Professional Slam Bidding (Part 1)

Item ImageProfessional Slam Bidding (Part 1)
by Krzysztof Martens
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194 pages. Paperback.

Bidding in the slam zone is an art. It requires good hand evaluation, a well-prepared set of bidding tools, and a large number of additional agreements with particular emphasis on competitive auctions. It helps to have the ability to make decisions under pressure and camouflage information on those hands where the final contract depends on the opening lead. A good imagination is crucial, and accurate assessment of a situation often depends on being able to draw the right conclusions from the opponents' bidding. Top professional pairs made a lot of mistakes due to bad hand evaluation and the wrong interpretation of particular calls. In practically every element of slam-zone bidding professional pairs leave room for improvement. The difficulty lies in the fact that slam-zone bidding consists of several stages, each of which requires considerable expertise. Both players in the partnership have to have sufficient knowledge on this topic. Slam-zone bidding demands precision and a great deal of intellectual effort. However, precision in bidding contradicts the idea of camouflage. Professional Slam Bidding is a look at the slam auctions bid at the table by professional players. There are over 150 deals in the slam zone bid by championship pairs with comments and proposed solutions, concepts, conventions, and agreements. This book includes a CD with training materials.