Bridge M5N1, a boosted five-card major, Book 1: Minor Openings

Item ImageBridge M5N1, a boosted five-card major, Book 1: Minor Openings
by Ann O'Clast
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72 pages. Paperback.

M5N1 system preserves the advantages of the well-known five-card majors but, thru a logical approach, recovers free space between successive standard bids, allowing you to know: opening hand's shape much clearer than usual: for instance, after a major opening, the first two rebids allow responder to identify the exact shapes of thirty partner's hands. Opening strength down to the nearest point, therefore providing an accurate value of side's strength which is useful for calling games and slams. Two books explain M5N1, the first one deals with major openings, the second with minor ones. Each can be used independently, allowing a progressive practice. Their first part, entitled "Free Style", is a condensed version of the system limited to the first three bids, while partners may continue auctions with natural bids on their own. With regards to major openings, Free Style offers first improvements versus existing standards thru a simple change of the first response and rebid. It should delight players who don't want (yet) to dedicate more time to the following steps.