Power Up Your Bridge Game

Item ImagePower Up Your Bridge Game
by Eldad Ginossar
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184 pages. Paperback.

The 30 Lessons in this book cover different aspects in bridge, including: card play, partnership bidding, useful conventions, hand evaluation, competitive auction tactics, and matchpoint consideration. Many of the lessons discuss basic topics, but the content is not at a basic level. The emphasis throughout is on "thinking bridge" rather than memorizing. The author's teaching philosophy and his love for the game mandate this approach. He also believes in the importance of learning through example, which you will find throughout this book. A careful study of these examples is crucial to the process of improving your bridge. Learning how to think bridge is not easy, but it is essential. If you are an intermediate or advanced player who wishes to play better bridge and learn how bridge experts think, this book is for you. Onward now to better bridge!