5-Card Majors - The Scanian Way

Item Image5-Card Majors - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Five
by Mats Nilsland
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152 pages. Paperback.

More than forty years ago, Mats Nilsland published a classic Swedish book Modern Standard, trying to describe his vision of natural bidding methods for the decades to come. 5-Card Majors The Scanian Way takes this vision one step further into the future. Mats has used and designed every conceivable system you can imagine. Today, Mats is back to a normal base with five-card majors, three-card minors, and a strong notrump. But he doesnt use it as everybody else. Instead, he has incorporated lots of ideas he has learned or invented along the way, making this natural five-card major system a very effective and dangerous system to meet. Why play best minor instead of a short club system (5542)? Because I believe it is better! It is a bold statement by the author, but it is a statement based on his experience from playing both versions for several years and from 50 years of world class bridge. 5-Card Majors The Scanian Way describes a complete and complicated natural system, were many of the problems with wide range openings are solved using some novel ideas. How to handle opponents interference is an integral part of the description and special care is given to declaring the final contract from the right hand. Mats firmly believes in having many options within the system, one effect of this is, that you will have to exercise and improve your bidding judgement as well. To help you, Mats is by your side, giving you examples, to clarify when and why to do what, based on his experience. This system is played by Mats Nilsland and Bjorn Fallenius but you are free to pick the raisins form the cake and use what you fancy. This book is in English.