More Declarer Play The Bergen Way

Item ImageMore Declarer Play The Bergen Way
How to Make More Contracts
by Marty Bergen
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216 pages. Hardcover.

Sequel to the award-winning book. A proven approach to winning! Demonstrates and illustrates the right way to think about the hand when dummy is tabled. After reading this book, you'll be delighted when the tricks start rolling in. One of the most popular bridge authors of our time, Marty Bergen, Mr. Points Schmoints, explains: - How to give yourself an extra chance to make the hand - When to draw only some of the opponents' trumps - How to win extra tricks with nines and tens - What you need to know about suit combinations - How to keep the dangerous opponent from ever getting in - When you must count winners in a suit contract - How to create entries when they are most needed - The right time to throw a "loser on a loser" - And much, much more!