The Art of Declarer Play

Item ImageThe Art of Declarer Play
by Tim Bourke • Justin Corfield
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386 pages. Paperback.

Anybody can make straightforward contracts. This book is about how to handle the rest. If you already have a good grasp of declarer-play technique, the blocking and unblocking plays, the eliminations and the squeezes, then this is the book for you. Bourke and Corfield begin where most of the other books finish, and reveal what goes on inside the mind of an expert, explaining how to anticipate the likely distribution, how to use logic and visualization, how to listen to the cards, and many other ways to make "impossible" contracts. By understanding the thought processes that lead to a successful strategy in the most-challenging of contracts, you will be able to replicate them for yourself, and bid with the confidence that comes form expert-level declarer play. If you want your card play to improve out of all recognition--if you want to learn the secrets of expert-level technique--if you are not afraid to challenge yourself, then read on.