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Bergen's Winning Bridge Secrets
by Marty Bergen
List Price: $19.95  Discount Price: $15.96  You Save: 20%
210 pages. Paperback.

Bridge Book of the Year. Loaded with helpful tips. Here, collected in one delightful volume, are more than 65 gems, guaranteed to increase your enjoyment of bridge and your ability to win. Marty Bergen shares the secrets that have led to 10 National Championships. With elegant style and refreshing simplicity, Marty reveals: - The Rule of 20--a reliable yardstick for opening the bidding. - When not to play second-hand low. - How to count trumps the right way. - You do not always need eight points to bid Stayman. - The scoop on doubles--the most important call in bridge. - Winning declarers do not grab tricks, they develop them. - Finesses are overrated. - And a whole lot more! Listen to what Marty Sez--it will do wonders for your bridge game!