Bridge Laws mailing list
A mailing list to discuss the laws of contract bridge.

Kaplan-Sheinwold Interest Group
Messages, mailing list, system discussion, question-and-answer, treatments, improvements, critiques, results.

Yeh Online Bridge World Cup
October 31 - November 2, 2016.

Marbella International Bridge Tournament
Marbella, Spain.

World Mind Games
World Mind Games.

Bridge Bandit
Play bridge on your smartphone, tablet or computer, offline or online.

Bridge Base Online
Online bridge (including deals from major tournaments), partnership practice, library, chat rooms.

Free online game, in 12 languages. Ranking system compares players on the same boards.

The International Online Bridge Club
An online bridge server.

Bridge By Bridge Base Online on MSN
Online bridge and other games from Microsoft.

Bridge By Arkadium on MSN
Online bridge game. OKBridge
Provides rubber, duplicate and team play. Includes Frank Stewart's bridge column.

Online bridge playing and other games.

Dutch and English sections

SWAN Games Company
Internet bridge club.

Online bridge club, focused on online individual tournaments. In English and Norwegian.

Yahoo Online bridge

Blue Chip Bridge Ltd.
Intelligent bridge program for players of all standards, with extra features for beginners and improving players.

Allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers; has a full-screen mode; formats web pages and emails; saves records of hands; deals random hands; has a double-dummy solver; interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate and BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial.

Bridge 8.0
Game for Mac and PC. Link to a downloadable Demo (PC only), and interesting deals.

Bridge Base Software
Software, vugraph, bridge articles, and links.

Bridge Buff
Generators, play-and-defend modules, simulations.

The Bridge Dealmaster
Powerful simulator; organizational tool for teachers.

Bridge Doddle
App for learning or improving your game. Flashcard system.

Joel Bradmetz
Softwares and articles devoted to automatic play.

Bridge Manager
Adds new features for use with Bridge Baron. Also works with GIB and all bridge programs using PBN deals. Free downloadable demo.

Bridge software for Windows and Mac.

Bridge TD
A Tournament Director app for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. Helps resolve the most common problems which arise at the bridge table. A series of quick Yes/No questions explains the remedy (if any) and any action to take. Based on the WBF Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007.

Great Game Products
Bridge Baron includes learning to play bridge. Downloadable demo.

Play 'stand-alone' Bridge (using the internationally acclaimed Q-Plus Bridge Engine) in either Rubber or Teams of Four modes. Supports all bidding systems (SAYC, ACOL, Precision + 17 others!!) Help/Hint functions for beginners. Take part in online Duplicate competitions, playing in real-time.

Micro Bridge Home Page
Micro Bridge Software.

One Table Duplicate Bridge
Enables four players to contest preplayed tournament deals face to face.

playBridge Hand Generator
Hand-generation capabilities in several formats.

Q-Plus Bridge
Bridge program for Windows. "Easy to use; hard to beat."

Baron Bridge Travel
Bridge travel with lectures and bridge games with Randy Baron.

Bridge Overseas
Bridge holidays in the United Kingdom.

First For Bridge
Bridge cruises from one of the oldest established bridge holiday companies based in the UK.

Mercian Bridge
Bridge holidays.

Bridge Travel Directory
Bridge holidays, vacations, cruises and tours for bridge players worldwide.

StockenBridge Breaks
Luxury Bridge holidays in the U.K. and abroad, with emphasis on fun and friendly bridge.

Baron-Barclay Bridge Supplies
Wide variety of bridge-related merchandise.

Gifts & Supplies for Card Players
Bridge novelty, gift, stationery, clothing, books, software and supplies.

Bridge Cloths Direct
Handmade bridge cloths.

The Bridge Shop
Books and other bridge merchandise.

The Bridge World
Bridge books, software, playing cards, accessories, and more.

Card Game Books
Catalogue of secondhand bridge books. Stockport, U.K.
Contact: gordonarf@aol.com

Larry Cohen's Book Shop
Books and more.

Marty Bergen
Marty Bergen Contract Bridge books, software, cruises, lessons and seminars, and other bridge related products.

Good Bridge Argentina & My Good Bridge Store
Commercial bridge equipment with a unique flavor.

John Hardy
Contract bridge and go books, software and supplies; Brisbane, Australia.

Jannersten Bridge Supply
Specialized equipment for tournament bridge.

Eddie Kantar's Web Page

Paul Lavings Postfree Bridge Books
New books and large list of second-hand books.

Gifts, name badges, accessories, novelties.

2 Over 1
Interactive guide to 2/1 includes study material, quizzes and challenging hands.

Daily article in problem format; informal tone.

