The Impact Of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts

Item ImageThe Impact Of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts
How to Take More Tricks on Defense
by Audrey Grant
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The Impact of Opening Leads Against Notrump Contracts. How to take More Tricks on Defense. It's generally accepted that defense is the most difficult part of the game. This book takes a look at defending against notrump contracts with a focus on the opening lead and how it impacts the subsequent defense. The book covers: The oldest maxim, fourth highest from longest and strongest--and why it has stood the test of time. - When to lead partner's suit--and which card to lead. - Why you should avoid leading the opponents' suit--and what to do if you can't. - What to lead from a sequence--and why it matters. - When to lead the 'top of nothing.' - When it's time to 'take the tricks and run.' - There are 16 practice deals. - The book is for the advancing player who wants to play better bridge and includes summaries and practice deals at the end of each chapter to help reinforce the concepts.