Battling the Best

Item ImageBattling the Best
My Journey Through the 2014 Reisinger
by Sartaj Hans
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209 pages. Paperback.

More than just a book of great hands (there are, of course, lots of great hands), this book features Sartaj's distinctive take on high-level bridge: the ups and downs of playing in the ACBL's toughest event, the psychology of great performance at bridge. Many hands are the type not featured in books--the in-the-trenches battles for overtricks in mundane partscore contracts that are the heart and soul of BAM (board-a-match) bridge. Sartaj Hans takes you through his journey in the 2014 Reisinger. This tremendous book includes fascinating hands, apparently dull hands that become fascinating upon scrutiny, and above all Sartaj's unique take on high-level bridge, with a focus on the psychology of great performance.