Interesting Deals

Item ImageInteresting Deals
Fascinating Facts
by Trevor Mathews
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175 pages. Paperback.

What's the connection between superstar Jeff Meckstroth and the Eurovision Song Contest? How did Tony Priday win a Silver Plate match without even being at the venue? What happened when I partnered a Viking who produced a Double Duck against a Brazilian in New Mexico? Why did Paul peter with Kx? When is it correct to bid a slam off two cashing aces? What's wrong with the Gobi Desert? The answers to all of these questions are to be found in the pages of this brilliant bridge book. This is a volume all about card play. It features a series of actual deals collected by the author over the course of his Bridge career and if you've played against him, you might find you get a mention. The deals pose formidable card play problems that require good card reading, deduction, timing and in some cases, a healthy dose of luck. You can try to work out all of the solutions yourself, or simply come along for the ride and see how they were solved at the table. This is a great book for dipping into, taking one deal at a time, then reflecting on the inferences and analysis. As you turn the pages, you'll also pick up a number of fascinating but little known facts about Bridge and sometimes the wider world. For less than the cost of a club night, you'll find this a thoroughly enjoyable read that will also help you become a better player.