Tournament Bridge for Beginning Players

Item ImageTournament Bridge for Beginning Players
by Ken Casey
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251 pages. Paperback.

This book is about how to play bridge in a tournament. Unlike club play, the hands are typically prearranged to test your skills. This book gives a comprehensive view of the various types of hands a beginning player might expect to encounter. The various categories of hands presented will teach you how to play the first card, how to ruff, how to set up a long suit, how to play for the drop, how to get a count on the hand, and how to handle special combinations, such as the split A-Q or K-Q. In addition, you will learn about finessing up to a lone honor, the ruffing finesse, the backward finesse, and other finessing techniques. You will also learn how to read inferences from the opponents bids, opening leads, play, and discards.