Bridge Director's Companion

Item ImageBridge Director's Companion
6th Ed. (2013 laws)
by Larry Harris
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64 pages. Spiral bound.

This is the most recent edition of this book. This edition includes the 2013 Laws and book text, with some recent modifications to the book formatting to make it more portable. This book combines laws and movements in a handy reference guide for directors. The Laws, Tech Files, Ruling the Game, Duplicate Decisions, Duplicate Bridge Direction and ACBLscore (windows) are compiled in one streamlined book. Club directors rely on it to help them handle on-the-spot rulings and movement decisions during duplicate games. If you run social games, you'll find it useful there as well. Restructured to be "just the facts, ma'am," this edition phases out the DQRC. The format and 5.5" x 8.5" size make it easy to "take it to the table" and quickly find answers. Changes to the 6th edition: Smaller & spiral bound - easier to "take to the table." ACBLscore section updated to Windows/ Updated Alert Matrix/ Incorporation of Tech Files data. Contents: Prologue, Quick n' Dirty Rulings. I. Laws II. Pair Movements III. Team Movements IV. ACBLscore. "Directors who sometimes have problems with movements or with interpretations of the laws will welcome this book." -ACBL Bulletin