item ImageThe Language of Bidding: Two Over One Game Force
by Paul Marston
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193 pages. Paperback.

To win at bridge you have to be a skilful bidder. Good card play may be an asset but most hands are won or lost before a single card is played. The Language of Bidding shows you how to bid well. You have to know these things to be a good bridge player. The system is Standard with weak twos (the most widely used method in the world). It covers both four and five card majors. When you would choose a different bid depending on which of the two you are playing, the alternatives are noted. There are three sections: the first nine chapters cover uncontested auctions, the next four cover competitive auctions and the last two cover tournament play. The best way to learn a new skill is to try it out; this book gives you three great ways to do this. Each of the thirteen chapters has a quiz. They also have four practice hands for you to play. (You can make them up from strips in the back of the book.) The hands illustrate the bidding and they contain card play pointers. On top of this, chapters two to thirteen each have twelve bidding practice hands. You turn to one page while your partner turns to another. Then you can compare your auctions with my recommendations. While you have to learn quite a few things before you can be considered to be an expert bidder, the process of finding out is both fulfilling and fun.