Tricks of the Trade

Item ImageTricks of the Trade
Strategic Thinking for Advanced Bridge
by Larry Cohen
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144 pages. Paperback.

This book is for players who take their bridge seriously. It is intended for those who want to improve their technique and understanding, to become more-desirable partners, to achieve better results, and to gain increased respect among their colleagues. The book investigates many paths to achieving these ends: increasing the value of experience by knowing what things to watch for, learning how to recognize recurring situations, channeling one's mental processes along productive lines, being prepared, understanding cause and effect at the bridge table. The articles in this book originally appeared in The Bridge World magazine and were handpicked by the author for this collection. Because the advice in this book is of a general nature--largely independent of specific partnership agreements, personal styles, and level of expertise--it can be applied repeatedly by an advancing player who gradually gains experience playing at higher levels and a deeper appreciation of the ideas. This is a book that can profitably be read over and over, each time from a different perspective.