Bermuda Regional at Fairmont Hotel
Special deals for tournament goers.

D and B Publishing
Books on bridge, gambling, poker and puzzles.

Jerry's Designs
T-shirts and stickers with bridge slogans about Donald Trump.


Master Point Press Books
Publisher of bridge books.

Master Point Press - Bridge Blogging
A forum for bridge bloggers.

Mindracer Publishing
Products for the everyday player wanting to clear up common misunderstandings.

Scania Bridgekonsult
Book descriptions (with excerpts), articles, competitions, Scanis BridgeDealer simulator. In Swedish and English.

Ron Klinger Bridge Lessons
Discussions of bridge games, techniques, duplicate bridge and more.

The 35 Steps
Revolutionary tool for teachers and beginners in Standard American and Acol 2009.

Australian Bridge
Australia's National Bridge Magazine

Bridge Magazine
Home page of Bridge Magazine and London Bridge Centre.

Bridge Tidningen
Swedish-language publication

The Bridge World
Home page of The Bridge World magazine.

IMP Bridge Magazine
IMP Bridge Magazine (in Dutch).

Neapolitan Club
In English and Italian. The foundation system of the Blue Team: technical discussions, stories, reviews, interviews, opinions, politics.

The Aces On Bridge
Reprints Bobby Wolff's bridge column.

The New York Times
Phillip Alder's bridge column for the New York Times.

American Contract Bridge League
Home page of the ACBL. Includes the Laws of Bridge with links.

Asociacion espanola de Bridge

Bridge League of Finland

Canadian Bridge Federation
Home page of the Canadian Bridge Federation.

CSB News
Bridge News site from the Confederacion Sudamerica De Bridge. (In Spanish and English)

Portugese Bridge Federation

Swedish Bridge Federation
Web site of the Swedish Bridge Federation

World Bridge Federation
Official web site of the WBF

ACBL District 3
Home Page. Tournament schedules.

ACBL District 5
Web site for ACBL District 5 (Buffalo, Cleveland, Pittsburgh)

ACBL District 18
Includes player and tournament information.

ACBL Unit 102
SunCoast Bridge Association (West Coast of Florida)

ACBL Unit 142
The website for Unit 142 (Pittsburgh)

Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Center

ACBL Unit 190
ACBL Unit 190: Delaware State Bridge Association

ACBL Unit 207: Texas Capitol
Contract bridge in Austin, Texas with schedules and club news.

Calgary Area Bridge Unit 390

Capital District Bridge Association
Home Page. Tournament schedules.

Bridge Turnierclub Dortmund e.V.

Duplicate Bridge Association of Atlanta

Associazione Bergamasca Bridge
Bridge Club in Bergamo, Italy. (Site in Italian.)

Fifth Chair Foundation
Information for beginners, students; more.

Greater New York Bridge Association
Includes Post-Mortem magazine.

Harrisonburg (VA) Duplicate Bridge Club

Hungarian Bridge Academy
Learn to play bridge in Budapest. Articles in Hungarian.

London Metropolitan Bridge Association
The Home Page of the LMBA

Manchester Contract Bridge Association
The Home Page of the Manchester Contract Bridge Association.

Mid-Atlantic Bridge Conference

MIT/Draper Labs
Bridge Club.

North Jersey Bridge Association
Home page of the North Jersey Bridge Association (USA)

Pattaya Bridge Club, Thailand
Free weekly newssheet, unique conventions section, more.

Recoleta Club de Bridge (Buenos Aires)
Bridge club, magazine, more. In Spanish and English.

Trumps Bridge Nerja
Duplicate Bridge on Monday and Thursday afternoons at the Al-Andalus Hotel in Nerja, Malaga, Spain. Air-conditioned and ample free car parking. No membership/joining fee.

University of Michigan Bridge Club
Local schedules, lessons and library info, links, special contests (STAC, GNT, NAP).

Young Chelsea Bridge Club
One of the world's great bridge clubs. In London.

Youth Bridge in Australia (and elsewhere)

Thomas Andrews
Free hand-generation software, double-dummy novelties, hand evaluation technique analysis.

Howard Bigot-Johnson's Bizarre World of Bridge
Bridge blog.

Hugh Darwen
Double-dummy problems, archives, competitions.

Jeff Goldsmith

For Bridge Players (by Richard Pavlicek)
Quizzes, humor, puzzles, articles, lessons, practice, systems, instant matchpoints, calculators, and more

Bridge With The Hacketts
The Hackett Family

Steve Hamaoui

Sid and Abby Ismail

Mike Lawrence
Two newspaper-column equivalents. Questions and answers on bidding and play. New material daily.

