The Two-Club Marionette

Item ImageThe Two-Club Marionette
Good-Bye Forcing Notrump
by Allan DeSerpa
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110 pages. Paperback.

Getting to play one notrump offers at least four ways of winning a board: (1) you may not have a better contract; (2) even if you do, it will not always be easy to find it; (3) even when one notrump is not the best contract, the opponents rate to give away a trick with an aggressive opening lead; (4) even if responder finds the better contract; the opposition gets another opportunity to get back into the auction. Every time you play one notrump instead of a 5-2 fit, you will be gaining half a board on the field! The Marionette (articifial two-club response) covers invitational hand types that get funneled throuh a forcing no trump and often delivers them with greater clarity. The Marionette is easy to master and also conserves bidding space for advanced extensions. Imagine being able to play Bergen raises and fit bids, along with three varieties of splinter bids and four quantitative ranges from 13 to 20 HCP!