Item ImageIntroduction To Negative Doubles
A Must-Read for the Aspiring Player
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $6.95  Sale Price: $3.47  You Save: 50%
64 pages. Paperback.

Here is an introduction on one of the most widely-used conventions. Marty clarifies the best way to play each sequence, so you can avoid any misunderstandings with your partner. - Learn the secrets of the negative double. Find out how many points and what kind of hand you need to use this exciting bidding tool. - Opener's Rebids -- A plethora of carefully-chosen examples that will enlighten you. . . . read more.

Item ImageMarty Sez: Volume 3
Practical Tips You Can Take To the Bank
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $17.95  Sale Price: $6.28  You Save: 65%
192 pages. Hardcover.

The third book in this popular series is guaranteed to do wonders for your bridge game. Highlights include a smorgasbord of competitive bidding tips as well as over two dozen carefully-explained full deals, each with a valuable lesson. - A technique every declarer must have at his fingertips. - How you can compete with "unbiddable" hands. - Why you can't afford to worry about sneak attacks. - How . . . read more.

Item ImageMore Declarer Play The Bergen Way
How to Make More Contracts
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $18.95  Sale Price: $6.63  You Save: 65%
216 pages. Hardcover.

Sequel to the award-winning book. A proven approach to winning! Demonstrates and illustrates the right way to think about the hand when dummy is tabled. After reading this book, you'll be delighted when the tricks start rolling in. One of the most popular bridge authors of our time, Marty Bergen, Mr. Points Schmoints, explains: - How to give yourself an extra chance to make the hand - When to dra . . . read more.

Item ImageNegative Doubles
A Must Read for Every Partnership
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $9.95  Sale Price: $4.97  You Save: 50%
118 pages. Paperback.

The negative double is one of the most important bidding tools in modern bridge. In consequence, popular author and teacher Marty Bergen has written a book all about this deadly bidding weapon. Of course, the good old basics are covered, in a style that even the beginner will understand. Responses to the double are detailed, not forgetting the Penalty Pass - yummee! New concepts such as Thrump do . . . read more.



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