Phillip Martin
Dail deal discussed in detail.

Michael O'Connor

Yalcin Pekiner

Raymond Reynolds
Enables user modification of bidding rules.

Bridge In India
A news page and link site devoted to bridge activities in India. Founded by Raghavan P.S. (Dr)

John E. Sheehan
A free e-book on this subject: The four hands of a bridge deal are structurally interdependent.

Barnet Shenkin
Tips for intermediate players, extraordinary bridge stories, interactive presentations of famous deals.

Jonathan Steinberg
Steinberg, who represents District 2 (Toronto, Ontario) on the ACBL Board of Directors, posts his views and commentary after every meeting of the Board. Reports of both the most recent and earlier meetings are available.

David Stevenson

John Swanson
Interesting and informative bridge stories, both fact and fantasy plus information and reviews of John's book on international bridge, Inside the Bermuda Bowl.

Jeff Tang
Includes articles, conventions, etiquette.

Theodore Triandaphyllopoulos
Includes calculator for odds of combinations of missing cards.

Marco Troiani
Web site for Italian bridge players.

Andrew van der Windt

Jannes van 't Oever

David Weiss
Assorted topics in bridge and psychology

Bridge Daily Bulletins
Online collection of thousands of daily bulletins from tournaments worldwide.

Bridge Card Reader
An automated broadcasting system for bridge matches and support for Tournament directors.

Bridge Challenge
Free bridge quiz.

Bridge books and champion hands.

Places emphasis on partnership agreements when applying any convention or treatment.

A searchable bidding database featuring the world's top pairs.

Encyclopedia (conventions, play, Laws). Free monthly newsletter, webhosting, book reviews/order.

Bridge Forum
Home page of Bridge Forum

The Bridge Player
Vintage articles on rules, playing strategies, and history of bridge, adapted from a 1911 British Encyclopedia.

Bridge Site In Russian

Bridge Table Chronicles
A blogzine by Maggy Simony dedicated to sociable bridge and promoting the game to new players.

Discussions of technique, systems, laws, online play, humor, news.

Bridge Today
Home page of Bridge Today Digest.

Bridge Videos

Site to get useful news, tools and education. Has ACBL Convention Card Editor. General discussions.

Cards and Dominoes
Describes and evaluates various games, including Jo-Jotte (with material on Ely Culbertson).

Competitive Bridge
Bidding theory, duplicate tactics, beginners' aids, tournament info, more. CD available.

Wide variety of free services for bridge clubs.

Dan Hirschberg's Hand Evaluator
Algorithmic evaluation.

Database of suit combination treatments
From the French Bridge Federation, a practically exhaustive database of 6595 combinations, studied with the new approaches of Jeroen Warmerdam for Matchpoint Duplicates, and of Maurice Panis and Claude Jouineau for IMP scoring events.

Double Dummy Corner
Archive of puzzles, continuing competitions.

Durango Bill's
Bridge mathematics, statistics, tournament movements.

Dynamic Dealer and Duper
Random generation, both simple and with parameters.

Ecats Bridge
Promoting Real Bridge in a Virtual World. Web site developed by Anna Gudge and Mark Newton.

Great Bridge Links
Site dedicated to Links to bridge sites.

Home Duplicate Bridge
Scoring programs, travelers, and movement sheets for playing duplicate bridge in a home setting

Kaplan-Sheinwold Interest Group
Messages, mailing list, system disucssion, question-and-answer, treatments, improvements, critiques, results.

Lorne Anderson
Personal items plus high-powered double-dummy analyzer with special capabilities.

Mind Sports Organization Worldwide/Mind Sports Directory
Board games, puzzles, news, links, articles, upcoming events. Includes an ongoing poll to determine the most highly rated mind sports Internet sites.

Nederlands Bridge Museum
Web site of Nederlands Bridge Museum

Provider of Websites where weekly groups and clubs can accumulate signups.

Bridge Forum International
Online bridge school for players at all levels, with courses, supervised play, and forums.

Bridge Teaching by Kitty Cooper
Free lesson material: Beginner Lessons and materials for teaching Bridge

Bridge Vid
Interactive bridge resource provides players with video teaching and commentated play by Australian player Pete Hollands.

Bridge: The Beginner's Guide
E-book for beginners; includes a sample chapter of the book.

ACBL's new teaching method of Easybridge.

Le Bridge
In French. Learn to play bridge.

Learn Bridge
Everything for the bridge novice and beginner: beginners' course, weekly e-zine, free tips, and puzzles

An Acol bridge learning website from the U.K.

Master Point Press - Mastering Bridge
Instructional site where teachers and students can meet.

Will Bridge
Bridge software and instructional site.