The Bridge World September 2002

Item ImageThe Bridge World September 2002
Volume 74 Number 12

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Editorial * Cavendish Puzzles by Larry Cohen * What's New in Bridge: Marionettes Galore * A One-Notrump Rebid Marionette by Dimiter Zlatanov * A One-Notrump Advance Marionette by Danny Kleinman * A One-Notrump Opening Marionette by Paul Glick * Bits and Pieces * Coup Out of the Blue by Ercan Cem * In the Other Room by Barry Rigal * Swiss Match, LV * Kantar for the Defense by Edwin B. Kantar * Test Your Play * Book Reviews coordinated by Phillip Alder * Challenge the Champs conducted by Eric O. Kokish & Beverly Kraft * Master Solvers' Club * Fifty Years Ago * Dummy Means Dummy by Larry Cohen * Improve Your Play * Improve Your Defense * Classic Rewind: Who's a Dummy? by Frank Perkins * Improve Your Bidding by Beverly Kraft * Classic Rewind: Defensive Lead-Value Techniques by Marshall Miles