Competitive Bids - The Scanian Way

Item ImageCompetitive Bids - The Scanian Way
Swedish Expert Methods, Volume Six
by Mats Nilsland
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174 pages. Paperback.

The Swedish expert Mats Nilsland has developed bridge systems and conventions for more than fifty years. Here, he sets out the philosophy for contested auctions in greater detail. Mats emphasizes the importance of cooperation in the bidding and is skeptical of very weak preemptive raises. He believes that methods should consider the likelihood of further bidding by the other side and also deal with pre-competitive actions from both sides. He also wants to give more attention to the balance of power and the benefits of constant hand re-evaluation in the light of the bidding so far. "There are some books that are essential reading for any aspiring player, must-reads, and it may not be easy for everyone to spot those in the vast sea of bridge literature. This book fits in that category. The key to better results in competitive auctions lies in a thorough understanding of "four-handed" bridge. Sadly books that explain underlying concepts, such as the flow and tempo of competitive auctions and the balance of strength on a deal, have been sorely lacking up until now (with one notable exception). This is a difficult area to write about and most efforts on competitive bidding gets stuck in just describing various conventions and treatments. Competitive Bids goes much deeper and while you may not agree with or add all of Mats suggestions to your partnership agreements, just reading about them and hearing his reasoning will improve your bidding judgement. Guaranteed!" --Ulf Nilsson "Why Sweden has an advantage compared to many other countries, is because we have great bidding theorists like Magnus Lindkvist and Mats Nilsland." --Peter Fredin Competitive Bids ? the Scanian Way is the sixth volume in a series of convention booklets about new ideas in the bidding ? Swedish Expert Methods ? presented by some Swedish bridge experts, living in the province of Scania.