Negative Doubles

Item ImageNegative Doubles
A Must Read for Every Partnership
by Marty Bergen
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118 pages. Paperback.

The negative double is one of the most important bidding tools in modern bridge. In consequence, popular author and teacher Marty Bergen has written a book all about this deadly bidding weapon. Of course, the good old basics are covered, in a style that even the beginner will understand. Responses to the double are detailed, not forgetting the Penalty Pass - yummee! New concepts such as Thrump doubles will be interesting to the more advanced player. - Learn the secrets of the negative double. Find out how many points and what kind of hand you need to use this exciting bidding tool. - Opener's Rebids -- A plethora of carefully-chosen examples that will enlighten you. This includes tricky cuebids and jump shifts. - Keep your opponents in line with a timely penalty pass - Thrump Doubles -- Not for experts only. An innovative convention that will be invaluable in coping with those annoying jump overcalls - Bone up on your hand evaluation - and a whole lot more!