Deadly Defence

Item ImageDeadly Defence
by Wladyslaw Izdebski • Roman Krzemien • Ron Klinger
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192 pages. Paperback.

This book covers every important aspect in bridge to make good bridge players into excellent defenders. It deals with opening leads (how to convey maximum information), defensive play when playing second hand, third hand and also when you are first to play to a trick, how to use signals more effectively and how to think on defence like an expert. This is the most interesting and important book on defence in bridge to be published for nearly half a century and will be essential reading for all serious bridge players. There is also a sequel available, "The Deadly Defence Quiz Book" which goes further into the areas needed to become a deadly defender and a feared opponent, and provides a large number of practical problem hands set in quiz form. "DEADLY DEFENCE is the most interesting book on defence that I have ever read' -- quoted by Julian Klukowski (World Seniors Championship 2006 gold medallist) "The language flows easily and is in truth the best book on defence that I have read. If only all my partners had read it." -- IRISH BRIDGE JOURNAL "This superb book goes further than any bridge book you will find in its breadth and scope. DEADLY DEFENCE is for experts, but it is so clear and easy to follow that players of all levels will enjoy and benefit from the book." -- AUSTRALIAN BRIDGE FEDERATION NEWSLETTER