Item Image5-Card Majors - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Five
by Mats Nilsland
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152 pages. Paperback.

More than forty years ago, Mats Nilsland published a classic Swedish book Modern Standard, trying to describe his vision of natural bidding methods for the decades to come. 5-Card Majors The Scanian Way takes this vision one step further into the future. Mats has used and designed every conceivable system you can imagine. Today, Mats is back to a normal base with five-card majors, three-card mino . . . read more.

Item ImageAbsolute Doubles - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Four
by Mats Nilsland
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56 pages. Paperback.

In these days of modern bridge, you can't expect to have the auction to yourself very often. Bridge has become a highly competitive sport, and to overcome the opponents' nuisance bids and pre-emptive maneuvers you need good countermeasures. The best there is, is the double. Ever since the take-out double was invented, doubles have been used to convey information to partner, rather than raising th . . . read more.

Item ImageNotrump Bidding - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Two
by Mats Nilsland • Anders Wirgren
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64 pages. Paperback.

Notrump bidding-the Scanian Way describes the system the authors use after opening the bidding with one notrump. Though the basic conventions, Stayman and Jacoby transfers, are well-known to practically all bridge players, the treatment is new-and effective. Anybody reading this book will find many useful ideas, even if he or she doesn't intend to play the whole system. The series first volume Ma . . . read more.