Bridge Philosopher 3

Item ImageBridge Philosopher 3
by James S. Kauder
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302 pages. Paperback.

He's back! That old curmudgeon, the Bridge Philosopher, is back for a third try at explaining the art of dummy play. He claims that he is losing his memory, but he hasn't lost his ability to reason or to analyze a bridge hand in an instant. And, as usual, he has cogent (often biting) comments to make about the sad state of affairs in the world at large: the rising cost of living; unfunded Social Security liabilities; dysfunctional political parties. He unashamedly (in fact, somewhat proudly) admits to personal weaknesses of one sort or another: diet; neatness; relationship issues; and all around dissatisfaction with the world. Learn a little; laugh a lot. He isn't the only one who isn't getting any younger. James S. Kauder is an expert bridge player and humorous author who explains his reasoning for adopting one line of play over another to improve the reader's skills. This book contains 60 new bridge hands, new stories, and a serious dose of his unique humor. If you're an avid bridge player and enjoy a great read, this is a great book for you.