Bridge Philosopher 4 (1 copy remaining)

Item ImageBridge Philosopher 4 (1 copy remaining)
by James S. Kauder
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174 pages. Paperback.

Surprise! Yet again that old curmudgeon, the Bridge Philosopher, is back. This fourth book in the Bridge Philosopher Series, once again does a great job of explaining the art of dummy play. Contrary to the author's prediction, he has not yet lost his memory, and certainly not his quick ability to analyze a bridge hand and amuse you in the process. His infamous wit will give you a glimpse into world affairs from the philosophical perspective you've come to know and love. From his wry thoughts about food stamps and other government issues, to his outright self-ridicule regarding his personal downfalls and family foibles, you will learn and laugh and since none of us know how long we have, that's a good thing.